189 positive affirmations for self love | what is it | practices

189 positive affirmations for self love | what is it | practices

AFFIRMATIONS FOR SELF LOVE | Let's learn full details about what is self love or self care/soul care affirmation & what are the best instant effective affirms & benefits.

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Affirmations for self love

What is Self Love?

Self love is the act of being kind to oneself in a way that nurtures, respects, and values one's inherent worth. It is often synonymous with self-care. When people talk about self love they generally mean a positive attitude toward oneself.

The importance of self-love cannot be overemphasized. The way you think about yourself is everything, and the quality of your life depends on it.

Self-Love Tips for Better Relationships and Personal Growth

Self-love is not selfish. In fact, it's one of the most unselfish things you can do for yourself and the people around you.

Loving yourself means that you care about your own well-being and happiness as much as anyone else's. It means you respect your abilities, your ambitions, and your feelings with the same sincerity and enthusiasm that you would show to someone else who deserved it.

Here are a few tips for improving your relationships

  • Be open and honest about your feelings.
  • Listen to the other person's opinion and respond with empathy.
  • Don't rush to judge someone else's thoughts or actions, be patient.
  • Ask questions instead of making assumptions.

The Importance of Self-Esteem

Low self esteem is a common psychological issue that can affect people of all ages. Low self esteem can lead to problems in many other areas of life as well, such as relationships, professional life, and academics.

In today's article we will learn full details about what is self love, why self love or self care is important, how this positive self love works instantly to boost your confidence level and positive spiritual vibration level high to manifest whatever you want in any time.

I would like want to share one of my most favorite powerful affirmations of self love, it is the most powerful form of love because it is a foundation of manifestation method to success in our life. Because self love is one of the keys to success.

powerful positive Self love affirmation instant effective statement/s which makes your self confidence level high & it helps you to keep your focus on your goal. These affirmations are in the form of single quotes or multiple sentences.

If once you love yourself then your confidence level goes high then your courage level goes high and finally, you can focus on your goal full of confidence without disturbing your goal.

Why use self love affirmations?

The biggest question is why we have to read or listen to self love affirmations daily especially in the morning because as we know better we are living in positive and negative energy.

So if our mind attract negative energy then automatically positive energy  goes down  so once the positive energy goes down our confidence level goes down as we know better.

There are a number of reasons due to our positive thinking spiritual vibrations goes down like – Stress, body pain, Money problem, job work..Etc. In such a case, you can’t focus on your goal 100% so that reasons you can’t manifest your desire thing.

Solution of to keep your confidence level constant or to increase your confidence level high one and the only solution is self love affirmations.

Yes, By using self love affirmations you can keep your focus on your goal 100%. Even you are stuck in some problems.

Because you deserve it, challenge yourself to repeat the self-love affirmations and conduct at least one other self-care activity every day for 30 days. Let's get started.


If you are feeling unhappy or struggling with low self esteem then here I have shared the ultimate Affirmations for Self-Esteem and Forgiveness which works instantly

