SOULMATE VERSUS TWIN FLAME | Let's learn by 5 steps what is the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame complete guide.

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Where we talk about life, love, spirituality, and of course the law of attraction. Today we are going to be talking about twin flame vs soulmate. Specifically, what is the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate because many of the signs are shared.

There are many things about a soulmate that will resonate with twin flame signs and it can be confusing because if you're watching a lot of twin flame videos, you may be hearing some of these signs, and they may also apply to a soulmate relationshipLet's understand to find out your lover is your soulmate or twin flame.

Twin flames are made of two souls. A soulmate is made of two hearts that are connected.

A soulmate is made of two souls that are connected. There are many more advantages to soulmates, but you won’t feel the same when you’re using them.

In order to learn how to be two pieces of yourself talking to each other, you need to make that first connection. Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Start by telling yourself the truth about yourself

Mind yourself and your insecurities about yourself. Be you. Realize your flaws. Embrace your emotions. The greater the distance between you and those you love, the closer the relationship is.

The second half of your soulmate can easily be another soulmate, or could also be someone you think is your soulmate, but they don’t really match in the way you do. Don’t fret if you don’t match just because it’s not him or her.

People often have a misconception of the type of person they fall in love with. My best friend and I had the same perception of each other, and in the end, we were attracted to each other’s flaws. They reminded us of the errors of our actions in life.


2. Follow up on it and then change

Don’t assume you are wrong in finding someone else you want to love as much as you do. It may sound strange, but change is good. We can’t help it.

People make mistakes all the time. If something doesn’t go as you plan, give yourself some leeway. It’s okay to be in a phase of self-assessment, and make decisions. Sometimes you’ll need to change, and changing yourself is only the beginning. Eventually, you will meet someone who’s two pieces of yourself.


3. Use your old clothes as a hint

Sometimes you may see someone who seems to know how to dress to please others. It’s true. They may have come a long way, but that doesn’t mean that they also know how to dress to please themselves. Wear a little black dress.

That may not work for everyone, but it would help you to know who you’re attracted to. You’re no longer a well-known high school or university swimmer. Dress yourself as you felt comfortable the day you met them. Remember, you’re more than your clothes.


4. Start everything small

In order to have a real romantic connection, you can’t expect it to just happen. It is not just about “fooling around”, but you need to build up your intimacy over time. Start every conversation with the same intentions from the very beginning.

You won’t know who you’re becoming as you spend more time with them. Start the first night with lots of sexy stories about yourself and who you are. You’ll enjoy every moment. Add in some snuggling as you start to be a little naked, and even hot. It will make it very easy to fall in love with them. Don’t push things too quickly, but enjoy your lives and when you’re not acting in the ways that you should.


5. Breathe and start again

This may sound counterintuitive, but when you try and communicate, breathing exercises are a good way to connect with your partner. As you try and understand each other and experience new emotions, take a deep breath.

The whole room is your laboratory. You are creating an environment in which the other person is feeling it, too. That’s how one of the main reasons many people feel lonely is because they’re not connecting on an emotional level. People often try to take over the other person in a situation, and it takes two to do it.

We all need a person in our lives who inspires us and gets us out of ourselves. They don’t need to match their personality, but they need to build the foundation for that connection.

As you’re not the same soulmates and the space is very limited, try different methods, but remember that you’re not there to win your soulmate’s heart. It’s time to do something good for yourself and their hearts. It may seem like you’re being unreasonable, but if you have two heads and two hearts, you get one good soulmate who means more to you than even your best friend.


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After reading this article on twin flame vs soulmate you are going to be able to determine the difference between a soul mate relationship and a twin flame relationship.

I want to start by saying, I am not discouraging soulmate relationships. However, I personally have had beautiful soulmate relationships, and if you are happy with your soulmate.

If you don't resonate with the concept of twin flames or you aren't interested in having a twin flame relationship.

There's no reason you should question your happiness within that connection, question the beauty of that soulmate connection.

Just because you came across the idea of twin flames. I find that one very important distinction between those of us who intended to experience soulmate relationships and those of us who intended to unite and experience a twin flame relationship.

One difference between these two types of people is that those who are perfectly happy within a soulmate relationship.

Those who are meant to experience a soulmate relationship will not resonate with the idea of twin flames and even if they are a little interested in twin flames they won't have that desire to meet their twin flame.

Those who are twin flames those who are destined to experience a twin flame relationship in this life will always have the feeling that something is missing in a soulmate relationship.

If you are a twin flame. If you have a twin flame and you are in a soulmate relationship you will always get the feeling that something is missing.

You could be perfectly happy with this person, perfectly content with the relationship, have no qualms or issues with them whatsoever.

And yet you will always have this nagging feeling, this feeling as if there is this other person out there for you.

One way I can describe it is, you will always feel within a soulmate relationship as a twin flame that this relationship isn't your final destination that even when you're so happy with this or even in love with them.

You will always have this knowing that this person is not the one that this person isn't the one you were designed destined to end up with.

You may even feel a little bit guilty about feeling this way because you may truly feel very emotional about this person very connected to them very happy with them.

But your intuition, the whole time will be nagging at you, telling you, there is someone else out there waiting for you.

You will feel as if, in some ways, your relationship with a soulmate is this beautiful waiting period in which you are in a sense kind of enjoying your time until a twin flame comes in and that sounds bad because I'm not saying you will want to leave your partner or that you will be actively thinking about ending the relationship, but within this relationship, you will always have this knowing that one day, this person is going to come in and sweep you off your feet and that this is going to be your twin flame and you will feel this way even if you aren't aware of the label of twin flames even if you've never heard of that concept.

A soulmate relationship will be comfortable, it will be beautiful it's a nuclear family living in a suburban neighborhood with white picket fences.

Beautiful. It's easy when you meet your soulmate. Just like when you meet a twin flame you will feel very connected to them.

This is because, although it is a different kind of energy, different kinds of energetic bond between soulmates than between twin flames, there is still a very deep and profound energetic bond between soulmates.


In fact, in most cases, soulmates like twin flames have lived other lives together. Often, oftentimes, if you are a twin flame, if you are resonating with the idea of twin flames and you meet a soulmate in this lifetime.

  • You connect to very deeply with them because you've lived, other lives together lives in which you were happy, things were comfortable lives in which you had a family.
  • You built a home together. You had children together, lives that were comfortable, you can in essence recall these lifetimes.
  • When you meet a soulmate and they immediately feel familiar because of this soul history you've shared together with a soulmate, you will hit it off right away, you will find it easy to make conversation.
  • They will make you laugh and smile. Well into a relationship together as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
  • You'll be deeply in love, you'll share beautiful, romantic experiences together. It will feel safe and warm and easy.
  • The thing about a soulmate relationship is although you will continue to grow up together physically easily within that soulmate relationship. 

They will not push you to grow as much spiritually. Your soulmate will come into your life, allow you to feel safe and comfortable, allow you to enjoy this romantic beautiful connection without needing to grow, or I should say without needing to grow in an extreme or uncomfortable way.

Yes, you will continue to experience growth of course every relationship that comes to us in this life is designed to help us in experiencing growth, but this growth Won't usually require you to feel extreme levels of pain or discomfort.

 It won't require you to go through the intense spiritual awakening that you will go through with a twin flame, and we'll get into that later but for now, we'll just say with a soulmate, again, it will feel comfortable, safe, and for the most part, easy.

If you are living within a current paradigm worldview reality, your soulmate, will share that worldview and help you live within it, they won't cause you to drastically need to change your paradigm of the world of yourself.

They want to push you into an entirely new reality, and contrast, let's talk a little bit about how this is different when it comes to twin flames.

When you meet a twin flame, Like with a soulmate, it will be easy, effortless magic, your twin flame will feel familiar just like a soulmate.

But this familiarity will be much more ancient, it will run much deeper through your being, than with a soulmate connection.

The familiarity between twin flames isn't just like, I know you from somewhere. That is just a soulmate relationship you will feel as if you know your soulmates from somewhere, but with a twin flame, it is that, on steroids.

This Familiarity is so deep and so profound, you will feel as if your twin flame is literally a part of you.

 You will look into the eyes of your twin flame and see yourself reflected back. You will know within that first glance, that they are instantly knowing and understanding everything about you and you will feel the same way about them.

You won't just feel as if they're familiar, you will feel as if you have lived, what they have lived, you are experiencing emotions in tandem with your twin flame.

Although you can feel empathy, within both connections, and you will you will feel deeply empathic with a soulmate but again this is intensified with twin flames.

 This is being able to look at them, and instantly know what they are thinking or feeling. Sometimes we call this twin flame telepathy.

The telepathic bond comes much more naturally to twin flames. And when I say naturally I mean, even painlessly, even within that very first glance, even before you've said a word to each other.

Your twin flame will not allow you to live comfortably within your current reality, like I said with a soulmate you will be able to build a beautiful relationship with a soulmate within your comfort zone within your current view of the world.

When your twin flame comes in this will not be possible, your twin flame will almost instantly, shake up your entire world, your whole world.

Your understanding of how the world. Your life is supposed to go is supposed to work almost instantly upon meeting, it will feel as if everything is falling apart.

A soulmate comes in and they sort of comfortably happily fit into the way you already see the world yourself your life, your life stays on track with a soulmate it just gets a little bit happier, better.

It just has this new romance attached to it. Not so with a twin flame, with a twin flame when you meet them and in the coming days, weeks, and months after this first meeting everything about your life will change.

You will find yourself shifting into a completely new reality, whether you feel ready for it or not, This is why it's often said twin flames will push you, challenge you trigger you what people are referring to when they say this is your twin flame will cause you to see world so differently, so quickly that it will feel as if, For a time, your life is falling apart.

Sometimes this is called the ego death twin flames come in to peel back every layer of yourself, all the balls, you've put up and felt comfortable with all the layers of yourself, you've been hiding behind.

They take you to the core of your very being. So instantaneously and once you glimpse that core of yourself through meeting your twin flame through this connection, you will never be able to go back you will never be the same.

And as a result, your life will never be the same. When you meet your twin flame, things that long seems comfortable safe, easy, and familiar to you within your life will suddenly feel unbilled that job that you were just comfortable in for so long, that maybe you even found a source of happiness and suddenly will become unbearable you will feel yourself called on to some higher calling or purpose without understanding why this can be incredibly confusing because sometimes you will tell yourself.

This job or this relationship or this dynamic in my life is so safe. It's so secure, it's so logical. Why would I suddenly be finding this thing so unbearable happens is your twin flame comes in and they reveal to you parts of yourself, deep parts of yourself that core layer to yourself that has always existed, but that perhaps has been dormant, or that you haven't even known existed.

And once you see true core authentic parts of yourself, you will no longer be able to tolerate the features of your life that aren't in alignment with that core.

Upon meeting your twin flame, You will feel all of those initial soulmates finds that ecstasy in a romance the excitement but very quickly.

This dynamic will change because there's more to it than romance with twin flames, like I said, there's that element of meeting yourself for the first time and that's really the key when you meet your twin flame through meeting your twin flame.

You are not only coming face to face with a person with another soul.

 You are coming face to face with yourself, with your core with your true authentic self that you may have been hiding and your twin flame is experiencing the same thing with you, and when that happens, because in nearly every case in the first meeting of twin flames.

There are still many features of both of your lives that aren't in alignment with this core. Because of this, one or the other usually becomes very afraid.

Because nowhere you are meeting your true self For the first time. And yet you look around at your life.

And so much of your life doesn't fit with this true version of yourself. Maybe you or your twin flame are in another relationship.

Maybe you're in a job that you are successful, bringing in a lot of monetary security. But that isn't in alignment with your core.

There are all these features of our lives that need time to fall away to transform, to be replaced by something better, but in this process.

It is so messy. This process of old patterns dynamics situations falling away causes us a lot of internal turmoil grief and even fear.

The results in us, running away from this connection and of course, we can't ever escape it entirely, we can't truly run away because once you come face to face with yourself.

For the first time, you will never be able to forget it. You will never be able to move on and happily live within the same paradigm or worldview, you were living in before.

There is so much to say when it comes to the difference between twin flames and soulmates.


Have you ever wondered why can’t we be twins but don’t look alike? It’s because there is a humanity-neutral but superior self-expressing being, that is you. This self identifies the self to you as unique and unique. We are not the mirror of our whole selves. When a twin flame enters a human being’s life, there is instant transparency of something entirely different from what they are as themselves.

We remember the different names of our twins from our other folks. The greatest other does not fit into any society label. Unconscious, people experience and remember the bigger than life your twin flame is. Later, we realize that we are a mirror image of your twin flames. We can be a mirror of our whole selves. That is, not only are you a mirror image of your twin flame, but you can be just like your twin flame. You can be wholly separate from your twin flame, but different from your twin flame.

We are on a journey through our whole selves and we merge our sets of ideas. Our twin flame or our other twin is also aware of the beauty you see in your image.

Your twin flame does not see anyone else. They see just them. Because they are your mirror.

Because the two of you are the mirror to your whole selves, the bigger our twin flame is, the more solid our twin flame is. Our twin flame is no less than a mirror. Thus, when we are as much as two half mirror images of each other, then we are considered twins.

That’s what makes Twin Flames so special. It is not each of us being our own individual twin flames. It is the amalgamation of two twin flames working together. With these super twin flames, we have a rare insight. We are able to see two halves of the same soul than two double glazed mirrors.

So, your twin flame can not only be your physical representation of yourself but your spiritual representation of yourself. We say:

Our other twin is in your center.

Your twin flame can then also do anything. From running a business to building a church, because we are the mirror to our full selves. We then can do it even more easily when you are “smart and understanding.” Our twin flame can never expect you to be anything but yourself. And if you are a good person, it will be easy for you to be the best that you can be in all of your pursuits.

We are two halves of the same human being

In one word, our other twin is not even human. Our twin fire is more than the other person. Even if you are compassionate and kind, you have not been yourself to come to know this you. While we certainly do not take this for granted, we also cannot assume that we are created as it should be. It’s always suggested that the immaterial are not the same as the material, even though these divine and material parts are made together.

My two twin flames are my two mirrors. With these dual hearts, I am my twin brother’s mirror.

The biggest difference in the twin flames, especially, is our differences as unique people. Now we are both human beings. Since our brain is larger than our body, we can perceive the world at two scales.

Our twin flame — that is our other twin — helps to bring this duality to life. It can be described as a mind view of what is right in front of you. It can also be used to describe what is wrong in front of you. For better or worse, our twin flame is opposite from ourselves, but we realize that our soul flame is exactly what makes this twin romance so special.

So if our other twin brings contradictory views of the world for you to see and understand, your true twin flame is your mirror that doubles you.


However, you have to take that equal amount of time to understand that you are your twin flames.

The law of twin fire should be understood by you because we might be our twin flames. A twin flame is different than the twin you will have in a lifetime. If we exist for no reason, we might be identical. But to each our own.

Love is what drives us to be better people. To each their own. Of course, if you like to have the same relationship with your twin flame like I do, so be kind to them and each other. You’ll be two halves of a soul mate.

Your twin flames can always bring you back to yourselves and understand who you are more than you think you are. You can use the benefits of the twin flame to open a window into your outside self.

Let me know in the comments below. Have you ever experienced a soulmate relationship. Have you ever met your twin flame.

If you've met both what differences did you noticed between you two. If you do leave me a comment about your twin flame experiences.

I also want to let you know if you'd like to go deeper with your own twin flame healing because this healing truly begins from within.

 It begins with loving, accepting ourselves, and stepping into our true purpose and potential. Like I said, the energetic processing that has to go on between twin flames because once we meet this core of ourselves.

Once we come up with this merciful. What happens is, we must allow the energies to process through us.

We must allow all of the old negative patterns to fall away, and I have created a twin flame subliminal meditation to help you do this subliminal is available in a spoken conscious version as well as a subliminal unconscious version to assist you in deep the reprogramming your energy connection by clearing blockages the twin flames often store within the seven chakras.

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Conclude – Here we have learned completely about what is the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame.


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