TWIN FLAME READING | Let's learn today’s live free twin flame tarot reading online with live details & its real full secret meanings from 2023.

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A twin flame reading is a type of tarot card reading that has become popular among people who are looking for love. A twin flame reading is based on the idea that some people are brought together in this lifetime by destiny, and it is only through the use of tarot cards that these special people can find each other.

It is usually done with a tarot deck that has been specifically designed for this purpose & a twin flame tarot reading can be performed by a professional tarot reader, or it can be done by the person who wants to have the reading done.


If you want to perform a twin flame reading, you will need the following items:

  1. A deck of tarot cards (preferably one that has Major Arcana cards).
  2. A pen and paper.
  3. An incense burner or an incense stick (if you are using a stick, light it in the flame of a candle).
  4. A glass of water to cleanse your hands with before you start crystal or other objects that you can use to focus your energy on.
  5. You will also need a quiet place where you can meditate and think about the reading. This could be your bedroom, a meditation room, or even just a corner of your living room. You can even meditate in a chair if you don’t have a place to sit on the floor.
  6. If you are reading for someone else, you will need to find out as much information about them as possible. You will need to know their name, birth date, and the circumstances surrounding their question. If you are reading for yourself, it is best to keep your question general.
  7. Finally, you will need a deck of tarot cards. I recommend the Rider-Waite deck, but any tarot deck will do.

I will now guide you through a sample reading. This is not an exact method, but it is one that has worked for me many times.


One of the ultimate benefits of reading a Twin Flame is a powerful unique technique that can help you to get the relationship of your dreams. 

It will also help you to clear away any blocks that are keeping you from getting the relationship of your dreams.

It will give you clarity on what is happening in your life right now and why. 

It will help you to create a vision for the future that is based on love, joy, and abundance.

It will give you the ability to connect with your higher self and your inner guidance.


Twin Flame Readings are a form of spiritual healing as you know. This is a very powerful form of energy work that can bring about dramatic changes in your life.

When you have a Twin Flame Reading, the energies from the Twin Flames will be sent to you to help heal your energy body and balance your chakras.

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Intro –

That everything you are experiencing serves some kind of a purpose, not individually but also on a collective level.

I feel guided to share with you that you are going through something that has you very much feeling in your head or feeling confused or feeling a lot of darkness.

You overcoming darkness is much more than you just somehow moving forward your individual physical lifetime.

This is actually resulting in a lot of healing. On our collective level. This is an individual process this individual journey, you are on transmuting that that pain, those lower vibrational fear energies into the light is actually part of what is light working on a global level.

This is lightwork happening on a very Bird's Eye kind of view, very global scale and you are a key part of that.

And I just wanted to share that because I feel this energy of many of us being stuck in these kinds of individual places and spaces and heavy energies.

And because of the circumstances of many of our physical 3D realities, we may find ourselves feeling very alone at times.

So it's really my hope and my intention that through these readings you can feel a sense of energetic community, that you may not be able to find on a day to day basis in your 3d physical world.

So with all of that being said, that was a bit of a long-winded intro, but we are going to be doing a twin flame reading today for the twin flame collective.

So this reading is designed or created specifically for those of you who will resonate with Ying Yang a twin flame or divine counterpart, just depending on what level you use to connect with this journey.

I did kind of hear though, some of you responding to that with a bit of confusion because I know that not everyone who finds this article will be solidly consciously aware of the twin flame path you won't be 100% sure that you are a twin flame, not everyone is as per no certainty.

But regardless of whether you consider yourself to be a twin flame, to be a twin flame. I do believe that there aren't coincidences in this universe.

I am going to do live here, but in this article, I am telling you what I am doing & what’s the result I will get. So you can feel you are with me. This is a wonderful way to begin the new year. I would love to help you do this!.


So if I found this article, I do feel there is some message here for you. And as I was shuffling one card just flew out but before I get into the messages of that card if you have any questions comment me.

I'm actually able to pick up on that energy and channel more specific messages for you and for your situation.

So the first card to come out here is in the garden and the gates. By the way, there will be an extended version of this reading on Patreon.

