White manifest candle powerful magic ritual practice | How to do

White manifest candle powerful magic ritual practice | How to do

White candle manifestation | Let's learn full details about one of the white Spiritual candle powerful rituals by using you can increase your vibration level high.

White manifest candle
White manifest candle

How to manifest by using Spiritual white candle step by step Practice guide in 2022

Element of Fire can be very powerful and let me share with you how to use power of a white candle to manifest the reality that is extremely powerful all the methods and steps.

It has very potent and effective. On your birthday, what do you buy cake you light some candles.

They celebrate right, when you celebrate your birthday. At the end, you're able to make a wish.

And as you make that wish you blow out the candles. This is a ritual, very very powerful ritual, but you can use it actually wherever you want.

I'm going to share with you how to tap into candle magical candle manifestation to create the reality that you want.

So before we get started I was waiting to let you know, all you need is the tea light candles to make this work, you do not need big candles trying to see results with this simple tea light candles works completely fine, and you can use this to manifest your reality.

That is the reason why the tea light candles in the shape of a triangle, or otherwise known as a pyramid.

I'm going to show you how to use a very powerful meditation to begin pulling in and attracting what it is that you want so what's the deal with candles, and how do they work?

So first of all, you want to be burning a white candle. As you can see the tea light candles that are over there. They are white candles, and there's a reason for this is, there's a reason why, why, there are different colored kinds of candles.

How that affects your ability to manifest what you want in your life because the number actually means something. And so, with this set that we have right now is very powerful for cleansing your home and cleansing your own energy as well.


So what you want to do is you want to go ahead and the first thing we're gonna do is burn free tea light candles every day for nine days.

And we're going to be using mainly 369 you may have heard of  Nikola Tesla, using 369.

These 369 are extremely powerful numbers and very very magical numbers. That being said, the entire reality is made up of these particular Nikola 369 numbers, and when you can tap into them, you can be able to manifest what it is that you want. And so the Free but candle the weight set up in a triangle, it's going to go ahead and cleanse, any negative energy in the home is very cleansing, very pure, and it needs to be white remember needs to be white, and what it does is it fires the area, it cleanses the area, it gets rid of any negative energy, but it also calms down any sort of vibrating energy.

This is kind of like function weight, and understanding that your environment affects how you feel, and it affects the energy and how energy moves, particular room.

So, By doing this, you're cleaning up the energy, thus cleaning up your environment and your environment actually affects how you, you are being, and how you're being affects what's manifesting in your reality.

The reason I have this is for inspiration, right for motivation to get stuff done. These are very like masculine energy behind me.

 Then unnecessarily on the spiritual side, so to speak, the more in the masculine is more about me taking action and so as I see that I feel action I feel like doing stuff and getting stuff done.

And so, it's things like this, you know, if you are, you know, in a peaceful environment, maybe that's not conducive with being productive and getting stuff done.

Why is that 100% But my subconscious in the way it works is, I prefer to see things that allows me to be more productive and get more stuff done.

So just a little adjustment just like that can have a huge effect on your reality, the things that you're doing. So when I say things like you who you surround yourself with you become, this is entirely true.

So  if you're living in an apartment, maybe you have housemates, or if you're living by yourself or living with family, the room that you stay in the most you want to make sure that you cleanse the energy in that room.

I don't recommend burning more than 9 candles at one time. If you have a home, you only want to be burning a big home you want to want to be burning 9 candles at because 369.

Alright. And if you have a small place, and you live by yourself, you know just free candles can cleanse all of the energy in the home, and just keep that peace.

So go and do this for the next 9 days, nine days in a row consecutively burning free, candles, and just allowing them to completely go out, do not care repeat do not burn the candles at night.

Do not fall asleep with the candles lit right you want to do this earlier on in the day or midday or whatever it is.

The reason for that is because we are invoking the Spirit of Fire, the element of fire, right, and by evoking this particular, you're able to tap into the spiritual reality, it's almost like a portable okay and you don't want the candidate and keeping the open portal, while it's your subconscious is completely open.

Right, sleeping right and so this is why you didn't want to burn a candle at night while you're sleeping, you can burn it at night and just make sure you're not sleeping.

Alright, so you're consciously aware, and you're awake, basically, and obviously you want to be very safe when it comes to the burning fire.

And, you know, put it in a place where you know it's not going to cause a fire. As you can see mine was on like the countertop, there's nothing around it is there.

Just to cleanse the home because of the energy in the home, and it's in the space it's in an environment where you can do that if you're afraid to do that, then don't do that.

If you want to put them in a bowl or something like this so you feel more safe and the matter you can do that, you know if you've got kids playing around in the house, obviously you want to be a little bit more careful.

But overall, you want to be burning these next nine days to purify the home and the off that you can continue doing every day to keep calm to keep peace in the home, to keep trying clarity and purity of the home, and really adding that sense of function way to the home and positive by the home.

So the second thing I want to share with you is how to manifest using candles.


So after the nine days after the energy is cleared in your room or in your home, then you can go ahead and manifest using the power of candles.

And so the way that you do this is you can burn free candles. Or you can just burn one candle, and what you want to do is you just look into the flame or you look into the flame, and then you set your intention that you're touching into the flame so you're basically sending your intent, into the flame into the spiritual realm and manifesting that into your reality.

Be careful what you wish for. Right. You know, as you know on your birthday you wish for things, what they do on the birthdays, you say, Happy Birthday to you right you say a celebration, and then you feel good.

Everyone, you know, making you feel good, you're receiving love from people. So puts you in a high vibrational state and wants to high vibrational state his reach, then you're able to make your intention, and then as you make your intention you blow out the candles in this straggler example of what we're going to be doing.

You don't want to blow out the candle. Okay, you want to keep it lit and quit completely burns out, by itself, right, so just allow that to happen.

And in the previous tip that I gave you, every single time. Do not blow candles you want to make them out.

Very important. Okay, There's a reason behind this your intention on to the candle.

Blow the flame upload a scurry away. Alright so if you have to cut out the candle. Do not do it if your mouth, you can like a wave with your hand like really fast, throwing out like that, or you can put water on it or something like this to just, you know by now, but, when it comes to saying your intention, again you want to get into a high vibrational state just like someone celebrates a birthday celebrating yourself, connecting in with source, you know, feeling good, think of things, think of things that you're grateful for.

You do all of these things, and once you are in a high vibrational state you set the intention you focus on candles and you focus on what you want to manifest right and you do it in a way where you feel the emotions, and it's already happened.

It's not like you are asking or requesting or desiring or wanting or needing thrice already done right, what you want, already here.

 So you're setting an intention in that way. Alright, so again you want to do this off the nine-day cleanse pump, you've got the energy is nice.

My this sort of stuff, then you go ahead and put your intention into the candle, as a second step, you only ever need to do this once, but you can do it more than once if you feel it's necessary for you to do so.

The next tip that I want to give you the third tip is an actual meditation with the candle, just one candle is required, you can use it free if you want to, but it's just looking into the candle.

This will help you, attention Dyslexia and increasing your focus or attention, giving your mind, the ability or training the mind to focus on one thing at a time.

So, in our reality we got loads of distractions with social media with all the stuff that's popping up.

So if you spend, you know 10-20 minutes a day just focusing 100% gain that laser focus on the candle without looking in any other direction, and just tuning your energy into the candle and steering into it, it really helps, and increasing focusing making it become more laser-sharp.

All right, and again, you want to do, like, 10-20 minutes a day. Over time this will increase your ability to manifest.

Another way to do it is just to have the candlelit, you close your eyes, relax your being, and just focus on your intention and thing that you want to manifest, feel the feelings of it, and sort of like connecting with the energy of the fire or the spirit of the fire, and this assist in manifesting that into your reality.

So if you want that and you want to find out what your vibrational frequency is right now, you want to find out where you can get to or what's possible for you and what you can manifest into your life or what's blocking you or stopping you from getting to that next level, then go ahead and get that free energy, reading that law of attraction, energy, reading, leave a comment below with what you thought about this article and if you would like me to make more secret methods about candles energy or maybe things like incense and things like this, try and remember to keep learning keep growing, keep expanding.

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If you have any query let me comment. Thanks a lot for reading our article. God bless you.

Conclude – Here we have learned about one of the most famous Spiritual candles that is called white candle secret energy how this helps to increase the level of our vibration high and all the secret methods & rules by using white candle you can manifest easily.


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