POSITIVE THINKING EXERCISE |How to focus on the positive thing & how 5 seconds of exercise can change your life. So let’s learn the power in 2023-2024.


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So here in this article, you can learn how to turn your negative thinking to positive thinking with the best simple exercise everyone should practice daily especially those who are practicing manifestations methods.

It’s the best exercise to boost your manifestation energy because positive thinking is very important to success. So let’s start which is the 5 second strategy.

I am sharing an amazing tool and amazing technique that is going to change your life that is going to change the way you manifest your dream, and that is going to change your journey forever.

And the most important thing is, it's not a big tool or strategy. It's just 5 seconds strategy, it's just five seconds strategy that is going to create the game.

That's the thing. So before I share this five second strategy with you. What is the number one thing of many people from achieving their dreams from focusing on their success.

It's the negative feeling is the worry it is the anxiety. It's that fear, doubt, that is stopping them. That's why, when many people who want to be a dream warrior, successful warrior go full throttle to achieve their dreams and create the kind of success they want, what they are doing, they are becoming warriors.

Yes, warrior, Who are worrying so much about what is going wrong worrying so much about what is going in the negative direction.

Actually they are drifting more and more into negativity more and more into worry more and more into anxiety and fears creeps in, attach where they cannot focus on the dreams and goals and success.

The Law of Attraction always telling us that whatever you focus on it expands. So if you keep focusing on your worry, negativity, anxiety, fear, doubt, then what will happen you will attract more than you may think.

Okay, I want to focus on the positive thing I want to feel positive, I want to do the false positive thinking.

It's not happening. If you're feeling like that and if you have felt like that that you want to think positive feel positive but you are not able to feel positive Think positive.

And you keep worrying so much, you keep being fearful or doubtful or living in anxiety for years. This information and article is for you.

Let me tell you, you can change that more in just 5 seconds, and the five second strategy is not just something theoretical, it's backed by science.

 It's proven by a psychologist, it's the same strategies that have been taught by the yogi guru for ages.


If you want to become a positive thinker then the major benefits you will get those list has given below.

  1. It helps you to focus on your goal 100%.
  2. It gives you self-motivation.
  3. Always positive vibrations arise from your brain so that the negative vibration does not arise.
  4. Positive thinking makes you happy always.
  5. Positive thinking makes your body relax.
  6. Positive thinking boost your thinking ability.
  7. You can feel awesome.
  8. Your body cells work properly.


And in just five seconds. You can change the game. So now why this five seconds, and how it works.

Let me tell you. So when you are thinking about negative thinking or when you are let's suppose you are sitting in a meeting or you are driving to your work or you are sipping a cup of coffee or you are going for an interview, but if you focus is on the negative mood, your focus is on the fear, it can happen, it may be happening because of some past negativity because of the people around you are negative, something is happening.

Your focus is on the negative feelings, and you try to feel positive, but you cannot go from negative feelings, or negative thinking to positive thinking and positive feelings and positive focus, just like that. It cannot happen, what you need, you need the tools to break negative thinking, you need a process, a technique to play that negative thinking first.

So that you can withdraw yourself from the negative thinking and negative feeling to focus on the positive feelings to focus on the success that is waiting for you to focus on the magnificent life waiting for you.

And you can break that worry pattern that negative pattern that stressful pattern that anxiety pattern. In just five seconds.

Yes, you can do it in five seconds, and how you can do it by counting in your mind, and by the moment you realize that your focus is on worry your focus is on negative feelings you're focusing on fears and doubts.

Start counting 5…4….3….2….1 in your mind. Yes, start counting backward from five to 54321,54321 It seems so simple.

It will take just five seconds, it seems so simple, but our brain is designed in a way that when you start counting backward.

The numbers backward from five to one, your brain reorient itself, and it withdraws itself from any other kind of thinking attached when you break the pattern from the negative thinking from the negative feelings so that that's the first break that will happen.

So the next you can focus on the positive things on your dreams, on the possibilities, what can go right and what can what magically you're like, it just takes five seconds, and it's very simple and very simple to flip over to a conference, but the thing is that so many people are not aware of it, and so many people are not using it all the successful people, all the people.

Positivity all the people who are creating a magical life. They do this thing, they learn to break the glory pattern ethic possible challenges and obstacles comes in everyone's way, everyone face challenges and obstacles, and sometimes fears and crowdsource everyone's mind.

The only way people focus on the only way people create abundance, the only way to create magic in their life is that, as quickly as possible to break the pattern and this is the simplest technique.

Count five,four,three,two,one... And in these five seconds. So magically so magically you can change your focus.

So What I want you to do today is try this trick is it an experiment for today. Right. So, whenever you realize that, let's suppose to do while driving to today while you are sitting in a meeting or today when you are working on a prospect on your in your job or in your business, or when you are talking to someone close to you.

And that's the point you feel that, okay, I'm thinking about all the problems or I'm worrying so much about the things you might be worrying about the relationship you, you might be worrying about money, you might be worrying about your present job or getting a new job, or you might be worrying about your children you might be worrying about your partner, you can be worrying about hundreds of things.

You can be worrying about hundreds of things, but the moment you start breaking that pattern of worry and make yourself free from being a warrior, then only you can become a Dream Warriors, then when that's when you can become a successful lawyer, it's, it's so easy and it's so simple, but let me tell you this technique is the process to break the pattern of worry and break the pattern of feeling negative.

And those of you who are, who you are taking like those of you who feel that, okay, is this simple or is it really going to create a change in my life.

I want you to give it a try and see it yourself, right today. And whenever you think of field negatives, you realize that you are worrying so much rather than worrying, start counting 54321,54321…….

It may happen that you may do this process for 20 times so 25 times. Today, we're both all through the day, at different instances, and it's fine.

Every time you put a will to break that negative pattern, then only you could able to focus on the positive things that, that's when you can focus on the success.

That's why the law of attraction is always reminding us that wherever you focus on it, it expands.

So, to focus on the success to focus on the positive thing to focus on your magical life. You have to first break that negative pattern.

So it's your time to become, To turn yourself from a warrior. A warrior from a person living, anxiety, to a person creating awesomeness to go from madness to magical outcome.

So this is your chance and this is your moment, and give it a try. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not or whether you feel that it's working for you or not, this is nothing related to the law of attraction, this is a very science backed process.

This is a process that is created and this is a process been proven by so many psychologists so many people in different labs have display data on different groups of people and now I want you to use it because no one is talking about it.

I want you to use it today and share the outcome because you will become surprised the way you can change your focus and the way you can create the same energy the shift in your focus to shift in your feelings.

And when we're going to try this process takes 5 seconds to change your life. I want you to tag five people.


In this article, that five people in this article, who you think worry too much, or who are constantly living in anxiety, or you can share this article with them, five people, because you give them this tool and strategy and you ask them to try and I don't want you to just believe.

I want you to try this today, and you will be surprised with the kind of results that you are going to get to change, so go for it. Five seconds change,5 seconds turn, Find yourself from a warrior, to dream warrior to a success warrior because you deserve awesome life.

Thank you.... thank you...thank you, visit again with full of smile I will share new tools and techniques and this kind of techniques where you can change your energy when you can change your focus and when you can change your life as quickly as possible because we are committed to you Thank you.

Conclude - Here in this article we have learned completely regarding how 5 SECONDS POSITIVE THINKING EXERCISE can help you to boost your manifestation power to attract your desire thing fast & also how it works and what are the major benefits to doing this exercise each and everything.


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