WHAT IS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION | Here we learn about the law of attraction full definition & meaning with live experiment online & its hidden 3 basic fundamentals through which we can attract anything.

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I know you are thinking the law of attraction is a lie or real? The law of attraction works like what has shown in the secret movie which has shown about the law of attraction theory? Can we attract anything that we deserve? What are the 3 basic hidden fundamentals are we have to follow to manifest? How this law is working? Lots of questions are rising in our mind so today we are resolving all the hidden questions answers with an example so let’s go to understand the law of attraction briefly with its benefits even you are a beginner. 

All the basics that you need to know about the law of attraction I have recently got a lot of comments saying that people are new to the law of attraction or their kind of beginners.

So this is definitely a beginner's guide to the Law of Attraction I'm just going to go through what the law of attraction is and the steps that you can take during the ask believe and receive process that it is going to be super basic they're just kind of a step and guides to starting you and to practicing the law of Attraction and I think it's super beneficial whether you're a beginner or whether you are an expert at the law of an attraction so without further.

The first question usually people have a question in their mind believes it or not.

So, my answer to this will say you're not going to do everything you're, you're willing to willing to ask from the universe.

There's going to be. So there is nothing to be scared of that. Should I try? Try it. For example, new people are like, talking of it like the law of attraction.

So, what is the reason behind the attraction is these things are better.

We have energy within us like we don't have these interval books, it is no such chapter study that is love attraction is like working for a whole universe and everyone can try this.

But the thing is if you see us the science of science as a whole is an experimentation process, so keep exploring it will find new things and maybe when they are like group, they will become one of our chapters.


But if you say back in time, There was no telephone, there was nothing in any sort of communication thing that they would have told someone that yes you can talk to a person is, kilometers away and like miles away from the person would have said that it is something you're talking about proceedings.

So, same way this North attraction is one of those things that, we are talking about like a movie or mini killing process and manifestation occurring, but there is no such chapter in our books that, yes, of attraction.

So, the big questions coming from, how do you believe something is not too many places a Catholic group but yes it has not come as a stamp thing that, yes, if you apply it, it will become a, you will be successful in it. Experimentations for yourself or trying, you're not.


The law of attraction is the belief that your thoughts become your reality you believe in the universe and basically, the universe is you. You are the universe that has control over your life based on what you're thinking and what your thoughts are.

nikola tesla's Amazing Resonance Experiment on the law of attraction live video

Here in this live online law of attraction experiment, we will see how the universal laws react on a different frequency/Hz. How particles are taking different positions or directions.

This experiment started from 345Hz, 1033Hz, 1820Hz, 2041Hz, 3240Hz, 3835Hz, 3975Hz, 4049Hz, 4129Hz….6051Hz.

By watching this amazing law of universal you can believe in this law of attraction technique because it has been scientifically tested.


So there are actually two basic things that arise out of a law of attraction -

The First basic part  - You're taught what to do whatever you're taking right now, or whatever, you're speaking, your thoughts, your words, everything. Whatever you're verbally speaking whenever you're traveling you have something in mind that turns into thoughts.

The second is emotion. When thoughts along emotions come together they become very, very beautiful words alone are very personal. You say whatever you speak, they take, they become your thoughts and particularly come to your feelings.

And when the feelings get attached or, definitely, it gives 200% Although this trial, and get together, they are going to make it, make your destiny.

So, the first important thing is how to change this last 1050 versus how to, how do we change it, because until you're not going to change your thoughts, your emotions are not being the chain for those thoughts, and the emotions are not getting with the emotions attached to it.

So, it's not going to work. So the two things have to come naturally not artificially. Definitely some of the other days of employment. Throw Digicel infinite capability that is inside this law of attraction infinite range, like, you can have a whole healing process from the healing can be internally, externally.

Secondly - You can counteract the negative influences, see everything is energy in this universe, or whatever you, your bodies, your body, your everybody, everything has attached his own.

So, our thoughts, actually, are the kind of energy we're placing everywhere Ferebee going. You see, when people into some room they have their own aura own energy, look bright because they have their own energy.

So, If you see anything obey the law, you're influenced by negative actions. And yes, we can't really stop, or external things happening to us. If we have a good inner self-building process where we are totally powered by a positive atmosphere inside the mind is pretty positive.

So even with this negative action there is underactive and the effect will be nullified by, so it is. So it's like a counteraction of negative patterns negative negativity in your life, and whatever is negative.

So, you have to contract to the negative only with the positive and that you can do with this.

So healing is this negative contract is there a whole range of manifestation processes directors in finding it can consider it to be in the field of health in the field of education in the field of prosperity, wealth and happiness.

Really everything you want to have it to know life can be manifested by the power of your trial in the Bible and the law of attraction.

I would like to share my long back when I was working, I had to have my two pages to be paid. And at that time, I was thinking of having some extra income, some side income on a daily basis I was practicing this alloy.

My main affirmation is smiles and manifests a lot of money from other sources. Because I always like to teach students and there was a very nice coating class that font that I just pinned beside my call me and I personally not much I don't know for how long, but maybe I guess.

I guess five-six months I would have done this that I'm manifesting a good amount of money, an extra, and suddenly when I one day I came back home so I got to know that my neighbor, she wanted.

She wanted to meet me, and she asked me, she got to know that I used to teach, so she asked me that, do, do you want to teach in my coaching class.

So, my first reply was like, Yeah, I would like to. So, if I was not knowing the law of attraction, I would not have tried this, and, and, because I knew that I did it for a long time, persistently.

So I know that was my own manifestation that teacher just came and asked to me that if I wanted to take classes in a coaching class, and that to that teacher had just shipped it from my neighborhood.

Ultimately this whole manufacturing. This is one of the manifestations that I have done a lot of manifestations that I have done in the last two years.

 This is regarding wealth and health-wise as taking medicines but along with that I wanted to employ myself internally, and I thought why not to apply this law of attraction piece and I was doing I wanted to reduce my anxiety level.

So, I started with the same affirmations that I'm doing very proud and I'm very happy. I'm very cheerful, and I don't know if time, but it is. I slowly started changing. They were a few times that I used to feel the feeling.

But I never stopped doing this alone. And now, the time has come that it's this negative feeling just comes once in a while and they also have also got this very few durations anxiety.

I have built a positive system so well, and so strong, that, That counteracts our body and mind. The first thing that I would ask everybody is listening to me those are listening to me that you need to this, do this on the first piece is the last thing that you can do now is, that is the first thing you can do to help yourself because I don't know many of you must have been going through a bad time.

Or, you must have been full of challenges, but I don't ask you to do a big thing right now I will not ask you.

Are there many tools and techniques that I will be taking sessions? Right now the first basic thing I would ask everyone to do is listening who is willing to change their sight the first listing is to change your word slide rail, whatever you are seeing right now means a lot.

And that is going to make your destination so for the initial days, this will be a little, because there is a pattern that I've been using for the last 10 years for some 20 years, so it will not be so easy.

But what you can do is whenever a negative thought, negative word comes into mind just swipe it like you do a thing and if you are in your YouTube any video you don't want to watch you just swipe it or anything you don't want in your life you just swipe it.

So, similarly here also. If you don't want to go into the Negative Zone, you have to swipe the negative thought, whenever it comes, you just say hello exist and you convert it into a totally positive thought or a positive word might seem silly but it's okay.

Once you're doing it for a long time 21 days it will become a habit, and we will all No longer will be like what I'm doing it seems to be crazy.

Sometimes, I used to like shout at myself, and the negative I used to tell Roy internally shout at me that, oh this is going to happen that is going to happen, we're going to delete these all things are going wrong in your life.

So the first thing I used to do is just stop talking to me the negative mind, and this was the first action I used, and I used to shout at me I can't show the way I used to shout but I stepped out of it, do shout traffic and change that to the cookie positive in a positive environment or scenario when you're talking a clinical trial negativity is just thoughts on positive words replaced with negative trials and you will see that the scenario has changed. Strange. This was just an introduction part of the session.


what is the law of attraction,what is the law of attraction mean,what is the law of attraction and manifestation,law of attraction is a lie,the law of attraction movie,how to apply the law of attraction,what are the 3 laws of attraction?,understanding the law of attraction,how to use the law of attraction,is the law of attraction real,money and the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction means it has been around for so many years are so many different people from the past in history that have said things are said quotes that are related to the Law of Attraction such as Albert Einstein, Buddha, there are lots of celebrities Steve Harvey and even Oprah so I really do think that a lot of the times people gain their success from they make their dream life and success can mean anything too many different people success in my life might not be what success means to you on success could be creating a great family and being a great mother or father success could be starting a business making the most money that you can success could be having all Freedom living in nature and just traveling the world success means so many different things to so many different people and you can get whatever you want in life with a law of attraction.


So I'm going to be driving and a little bit deeper I'm going to be telling you guys some things you could do to a senior versus what you want how you can believe it and how you will receive it so I'm going to start with the asking part of the Law of Attraction and that is basically asking the universe what you want some ways that you can ask the universe what you want is by visualizing.


Visualizing just basically means thinking about what a car that you want that could be a could be a career whatever you want to attract with your life visualize yourself having that you could do this through meditation if you can just do it by researching and going online and can't pictures in like getting excited about whatever you're trying to manifest into your life think about yourself having what you want and that's definitely a huge step in point into asking the universe what you want another thing is that when you visualize you kind of get a clear idea of what you want you to get a little bit specific and that's actually, a good thing because it shows that you desire it and you want it more I mean the more that you want something and desire it and the more that you associate positive thoughts with that manifestation the sooner it will come so you want to make sure that you are thinking really clear thoughts when you are trying to Universe for something you want to associate whatever you're trying to manifest with positive thoughts if you're constantly I whack this or I don't have this you're going to attract the don't t get what won't get whatever you're trying to get you to want to try to associate positive things you don't want any negative words associated in that sentence or in your language weather that's probably saying it or internally thing in your head you want to change every single thought into a positive now this could be a little bit tricky especially.


If you need at the law of attraction you can get a little bit overwhelmed with trying to like make every single negative thought into a positive one strawberry-passion isn't something that you're supposed to use so perfectly I want to have negative thoughts I was going to have negative feelings instead of resisting those negative feelings trying to figure out why you're having those negative feelings and what you can do to make them into a positive rather than denying any negative thoughts into your head because denying and denial and general has really negative vibration the lower your vibration is the less you will know how do you want High.


If you ever have negative thoughts except those negative thoughts thank them for being there and try to change him into positive gaining control of your thoughts and taking control of your thoughts and not letting them control you definitely it raises your vibration.


Many people have just built up an invisible defense wall to prevent them from really understanding some teaching about gait and others attempt to make it difficult that it's almost impossible to understand.

Just discuss this law of attraction in a very simple way, so not only will it make more sense to you but it will enable you to use it in conjunction with the other parts needed to manifest your goals.

He goes the very symptomatic premise of the Law of Attraction is like attracts like. The problem is though. attraction created by the signals that you send out and is always confused, determining exactly what signals they're sending out of you focuses on more of the same.

This is a great quote from Buddha that often arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts, we create our world, but I would like to add that thought, coupled with action, create a world.

If something's a challenge you just accept them for now, otherwise, you could sit down and do something like, just be the bit that makes sense to you and brings everything together.

The biggest problem people have at this point is to decide what the design is, he gets confused with what or where that would be nice for us as well.

He says in the Science of Getting Rich to build those figures need to stay focused on something to the extent that it can become part of the manifestation process.

Dig deep to find what it is that you really want, and what is your true desire to be to do, and to have in your life, forming your vision is the real key to all these teachings, it is that picture feeling that you get from thinking about it that will give you the ability to stay focused.

It's very difficult to maintain a focus on something that you may just want as opposed to something that you truly desire, big strip away your limitations, and understand that you are worthy of it all, in fact, is your fundamental right.

If you think small, that's what you will attract this point is worth mentioning that you will receive what your dominant thought beliefs are.


what is the law of attraction,what is the law of attraction mean,what is the law of attraction and manifestation,law of attraction is a lie,the law of attraction movie,how to apply the law of attraction,what are the 3 laws of attraction?,understanding the law of attraction,how to use the law of attraction,is the law of attraction real,money and the law of attraction.

So it is important to understand how you produce these signals or vibrations. It is this single point that drives install Most people, we're discussing here creating a vision of something you desire and making it.

So real that you can plug into it and see in 3D, will those signals of your visions have to be sent out with the utmost detail, and also the absolute fact, tying them sending out the signal or not you're going to achieve things will just confuse possibly gate the signal.

If that doubt is strong enough and contains some inbuilt thoughts such as I could never do that or I'm not worthy of these things to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, because they're actually your dominant thought, you'll be able to recall I'm sure times in your life when things happen to show you the power dominant thoughts or feelings is the premise behind the sayings, the rich get rich and the poor get poorer.

They're both just mindset leads, both the person mindset changes even period, sometimes you will experience the amazing power of allowing your mind to guide you, for example -

If things aren't going too well, you could do something that takes your mind away from your profile, possibly go to a concert or just read a book, you will notice that as you allow yourself to get into the world, short time, you'll do other things, and take them to a new place.

I'm sure that you've also experienced having something so major affecting you, that, for example.


When you try and watch your film, you are not absorbing the content, and it doesn't make any sense.

The problem we have is dominating your mind, and even though you're watching the film, you're not taking anything in, and it doesn't make any sense.

That is exactly what happens if you allow your beliefs to take over when you're sending out these signals.

You think you're making sense. But as in the scenario of watching the film, nothing's really clear.

If in later years, you saw that film that made no sense before and you watched it again with your mind clear and excited, things would be totally different.

Your film this time could be the exact opposite of your previous record, the same film reviews.

The only difference is how you allowed yourself to perceive it, which illustrates so perfectly how important your state of mind is in making change work and creating a clear vision.

I said earlier that a lot of the information you hear may challenge you, or not to dwell on trying to work out why you should accept it, put it to you, and the results that you get will increase your faith, like in the case of the film, you may get into a discussion about it after your first viewing, and there will be hazy or make no sense.

Because your mind was not getting the correct signals to make sense of the information. If you've tried to make these teachings work for you before, success just approaches them this time with the right frame of mind and see what happens.

You may not realize this, but all your life, subconsciously, but you are now gonna learn how to channel the thought and the creative process in a directed way.

So how do we create a bearing in mind that doubt can sabotage your vision, we have to be really sure of our faith and belief.

The truth is, You can achieve anything that you want to achieve, but the reality is, that is possibly the furthest thing well believe it is one of those things that you want to believe, but have a blockage that will not allow you to accept it.

 The energy in you will respond once it is given instructions, so it's important to make sure that you focus on what you want and not on what you don't want.

In my experience when you're focused on what you do want it seems to me, or at least diminish any negative or unwanted thoughts.

Be really clear, you cannot transmit an image if you are not sure of it yourself, and you're going to the restaurant and just ask him for food, and expecting the kitchen to produce exactly the type of dishes you like, or send in a jumble of words, expecting the recipient to unscramble or understand what you're saying, try and focus on your vision and imagine how you will feel when it arrived, dry think of smells, sounds previous experiences, anything that can help you create a state of being. Now, that is in harmony with how you will feel when you manifest your vision.

You're not creating the future you're attracting it. So once again, the signals are what you desire.

The reason that you must have to be so careful about knowing what you want, and then the feeling of it is that you must be vibrating at the same frequency is the thing that you want to attract.

This is how my good friend Ken McClain talks about the same energy in selling. Look at all the crazies out there to get people excited about what you're selling, you have to be excited yourself, not a phony, but something that comes from your soul also inspires you.

If you aren't eager to share your product or service, how can you expect anyone else to respond to your sales pitch, and they won't. If you're not genuinely excited yourself. Do you see how in every way we have to be totally sold on our emotion before we can transmit it to someone else?

And that is exactly what you are doing, sending to attract the same emotion. The principle is this is the first part of the creation.

So nurture the thought, fill in the details, thought then starts to materialize drawing substance to itself.

The thought then manifests itself into reality. So the steps are – 


Everything we see in the physical world was first created, and if you are one of them, I'm interested but I have a few things to sort out before I can start brigade.

Know this, there will never be a right time to start. This is a journey that you must take just knowing where you're going through being prepared to deal with any questions that arise on the way. No one can plan this journey for you, and no one will be able to tell you what might happen. This is your unique journey and provided that you know where you want to end up and do everything that you can to do, you cannot fail to get there. 



The law of attraction is based on these 3 basic functions or rules.

what is the law of attraction,what is the law of attraction mean,what is the law of attraction and manifestation,law of attraction is a lie,the law of attraction movie,how to apply the law of attraction,what are the 3 laws of attraction?,understanding the law of attraction,how to use the law of attraction,is the law of attraction real,money and the law of attraction,THREE STEP PROCESS OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION

So basically, you can make your dream life you can make whatever you want to happen every single thing that is in your life whether that's a physical item your feelings your father you're everything has vibration energy that affects how fast you can receive these manifestations. Basically, manifestations are anything that you're trying to attract into your life. THE BASIC FUNDAMENTAL OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTIONS ARE-




So another thing that you could do is to use affirmations. Affirmations are just basically verbal words that you say that helps you attract what you want so if you want a family you could just say I have an amazing family, I love in the present tense in a specific tent and make sure that you're able to believe the sentence using positive affirmations are really super helpful especially if you're saying them to yourself and you can also say them internally I think saving them internally it like in your thoughts is definitely the same as seeing them physically on sometimes people believe it a little bit more when they say it physically and out loud and that could definitely with like self-confidence boosters like if you are trying to become really social and you'd want and you'd want more friends say I have lots of friends I'm a good person I'm super social and kind of keep saying them in your head because the more that you say them in your head the more believable if he comes and the more that you will live that way so that you could do to ask the universe what you want is to figure out the feelings associated with whatever you're trying to manifest if you're trying to manifest a family ever tried to try to manifest a physical object like a car.


If you're trying to manifest money whatever the case may be maybe figuring out why do you want this is it something that brings you Joy what are the feelings that are going to be associated with manifesting this trying to make age to manifest do you want to take a little bit deeper and it shows you kind of what you're striving for a little bit more you become more self-aware and to why you are trying to manifest that specific thing.

If you want to learn completely what does affirmations means then learn real definition with meaning, synonym, how to pronounce, and how to use affirmations each and everything regarding affirmation on this site.



Last but not least you know how to live as if you already have that manifestation so what you just said you thought a little bit deeper you got the feeling that you're associating with his manifestations what you want to do is live like you already have it uses feelings and uses the internal emotions that are associated with the manifestation and lifelike you already have that this is kind of fun if you really get into it when I say live as if  just think about it inside and really live like you already have it for the tenant you already have that manifestation knows to live the dream life that you want on think about yourself while you're doing this like when you're driving your car and you want a car drive like you already have that car like you're driving the car right now feel the killings go test drive the car do something that makes you live as if you already have it so living as if helps you show the universe that you want that and you are going to attract that and a Elizabeth Ybarra belief process so this is where a lot of people tend to get a little bit confused because it's super easy to ask for what you want it's super easy to be liked by those energies out of like what you're trying to manifest but believing it and believing that you actually have it can be a little bit troubling to some people because that's the stuff that comes right before actually receiving the manifestation so they believe the process can be a little bit tricky and I'm going to show you guys some tips on things that you can do during the belief process.


So I'm going to take something that I actually had any ask process and that's living as if the more that you live as if and the more that you take your affirmations from the beginning the more you'll be able to believe it fake it to you make it is basically what I do you literally live like you have it and the more you do that there more believable if it comes for you to actually that manifest station because you're already acting as if you have it so you already feel like you have it and you'll attract much more quickly.


I know the thing that you could do is to dive in a little bit deeper into your past and see what you have manifested you were difficultly what you mind about the law of attraction now doesn't mean you haven't manifested others just because you just learned about the law of attraction does not mean that you haven't manifested already whatever is in your life whatever they alive you have internally manifested it whether you try to get manifestation if I say or you have no idea that you were trying to manifest that you manifested you are living right now so it's up to you to change it.


If you don't like it it's up to you to improve it if you want to look back on it to pass manifestations and try to think about what you manifested all the good things whether it is small or big whether that's a job whether that's a person in your life whether that's a condo like whatever may be what is something that you're grateful for and how did you manifest start looking into your past can definitely help you believe in the process a little bit more because you've already done it and it's kind of like your own success stories in an in a way and it definitely helps to motivate you because you've done it before what makes you think you can't do it now another thing is gratitude.


When you show gratitude for what you already have that can kind of be associated with looking into your past manifestations on be grateful for those things you know you wanted those things at in you attracted it into your life.


So look back once you're past look into your future look at yourself right now in the present moment and what are you grateful for a name three things you're grateful for every single day showing gratitude definitely improves your vibration in your energy and you'll be able to attract more things into your life and it does help you reflect on what you already have and being grateful for that and that kind of helps you believe that you are already being manifested all these amazing beautiful things and that is possible and it makes you believe in the process more stories on YouTube a lot I watched YouTube success stories about the law of attraction I research Law of Attraction videos I like to read blogs I read books try your best to research the Law of Attraction find success stories and that'll definitely help you believe in the process more are increasing your vibration the higher energy you have and the more happy you are in life and the happier in life the more you'll be able to believe in you know the good in life and manifesting whatever you're trying to manifest to find ways to increase your vibration I have a whole separate article on how to increase your vibration.


Basically, you want to do good things you want to admit positive energy whether that's being kind to people eating healthy foods in taking care of your body and working out and drinking tons of water showing meditating listening to good music doing yoga cleaning up your space cleaning up the environment giving yourself a fresh feeling whatever makes you happy whatever makes other people happy you want to do that name it does positive energies in the more you do that the higher your vibration and the more you manifest your manifestations.


So now on to the receives process and this is like the fun stuff because you are you know passably process you believe in it like it's about to happen you're getting your you were in you want in the first place doesn't things that kind of a show that you are in the process of receiving are synchronicities and these are basically little signs and things that happen in your life to kind of just show you that you're doing the right thing and that could be you know seeing the same numbers over and over again that could be having a dream that slick associated with your manifestation or seeing your manifestation throughout your life, in general, more weather that's like someone else seeing haven't seen it all over the news but whatever the case may be when you're seeing your manifestations more and more or seeing numbers are signs or something that you just feel like you have a gut instinct that there's like a sign or symbolism with whatever you're seeing that is the universe showing you that you are doing the right thing and you are manifesting what you're trying to manifest another thing is to change an and opportunities with opportunities come your way you need to take action you don't want to focus on how the process you don't need to figure out how you're going to manifest these things when you think about how I'm going to manifest these things you get kind of stress and that's not what the law of attraction is about the law of attraction is about living as if taking action.

So if you see changes happening in your life are you see opportunities that are coming your way you'll take those actions and jump into these new opportunities because this is the universe guiding you it's giving you a door open here is what you're trying to manifest you know to take those things don't be afraid just go full speed Mondays opportunities come your way and they flow more into your life that's a sign that you're receiving what you're trying to manifest an abundance of happiness and excitement whatever you're getting excited about life and you just feel happy and you feel good and like one thing after the other, I just happening too and they're just coming your way in your tracking all these things it's just like an exciting Happy feeling.

And when you get that feeling back to do when you know that you're on the right track when you're like manifesting things left and right and things are just coming into flowing into your life it's were happing it's working and like I just can't describe the feeling it just feels so good it's almost like a piece if you're ever playing a game like a video or something and you're winning like every single level and you're just like getting it and getting it that's the same feeling when you get that feeling that means you're on the right track and you're doing it you are manifesting you know you are living a good life and you are attracting all these beautiful things into your life that you want is a documentary on Netflix called The secret and that's the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne I'm sure you've heard of it if not that is like a beginner's guide 100% and tells you all about the law of attraction if you don't like reading Watch the documentary on Netflix. Super helpful if there are tons of other resources out there to learn about the law of attraction and that could be through books just do a little bit of research I really hope that you guys enjoyed this article we will see you guys in other law of attraction related information.

If you want to learn what are the benefits of gratitude then read on this site completely.





So let's go to know about the law of attraction in case I mean when that first was brought up to me I actually had no idea of what that meant does that mean like attracts like does that mean you know 1 + 1 What does the law of attraction mean?


So the law of attraction to be actually just mean me and thought and feeling plus inspired action would allow me to create something of some sort that I personally desire or Law of Attraction could also mean with one specific frequency and then like tuning into that frequency like as if and receiving all of the abundances that there is to receive on a specific frequency.


 I know that could probably like a lot but let I just break it down a little bit for you like how it was broken down for me the law of attraction basically allows us as human beings to on this time on this planet to connect with others who are as the law of attraction is there to give you put on to put a lot like what you put out.


So  if your thoughts like what you bring attention to energy will flow so if you focus more of your energy on the negative things in your life then there therefore you will have more negativity and life vs.


If you were to focus more on positivity then you would have a more positive in your life who was it was Dr. Joseph Murphy on that I listen to very frequently and his books and he definitely taught me that it's really is really what we want that is what to put on in 2 hours screen of life is really our thoughts to understanding this whole concept I mean even you landing on this site is a sign for you to know that you are sending but Law of Attraction and itself and knowing the aspects of opening up your Consciousness about the law of attraction will allow you to feel I fuse truly desire you know like just breaking it down.


I'm so over the place I'm really sorry I just got so inspired today to do this article I didn't actually write any notes or anything like that so I'm really sorry if it's all over the place and it is also my first time being in front of Indio so I'm a little bit nervous but let me not get too far away from what we were speaking about so another thing that I could possibly you know say about the law of attraction is to me it means to love like the just itself like a lob attracted to me means to love like life begins to love God Is love I am love loved I connect myself with those things because I put myself in power.


It was Hicks who I believe who said it like you know you  love your life and if you look at your life right now and you're not happy with it that's okay you have the power to change that but if you are looking at your life and your Super ecstatic and excited where you are the knowledge that that was all you and your power and such an amazing gift that we have been given on this planet to you know to be given this power and this until and this energy you know it's really truly a great thing to be especially at this point in time right now on planet Earth by me means more people are more conscious now than ever about the law of attraction metaphysics and just like interdimensional things ill me that this whole time cowhide really I just law of attraction is also something that I'm really in love with all I can really talk about it until probably black of an attraction manifesting all of that is really from Source hour our true a highest self that's what it's from, I believe that I'm not really sure if I'm religious I'm not too sure where I really fall underneath that whole round but I will say that I do believe in God I do believe in a higher power I do believe that there's something higher than my physical 3D being that is in control of this like a whole thing that we're all kind of in because I mean we are collective energy.


We are All One Within slow like I'm the best example that I could give is like okay let's say I want to manifest a new job into my life and let that I am currently working and I want to use the law of attraction to my benefit so what is it that I could do to attract the job that I desire so first things first get clear about your intention what is it that you want and be super clear about it right about it talk about it like a story you know what gets super clear about what it is that you truly desire and I'd say if you don't even know what it is actually that will that you want.


But let's just say you know how you want to feel at this job so write down key words like I would at this at my new because you would speak as if you would speak in the present I am so excited about my new job I am so excited how great I feel each and every day going to work I am so excited about the service and I'm able to give other people and that would be like you know like a form of affirmation for yourself getting super clear about what you want and then they know thinking about okay what is it that I need to do to be that or to have that what is it that I need to Within Myself to say I have this you know what does that position looks like.


What clothes does that position of work, where how does what Financial income does that job position to give you and that's what your kind of wanting to really like meditate and get really obsessed with that feeling of having what it is that you want to have I would even say get even the little bit deeper like put out right out situations that or scenarios that you can see yourself out that new job I see yourself in that getting that email or call back about then you know we would like you to come in for a job interview or see yourself in that interview or series of giving out handshake on the congratulations on the new position on see yourself they're being there acting as if like as like I was like but it's not a one-time thing you know like this has to be something is effortful this is daily life it's a lifestyle and you have to be that person you know like if you can't right and go to your current job on Happy it's not about being happy when you get the job that you want it's about being happy now you want to show the universe you want to show the higher power that I have what it is that I am asking for.

So you have to bring it to me because I'm not too sure who had said it was most likely Einstein on but imagination is what brings the reality of things to our life so if you could see it first then it will be yours you know it's not you know people say oh I have to see it to believe it no you need to believe it first then you need to then you will see it guava traction is really just about I am I doing what spots am I having a tracking my next moment you know if what song am I having about today that's going to attract my day what thought am I having about this may be specific problem am I having that is either going to bring open up the answer to the problem and the solution of the problem or on my thoughts more hindered about doubt and you know desperation on how I'm going to get out of this on so live attraction is really just about pinpointing where you want to keep your attention and keeping it there and letting the energy flow through the law of attraction is your best friend it's literally every Law of Attraction but you've been using your her whole life up until this point I mean even think about trying to think about a great time in your life I mean what everything was flowing in like place where you felt like you know I got the bike just so much abundance going on and I want you to know that's a domino effect because of the Enlightenment and the great sauce that you have within a tie a time in your life, when everything was kind of trickling down like things, were not going the right way it was a domino effect of this and that so I say that to say on good energy.


 I mean even if you didn't text time it is it literally took me I'm still each and every day but it wasn't until 2022 really up until now that every day I am doing something my mind into believing in abundance and prosperity and it is effortful there will be days where you know you're in a rut but anytime you feel yourself going in that negative thought pattern like I'm not good enough is this really going to work out for me you know I'm not the typical candidate for this position or you know when you have those negative thoughts.


I would really like for you to literally, stop yourself and give yourself a compliment you know say one thing for your but you're grateful for and switch that mindset, and then yes I can I am powerful you know I am smart I am undefeated and when you start saying those things repeatedly you may not believe them at first but subconsciously your ring will believe that and I saw your conscious mind will believe that and that is you know how we start this moment momentum of abundance in our lives and actually constantly putting the abundance prayer when you when you're able to see that Consciousness and your reality even on the smallest level, it's like wow I know it's true.


I would love for you to write down an affirmation for yourself or write down an encouragement for yourself that you will tell yourself anytime you have a negative thought any time anytime I am powerful I am undefeated we can make the affirmation super small or we could just let you know I am attracting a great feeling of well-being within I am attracting a feeling of  vitality you know whatever it is that you want to defeat and you know to get better on your life make that affirmation for it and see it grow when you doing that's my like you know that's my really take away for today and I just so excited for you guys to see the material that I have coming out I am so eager as well to you know to be able to use this as an outlet because I do genuinely feel like this is what I'm supposed to be doing and I may not be so great you know this first article but definitely, with the practice, I will become better in Daphne with our guidance, oh oh well I would like to just stay with you is that I hope you have a great day whenever however you're reading this article I want you to know that you are very much capable of exactly what you want and you deserve exactly what you want in this life.


So read every article on this site to get more information about the real law of attraction and we will definitely be on this journey together I hope you guys have a great day and best wishes and you know have fun with the universe you know like make it fun I'm don't take life too seriously. 

If you don't know what is the law of detachment then I have explained details on this site if you wish you can read it.


There are a number of hidden secret laws in the universal some of 33 LAWS UPDATED LIST I have mentioned below which has scientifically proven by using we can desire your goals spiritually. So some of the universal keys are -


  1. Law of vibration
  2. Law of frequency
  3. Law of energy
  4. Law of attraction
  5. Law of negative attraction
  6. Law of positive attraction
  7. Law of one point focus
  8. Law of gratitude
  9. Law of connection
  10. Law of convey
  11. Law of action
  12. Law of meditation
  13. Law of power
  14. Law of waves
  15. Law of  manifestation
  16. Law of  attachment
  17. Law of fire
  18. Law of water
  19. Law of air
  20. Law of soul
  21. Law of relation
  22. Law of shadow
  23. Law of effects
  24. Law of convenience
  25. Law of desire
  26. Law of balance
  27. Law of feelings
  28. Law of thinking
  29. Law of concentration
  30. Law of imagination
  31. Law of speed
  32. Law of command
  33. Law of silence

Conclude – Here we have learned the exact what is the law of attraction and what are the hidden 3 fundamentals of the real law of the attraction which helps us to manifest anything that you want or something which you deserve in your life to make success and what are the 3 processes of the law of attraction we should follow for manifesting. So if you want to know more then read other the real law of attraction theory related articles with practical on this site completely free for you who really want to learn the secret of universal theory thanks for reading.


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