JOB AFFIRMATIONS | Let's learn how to manifest your new dream job fast & what are the best & ultimate affirmations for job seekers with live examples in 2024.

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Job Affirmations


Are you manifesting your dream job? If yes, then let’s start with how to manifest your dream job fast in your favorite company, place, environment, salary..etc because I'm telling you the most powerful dream job affirmation that will help you manifest your suitable job & job position.

Do you want to learn complete theory with a live demo I am 100% sure you are fully ready to attract your best dream new or first job today. As you have seen about money affirmations article.

Those of you who are new here. Let me give a short intro about this lawofattractionrealsecret.in site, I will offer attraction coach, and I help people manifest their goals, desires and dreams, using the law of attraction and power of substances might know so many people from our awesome tribe has requested this article to share the information for your dream job.

I believe you must be applying that process. Now, why do we need to do some affirmation? Remember.


Affirmation is the easiest program for your subconscious mind to strengthen your belief and raise your vibration, because without strengthening your belief without raising your vibration without programming your subconscious mind.

Manifesting anything is not possible, and affirmation. Does this work beautifully? So when you are manifesting your dream job, the most powerful affirmations are -

I'm manifesting my dream job happily and joyfully.

I'm manifesting my dream job cheerfully and joyfully.

I'm manifesting my dream job honestly and joyfully.

This would be the information that you keep saying yourself so that you start having that belief that yes, you are manifesting it when you are not manifesting their goals desires, and dreams, whether it's a dream job or relationship or anything because they are not able to believe that they can manifest it.

And the same process work for other areas of life, you can modify the information for relations if or money for health for business success.

However, I'd like to keep it focused on my dream job.. In this article, so your powerful affirmation is-

I'm manifesting my dream job happily and joyfully. If you have already created, what exactly your dream job is then you can edit after this affirmation.

So you can say, I'm manifesting my dream job happily and joyfully. What exact dream job is for you so that you can create that impact.

Let’s learn more about superpower instant effective positive job affirmations by reading or listing daily you can get your desire job.

Not only your confidence level goes high but also your subconscious mind will be become more active to manifest your favorite dream job work where you want to work.


  1. I have the ultimate skill to do the job.
  2. My skill and experience manifest my dream job.
  3. I have the best knowledge to solve any problem.
  4. I am always seeing my seniors are working under me.
  5. Without an interview, I will get the best job today.
  6. No one can fit my job seat.
  7. My job gives me more money, joy, fame.
  8. Everyone asks my ultimate knowledge how you got.
  9. My skill experience is more than others.
  10. I have the ultimate experience.
  11. Everyone in my company getting knowledge by seeing my work.
  12. I am always active to do my job task.
  13. Today I will get my favorite job in my favorite company.
  14. Numbers of companies are offering me.
  15. I am an extremely talented person.
  16. My perfect job letter is coming at my door.
  17. My boss always appreciates me.
  18. My senior always learning something from me.
  19. I will get my job today in my favorite country.
  20. My salary is more than other employees.
  21. I'm clear about my objectives, and it's delicious.
  22. My goals and desires are crystal clear to me.
  23. I concentrate on achieving my objectives.
  24. I'm driven to reach my objectives.
  25. I'm in the correct frame of mind and have the right attitude.
  26. I've got the guts to follow my heart and my desire.
  27. I've honed the skills necessary to reach my goals.
  28. I'm dead set on succeeding. I'm dead set on succeeding.
  29. By following my objectives, I honor my mission.
  30. I recognize the value of my own self-worth.
  31. I make sound judgments.
  32. I seem to attract success.
  33. I believe in the natural order of things.
  34. I'm always learning something new.
  35. I've honed all of the talents I'll need to succeed in my dream job.
  36. I finally have the right to work at my ideal job.
  37. I am deserving of the opportunity to work at my desired job.
  38. The cosmos is assisting me in achieving my excellent goals.
  39. My perfect job has presented itself to me.
  40. My ideal job has manifested for me.
  41. I've attracted the ideal work atmosphere.
  42. I've attracted both a job and a job that I enjoy.
  43. I'm lucky enough to have a career that I enjoy.
  44. I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity that has been provided to me.
  45. My job allows me to achieve my goals.
  46. I'm at the right place at the right time, and I'm working with the right people.
  47. I'd prefer to work for myself.
  48. My job permits me to make a living.
  49. I've attracted the ideal employment for my abilities.
  50. I am qualified for the position.
  51. I feel confident in my ability to succeed in my ideal job.
  52. I am a magnet for success.
  53. At work, I've attracted positive results.
  54. My employer is blown away by my abilities.
  55. I am well compensated for doing what I enjoy.
  56. Everybody is rooting for me to succeed.
  57. At work, I am respected and treasured.
  58. I have a good salary.
  59. Every day, I look forward to going to work.
  60. The door to abundance and opportunity is now open to me.
  61. I'm in a fantastic job.
  62. My work and personal lives are in perfect harmony.
  63. I've made the career of my dreams a reality.
  64. My job is both challenging and gratifying.
  65. I am really grateful for all of my blessings.

You'll be retraining your subconscious mind to change your behavior and habits in order to attain your goals by repeating these affirmations.

The more you believe, the closer you are to realizing your goals; believe and achieve, believe and manifest.

 Affirmations for government job

Let’s learn how to manifest government job in any country with the help of positive government job affirmations.

  1. My government job is on the way.
  2. I am joining my government job in my city.
  3. My position of government job is best.
  4. Without paying money I am getting my favorite job post in government.


job affirmations, affirmations for job, affirmations for job seekers, job search affirmations, new job affirmations, what are some examples of affirmations, job affirmations the secret.
job affirmations

So here I'm giving you 5 steps on how to attract your dream job, using the law of attraction.

I'm giving you attract your dream job using the law of attraction. This article is applicable for everyone, whether you're just graduating out of college or university you are already working in a job for many years and you're still looking for your dream job, or have been unemployed for a few months or a year.

And also you are still looking for your dream job. This article is trying for all of you to manifest and attract that new job that amazing job that awesome job, which is your dream job are you excited for.

And remember this principle is applicable in life as well, including manifesting your relationship, hearing your exam, or achieving all other kinds of tests. But here let's get focused on the dream job.


If you follow these five steps, then you are definitely going to manifest your dream job. So let's go.

The first step - Is asking, write down what is your dream job.

Yes, be clear and specific about what you really desire as your dream job, most people never achieve their dream job because they never put their mind into it they never be clear about it, what they exactly desire.

If someone is working as an engineer or working at your management professional or working as an accountant, they keep working and if they are not happy in their current job just keep wishing that oh I need a better job or I need a job with more money, or I'm not happy in my current job.

Oh, my boss is not right, or this company is not really the right company where I want to work.

So I need to change my job. So usually, everyone has the desire, they want to change their job, but they are not clear inside their head that what they exactly desire what that dream job means for them.

And when they don't have this clarity in their head and when you don't have this clarity in your head, you may get a job, you may change your job, but you end up in a similar kind of job, maybe with little more money or one higher designation.

So it doesn't change anything in a big way in your life, and then again after a few months or a year you realize that oh this job, like the last job, and then you again look for another job.

So if you keep doing this thing, You are not going to manifest your dream job. Same way if you are a student or someone who is unemployed for a long time, and if you are just thinking you know I need to get any job that is available in front of me, you may get a job, but it won't be your dream job.

The first step is you have to really sit back, think about and ask yourself, what my dream job is like, what is my dream job, and then create that clarity and write it in your journal or a notebook or in a piece of paper, and it may take some time for some people to have clarity for some of you, you may take two, three days time to do what exactly I want, what, what are the profile, what kind of crime want to work with some of you have already had something in mind that oh, I want to work with this company or that company.

Some of you  don't have the particular focus on the company, or which organization you want to work with, It's fine.

You should be clear about the profile you want to earn the kind of position you want to work. Maybe you have a certain salary in your mind, or maybe the kind of want to work with everyone wants to work with a nice boss supportive boss with a great team in a positive environment in an organization, which is very supportive and positive and growth-oriented and gives you qualitative work right.

You should think about this. Now many times when people think about their dream job, just think about the salary and the designation.

And because that is there, you typically don't get the right environment, So eventually they become unhappy if enrollment is negative, you won't be happy.

So you have to think about all aspects of the job, including salary in the profile the money the happiness the good people, the right boss the right team that you want to work with, and some of you have some other flexibilities in your mind.

So put all of them. It's like you are ordering with the universe you are asking the universe, giving this back specification to the universe.

So this is the first day, sit back and write down, create that idea of what your dream job looks like. That's the first step.

The second step - Is believed that this dream job exists, remember the key steps in manifestation, ask and believe many people, they are aware about that.

They don't be able to believe in it that yes this kind of job exists. I have many friends that have this idea but trying to think about a job they say that wish to work in a job like this.

And then they say but I don't know this job like this or not or it doesn't exist, it just follow Law of Attraction too they don't have the power, they don't have the idea they don't have the belief and they don't manifest it, and then there are mentees, people who are going through different programs with me, people who are reading my blog, there are so many people who have this idea and they have already manifested dream jobs.

They are there are 1000s of people who have manifested. It means, whenever you conceptualize, the first step, and create the job, the dream job is somewhere out there. So you have to believe that yes my dream job is existing out there in the world, and I am manifesting it, that is the second step. Now to strengthen this building, you have to do some other processes.

The Third steps - comes into practice dream job affirmation on a daily basis when you do things of affirmation on a daily basis, your belief, strong, you start believing more in it you start being happier you start attracting it. So that is the third step, practicing affirmation on a daily basis.

Fourth step- every day, along with affirmation, take some time and imagine visualize or meditate, that yes, try out your dream job when you're working in your dream company in your dream job in that particular job, and ask yourself how it feels to be working in my dream job, how magical it would be how exciting it would be, and go into that mode, whether you can do it with open eyes or close eyes but go into that more and visualize that moment, every day again spend five more minutes in visualizing that you are already working in your dream child

Because when you do this step number three affirmation and step number four visualize each, the step number two your belief will get really strong, and that's where you start manifesting.

Fifth step- That is taking inspired action.


Yes, they are inspired actually manifesting this dream job and inspired action means you take actions in manifesting this job but taking action with positivity, faith, joy, happiness and excitement.

So many people who are looking for a new job for that dream job, they are looking for it they are going to different job portals and they are going to LinkedIn, or they are talking with other people they are asking other people, but 99% time they do it with desperation, with fears, even if they are applying for a job, they are trying, or whether I will get a call from this company or not, oh, this job is great but I don't know whether I will get it or I'll get it.

I wish I will get it or when they are talking to their friends and checking up with them, then, then that's the point they are thinking that oh, I talked to that particular person but I don't know whether he or she is going to help me out.

So when I have this kind of idea, your energy goes down this desperate action, or let's suppose you're searching and applying on different job portals for the last few months or a few weeks, and you are not getting an interview call or you are not getting any communication then you started wiggling hopeless and you just started to feel like giving up and you started being sad and you started feeling that oh I'm not getting a job, you get.

Remember, if you are unemployed, or if you are looking for a job. I'm definitely going to manifest your job.

Till then you are not giving up. So when you are not giving up, and when you are definitely going to manifest your dream job, then why to be sad.

 Why to be unhappy, because when you become sad, your energy goes down, and the manifestation never works for you.

And in that sad or negative situation negative why we child, even if you manifest anything that job will be another negative job, remember the law of attraction.

Like attracts like. If you are negative and you still manifest something, it will be a negative outcome.

So that's why you have to take inspired action. Apply search for your job search for a job talk to people in your circle, talk to your friends, talk to people who are your people whom you have worked with before.

Let them know that you are looking for a dream job, ask them if there is some opening or they can refer you to some other company or in their own company or in their friend circle, reach out to people go through all the job portals, look for these.

Whenever you find something, apply with happiness, apply with gratitude apply the excitement, but do take all these actions with inspiration.

That is why it's inspired action, and five steps. Being clear about what you want, like, have the clarity of your dream job.

Then, believing it, that yes dream job exists and you are manifesting it practicing affirmation on a daily basis to strengthen this belief validation or meditation on a daily basis to against when then this belief to the next level, and then taking inspired action, if you follow these 5 steps

My friend, you can definitely manifest your dream job very soon. And remember, 1000s of people listed that dream job by following my advice by following these tools, steps, and processes and going to different programs with me, and they have manufactured, whether they are.

Now it's time for you to manifest your dream job. And remember, processes apply in almost all areas of life.

So even if you are working in your dream job, you can use these five steps in the water. Manifesting with a relationship with good health, whether exam success whether achieving everything that you like.

So follow these five steps, and create magic in your life. And if you want to learn some more processes to manifest your goals desires and dreams.

So keep believing in yourself, have faith in yourself because you deserve to achieve all your dreams.

I'm going to share a dream, meditation, very soon, which will help you on the fourth step spatially, and if you are excited, let me know in the comments.


job affirmations, affirmations for job, affirmations for job seekers, job search affirmations, new job affirmations, what are some examples of affirmations, job affirmations the secret.
job affirmations

Now what is the best time to do this affirmation? You can do this affirmation, in the morning and at night, or in the evening.

But if you have some issues like you cannot do it because other people are there, you cannot do it at home because other people get discovered they will think you are crazy, then you can do it whenever you have time.

One more important piece of information I would like to say you -

Timing is secondary execution or practicing is primary

Do you know why so many people are doing affirmation, but they are not getting results, because they are affirmation lacking energy and faith and beliefs.

So that is why when you do this affirmation you have to put the energy you have to feel your key, you are already working in your dream job.

If you want to increase your self confidence then I have shared full details about positive self love affirmations instant effective ultimate 104 full list by reading or listing you can increase your self esteem.


So you have to create a vision and say it with energy, and at least say it for 15 minutes continuously build-up that momentum to build up that energy, at least for 15 minutes, because when you say it for 15 minutes, it creates so much of surge of energy in your mind, body, and soul you start feeling that yes.. yes.. yes, it's happening.

If you just say for once or twice, you won't be able to generate that energy, and then you will wonder why affirmation is not working for me.

See 1000s of people are going through my different programs every day they are manifesting so many things including a dream job.


The difference between people who are manifesting and people who are not manifesting is that lack of that low energy that low vibration and they are not able to do it with faith.

That is why when you do this affirmation do it for at least 15 minutes and keep saying that I'm manifesting my dream job happily and joyfully and when you say that you try to see yourself being in your dream job or being in that interview, or getting that offer letter or receiving that congratulations, create an image that will excite you, and sit for 15 minutes and create magic.

And if this article has inspired you do share your experience in the comment section, that yes, yes, yes, is  I'm manifesting my dream job and I'm getting it.

And if anyone in your friends or family they're looking for a dream job or they're looking for a new job, then you can share this article with them.

Conclude – Here you can learn the complete process on job affirmations who are seeking a new job and what are 5 steps to do and why affirmations for a job fail all the details I have shared with you in this article.

Thank you.

God bless you.

Tags - job affirmations, affirmations for job, job search affirmations, new job affirmations.


Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks