BENEFITS OF GRATITUDE  | Here we learn the full definition of gratitude & the benefits of the GRATITUDE journal. So how THE POWER OF GRATITUDE helps us to manifest anything what we want & how can we practice easily?

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Let see the full meaning of gratitude and its definition. Gratitude is nothing but "thankfulness" or "gratefulness". The word "GRATUS" came from latent hats shows the meaning of this gratitude is pleasing or thankful. 

In general, we say explain for kids like this is very "respectfully" and "Heartfuliy" says thanks to the universe for those things who we got from the universe those are a gift from the universe that’s why it’s hearty conveying thanks by closing eyes.

The secret of the universe starts from THE POWER OF GRATITUDE which is the foundation of the real law of attraction & manifestation methods lets learn what’s the benefits of a gratitude journal & its importance.

 So let's see how can we get success in the law of attraction & the manifestation methods, sigils...with the help of gratitude.



Welcome to our site here I am going to share with you the secret of universal which is the foundation of the real law of attraction and the manifestation methods. All spiritual energy is connected to GRATITUDE it's very important to source for those who want to get success in the law of attraction or in manifestation or any ritual source like in sigil also so it's the first step to start this hidden universal secret if you want to become an attractor. So let’s go to learn full details about what are the spiritual benefits of gratitude.

Today we going to be talking about the importance of gratitude and how it would bring more joy and freedom into your life before we get started I would really appreciate it if you guys follow me on Instagram that is a great platform if you want to keep up with me and see any information that I post every morning that resonates with me as well I would really appreciate it.


If you are excited to get into today's article then please read till end okay guys so we're going to talk about how gratitude can really bring more joy peace and freedom into your life I am going to be introducing a book of mine that is really a big favorite it really allowed me to understand the power of gratitude and it is The Magic by Rhonda Byrne she has a full series of books that talks about the law of attraction, as well as you guys, know the secret and this book is a 28-day challenge gratitude book where every day and you're able to tap into you know Speed specific sections or areas in your life and I just feel like since I purchased this book I am fully reminded of the magic that I experienced in each of my you know days of this life that was living together and I'm going to read you guys excerpt that will really ignite you. I hope that it because it ignites me very much so and I want you guys to really feel you know that power within yourself to know that whatever situation you are going through right now that it can change you know a day overnight as long as you truly believe in yourself.


So I'm going to read an excerpt from this booklet, we rise up and be thankful for if we didn't learn a lot today at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little at least we didn't get sick and if we got sick at least we didn't die so why does a thankful and that is by feel like that quote is very powerful because it allows you to see that no matter the circumstance that you're in there is where is you know no good to be thankful for so right now I want you guys to think about a section or somewhere in your life right now where you are feeling lack and the limitation it could either be in your financial affairs.


If you know any relationship in your life or even within yourself if you feel you know you're lacking or you're limiting yourself because you don't have the self-love all the self-esteem stuff that you know you are having you know that you really are Divine and I want you guys to know that and it's just bad powerful to give thanks to the situation that you feel defeated by there's another section in this book that I'm going to read it has said Whoever has gratitude for whichever in their life will be given more and he or she will have in abundance whoever does not have gratitude for a sectional life even what he or she has will be taken away from him or her and that is very powerful because we see it. you don't know your own lies when we cannot be grateful for something and how it can just go away gratitude is a really big part of my daily practice and I want to talk to you guys through that practice every day.


So every morning I make sure to write 10 things but I'm grateful for and why I'm grateful for those things I make sure to do magic practice sometimes I am going to the book so I do a consecutively like day one day two day 3 other times when I'm feeling you know the universe season more grateful in a specific area of my life, I will definitely flip to that page and then so it is you know the universe is death when he revealed it to me each and every time and I just it wasn't really until I was able to sit down with myself giving myself that time I deserve each day to sit and reflect on all the good the universe has given me.


the power of gratitude,the power of gratitude quotes,benefits of gratitude,benefits of gratitude journaling,benefits of gratitude journal,health benefits of gratitude,benefits of gratitude pdf,benefits of gratitude practice,importance of gratitude in life.

I mean if you wake up every morning right the first thing you say to thank you are readily igniting yourself you know very differently than you would if you weren't you know thank you so much for giving me this day today I'm able to evolve and change thank you so much for giving me this opportunity because you have to think about that someone didn't have the opportunity today but you do you know you are a given this right so continue to live in this Divine time and you have to thanks for that there's it's just I know most of us aren't shown how to give thanks and how to give every little thing gratitude when to give every little thing gratitude in life it literally magnetizes and I'm here to tell you that I am a True Believer definition of my experience when I give a situation I'm feeling like in Oro Valley abundant and always grows so you're going through maybe a financial affair right now that's making you feel a little bit more limited maybe you're going through a specific relationship in your life where you're feeling Limited how can you give that thing you have $5 in your account you have $100 in your account or you have a dollar in your account I'm not too sure what your bank account looks like right now feel as though it's efficient and grey you know keep doing what you're doing because it's obviously working but if you're right now in a place where you're not feeling the best about your money for the best about your relationship with the best yourself.


I'm sitting here to tell you now give it thanks and that is how is going to grow you know thank you so much for the money in my bank account because I'm now I understand the value of money you know thank you so much for allowing me to use my money more wisely and she's so much and she's so much and I'll put up the $5 that I have because it is created this you know and thank you so much because I know that it's going to grow thank you so much for you know allowing me to give General he therefore I am repaid generously you know any time you're out and about and you have something you have Monday I say right now you have like $5 in your account and then you have a couple of pocket change and then you see a homeless person voicing you know how they need something I want you to give them that money and give it to them joyously you need to show the universe you are full of abundance all the time you are full of fluids in no matter what your bank account is showing you right now do not live to you know what your bank account is telling don't live up to what other people are telling you about yourself it up to you know you are full of power and you can ignite that any chance of your day every moment of your day because now is the only not necessary to the Future because you feared you can't touch that you can't touch the future you can't touch the past when you can only touch right now in your physical realities or take charge you know take the power within that it's a lot of Courage I will say that it takes a lot of Courage within yourself to look at a bad situation and give it thinks you know how can you people asking you.


How can you do that you know thank you so much you know I'm unemployed into the first time I've ever been unemployed you know if that is your situation thank you so much for allowing me to see value in having a job thank you so much for allowing me to have this downtime with them myself and thank you so much for allowing me to have rest because I've definitely needed it there are so many things you can you know look upon in a situation to change how you feel within yourself it really I'm telling you guys like now after this article sit with yourself and write down you know if you're dealing with financial a quiet down how your grandma for money if you're doing with you know and health situation give thanks it seems hard but it does not stop telling yourself that it's hard it's very easy you know it's very easy to give gratitude in my life because I live such a Divine Life you know everything is on time I live in divine order and I live in Devine time when you are full of divinity when you are full of prosperity and full of abundance you can ignite ignore any section of your life you know you really can sit within yourself look yourself in the mirror and say thank you no thank you for the courage I have Within Myself to look at a bad situation and give it thanks you know me the magical guy didn't I really hope that you can feel me you know who this you're reading me on because it is so important to say thank you know if someone is doing something for you gives him thanks if they've done something for you previously given spank for it you know just look at yourself as a thing for you wake are so magical truly is you know I've recommended this book to a friend about a couple of months ago when they graduated college because that's where I met them and I had told myself you know what is a book right now or in my life that I've had that really like starting me on this journey of the abundance you know not to say started but reminded me of my journey of abundance and it is this book I am so grateful that really do you know to give them some of the opportunity to sit down with this book every day and do the practices in his book because we get to sit down and we get to talk about it you know I love talking with the people that I care about how amazing it is to be guided into always being in the flow you know it's always looking at a situation to all is at so it's so much power in that it takes courage you know it takes it really does but you are courageous you are whatever you say you are and you are resilient and so it is and I just wanted to share with you guys this video today because I was talking with a couple of friends over the weekend and I was just expressing you know I just I love saying thank you for anything and Ashley everything that I experienced thanks to you so much for the smiles.


I am able to experience today thank you so much for the money that flows to me today so much for the self-love that I'm able to fill feel within myself today thank you so much for allowing me to have this piece right now you know and it's just you have that power you can tap into it anytime you want you can sit down at work you could just walk and talk you could write in your notes section to thank you I am so blessed for I am so grateful for now that whatever it is you know look at that situation and its face and say look I am going to defeat you because I am undefeated because I hold The power Within Myself to change the situation.




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  2. A new feeling and positive energy will gain day by day.
  3. You will gain the ultimate positive energy much more than you expected.
  4. Your heart and mind will work fast and full of positive energy. 


Let’s see what gratitude is the importance of gratitude in life & benefits of gratitude practice for success

You know the simplest way to transform your life, achieve more goals, have better relationships, and create more physical and psychological health its gratitude. Yes, gratitude is the simplest way to transform your life, and today we are going to talk about 7 scientifically proven benefits of gratitude.

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The power of gratitude major benefits list which are and I'm going to share with you the 7 scientifically proven benefits of gratitude. Yes, but before going into that I want to share like gratitude is the simplest and easiest, and effortless way of Transforming Your Life. If you are going through a difficult relationship.

If you are not able to achieve your dreams, if you are going through a difficult time in your life if you are held to as is not fine. And you are struggling to start the transformation.

If you are thinking What should I do? Should I start with information visualization? Should I start planning goals? Should I start doing that? so many things. So I would suggest the simplest way to transform your life is gratitude. Yes, you can use lots of different ways. But the simplest way is gratitude because it is the effortless way.

And a few years back in Harvard Medical School, those scientists have done some research. And they found that if someone stopped writing only three points of gratitude, like three things, they are grateful for every single day, continuously for six weeks, then in six weeks, their level of happiness, their level of positivity will go higher by 10% to 20%. And they have done this scientifically and that's the power of gratitude.

And today I'm going to share all the 7 scientifically proven benefits of gratitude. And I've taken all these benefits from different journals, scientific journals, and research papers, like Psychology Today and high vibration and Howard University Medical science journal and so many journals I've collected and found these 7 proven technique, and today I'm going to share with you so the number one benefit is you can reach more goals.

 Yes, if you start practicing gratitude on a daily basis, you can reach more goals in life. It sounds a little doubtful, right? You must be thinking about what gratitude has to do with reaching goals? Yes, even I was thinking like that. But when I started practicing gratitude many years back, my life started changing magically.

 And things started happening, amazingly life. Because why? Because when you started practicing gratitude, you think about the 360 degree of like, you don't just focus on 1 or 2 goals and run behind them. But you started thinking about your overall well being you started thinking about both career and personal life, you started thinking about professional relationships and coastal relationships, you started thinking about your emotional and physical well being you started thinking about all the small and big things that you want to have in life. And when you started focusing them with happiness, being grateful, it will become a lot easier for you to achieve them.

That is why it is scientifically proven the people who practice gratitude on a regular basis, our ability to achieve more goals in life. Those people who don't practice them able to rate one or two goals, maybe beat goals, but overly they are not able to reach many goals in their life.

So even if they become successful in one or two areas, they will usually become very happy in their life. I'm sure you want to be a person who wants to be very successful at the same time happy and abundant and live an amazing magical life right.

So this is this is for you. That is why gratitude is for you. And when I talk about the number one benefit that you can able to reach more goals because you practice gratitude. I have the 6 other benefits to support this claim support this scientifically proven benefit. And next 6 benefits will help you understand how you can reach more goals.

So The next one is it will practicing gratitude will increase your self-esteem. When you start practicing gratitude on a daily basis, your self-esteem will go higher. You know self-esteem is the key to all magical transformations in life.

Many times people keep thinking about only self-confidence but self-esteem is the key and self-esteem is when you feel confident at the same time. You don't feel less than any to anyone else. Or you don't compare yourself with anyone else because you feel happy. And when you start practicing gratitude, the number one thing that you eliminate is a comparison because when people started comparing like, he or she is making more money than he was he's making more money than me on he's doing a great job than me or sees a bigger better relationship than me or he looks great and seems very beautiful, he is handsome, he's a better he's having a better body sees I mean, a gorgeous figure when you started comparing all these things.

When you start comparing yourself with other people, you usually lose your self-esteem; you never start feeling good about yourself. So practicing gratitude will increase self-esteem, it will boost your self-esteem. When you started practicing gratitude for whatever you have, for whoever you are, your happiness will go higher, you become a better person, you become a more magical person. At the same time, you stop comparing with other people, okay, if someone is doing better than me in some area of life, it's great.

I am grateful to him or her for doing something magical. If there is something to learn from them, let me learn, but you don't feel like you were in a competition. At that point, your self-esteem will go high, you feel more magical.

 So practicing gratitude on a daily basis for yourself, for other people around you actually boost your self-esteem and when your self-esteem will go high, it will be a lot easier for you to achieve things in life. That's the second benefit.


Now the 3rd benefit and I'm sure many people love this one, you can make your relationship better Yes, practicing gratitude on a daily basis will improve your relationship and help you attract new relationship in your life also, and how it works. Like even if you are going through a difficult relationship maybe in your personal life and your love relationship may be in your professional life, then what usually you do you start finding the problems in other people, you start thinking that he or she is not doing it right he or she is not smarter, he's not understanding me.

 So, what can you keep focusing on the lack you keep on focusing on the problems. So you know the law of attraction, whatever you focus on, it will expand miss your focus on problems means you focus on the weaknesses means you focus on the deficiency means this will expand you started finding more and more problems in the other person.

And because you started feeling so much negative about the other person, the other person also started feeling negative about you. And that's when you wonder why I'm telling the other person what is not right in them or what they are not doing but they are not understanding and they are blaming me. Because why because you are finding fault in them you are not finding anything good in them. So they are not getting positive vibes from you.

When you start practicing on a daily basis, the other person started feeling good about you, they started getting a positive vibration for you from you. And the time when the relationship started getting better. Like if you are in a love relationship when your partner has 10 weaknesses or they have 10 negative habits in them. But find one of two good habits they have in them and start appreciating, that's when they will feel good.

And after that slowly, slowly they get aligned with you. All the misunderstanding will be gone and good things will start happening that's when they automatically improvise them. That's when the relationship is automatically started getting better thanks to when they stop finding fault in you.

The same isn't a work area. Also, if you are having a difficult time with your boss, if you are having a difficult time with some co-workers, some subordinates, start appreciating whatever is good in them, start giving compliments start being thankful to them when they are helping you or doing some work for you. So once you started feeling positive and started being grateful to them, they will gel up with you in a much more magical way.

That's when they understand your need. That's what they do better things for you. In the same way, you can attract new relationships also, like suppose you join a new office or you get into a new group. But if you are not sticking to any word thinking or not interacting too much thinking I'm new, I don't know whether people will like me or not. But when you start practicing gratitude there, you can easily dialogue with people who started liking you. People started getting attracted to you.

Like if you met someone, they help you they do something for you start being grateful. And when you are expressing gratitude in relationship expressions genuinely don't try to flatter because when you try to flatter it will be visible and they will know that this person is trying to flatter and it won't work for a long time. So genuinely give genuine appreciation give genuine gratitude and it will magically resolve your relationship.

I have helped tones of people in difficult relationships. I've helped couples on the verge of divorce, on the verge of a broken relationship to start practicing gratitude and now they are living a magical life now they are full of love now they are full of happiness. It's possible. I have helped people to start practicing gratitude in their work life and their bosses or the sovereign a parent who are not supporting them five months back now their biggest fan of them People are saying like anything. So when you start practicing gratitude, you create such a vibration in your body, that people start getting attracted to you, they could not stop ignoring your positive or and they say, I don't know, but this person is very positive, this a person is very magical, let's hire him, let's hire her less, give them less and less, give them the promotion.

And that started happening. So that's the third benefit of gratitude, your relationship will improve your relationship will get better, you will attract more and more magical relations with new relationships.

Now, the 4th benefit, practicing gratitude will improve your physical health. Yes, when you start feeling grateful, your body will become happy. And when your body becomes happy, your health and well-being become better and improve. Yes, that is why it is done.

Some research has been done on this particular thing in different medical school and different universities. And it has been found, gratitude is the number one medicine. It's the medicine that improvises your health like anything, because when you started being grateful, all the fears, doubts, and negativity will be gone within you and your body will start becoming happy, it will start responding to other treatment or medicine very quickly, you started feeling more energetic, you started feeling healthier, happier.

And this is one of the keys to a linear, youthful life. If you want to live a youthful life if you want to be a happy body, if you want to be a disease-free body, then gratitude is one of the easiest ways and again in our medical school, they have done this research and they found the people who continuously practice gratitude on a regular basis in six to 10 months they have that was a huge reduce in the joint spend there was a huge reduction in their back pain and there are no symptoms of different health issues, has vanished after practicing gratitude.

Because why when you start practicing gratitude, your body will become so happy that it started healing itself. Of course, you can take your medicine or some kind of treatment if you are taking but along with that if you practice gratitude, you will get better. If you don't have any health issues, they also start practicing gratitude because it will keep you healthy forever.



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Health benefits of gratitude

Then the fifth benefit is improving psychological health. Yes, now we are coming from physical health now it's about psychological. Because when you practice gratitude, it's all going inside your mind and heart. So when you started expressing gratitude, your heart and mind filled with lots of positivity, joy, because when you practice gratitude, fear, doubts, negativity, anxiety, everything will be gone. And you started feeling so much happiness and suffering so much of thankfulness.

You connect yourself to God you connect yourself to university connect yourself to so many magical things, your emotional well being will go higher, you start being more positive, more magical, more happy, and your psychological health will get better. And we know in psychosomatic like whatever goes inside your mind it gets manifested in your body.

 So when your psychological health becomes better, you emotionally become better, your physical health also becomes better at this point leads to the previous point that we have discussed. So once you start practicing gratitude on a daily basis, your psychological health will get better and better and better. And that's what I have observed in my life and observing so many people's life.

Now, the 6th benefit is when you start practicing gratitude, you will be able to reduce your anger and enhance empathy. Yes, I get tonnes of emails every week from people they keep asking me easy, I have a very bad habit and it's about anger I get angry so quickly so easily and so soft tempered and what should I do about it? How can I reduce my anger I know that I get angry and later I feel bad about it, what should I do? And I suggest them start practicing gratitude. Because why you feel angry usually, either you are angry about yourself or other people because why you are only finding fault in yourself or in other people, the people who are very angry or keep getting angry every now and then and then they are soft temper onto people having the list of self-esteem because why they are so focused on finding faults in everything and because they don't just find fault but they react with so much anger.

So the relationship this while the professional personal relationship this while that emotional and physical and mental health also. So when you start practicing gratitude, what do you do? You don't focus on the shortcomings. You don't focus on the problems you focus on whatever good is there. What was good in there within you what isn't good is there within anyone around you and whatever good is there in the situation. And alternatively, your anger will go down. So many people are practicing gratitude and their anger is already granted. their anger is gone.


Because when you start practicing gratitude, your anger will be gone. And when anger will be gone, you and your empathy will get enhanced. And of course, you cannot just practice when you get angry, but you have to make it a habit of practicing gratitude every single day. So that your anger will become especially like someone or some situation when you get angry very often on a daily basis, you feel angry, let's start finding some points in that particular person or in that particular situation or in yourself to be grateful for start writing gratitude every single day related to that particular situation and your anger will be gone in few weeks.

Next, we come to the last 7th benefit, last scientifically proven benefit of practicing gratitude and it's slipping better. Yes, this is so many people are struggling to sleep, they are not getting any sleep at night, because why usually, because of the stress, the anxiety, the competition mindset, the low self-esteem, usually everything that we have discussed before everything leads to sleeplessness. And these days, people are really finding a difficult time and having a good night's sleep.

They are finding it difficult to have a really deep sleep. And when you start practicing gratitude on a daily basis before going to sleep, if you take your journal and write like 10 to 15 minutes, anything you are grateful for any relationship anything that you have or whatever going inside in your life, or whatever things you want to have in your life when you write gratitude and be thankful for whatever things happening in your life, your emotional well being will go so high and you started feeling so peaceful at night, that you will fall asleep very quickly and you sleep deeply.

 And when you sleep started sleeping deeply, your energy level will go higher. So, it will lead to again like having better health betting better physical health, better emotional health, and better mental health.

 So, now, you know this scientifically the seven scientifically proven benefits of gratitude. Now, these last six are leading to the first one like when you practice gratitude on a daily basis, you can able to reach more goals you can able to achieve more success you can able to manifest more things in your life because why because your relationship will be great because your physical and emotional and mental health will be great, because you will be full of energy and empathy all the time because you will be found only good things in life.

 Because you will be focused on only magical things because your self-esteem will be high because your likability will be gone so high that everybody will like you, they love to be with you. They want to help you they want to be in your aura. And when all these things will happen, it will be a lot easier for you to achieve so many dreams in your life. That is why all these benefits will leading up to that one particular benefit that everyone wants to achieve that they want to achieve more happiness, more success, more goals, more desire in their life. And that's possible. You are no magical creation and you can achieve unlimited goals in your life.

But everything will start from practicing gratitude. I would suggest that practicing gratitude from today Excel for whatever things you have in your life, whatever relationship you have in life, if you're struggling in some area, start finding whatever good is the start maintaining a journal and write whatever good things there in your life on a daily basis and it will change your life. Many years back I started practicing gratitude and then still practicing, and it has changed my life magically.

That is why I call it the magic of life. Gratitude is the magic of life. And you can read tones of success stories on my blog where people have changed like anything changed their life like anything from broken relationship from the verge of suicide from loss-making businesses they have transformed magically, they are living amazing personal and professional life and most importantly, they have high self-esteem and happiness and magic in their life.

So I believe that you are a person who wants to live a magical life full of successful happiness full of abundance in your life. And gratitude is the way to stop making gratitude the magic of your life.

 And if you need some more ideas you can read related articles on my site. There we have tonnes of resources to help you practicing gratitude. Check them and it will help you for sure. So this is transformational, and we are talking about seven scientifically proven benefits of gratitude and I believe this article helps you out in a great way. Next article, we'll be coming up with more wisdom more transformational wisdom for you. And if you love this article, if you love this gratitude journey, express your gratitude in the comment section. You can share this article with other people and I'm extremely grateful to you for reading this article for staying connected for giving me this opportunity of sharing this wisdom with you. And thank you thank you thank you. This is not awesome.


  • Reduce pain - You can reduce your pain slowly when you start practicing Gratitude. Because you are practicing to gain positive energy in your body it affects your vibrations definitely so your positive vibration goes high that’s why your negative energy goes down so that reason your pain can be reduced 100%.
  • Increase spiritualism  - This Gratitude exercise is the foundation or hidden source through which you can increase your spiritual power fast because your vibration should be reached to the destination that’s why this exercise can help you to convey your desired things.

So I just wanted to share with you guys that you know don't forget your power please don't forget it because it can really take you from here to there and I just wanted to share this article with you guys and I really hope feel me right now and we're going to form as you always do today's affirmations I am grateful for the Abundant Life I live I am grateful for the Abundant Life I live each of us you know we get to live in this beautiful life experience together right now you know we are in 2021 and things are just getting better and better you know Focus that it is focused on the good on its way to you know give thanks for where you are right now because it is a part of that process so I continued to send love white and Grace your way and I will be speaking with you very bye take care.

Conclude – Here we have learned the secret of universality that is the power of gratitude and its benefits through which we can succeed in your life as well as this secret power of gratitude helps you to maintain your health and it helps in your meditation practice or the law of attraction practice, sigil making…etc whatever it may be doing spirituality it helps 100%.

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Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks