How to manifest love with a red candle | How it works | Methods

How to manifest love with a red candle | How it works | Methods

Manifest love with red candle | Here we will learn the best & easiest step by step, method to manifest your lover with the help of a red candle quickly.

manifest love with a red candle
manifest love with a red candle

What is the meaning of Manifesting love with a red candle?

Manifesting love with a red candle is a method or you can say spiritual process by using you can attract your love, soulmate, twin flame, boyfriend, girlfriend, ex-lover….so on whoever you want to manifest you can easily take help with one of the easiest and powerful red color wax candles.

Intro -

In today's article we're going to be talking all about how to manifest and attract love using a red candle.

I also have ingredients in here that's very very powerful and clearing out negative energy also drawing in what you want.

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The requirement to make love manifestation with red candle & ingredients kit

I'm so excited to tell you guys, my love manifesting kit basically, I'm going to explain to you guys everything that is in here.

  1. Take 20 incense sticks, (apple and cinnamon a scent) apples and cinnamons are known to strengthen love to fall in love myself with the herbs that you're going to need to draw love in and to attract love
  2. And then the second thing is that you have to use peacock feather this is very protective. They strengthen and they protect the bond of love and lovers.
  3. And you should use rose quartz crystal.
  4. And you get a container pack with the herbs that you need so that when you run out of these candles, you can definitely buy red candles and put the herbs.
  5. And also I have a little mirror because mirrors are very very powerful in manifestation because there are so many different realms and dimensions and so when you're trying to manifest something.
  6. What I like to do is on top of it and then light it so that I attract what I want every dimension around the spirit world whatever there is out there, I'm attracting what I want in every single aspect of the universe.

How do we attract love with a red candle, it's very very easy, it's very powerful, and it works.

Apple Cinnamon Scented Tea Lights

Red candle

Ground Cinnamon

Dried Rose Petals


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How do we attract love with a red candle?

If you're not desperate, you don't give like desperate vibrations off, and it works when you have self love, manifest love into your life when it in regards to manifesting a partner it only works.

Self love for yourself, the universe will match what you feel inside, how you treat yourself is what you're going to attract from a partner, how you treat yourself as a way that they're going to treat you.

So you always want to keep that in mind, you have to work on your self love, you can attract love.

How to make Red candle manifestation for love

Okay so, with that out of the way I want to share with you guys the fun part, attracting love manifesting love not being very powerful because red is a very strong color and totally and so the energy of this color is to invite love into your life.

Now if you want to manifest and attract self love, red candles are amazing. This is how I would do it, you would write your full name, your birth date on the candle.

Now the next thing you would do is write words that you want to attract. So how do you want to feel about yourself all of that onto the candle

I love myself.

I love my hair.

I love my energy.

I love my spirit.

I love my personality.

I love my skill.

I love My knowledge.


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How do you want to feel about yourself. And then after that, you just want to kind of sit with the candle rub it a little bit, put your energy into it, and then you want to light your candle.

 This is very, very powerful, and it just, that's all it takes. Now you can definitely add herbs.

Now, It's a really really bad idea to put like rose petals, a little piece of rose petals. You also can put cinnamon on it and I mean it's a very very good herb to attract.

Prepare a red candle for self love

So that is how you would prepare a red candle for self love, that was, that's just one way that you could prepare it and use a tea light candle you can use any size candle.

Okay, so now to the part that everybody's insane for is how to attract a person or how to attract a soulmate or partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, twin flame … whatever you want to attract a person into your life.

NOTE- This is where again you have to remember that you have to have self love first you have to love yourself in order to attract a person that will love you.

So what I would do is to write your full name, your birth date and then you write the person's full name and person's birth date, And then you want to write on your candle, you want to communicate with this person that you want to attract this person and you want to strengthen the relationship that connection, right, love, you want to write words of love on the candy just put herbs on it, you want to rub the earth on there, or that you could use cinnamon.

Sage and you can also use rose petals rose petals are very, very powerful, especially in love.

They carry very very efficient and just like the candle, that's something that you would do to attract like a person or a soulmate and what you could also write is like if you want the person to call you or text you, you would write, call me, Text me, things like that and then you would light the candle, do not write negative words.

Stop running away from me, or stop ignoring me or stop being mean to me Stop treating me so badly, you don't want to write things like that on your candle you want to write only positive things like better communication, fun, more fun, more laughter more joy, things like that which comes to the next part of this article which is if you're already in a relationship and you already have a partner, and you want to strengthen that bond, and you want to bring in more communication you want to bring in a little bit more passion into the relationship.

Red candles and what you would do is write both of your names, and then you would write both of your first dates on there and then you would engrave into the candle words like more passion, Better communication more laughter more adventure stronger bond stronger connection.

You know, things like that and that healthier relationship, and the earth like you're in like a candle.

Now that's a simple basic way to prepare these candles for love. When you can of course use more kinds of herbs and more rituals, but this is the way, working so well in candles, when you set an intention and then you use it, you know, that kind of cool.

The intention is the most powerful part and that's a reason that I'm saying that you should have self love before you do anything, because when you're when you love, and then you put an intention out there for love to come to you is healthy, it's strong, the vibration actually carries a good from no energy.

When you're putting out there, you want to love and you don't have self-love, you know, it's, you could be putting out like desperate energy or you could be, you know who you are if you're not treating yourself the best way that you can you invite somebody into your life that's not going to treat you the best that you want to treat it.

So you always want to have self-love first. Now it doesn't necessarily have to be a completely red candle.

So you can definitely use like these are maroon, these are like dark maroon, and they're wine scented so I feel like it would be really romantic to bring in a lot of romance in your love life.

You could use candles that are scented cinnamon scented like wine. You know you and your partner have glasses of wine, it's very romantic and it's intimate.

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ConcludeHere we have learned the complete meaning and the process step by step about manifesting with a red candle, how it works and what are the methods to follow attract your goal with complete ingredient kit.

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