HOW TO MANIFEST WEIGHT LOSS | Do you know how to manifest losing weight fast by using the real secret 369 Nikola Tesla method. So let’s go to learn the full process with live examples of how to manifest fat loss.

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Manifesting the weight loss method is one of the universal secret ritual techniques or formulas through which you can lose your unwanted body weight and you can control your whole body spiritually through the law of attraction or manifestation method.


There are a number of weight loss methods are there either it may be physically or spiritually by using you can easily burn your unwanted body weight for example

Physically -
  1. Exercise
  2. Medicines
  3. Ayurvedic treatment
  4. homeopathic therapy
  5. Unani theory
  6. surgery

Spiritually –

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Law of attraction method
  • Manifestation method
    1. 22x2 manifestation method
    2. 33x3 manifestation method
    3. 55x5 manifestation method
    4. 369 Nikola tesla manifestation method
  • Pillow manifestation method
  • Two cups of water manifestation technique
  • Sigil method..etc


One of the most powerful manifestation methods by using you can lose weight quickly without diet, heavy exercises or any type of supplements. So let’s see how is it possible.

So today we are going to talk about one of these most powerful universal secret methods spiritually that is 369. So if you believe in these universals superpower energy then this article is for you. It will become the ultimate gift in your life.

Welcome my beautiful souls to this lawofattractionrealsecret site I am seeking your conscious mentor and on this site we talk about all things, spirituality and wellness entrepreneurship, and social media for conscious souls like you.

Today I'm gonna be deep-diving into a highly requested question, how do you lose weight quickly using the 369 manifestation method by Nikola Tesla, I will be deep diving and giving you guys exactly what you need in order for you to lose weight fast, to feel confident to feel and see the actual results that you are losing weight, using this amazing secret manifestation method and the law of attraction.


I want to make sure that you guys are ready for learning the 369 manifestation weight loss method and result if you don’t know how to use the Nikola Tesla 3,6,9 method and then learn on this site.

If you've already learned, then let's see today’s topic. On manifestation, weight loss secret method.


Number 1 is -


This is the first and foremost thing, and please comment down below and let me know in the comment section, what is your purpose and why do you want to lose weight, what is your intention for losing weight, we have to understand that manifestation, any thoughts, things, everything is energy.


And in order for us to attract it into our life, we need to give an explanation as to why this is why the 369 method is so powerful for losing weight because you're intertwining both visualizations, claiming that that is into existence, and you're also doing repetition so that's why this 369 method is so powerful and when using it for weight loss.

You want to make sure exactly what you want to do. What's your intention with this energy. What is your intention with this existence?

So I want you to grab a piece of paper and a pen and I want you to write down why just kind of let things flow allow yourself to potentially write it down on the piece of paper, but why you want to lose weight.

Number 2

The next thing is who is losing the weight are you losing weight is it for someone else, yes you can manifest for other people as well.

Whoever it is, you need to notify who it is, this is for two reasons.

1st reason - One of the things that a lot of people do is when we manifest because they don't say, who exactly it is, they actually end up manifesting the wrong thing, so we want to make sure that the universe already knows what we are manifesting to, you can actually use this for one of the other steps called the visualization step that I will go over later on in this site but this is super important in order for you to really tap into realizing and activating that manifestation, so make sure you know who you're manifesting the weight loss by using the 369 method easily.

Number 3 –

What exactly do you want to lose? Now, this is very specific because I feel like for a lot of people when we manifest things, again, it goes into knowing exactly what we want. So do you want to lose 10 pounds?

Do you want to lose two inches off your waist, do you want to lose you know, your cheekbones to be popping up more what exactly do you want to lose like why do you want to lose it?

Now I understand that the definition of weight loss is different for each person I can definitely attest to that because I'm on that journey as my personal trainer and one of the biggest things that I do when I'm manifesting through weight loss is to make sure that I understand what does weight loss mean, to me, and I would love for you guys to comment down below when you think about weight loss.

What does that mean to you what exactly comes in because of weight loss, a lot about our solar plexus is how we see ourselves and how people see us.


 So it's very important that we understand why we want to lose weight. What is the purpose is it for health issues, is it more of how we see ourselves is it for just making sure that we can create that intention and have any healthy life overall, why do you want to lose weight and what exactly is weight loss you what weight do you want to lose is it two inches off of your waist, is it two sizes down in your jeans, is it you know 10 pounds less like, know exactly what bait you want to lose, and exactly what that number is, now that you know who's losing the weight.

How much weight do you want to lose and what weight loss is defined to you and why you want to lose weight, and now you've kind of analyzed it and brainstorm it on your piece of paper.

The next thing is to understand that when we are manifesting fat loss using the 369 method to help activate the next two steps which are super important.

We need to be grateful. You need to have gratitude because remember manifestation is all about speaking into existence.

So being grateful for the fat loss of the weight that you have lost already, You know speaking into existence, and being excited for it, seeing how you would feel, what you do all these emotions.

Emotions can really speed up the process of manifesting. And when you're manifesting weight loss, we have to understand that we have one of the biggest parts is the law of attraction aspect.

A lot of people get frustrated with weight loss, I included in there as well, because we put the stress of how much weight we need to lose.

So here when we're talking about, you know, why we want to lose weight on the step before that and what exactly is weight loss it's really making sure that you define that you're not comparing yourself to other people and creating negative emotions and thoughts that are going to halt, and also make you feel like you're not attaining your goal.

So here, putting gratitude into the weight loss, putting gratitude and how excited you are, how amazing you feel is super important to make sure that you are aligned with your waist vibration that you have done at this point.


So the next step, our action steps how to lose the weight specifically and this is very important now that we've planned it out now that we've done that investigation method, the rest of the 369 manifestation ritual method is super important.

I always talk about how you should act in your manifesting and state and claim it, but also put action into it.


So this is what you need to do. So now I want you to think about what sentence or a question that you want to create, explaining all of the three steps.


Why you want to manifest lose weight how grateful you are, and what weight you want to lose, so for example - You can say that I am so grateful to lose 10 pounds. I have lost two inches off my waist. I feel beautiful because I have lost 10 pounds.

So these are examples where I'm stating it in present tense, I'm claiming it as mine, and I'm also stating that I'm glad and grateful for it, and I am very clear exactly what weight loss means to me, and what is my attention for losing weight.

If you're having problems writing still at this point with a 369 method, go check out the last article on how to be on paper for the 369 method that can really help you out and give you step by step one of the most important principles, in order to make sure that your intention is going to be a wonderful manifestation. Now, after you've done that.

The next step is to do the 17-second rule, the 17-second rule is when we hold and activate using the law of attraction that thought that affirmation for 17 seconds in doing that we are holding and claiming that manifestation is ours and that makes it so much easier for us to speak into existence and to have self-confidence as well as to push away any negativity that we can't lose the weight or self-doubt that we won't lose the way or sell that we don't look beautiful or feel great about ourselves, right.

So, this is super important if you guys are not familiar with the 17 seconds, yes, I have an article that, go check that the 17 second rule and the power of the 17-second rule.

So you're going to write down that affirmation, like I mentioned, and now you're going to do is you're going to hold that thought for 17 seconds, feel the emotions of you losing weight.

Feel the activation of the manifestation, a lot of you guys say that you feel the tingling sensation when you use the 17-second rule. Why is this important because remember it takes 17 seconds for us to have the thought of whatever we're manifesting to be in our subconscious, so we want to make sure that we are confidently feeling confident about us losing that weight by activating it before we get into the writing aspect.

Now, the next step is writing it depending on what day of the time of the day you're going to write it a certain amount of times, three times a day.

After that, you want to make sure once you've written it down, we're going to go into the next step.

 The next step is visualization, yes, visualization. So what you want to do is once you have activated it, you've done the Nikola Tesla 369 method writing and whatnot.

Now you want to visualize now this is a secret that I use a lot of people don't know that allows you to manifest so much quicker.

What exactly is going to be is you're going to actually meditate, and I want you to use the 17-second rule again before you go into your meditation and then after I want you to bring in visualizations of what you would look like with your weight loss, how you would feel how you would, you know, where would you be what would you look like, what would you do be doing like what was your day like just kind of feeling out the day and feeling that energy, right, and the importance of that is because, again, the universe knows energy so if we're speaking to existence that we have this weight loss right now it's going to come much quicker.

We're also going to relieve the stress that we have to lose a certain amount, and just subconsciously, we're going to already feel and know that we've lost that the amount we already feel and know that we look a certain way that we've changed our appearance, and then do we miss strengthen our solar plexus, align ourselves and really make sure that we were aligned and really feel that affirmation that we have created.

So visualization, I really like to do it for 5 to 10 minutes in, like throughout my week, three times a week I would suggest some people do it every single day but three times a week is good I think it's a good really good start.

And it really depends on you right I love to do it at least once, of the session so for example in the morning.

I love to do a visualization meditation because I'm able to bring in that intention throughout my whole day and feel that I have lost weight and I have changed my appearance.



Okay, the last step is to affirm –

We need to affirm once we visualize you're feeling energized now you just wrote down using the 369 method you use the 17-second method, you know why you're losing weight, you're grateful for it.

You're also, know what we lost means to you, you're feeling good, you're feeling really good at this point after your meditation.

Now how do you bring that feeling throughout your day through affirmations, so I have three affirmations for losing weight that I want that I would love for you to write down your favorite with a down below in the comment section.

So the first one is –

I am happily achieving my weight loss. I am happily achieving my weight loss. I am happily achieving my weight loss. I am happily achieving my weight loss feel that energy feel that product.

 The second affirmation I want you to use is I lose weight, every day, I lose weight every day, I lose weight every day, I lose weight every day.

The third affirmation I would like you to use is I am beautiful and love my body, I am beautiful, and love my body, I am beautiful, and love my body feel that you know feel that and let's do it together one more time because I just feel like this, this is where you feel the power I'm feeling the energy I know you are as well. This is where you're feeling it.

So the first thing is, I am happily achieving my weight loss. I am happily keeping my weight loss, barely achieving my weight loss. I lose weight, every day, I lose weight every day, I lose weight every day. I am beautiful and love my body, I am beautiful I love my body, I am beautiful I love my body.

Now if you really want these affirmations to be activated. I want you to do them in the mirror, do some mirror work, I talked about this in an article on the real law of attraction how to change your parents go watch that article you're going to love it, it's going to give you more tools that you can use along with the 369 manifestation method to make sure that you can lose the weight that you want.

So if you want to know more about the best 156 affirmations for losing weight  completely with practically then you can read it with live visualization video to raise your vibrations fast. while doing fat loss manifestation this is very important to listen.


So I hope you guys really enjoyed this article, I hope it was very helpful is very thorough, I went over all the things that you need to do in order to lose weight while using the 369 manifestation method by Nikola Tesla, let me know in the comment section down below if you guys have any questions at all, and I can't wait, you're gonna feel so amazing, you're gonna just see things come naturally to you and you're gonna be a super metaphor you're waiting for you feeling beautiful, and most importantly to feel confident, don't forget to share this article.



Do you want to learn how to manifest weight loss while you sleep by using the pillow manifestation method then you can read it the complete process of how this formula helps you to burn your unwanted fat without hard exercise if you have enough spiritual energy just try it and test your spiritual energy.



I feel like we all have things that we'd like to change about ourselves and one question I get asked a lot is how can I use the law of attraction to lose weight.

Through this, the law of attraction is to do anything to improve and enhance your life by consciously manifesting, especially well with weight loss.

Before we get into this, I'd like to first say one thing, a lot of people ask me is weight loss, but a lot of people also ask me how to manifest weight gain.

Now I've only personally experienced manifesting weight loss because I am wanting to lose weight in the past, so I don't have experience with manifesting weight gain.

However, these same techniques that I'm about to share with you can be applied to that and really at all. I think that when we are struggling with weight loss what we're really struggling with is self-control and wanting to be healthy and strong and I think that if we make our goals more about being fit and healthy, rather than just throwing weight and being super thin.

You know if that's what you want to do maybe that is something better aspire to, to be healthy, because, with health, we feel good in our body. And that self-confidence radiates from the inside out, but to satisfy the people who have been asked me for the past.

it's going to be easy for you to reach your weight loss goals or your weight gain goals, your health goals. It is easy. It is doable. Anybody can do, and you can manage it, you can do it, so removing those blocks, those resistances that we have when it comes to looking the way that we want to look is –

The first step, and it starts with a decision.

The second step to manifesting we asked is to understand what your current identity is, do you identify as somebody who is, you know, back and dry or somebody who struggles with their weight, somebody who's lazy somebody who doesn't like to workout or somebody who works really well but just doesn't seem to lose weight, do you tell the story to yourself and to other people.

What the story is surrounding weight loss, surrounding the way that you feel in your body surrounding the way that you eat, and that you move through the world.

Often we will really sit down to acknowledge our stories and we'll see wow, we have all these identities that we've created for ourselves that's really working against us. I used to look for some eight emotionally.

I knew that I ate emotionally so I read through. And it felt like it was out of my control. And that's because it kind of is a fleeting identity of something, you step into it automatically subconsciously you exist as that person and you show up as that person every day and then we get skinny cycles to change but how can we change when we keep reaffirming the story in carrying that story on our back like a heavy suitcase that we walk around this world with and it's just weighing us down and not allowing us to be who we want to be.


It is as simple as switching your throw, looking at who you want to be, and creating an identity around that. Now you're not trying to become anybody else you're just a trial buyer to the best version of yourself, right, so consider what kind of stories you would need to have in order to be that healthy, fit person, what I have recently done in the past two months is I used to think that I hated working out, I would show up to trials did not like to do it so I never worked it out.

What I ended up doing is going to my trainer, and before I would go in I close my eyes and do a little visualization and reaffirm identity to myself and I would say I'm an athlete, I'm somebody who's strong and capable and I love working out trial felt like I was lying to myself for the first two or three weeks, and now they sit before you today.

I absolutely love working out. I am strong. I'm fit.I feel good. I love going to trial Rainer I love to train with him. I love to do anything that gets my body moving, and that was all a shift in identity, I had to decide this is something that I loved. I also had to accept, I'm a person who eats healthy I love to eat healthily and overthrow comes to our new identity.

And then we can, we can still live in autopilot through identity, we should never live in autopilot Of course we should live consciously aware and present.


However, if we're making decisions from our autopilot programming, then we're being programmed we're programming ourselves to behave in the way that is good for us, rather than the way that we've been taught and that we've learned to behave.

That's it, that's all you need to start to manifest. It changes in your life. Now this identity change, this goes into the self-love aspect of this as well.

So grow, Lane about ourselves, it's a very, I'm gonna say it's a very feminine thing to do, growing, whenever I would go out with my friends, we'd be getting dressed in the mirror and say, I don't look good on that, I need to lose weight or whatever.

This is just programming. Things that with socialization that we just, we take it for granted but it starts to impact our lives.

Love and act of self-love is the way that we speak to ourselves, and if we're pointing out our flaws all the time and being mean to ourselves, we're just manifesting more than focusing on the areas of ourselves that we love already.

I love my face I love my lips I love this I love that. I love my soul I love who I am, with myself, and that has to come out, outside when we nourish that, and when we put our gratitude and our focus on the good instead of on the bad.

We're going to changes in our bodies as above so below there is no way around that. I also have a few practical very manifested things that I do want to share with you one of the things that I like to do.

I like to create a Pinterest vision board, with my body inspo. Now, this can go too far. I know that there's a lot of controversy around people who potentially have eating disorders, taking this place where they're comparing themselves, and they're starving themselves to look like a certain picture, so that is not ideal.

That's just, that's self-harm it's absolute will never look and feel the way that we want to look and feel if we're harming ourselves in any way.

Mentally abusing ourselves or physically depriving ourselves of food and nourishment, are bought, to be nourished.

They did nothing to harm us or harm our bodies of anything, we have to grow and nurture ourselves so that our bodies can show up for us every single day.

So if you throw that if, if your mind goes to starving yourself, depriving yourself of anything when you see skinny girls on Instagram skinny people on Instagram, whatever it may be trial, do this please don't compare yourself it's a comparison Trump, it's not good for your soul.

Now for me, the reason why I make this Pinterest vision board is because I have trained myself not to compare my body to what I'm seeing, what I'm doing is I'm aspiring instead to visualize what I would look like if I had my ideal health and strength.

I have some sort of visual representation of it. So be strong go train the night before, I'll go through my pinches vision board and I'll be like, Oh, these girls are like they're beautiful.

They're amazing try to run around the beach like this. I love my body as it is but I do want to get it stronger and to get it into shape to get into a place where I feel really strong and confident and having that visual.

I've been very helpful for me. Now if I found myself, comparing and drawing at the vision board and not eating because of it. I would cut that out immediately that is not healthy. If we get into unhealthy power. It's very hard to take ourselves out of that and the idea here is to become healthier, to be more confident lower selves, and you can lose as much weight as you want or gain as much weight as you want and as until you do the inner work until you change the identity the beliefs and stop comparing yourself to other people and just love yourself for how you are now, nothing will change.


Nothing will change, you will not be happier when you're 10. You'll feel exactly the same as you do right now. So the goal is to work on the motions on the well being, and then allow the physical environment to change according to your inner state of being, draw rather than a vision board that I have for myself, the most important tip that I actually have for weight loss or weight gain or whatever you want to make in your body physically is an intention, infusing your workouts and your food and your water with intention.

So before my workout, I have this little time where I close my eyes, I trial person that I want to be and I set my intention. My intention is to get stronger, my intention is to feel amazing in my body, my intention is to be more energetic, and then I go do the work before I eat, I set an intention for my food.

I set an intention for my water. This water will nourish and clean me out of this food, it will nourish me, it will make my skin glow, it will give me energy it will give me the calories I need to have my day. I always make sure that I nourish myself I never deprive myself of food, adding intention into your workout into your food into your life is going to change your life.

The reason why is because we do things on autopilot we do things. So we're just doing them, your workout will not be as good as it would be if you set an intention beforehand if you told the universe wrong I'm doing this thing.

Because of that, on that note, you don't have to work out if you use intention you can eat well and be like this is going to give me, you know my dream body my dream, whatever. And, and then each, and you've tried to use this object with your intention with your energy and that's magic, and then as you eat this food, it starts to move around your reality.

So, using an intent to manifest the changes, changes, changes the life changes that you want in your life intention is –

  1. Number one, ideally I'd like you to rewrite your story about who you are.
  2. Change your belief system and infuse your life with intention.
  3. That is how you're going to really see those changes.


















I'm going to share with you how I manifested a 75-pound weight loss. Many of you thinking if you can use your imagination to change your appearance, and the answer is yes of course you can.

And so I'm going to share with you exactly how I lost 75 pounds by using manifestation theory and I'm going to let you know that this already has two parts to it.


The FIRST PART is pre-level and the SECOND PART is post-level.

So let's just dive right in. I used to weigh 220 pounds, and if you comment me then I will show you a photo, you're gonna see a series of photographs.

The first two are of me at 220 pounds, and the second one was taken about two weeks ago.

 My favorite pair of pants, I'll tell you why that's relevant in a second, but now I am currently 145 pounds I weighed myself yesterday for the first time in about a  year or so because I no longer own a sale, and I am still 145 pounds so a total of 75 pounds lost.

I did that. So the first one is, take a look at those. So now I think you've seen the photographs, you see the transition between maybe 220 pounds to me being 145 pounds.

And the cool thing about this story is that there are two distinct parts to it and I'm so eager to share them with you because both of them work.

Okay, and so let me just start off by saying when I was 220 pounds. I was really disconnected from my body and really kind of numb to life at that time and what happened is a friend of mine took a picture of me just the candid photo of me, and I saw that photo, and it kind of like woke me up a little bit because it made me realize just how disconnected I had been at the time.

And so it wasn't even just about weight without my whole way of being at that time I was very disconnected and kind of just hanging on.

So, that photo was the key for me to want to lose weight and it was after seeing that photo that I said, okay, like, I have to lose weight, I have to. And so what happened is time, I had been deep into Abraham Hicks, and many of you who are into Neville now have been into Abraham hicks like you start probably started with Abraham, or maybe even somebody else and then moved to Abraham Hicks and now you're diving into a novel, well that was my journey as well at a time when I was 220 pounds.

I was in the Abraham Hicks. And the big thing about Abraham Hicks is that they're all about ease right so he's constantly talking about ease. And so for me, I wanted to lose weight, but I wanted it to be easy. I wanted it to be. Weight loss with ease.

I wanted it to be struggle free and stress free. And so that was my whole intention going into it was that yes, I'm absolutely losing weight with ease, it's, it's struggle free you know just to compete.

And so what I did is I played with their exercise and they have a technique that Neville also has as well and it's called the wouldn't it be nice technique.

So I started to play around with. Well, wouldn't it be nice if I lost weight and wouldn't it be nice if when I looked at pictures, so I really appreciated and loved that I looked and wouldn't it be nice if when I walked upstairs.

I've never winded and wouldn't it be nice if when I sat in the car, there was extra space in the seat because I was smaller. And so I started to play with what would be different had I lost weight, and that technique works, it worked because it moves you into the state right and that's something that I'm constantly talking about is that the technique itself is not necessary, is not, that's not what it is right, what it is whether or not you move into the state.

And to me, exploring what it would be like to have these experiences of liking the way that my body looks and photos and really having that extra space in the car seat and being able to walk without being winded, that really moved me into the state.

It moved me into the state of the wish fulfilled, even though it was pretty novel. And so what's really cool about that is, I moved into the state. And then what happened is I was led to do things that were consistent with the assumptions that I had at the time, so I want to pause here and talk about this because it's really important, how our desires manifest is always, for the most part, consistent with our assumptions.

So are some we have we have a tonne of assumptions about how things happen right for me at the time with losing weight, I had certain assumptions about how to lose weight, and why weight loss is possible.

And what's interesting is Nevels mentor doula used to call these like additional assumptions about things quibbles, and some quibbles, because they're essentially secondary causes.

So instead of just knowing that imagination is the cause and imagination is the only cause and there are no other causes. When we start to say, well, this is the cause, there's a reason why I lost weight because I ate less or lost weight, because I worked out Abdulah Nevels mentor would call that a quibble.

And so what's really fascinating is that Abdulah used to eat a bunch, and he would read a lot and I believe he would even smoke and all this stuff that most people would be like oh my god you know what are you doing, and Neville would say well I do, how can you do these things, I'd say, because only God, there's only God in this world.

So he would say novel you have quibbles, because the novel, you know, believe that certain things could hurt him right. And so you'd say, not well you have a quibble until at the time I had quibbles right I had a certain quibble about what had caused me to gain weight and then what was causing me to lose weight, and so it's really interesting because what I want to say to you because sometimes people say, Well, do I have to get rid of all of my quibbles before I can manifest what I want and the answer is no, you don't have to get rid of all your quibbles, of course, at some point you definitely want to, to really explore the idea that imagination is the only cause I highly recommend exploring that and really soaking that in and live in that but in the meantime, if you have quibbles that's fine because you're just going the way that you manifest it is going to be consistent with your assumptions.

And what happened for me is I'm moved into the state, the wish fulfilled I moved into the state of already having lost weight. And what happened is I led to do things that were consistent with my quibbles and my assumptions, right. And so what I was led to do and the first part of this story is I was led to start counting calories, and so I installed an app, at the time it was called Calorie King, and now it's, I don't think it's around anymore but it's consistent with the myfitnesspal app, and that app literally has 1000s of food items and meals and you can just add them up and it'll automatically add them up for you and tell you how many calories you've, you know, taken for the day.

If you want to know more about the benefits of myfitnesspal app visit its official site for a full review

And so that's what I did, I looked at the app I started to keep track of my calories, and then I ate lighter portions.

And what was so cool about this is that it felt natural. It felt easy. And that was exactly what I wanted I wanted it to be easy. And so counting the calories and eating lighter portions, it just came easy for me because I've moved right I had moved into a different state.

And so that became very easy for me and very natural, and I ended up losing some pounds in about nine or 10 months, I always round up to a year because I can't remember the exact amount of time but I believe it was like nine or 10 months that it took for me to lose 75 pounds from the time that I had assumed that I had already lost weight to lose, actually losing weight in the physical world.

It was about nine to 10 months and I lost 75 pounds, and it was so fascinating because when I lost the way it was so easy to the point that I felt some guilt about that and again this was pre novel days so you know I hadn't really understood everything, but I felt kind of guilty about how easy it was to lose weight. And so that's the first part of the story.



After a few years, I had gained about 15 pounds of weight, I lost back so I gained about 15 pounds back. And what happened is I could no longer fit into my favorite pair of pants, and I thought well, okay, at that time I had just really started to get into Nevels work and really starting to really test it out.

And I thought, Okay, if I really the imagination creates reality. And I really believe that imagination is the sole cause and that there are no other causes that imagination is the only cause if I really, really, really believe that I'm going to test it out by losing about 15 pounds so that I can fit into pants again. And I'm going to test out see if I can lose this weight without changing anything, because if imagination is the sole cause, then I should only have to shift your imagination right shift into the state, and that should be enough. And that was the way I approached it right and the second part of the story.

And so, I had a scene and the scene was that I put on my favorite pair of pants, and I went out and my partner said wow, you look great. And that was the scene that I imagined, and it worked. It worked, and the picture that you the after picture that I posted earlier with the pants, those are the pants that I imagined myself wearing, and I still wear those pants all the time now, and it is fascinating to me because in part one of the story.

I had quibbles right, I had not fully been convinced that imagination is the only cause right. And so I was led was consistent with my assumptions about weight loss, and those things are counting calories and eating lighter portions eating smaller portions, right.

And so that was how I manifested weight loss because it was consistent with my assumptions. And the second part of the story. When I fully, fully bought the pearl, as we call it, and the Nevel community when I fully said okay I really believe that imagination creates reality and I know, imagination is the only cause.


So then I should be able to lose weight without doing anything. And that's what happened. And so it's, it's, it's fascinating, right, because both work and so I want you to weigh, not feeling like you have to get rid of all of your goals right now and like oh no I have quibbles or oh no I haven't fully like bought the pearl What am I gonna do, you're, you're manifesting all the time right and you're manifesting in a way that is most natural with your assumptions.

And so that's perfectly fine. But I do invite you to really look at well do I believe that imagination is the only cause do I really believe that, And just playing with that, just playing with it more and more right no matter where you're at, as long as you move to the state of the wish fulfilled, you absolutely manifest what it is that you want to manifest.

So I share this weight loss story with you, because there are those two different distinct parts to it. But both equally effective and wonderful right and so I encourage you to try it out if you want to lose weight, try it out.

And that implies you have light whatever it is if you want to change. You know your skin, maybe you really did before, or something like that. Imagine a scene that implies your skin is smoother, hair, imagine your hair is how you want it to be. Right, so whatever it is you can absolutely use imagination to change your appearance, and you don't have to do away with quibbles and things like that.

And you know the other thing I want to say about that is if you do take certain actions follow through with those you know because when you move into the state of the wish fulfilled you will literally be compelled to move if that's what's required you'll be compelled to take action right, you won't even have to think about it, you'll just be compelled to do that and then you naturally do that, but then there are other times where you move into the state of the wish fulfilled, and you literally don't have to lift. You don't have to do anything.

It's literally brought to you all that is that it just depends on the, what you believe what is consistent with what you believe, that is how things manifest, and that is why Neville often says, when things manifest, sometimes you believe it would have happened anyway because it happened so naturally, I'm so consistent with what you will be through right so it unfolds very naturally.

And so that's what I wanted to share with you today. So I have shared my successful personal weight loss manifestation story.


ConcludeHere we have learned the complete full hidden process of how to manifest weight loss by spiritually and physically with the help of 369 manifestation method & the law of attraction technique with a lot of live exercises & examples.

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