The garden and the gate to read a little bit from the guidebook about this. Although I am intuitively kind of feel where this is going.

This card shows a peaceful young woman in a beautifully blossoming garden with colorful flowers all around.

However, the gate to the road outside the garden is locked while the girl wears a key on a chain around her neck.

So I'm actually connecting with someone here, by the way, So be sure to use your own intuition and determine which messages are for you and are meant for others.

Okay, so I instantly felt as I was reading these messages from the guidebook there I was connecting, very likely a divine feminine although as many of you know those energies for masculine and feminine can be reversed at times in your situation, just depending on where you and your twin flame counterpart are at individually at the moment.

But I do strongly feel this will be a divine feminine for many listening. And I felt a sense of, well, I kind of a combination of energies from this divine feminine, this sense of divinity connected to the Divine, someone who is highly intuitive, highly spiritual and actually very solid and that spirituality really kind of and yet draw simultaneously.

I felt this energy of loneliness. I know who I am but where are my people? That's the kind of energy I'm getting from this divine feminine.

And I just heard at times this feeling of loneliness or isolation could even cause this divine feminine to question.

Am I on the right path? There could even be someone listening, interfering energies around this person.

This could be friends, literal, romantic access family members who don't fully understand this person.

This could cause this divine feminine a lot of feelings of I just heard doubt within the knowing.

It's like this divine feminine knows who she is. She feels very confident in this knowledge in her power.

However, simultaneously it's like your very contrasting kind of negative forces both within her and external that she senses almost trying to lay her down or hold her back or take her back into smaller spaces, smaller versions of herself that she no longer is.

And I just heard I feel like I'm in the middle of warfare but warfare is almost the author with past versions of me or past energies, people who used to matter more to me who used to be in my life in a more profound way.

Memories of these people and places and experiences that I sometimes feel nostalgic for, but I know I can never return to I see this divine feminine, metaphorically looked down on these bridges that she's burned.

And she burned these bridges for a reason. This was an act of courage. However, at present, times where she looks back at these bridges where they've burned and she imagines herself crossing back over them and feeling this feeling of familiarity of comfort.

Reconnecting with people that used to understand her that's like the energy and feeling it's like Spirit is guiding this divine feminine to remember that these places and people and spaces that she might at times be feeling nostalgic for or even longing for  She's actually outgunned.

These are outdated for her she can't fit into the many more. Because she's grown too far. She's come too far. She's awakened to consciously she's become too conscious.

But there's this part of her. Perhaps it's a remnant of ego or just a natural reaction to living in this physical 3D world but there's some part of her that feels this longing for places she can't return to and on a soul level. She doesn't even really want to go back to them. But it's like she's feeling this kind of pull and I feel I heard frustration.

I feel for this divine feminine. This could be frustrating because I do feel she has grown very far beyond these places, spaces, relationships, or people just depending on what these things are for you and your specific situation.

There's like this frustration coming up here because she knows on a soul level that she has outgrown these things.

And she's proud of herself for moving beyond these things. And at present, she's feeling this pole.

Now magician in the mirror came out in the reverse position, which is one of the two cards in this deck I associate with twin flame connections.

The fact that reverse tells me there could be something a bit unbalanced here between her and her twin in the physical and this could actually be directly pertaining to what we spoke on.

Before these things that are pulling down or weighing down this divine feminine in some way these potential interferences or negative energies whatever the case is, Georgia spirit reversed also came up here.

So I'm feeling I heard this divine feminine say sometimes it feels like I'm coming up against a wall and I feel like that wall is almost a block to her own divine intuition.

Again, this divine feminine is highly spiritual and spiritually connected, and protected.

However, at this time, there's something energetically taking place, collectively, that is causing this divine feminine to be a bit more intuitively blocked than usual.

I just heard things appear to be unbalanced, but that's because they're actually coming into greater balance through these experiences of imbalance which is so convoluted, but I do feel there's a really profound truth in there somewhere for someone.

It's like someone's feeling unbalanced in some way. But this is actually brokenness, a feeling of brokenness for the purpose of breaking their heart wide open.

That's kind of a message that I'm getting for this person. Yes, six chakra here in the upright position.

It's almost like this divine feminine is experiencing blocks and her own intuition with that door to spirit reversed, experiencing this imbalance even potentially with her twin in the physical because these experiences of imbalance are actually bringing to the surface blocks in her sixth chakra in her third eye that is causing her to have more clear sight ever before.

I just heard you're walking through the fog in order to get out of the fog. It's like you're walking.

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It's not an endless fog. It's something that you're walking through for the purpose of actually moving beyond it.

And it's almost like this fog is a fogginess when it comes to clarity regarding this divine feminine intuition.

The fifth chakra reversed. I heard tongue tied or like tongue twisted, or something like that. That could be someone who's been feeling or their person has been feeling tongue tied with them lately.

Take it as it connects with you. But for most people, this fifth chakra this throat chakra reverse card I'm kind of getting this energy of I'm not really being open about these difficult experiences like I don't know who to talk to about this.

It's not that this divine feminine, can't communicate about what she's experiencing. It's that I feel like she feels as though she has no one to communicate these experiences to I feel like she is someone who at present is feeling. misunderstood, might not be exactly the energetically accurate word because it's almost like she's feeling like I'm not sharing what I'm going through.

Because I know that what I'm experiencing is happening on a level of consciousness that many of the people around me and my physical reality have never touched or experienced themselves.

So I know it's, it's not that they're misunderstanding me. It's that what I'm experiencing is actually outside of the realm of their understanding.

It's like if I tried to communicate this to them, I would feel like I was talking over their head in a sense, it's like, the words wouldn't even reach them.

Sometimes I feel like I'm speaking this alien language that no one understands this language of my own.

And it makes me feel past it makes me feel like I don't belong here. And I hear this person again.

I keep saying divine feminine. It could be masculine if this is connecting to you as a masculine but I'm hearing this divine feminine say, I just feel like I don't belong here, and sometimes I don't even know if I want to be here.

It's a very heavy cloud of energy. And I want to know, as the person reading into this, why, because I do feel this fog this cloudy energy, this feeling of sadness, confusion.

It's here for a purpose but I also feel this person experiencing it at times because of the way they experience it through their physical 3D body consciousness and emotion.

Because of the way they might perceive it through the eyes of others, how other people might judge what they're going through experiencing.

They may be telling themselves that this doesn't make any sense, or that this is a sign something is broken within them or something is wrong with them.

But that's not the case. That's some kind of illusion here that needs to be cleared out. So I'm actually going to go ahead and reassemble these cards here.

And I want to get some clarification as to why this person is experiencing this feeling of I don't belong here.

Let's see if we can get a card for this. From the Rumi Oracle deck. Why is this person feeling like they don't belong here like they're an outcast? Are they processing all these dark heavy energies right now? Leila, this is the card that came out.

I'm going to read a little bit from the Rumi guidebook. This is one of the loveliest stacks in guidebooks I've ever used.

How I longed for my thoughts to no longer make any sense to me. Then I can be rid of them like noisy house guests who have overstayed their welcome.

Oh, the peace when they finally go. Their incessant chatter brings me no comfort. I crave the silence of you. Will you let me hear it? Will you run through the noisy house of my mind with your great muddy feet, so that I cannot focus on something other than my mind for a while.

Make me such a mess that I shall give up my plans and attempts at order completely. okay, that was the message.

There's something here about things feeling so confusing. This is going to sound like such a strange message but this is what I'm getting.

There's something here about things feeling so uncontrollable. So confusing. So heavy for this person that they are finally capable of letting go.

It's like through experiencing things circumstances that they cannot control that are absolutely beyond the realm of their control.

They are learning to fully surrender control and trust the divine through experiencing absolute chaos that they can't even sift through or understand.

They're learning to release their need to understand and experience a kind of unsolvable problem this person is being guided to learn how to no longer attempt to use their ego, their logical human mind to solve anything, but to realise that all of the answers have always been within them that nothing really needs solving that they can simply relax and last and take that next step forward into the dark.

I really hope that message reached whoever needed to hear it because I do feel that someone really needed that message at this time of finding this reading.

So now that we've spoken a little bit to this divine feminine who's coping with a lot right now, I do just want to get into general messages of what's happening in this twin flame connection.

Okay, so right away the attachment card coming out here. attachment and happy family. These cards have been making their way through the deck a lot in my readings lately.

Tortoise spirit reversed also coming out here again. So this is like when we pulled this card earlier and we were speaking about a divine feminine who's intuition had been a bit foggy lately or she'd felt a bit confused which by the way, if you've been someone who has been commenting or just thinking to yourself about these feelings of doubt or confusion you've been having recently.

Perhaps it's even in regards to wanting to go back to a karmic situation or feeling like you flipped back and forth in your head.

Know that you are not alone in this and nothing's going wrong. You're not broken. There is something very deep level being brought to the surface in their hands as I was saying that the thinking woman just came out here.

I do feel with all of this female and energy in these cards, that we are still predominantly kind of speaking to a divine feminine here.

The thinking woman some presence or remnant of ego I just sort of pullback to the ego self so I don't see the ego dominating here.

It's almost like this divine feminine is feeling like conflicted within herself. I want to know more about why this divine feminine is feeling conflicted just to really bring all these messages together.

So this will probably just be for one person. It's a very random message. This attachment and happy family card I instantly heard there is a divine feminine who is attached to the version of a personal relationship or her family that she wants them to be.

But this isn't actually who these people are. And whoever this message is for you are someone who really sees the good in everyone in everything.

And it's a beautiful gift that you have to see the good in others. However, you have been in some sense a bit energetically taken advantage of by certain people in your life who I'm hearing like you give it to these people could have sought validation or approval from these people.

This will be different for whoever this is connecting with. This could be many different people or a single person in your life. It might not be romantic.

It could be like an ex or someone romantic, but I'm also sensing it could be like a parent, a mother, a father a family member, someone in your life.

This is a very heavy and deep-seated very unconscious energy very much potentially like an inner child or like a subconsciously stored kind of feeling in this person.

And it's this feeling of desperately wanting to see the good in someone which again is a beautiful gift.

But to the point where this person actually sacrificed themself, mentally hold strong energetic boundaries, and I'm hearing that this person it's almost like they're a bit of an interference negatively with you with your energy with your life because you give so much to them energetically. But this isn't reciprocated positively.

This could be a parent I'm strongly sensing like mother energy for someone, but this could also again be like a karmic situation a lover, an ex-lover a friend.

This is someone that I hear you continuously forgiven this person tried to see the best in them over and over again but this person has continually caused you to pain like this, like making me about to cry this kind of energy.

It's like this person makes you think that you're the problem when they cause you this pain.

And they make you even wonder if something's wrong with you. You have difficulty relying on whoever this person is.

You try not to rely on them actively because you know that you can't. But then every once in a while you do feel like you need them for something and they don't show up for you and it causes you pain all over again.

Whoever this message is for specifically, this won't be for everyone but the goddess of the moon just came out here and hostility is reversed I just heard.

A release like finding peace within yourself hold strong energetic boundaries with whoever this person is.

Because I just heard such a negative way to describe this person but it's like this person unconsciously or consciously is kind of leeching off of your positive perception of them into your positive energy.

And it's time for you to fully reclaim your power to step into your goddess or God force energy, your divine energy.

I also heard like your ability to be so sensitive to see the good in others to be sensitive to the energies of others is a beautiful gift but it's also one that you need to protect.

Because when the wrong kinds of people or energies are around you. This gift can feel like a curse. To you hear that that's the kind of message here I'm getting for this person.

Very specific message for whoever that was for your guides Mr Really wanted that to come through.

So I think that's probably what we needed to get from this set of cards here. I keep trying to reach for more specifically love and romance related messages.

Okay, maybe some are coming through because the door to romance just came out here. So what's going on in terms of love and romance relationship within this twin flame connection in the physical what's happening here.

Let's talk about what's happening in the physical and then get into what's happening on a higher self level.

So what is happening in the physical in this twin flame connection what's going on in the physical 3d worlds Wow, guys, very positive cards.

I just heard turning points I heard a door opening and we actually have two cards with door imagery door to romance and door to personal healing and happiness.

By the way, I just I got the image of someone driving by someone's house or place of work and thinking of them.

So this could be something your person did recently or something you did recently. I just got that strong image.

Something is opening for us here collectively. What is it that's opening What is this door opening? goddess of the moon reversed.

So one thing that's opening up those divine feminine messages is because the divine feminine is experiencing some kind of a very deep level of healing self empowerment to re-empowerment remembrance of her true full power within herself a full blown opening within herself that I also feel is resulting of course naturally in a powerful shift in this twin flame connection as well.

How is this divine feminine going through some kind of a powerful opening within herself? Cornucopia in the upright position the card of Wishes Fulfilled 1111 manifestation Broken Heart reversed in the reverse.

Divine Feminine whoever you are connecting with this. I know that many of you have been in a fog of confusion potentially have doubts of feeling a bit blocked, potentially energetically or even intuitively spiritually.

But this fog you're walking through, you are walking through meaning you're going to get through it meaning this is something you have to pass through a kind of testifier you have to pass through in order to experience this deeper level of Healing Within yourself in this greater more expansive opening of your spiritual nature that you came to this planet to experience in this lifetime.

With Broken Heart reverse in envy in the reverse. This divine feminine is releasing I just heard releasing the pain from your heart, which on the surface level could apply to some kind of a romantic relationship or even your twin flame connection.

But what's happening is actually a much deeper level than that. That's like what you see above the earth like metaphorically, but what's happening beneath the surface is actually much more powerful than what you see on the surface in the physical 3D Because there's this very deep level of heart chakra reactivation happening within this divine feminine this heart chakra healing, I just keep hearing.

Your heart is Healing and you carried around a broken heart so long.

You didn't even realise how broken it was. You can't even see the deep levels of healing that are taking place within you.

I'm getting goosebumps all over just even as I say that, by the way, if that is connecting with you.

Specifically, this message about broken heartedness, healing, heart chakra healing, I would really recommend my Twin Flame heart chakra activation, subliminal meditation because so much heart chakra blockage coming up collectively for the purpose of being seen being acknowledged and being healed and this Subliminals really designed as a tool to assist you in reactivating that heart chakra energy through immersing you in binaural beat frequencies that actually resonate with pure heart chakra energy, as well as unconscious affirmations that are designed to really deeply reprogram your energy field specifically around the heart for this more magnetic heart chakra connection, both in your life individually and because this is a twin flame subliminal.

This is also designed to increase your heart chakra connection with your twin.

So a woman who holds oversteer actually also came out as I was speaking. And I feel that with this broken heart reversed and woman holding a heart reversed.

I heard your heart is healing by learning to let go. The Envy card reversed also came out here so there could be a divine feminine who was literally dealing with feelings of

I just felt metaphorically like the ground shaking in this romantic connection or it feels that way it feels kind of like a little bit of an earthquake.

But it's not just with her twin flame. It's like this is something this divine feminine has been dealing with this feeling of relational insecurity within herself that comes up in romantic relationships actually being resurfaced through her twin flame connection and transcended healed.

But this is a pattern, not even one that necessarily began with her. But something I feel this divine feminine picked up generationally. It could be something passed down through her family lines, specifically the line of the feminine in her family, this feeling of being unstable or uncertain feeling anxiety within relationships.

This is almost like a generational curse of the women or feminine in her family that is being healed in a very deep level way.

Through her experiences in this twin flame connection. However, I do feel for some of you this won't necessarily connect specifically to feelings of envy or jealousy or relationship insecurity.

This could be much more general how else could this apply? I'm trying to get more details on how else this might apply.

Lack dissatisfaction what is being released here for this person? Okay, so yeah, that's what I was feeling storm warning came out here.

So it could just be in general feelings of never fully settled confidence and comfortable within a romantic relationship.

This person I'm connecting with may or may either find themselves in constant drama within romantic relationships are like manifesting this constant chaos or confusion or challenging situations never truly feeling like settled happy, confident within a romantic connection.

Again, this won't be for everyone. This is just one other way to take this in the card reversed in this context for someone who's listening. I'm actually getting the sense this could even be a divine masculine that I'm getting here who is feeling his own heart and potential generational trauma.

By learning to manifest true stability. Within his romantic relationships, whoever this masculine is, it could be someone who I keep wanting to say seeks out chaos but they're not doing it consciously.

It's like they manifest these unstable relationships or romantic connections because they actually have this fear of connection.

So this is their way of actually pushing their other counterpart. And this is something that's healing for this person.

This is the heart chakra healing taking place for this masculine so yeah that could apply either way to you and again, the masculine and feminine energies could be reversed in your situation.

So just take it however it connects with you. I do now want to speak to the 3d self of both the masculine and the feminine just to see what is going on in each individual counterparts energy so let's start with the Divine Feminine since door to spirit reverse here came out with all times prior for the divine feminine as well.

So I just want to see if I can get some more clarification on this. This divine feminine has been feeling a bit energetically chaotic or intuitively or spiritually blocked in some way recently.

What else does this person this divine feminine need to know about what they're experiencing right now? What's going on with them? Okay guys, so three cards came out from the stars feed Oracle deck.

 This is one of the newer decks that I've been using and take a deep grounding breath if you feel these messages are going because they are intense ones so the first card is you're not for everyone.

Embrace your weirdness face your TrueNorth the second card is water your garden nourishment, body care, tenderness, rest, and the third card is karmic relationships or yawn energy, polarity, soul growth conflict.

So if you are a divine feminine who has been experiencing these blocks or feelings of heaviness, confusion, first of all I feel part of the reason this is happening is because of these karmic situations that are coming up for the purpose of being healed.

I know many of us have been confronting and processing a lot of karmic energy, either through our own physical 3D experiences or through the energetic processing of what our twin flame is actually experiencing.

At this time. So keep in mind that what's going on here, but also there's something here about if you've been feeling particularly lonely or isolated, you are being taught that you are different for a reason and that you're different Ness from others, is actually the most beautiful gift you have to give to the worlds and you are being given a powerful portal to fully embrace your spiritual gifts and to choose your own soul's path growth, highest evolution over what potentially others may think of you.

Others may perceive you as either individual people such as family, friends, co-workers, whatever the case is, or just society generally likes how you feel others will perceive your soul mission, your soul path, your purpose, and who you truly are.

You're learning to stand in your own power, even if, at times it feels like you're standing alone. And in a sense, this in itself is actually a karmic lesson that you're learning through this period of chaos, potentially even pain, heaviness, confusion, you are learning how to be alone how to stand in your own power.

Also with water in your garden, I feel that's part of why you could be feeling energetically is because I heard it's like the ego is actually stepping in to judge what you are feeling.

So you're being guided by spirit here to understand that. You have your emotions and physical sensations for a reason.

And I feel many of you may have difficulty fully connecting with this because you could be someone whose emotional experience or physical experience within your body has been invalidated by people in your past.

So you could have had experiences where things that you felt physically or emotionally were chalked up to being in your head to be made up to being nothing just generally invalid way and because of this, you actually lost a lot of self-trust within yourself to trust your body to trust your emotions, which are actually powerful signs and indicators and you're learning to actually lean back into what you are feeling through your body through your emotions, and being able to see those experiences in yourself with non judgment and then to care for yourself accordingly, regardless of what other people would think of what you are experiencing or how you are participating in self care.

Radical self care radical self trust, radical choices, choosing in a powerful way your own souls growth and evolution these are the coming up here really beautiful messages for you Divine Feminine although I do feel for you because I feel this is also a very challenging and intense time for you.


So I hope that brought you a little bit of clarity as to what you're experiencing. And if you would like to get into the higher self Divine Feminine messages, I will be channeling more of that in the extended but for now, because this is getting to be a longer reading.

I tell the divine masculine and channel some messages for what the divine masculine is feeling in the physical 3D world.

Okay, so what is the divine masculine feeling? Okay, the temple path came out here and I instantly heard real alignment with your True Path and I'm also hearing this divine masculine I just saw like the blinders being taken off of him like it's almost like he had tunnel vision, or couldn't see something that was really important or couldn't really get that bird's eye perspective of his life or have this twin flame path specifically, but now it's like I feel clearer sight clarity, clairvoyance, II, in some sense, is being given to this divine masculine.

And I heard that this will happen consciously, subconsciously, before it happens consciously. So what I'm getting is if your divine feminine listening to this and you aren't quite sure whether your masculine is experiencing this clarity or not know that you might not yet see the evidence of this shift physically, but it is taking place in a powerful way, energetically or unconsciously.

Third, chakra the solar plexus chakra reverse came out here I just heard everything I once knew is shattering. This is a continuation of a theme that I really felt I was channelling in the last reading as well.

Everything I once knew is shattering. But then I looked up in the darkness and I saw you and I just see this spotlight on the Divine Feminine being that you be that person that was seen through the darkness.

And yet at the moment, I know that you beautiful divine feminine are going through a lot of processing a lot right now.

And in some ways. You have found yourself a bit triggered into a kind of an ego-based reaction space.

And they feel that this masculine when that happens is feeling like this feeling of lostness within himself for lack of a better word because it's he looked up and all he saw was the Divine Feminine it's like I see him literally looking up through this metaphorical rubble of his life I feel like he could be going through some kind of intense spiritual awakening ego death and he looks up and sees this divine feminine but when he reaches out for her, there's like this ego triggering that's happening here.

She may even be triggered into this kind of ego-based space. So then he kind of pulls back and withdraws and retreats kind of within.

I see this kind of like back and forth, triggering happening in the 3d but energetically is this masculine is really powerfully realigning with his soul's path in fact, for many realigning for the first time in a physical lifetime with his true soul's path in some sense these unconscious things like there's so much happening consciously so much healing mending programming reprogramming happening for this masculine on some unconscious level that I feel becoming a bit more consciously aware of whether he's communicating that or not.

And I feel him energetically really reaching out for this divine feminine. I hear him saying, I need you to or I need you to step into your power so that I can also step into my own power so that we can step into that powerful, co-creative divine space together.

Also, two cards fall out while I was speaking actually it looks like three cards, the sacral chakra card the second chakra in the upright position, a man holding a heart, and the World card I'm feeling for a masculine that there was a situation where he pulls away regarding physical or emotional intimacy with the feminine it's like something about this scared him or pulls away or he could have emotionally or insert there's Yeah, attachment came out here.

There was some kind of negative attachment going on here within himself negative attachment, potentially even to a behavior pattern or a cycle within relationship heard stubborn I feel like in his 3d physical self he may have been stubborn about breaking this cycle.

And because of this, I do feel it triggered the ego of the thinking woman, the ego of the divine feminine and caused her to withdraw. But then now it's like this masculine is fully realigning with his soul self.

It's like the blinders are being removed he's realising he's reaching out for this divine feminine have I've because I feel she was in her power, but because of the way that he was pulling away because of this intimacy block or this physical block within him or because of how he connected with others.

This divine feminine actually stepped into her own kind of ego reaction space, which then caused the divine masculine to feel this sense of feeling lost feeling alone feeling sad.

Again, whether he's communicating that or not. It's just ironic because there's this kind of back and forth triggering happening here.

I heard the right person wrong time. Like right time wrong place or wrong place right time. It's like two ships passing in the night kind of feeling in the physical with these twin flames.

They are so right for each other in so many ways. And yet somehow it feels to them like their circumstances are working against them. I heard that this is a kind of a funny message but it's like, I feel like because they kept or have had this triggering of each other.

It's like one will be in their power and the other will be in this ego reaction space which then, like a seesaw, it causes the other that was in their power to now step out of their power to be a bit triggered and to react kind of from a space of ego and then the other is in their power.

It's like they're never time. It's like I just heard it's like I feel like we keep missing each other like I'm there but you're not and then you're there but I'm not.

But I am feeling guided to tell you it's like all of this that I'm sharing with you right now. It's what's happening on this 3D level. And I know for whoever's experiencing this it feels very confusing, very emotionally charged, very key, but the rest and rejuvenation card and the victory card came out here saying take a breath, take a pause, relax, surrender, trust this seesaw sensation, you may be having this feeling of at times back and forth triggering is all okay, it's all going to level out. It's all going to be okay, you're going to reach this victory, but you need to really prioritise self care, at this time really care energy and attention on yourself really established especially a meditation routine, whatever really works to clear your energy fields have all of this chaos.

All of these interfering energies. And the reason I say to meditate, especially in the morning, is because right when we awaken our conscious mind is still somewhat dormant. We're still more energetically relaxed. So this is a great time to train your energy in certain more positive, more clear pathways that then stick with you that day.

So personally, I meditate with a seven chakra energy clearing supplemental every single morning.

And I truly feel that meditating daily with this subliminal is one of the single greatest tools I used to powerfully shift my energy by clearing out these negative unconscious blocks.

 I was storing within my seven chakras as my seven energy centers and really to propel me forward into the life of the person that I wanted to become.

I am just going to read shuffle all the cards here and see if we can get any final messages before heading over to the extended version of this reading.

So what final messages can I bring forth for any twin flames What does the twin flame collective need to know at this time? death I am learning that endings are merely beginnings.

They instantly heard egos as the death of everything you were before and once again being drawn back to that of a divine feminine who burned so many bridges behind her remember that you burned those bridges for a reason.

Remember that? Were those bridges was no fan some invisible bridges because you already did burn them down.

You can't go back but even if you could remember that you felt so small in those places you felt so disappointed, coward.

You were not the powerful, strong, spiritual, spiritually focused person that you are now. What else can I say for the twin flame collective vial? Imagination I embrace and nourish the creative aspect of my mind with a contrast here death to imagination abundance I am a limitless being and I can manifest whatever I desire in this physical reality.

I see this transition here from death to imagination to abundance and I heard this many of us are at the moment in this middle phase this imagination phase somewhere avoid this phase in which envisioning what for self or life for twins same connection whatever the case says where we have this beautiful for vision however who transit turning from this death this ego death, this death of everything we were before we're going through this metamorphosis, moving, shifting powerfully into this abundance into this full recognition of our limitless nature into this reclamation.

Reclaiming our birthrights of whatever it is we desire to create some manifest to experience in this lifetime.


However, in between these two phases as death to this abundance, we may feel this void in rising the void, embrace the unknowing, embrace the feelings of fear generated by those small parts of our mind and your consciousness that are being processed outs.

I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful rest of your day to tap into the extended messages for this reading, where we will be channeling higher self love messages from both the masculine and feminine sides.



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FAQ 1: Is it true that I'll have to wait for my twin to contact me?

No. The universe will bring you together at the right time. You don't need to wait for him/her to take action.

FAQ 2: How do I know if the twin flame is the right person for me?

You'll feel it. There will be a strong connection between you and your twin flame.

FAQ 3: What should I do if my twin flame doesn’t show up?

It is not your job to make your twin flame appear. If you are attracting them, then they will come. You don’t have to worry about what to do if they don’t show up.

FAQ 4: What if I am attracted to someone else?

If you are, then you are not with your twin flame. You can still work on attracting them, but they will not be your twin flame.

FAQ 5: How do I know if my twin flame is the right person for me?

You will feel it in your heart. If you are not sure, then it is not your twin flame. But if you feel that your twin flame is the right person for you, then it is.

FAQ 6: How do I know if my twin flame is ready to commit?

If they are not, then they will let you go.

FAQ 7: What if I am not ready to commit?

Then you will let them go. It is not about what you want, it is about what they need. If you are not willing to give them what they need, then you will let them go.

FAQ 8: How do I know if they are ready to commit?

You don’t. If you try to figure it out, you will end up with a headache and no answer. You can try to find out by asking questions, but that is a hit-or-miss situation. The best way to know if they are ready is to just ask them! They will tell you what they want and how they feel about it.

FAQ 9: How do I know if they are the ones?

You don’t. It is impossible to know until you are married and have been together for years.

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