  1. I love and respect myself just as I am.
  2. I am attractive because life has been kind to me and I have been kind to myself.
  3. My goals are worthy of me.
  4. I'm filled with thankfulness.
  5. To people around me, I am deserving of love and light.
  6. I'm proud of everything I've accomplished.
  7. I'm currently living the life I want to live.
  8. I am sufficient in my own right and in my ability to succeed.
  9. I am confident in my own Metro and the impact I have on the world.
  10. I'll always look after myself.
  11. I am deserving of fresh pleasant and interesting experiences and I am deserving of being loved, treasured, and sold.
  12. I have a lot of Tatro and a lot of promise.
  13. My life is filled with happiness and prosperity.
  14. Wonderful individuals come into my life because I attract them.
  15. I am living to the greatest extent of my abilities.
  16. I am deserving of everything good.
  17. My Drive, in my opinion, is valuable.
  18. I exude self-assurance, self-respect, and a sense of inner strength.
  19. I am wise and comfortable.
  20. After spending the whole day today, I am giving this last 10 minutes of today to myself as usual.
  21. First of all, I forgive those who got angry with me today.
  22. I forgive all those who have changed.
  23. I set aside all the expectations that are placed on someone else.
  24. I will leave all the bad memories of the past.
  25. Everyone is human in this world and mistakes are made by humans.
  26. That's why I make mistakes and making mistakes is absolutely natural.
  27. Whatever I have today is enough.
  28. I am getting closer to myself every day, doing evil to someone, judging someone's behavior, judging someone's life, blaming oneself on others, being sad or crying is a habit far away from me.
  29. Yes, I am like that.
  30. I know what to learn from even the worst of things.
  31. I am working hard with all my heart to achieve my destination.
  32. I'm proud of myself.
  33. I do all that I want to do.
  34. I am focused on myself.
  35. My focus is on myself.
  36. I am good.
  37. I am beautiful and above all believe in me.
  38. I also forgive myself for today's mistakes.
  39. From now on I also forgive myself for all my bad deeds.
  40. My relation with my family members is strong.
  41. I separate my anger from myself right now.
  42. I separate all kinds of fear from myself right now.
  43. I believe that from today I have learned a new lesson.
  44. I understand today is the day but I am fine my body is healthy.
  45. My thoughts are under my control.
  46. My soul is at peace.
  47. I'm happy.
  48. There is only positive energy in me.
  49. I myself am above all negative energy.
  50. I know myself.
  51. I have everything I need to reach my destination.
  52. I like to leave the past future and live in the present.
  53. I am present now and can feel my breath I thank this universe for these breaths.
  54. I thank the universe for this positive energy.
  55. This positive energy is still with me.
  56. I haven't lost anything.
  57. I have a big dream of my life with me, I can't fulfill that dream on my own.
  58. I have all that ability which is enough for my dream.
  59. I have 100% confidence in myself.
  60. I have so much courage that I can bear every difficulty comfortably.
  61. I have so much courage that I can face every bad thing and bad habit and every difficulty with full courage.
  62. I know very well the purpose of my life.
  63. I have come a little closer to my goal today.
  64. I feel good because I am with myself and I am hardworking.
  65. My hard work is taking me closer to my dream.
  66. I am on a path that leads to my destination.
  67. I can see the picture and feel my destination and I am working hard day and night to achieve it.
  68. I know it is better to control my body than my desires because I am a soul rather than a body and the soul controls my mind and the mind controls all my desires.
  69. The purpose of attaining my destination is only the empowerment of my soul.
  70. I myself am my own companion in the journey of this destination.
  71. I am very happy with myself.
  72. I am not alone but in solitude.
  73. Here the universe is infinite.
  74. The challenges in my path are also infinite and I am made of this infinite universe, so my courage is also infinite.
  75. I am one soul, so my journey is also infinite.
  76. It is possible for me to achieve this dream.
  77. And I am working hard.
  78. That person above is definitely watching me right now and must be feeling me the way I am feeling him.
  79. I thank the one above who has shown me the way of my life.
  80. Whatever I do, I do for that path only for that destination.
  81. I am happy to see others happy.
  82. My anger is far away from me.
  83. I am compelled.
  84. My intentions are strong.
  85. My thinking is right.
  86. Wherever my parents are wherever they are, God is there for me.
  87. Because I have seen them only and I am also strong like my parents, I am clean hearted, I am hardworking.
  88. My focus is on my work rather than the result, it is on my hard work.
  89. I am making myself better every day.
  90. I am learning new things which will take me to my destination.
  91. My every day, every hour, every minute, every second, and every thought is related only to my purpose.
  92. I believe that I take responsibility for whoever I am.
  93. How intelligent am I to know that I am who I am because of me, that's why I am also happy that I am going to change my life.
  94. I respect every person whose good or bad deeds give me more courage.
  95. I am feeling very good right now.
  96. I always feel good.
  97. I have all the strength that keeps me moving forward.
  98. I keep courage all the time.
  99. I am proud of you now.
  100. I value every second of time.
  101. I love myself the most.
  102. I want to achieve my destination in any case. I can do this, I absolutely can do this, no doubt I can definitely do this.
  103. It is possible for me I am made for this only.
  104. Yes, I can.
  105. I love my body and everything it does for me.

  106. I am enough, and I am deserving of love.
  107. My personal limits are respected by me.
  108. Today, I chose to be myself.
  109. I love the woman/man I've become.
  110. I am respected.
  111. I am capable of honor.
  112. I treat myself with love.
  113. I am filled with love.
  114. Inside and out, I am amazing.
  115. I am proud of my own characteristics.
  116. I am born to joy.
  117. I was able to let go of my negative self-talk.
  118. I am perfect.
  119. Everything I require is already within me.
  120. My happiness is under my control.
  121. I am capable of achieving my objectives.
  122. I accept myself perfectly.
  123. I don't allow my fears stop me.
  124. I am thankful for what I have.
  125. I set aside time to look for myself.
  126. I love and like myself completely.
  127. Self-love comes freely and natural to me.
  128. I am a strong and capable person.
  129. I am lucky.
  130. My ability to love is infinite.
  131. I let go of those who did not care about my best interests.
  132. I let go of the past and focus on the here and now.
  133. Every day, I learn something new.
  134. I forgive myself and try to learn from my mistakes.
  135. I am a work of art in my own right.
  136. I am respected.
  137. I give myself permission to feel deeply.
  138. With grace and ease, I show courage.
  139. I have a heart that is both warm and kind.
  140. In this moment, I am exactly who I need to be.
  141. I send love to my worries and anxieties.
  142. I have faith in myself.
  143. When something does not serve me, I am able to say no.
  144. I let go of what doesn't serve me anymore.
  145. I have a great deal to contribute to the world.
  146. Every aspect of who I am makes me happy.
  147. I'm surrounded by the Universe's loving energy.
  148. My life is full of love and happiness.
  149. I've always tried my hardest and will continue to do so.
  150. I've accomplished a lot.
  151. I hold myself in high regard.
  152. My life is a place of harmony and balance.
  153. I have the ability to alter the course of my life.
  154. I've decided to stop apologizing for who I am.
  155. I am not my defects or mistakes.
  156. Others adore and accept me as I am.
  157. I put myself and my needs first.
  158. I exude self-assurance.
  159. My heart is filled with loving thoughts.
  160. I draw folks who are positive and love into my life.
  161. I get more lovable the more I practice loving myself.
  162. I opened the door to love.
  163. Every day, I allow my love for myself to grow.
  164. I have a lot of love inside of me.
  165. When I don't succeed, I practice self-compassion.
  166. I respect my own path in life.
  167. My restrictions are respected and honored by me.
  168. There are so many things about myself that I admire.
  169. My existence reflects the love that exists within me.
  170. I only require my own approval.
  171. I give out a positive vibe.
  172. I enjoy having my own business.
  173. I don't need someone to make me feel worthy.
  174. My life is overflowing with possibilities for achievement and happiness.
  175. My external world is formed with my inner life.
  176. I give myself a reward for my efforts and hard work.
  177. I am in a good place.
  178. The universe is always on my side.
  179. My body and I'm in a loving relationship.
  180. I have the ability to choose self-love whenever I want.
  181. I am able to love people more when I love myself.
  182. I have a great amount of respect for in my life.
  183. I am pleased with myself.
  184. I chose to see my life in a good light.
  185. My dearest companion is my body.
  186. I make the decision to take care of my health.
  187. I am my own life's healer.
  188. I'm in love.
  189. I attract love and light.

 Self love practices complete exercise list with Examples and secret Methods

Till now you have understood why self love or self care is very very important, so let’s  learn more details about how to practice self love for men and women or how to increase self-care what are the best and secret positive exercises by using you can improve your self-esteem instantly and safely.

I have shared one of the easiest ways by using anyone can practice to increase or improve your self care energy it's my secret technique which I have shared with you all let's learn how I got positive results in my life with the help of a mirror in a few days. I mean

Helping a mirror is a bit awkward but it helps a lot in your healing process.

If you are doing inner work for a long time and still you are not getting any special result then mirror time will be the easiest and most powerful practice for you.

First of all, we know what is mirror work, after that we will discuss step by step how to follow it.

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affirmations for self love

My biggest work in mirror work is to develop self love, self care.

To build a good relationship with others and with himself.

Every day we have to take some time out and look in front of the mirror and say some things to ourselves, by this we will be able to understand ourselves, our own emotions will be able to understand that.

If you consider yourself responsible for any mistake, then you will be able to forgive yourself with this technique.

Why does it feel awkward to sit in front of a mirror?

In other words, nothing can be hidden in front of the mirror, we are able to see some such things which are hidden somewhere inside us and sometimes those emotions are quite painful.

Mirror work practice becomes so painful because we have some childhood memories with us, there are things that hurt us, till now we practice this mirror work, all those things come back again and again in front of us.

Those emotions come to the fore, all those things are remembered, they remember all the incidents, that's why they can see all the sorrow and pain in the mirror.

Before doing mirror work, you have to practice inner work, you must be wondering why.

When you do that on your own insecurities, you will know yourself well and self-love, then it will be quite easy for you to practice mirror work.

If you don't know how to do inner work then I will share in that site finally we know how to practice mirror work.

First of all, you have to make commitment to yourself.

You will get the benefit of mirror work only when you do it long term.

It is not that you did not get the result that you thought for 1-2 months. And later we will say that we only wasted the time.

You have to do it for at least 1 to 2 months, you can do more than this.

The second thing you have to know is at which time you will practice mirror work.

Mirror work can be done at any time of the day, many people wake up early in the morning and practice mirror work.

And some people do it even before sleeping, you can try whenever you come out in front of the mirror.

If you are feeling uncomfortable that if no one is watching you, then what would you be thinking, then you can also do it in a private place, you can also do it by going to the bathroom.

Thirdly, you must be thinking of using this same affirmation, are you not?

See, a lot of negative thoughts will come in your mind when you practice mirror work, so with the help of affirmations, you can convert negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

You can also speak and listen to the affirmations, or even go through the mind.

NOTE- keep your positive thinking, 100% positive and simple.

The fourth thing is you repeat your affirmations with the feeling you repeat at least 10 times.

  • So I would recommend you to keep only one or two affirmations if you keep more then you will get tired of speaking.
  • Now you can speak more, it depends on you, it depends on that moment, how much you will speak depends on you.
  • But at least you have to say 10 affirmations.

The fifth thing, don't let your emotions stop you.

  • It is very normal sometimes you feel emotional, you feel like crying.
  • And tears come to your eyes, do not stop all those things, let all those emotions and painful feelings come out which were sitting inside you for a long time.

The sixth thing is that all those emotions have to write all the things.

You keep a separate journal, write down all the things that you felt while doing my work or notice what you were thinking inside yourself, was it coming in your mind again and again, what things are striking that you have to write all those things.

You do not write much, you do not have to write big paragraphs, you do not need to write a couple of points a day.

Whenever you feel something new, or you will see some changes in yourself, keep note down on that thing, this will keep you aware of what changes you have to make.

What things have to be done that will help you and you will be able to understand better what is going on in your mind at that time in your soul, what are the things you have to change.

Not only this, not only that, I tried to explain it to you on self love practice with the help of mirror work, do not complicate it too much and understand it well and try if you have learned anything in this article, then share this article. Like every time I wish you all the best.

 Why Self Love is Important & How to Get More of It

Self love is important because we are the only ones who can tell us that we are great. The best way to get more of it is to do things that you love and not let others bring you down.

Ultimate self love yoga with live exercises youtube video

FAQ 1 : Self love affirmations really works?

Yes, positive Self love is one of the best and ultimate source through which we can increase our self esteem so I have shared the best 189 self affirmations list on this site.

FAQ 2 : What to do when you face problems in practicing self love?

If you are facing any problem during practicing the first tip I would like to say first of all you have to be sit in a silent environment where you can feel totally relax this is the first major tip to start self loving exercise.

FAQ 3 : How to improve self confidence?

If you really want to improve your self confidence then you have to love yourself once you love yourself then automatically your self confidence level goes high to manifest your goal in short time.

FAQ 4 : Where I can get Self confidence quotes?

I have shared 189 self love affirmations in the form of full quotes by listing or reading daily you can love yourself.

FAQ 5 : What are the best and updated instant effective positive self love affirmations for men and women?

There are 189 instant positive self love affirmations list I have shared with you by reading or listing daily you can maintain your confidence level.

Conclusion: Here we have learned completely regarding what is self love and what are the 189 ultimate instant effective self love affirmations with quotes and why this self love is important in our life as well as we have learned how to do what are the benefits of racticing self love with examples.

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Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks