How to use 11 manifestation candle colors with all meanings

How to use 11 manifestation candle colors with all meanings

Manifestation candle | Let's learn all the 11 spiritual candles meanings & full definitions. How to use these all candles complete process guide in 2022.

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manifestation candle

The power of magic manifestation candle colors meaning & full description

So today we are going to see the secret of manifestations candle and its real benefits if you want to learn full definitions and their real meaning, how each colorful candles increase your spiritual energy level high which helps you to attract whatever you want quickly.

So, I have an article that I've been wanting to do for a while like I've actually been wanting to do this for a minute and I don't know what took me so long to get this article out.

But I am bringing it to you today because this has given me so much success. I've had high success rates with this and I'm like, I've had high success with this, I gotta let my people in on this if they don't know about it already.

So today we're going to be diving all into candle magic, so I don't want the article to be too long. So we're probably going to break this up into two parts.

In the first part of today, we're going to talk about all about candle colors, okay, because the color of the candle that you use is very very vital to your candle magic.

Okay, so we're going to talk about the colors and the vibrational energies that they carry so that you can choose the right one when you're doing you know letting out or not letting out sending up the right way to say your intentions into the ether so that it can manifest down here in physical reality.

Why choose the right candle color for manifestation?

So we want to make sure that we're choosing the right candles or candle colors for our intention so that's going to be today's article.

But in another part to this that talks about how specifically I use candle magic and I usually create camp candle magic jars.

Okay, and I use candles I use herbs I use oils I use all kinds of good stuff to make sure that my intention or reach okay the spiritual or unseen realm so that they manifest down here very very flawlessly and I like I said I've had high success rate with every single candle magic jar I've done has come to fruition. So these work these work these work. So I want to make an asset.

So we're going to talk about each one of these. But before we get into that, let's go on ahead and pretty much break down.

What is candle magic?

Candle magic is literally one of the easiest, most inexpensive, efficient forms of magic There is Okay, it uses the four elements of water, earth, fire, and air to pretty much transmute energies from, you know the physical up to the ethers and that way that it can come back down into a physical manifestation.

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manifestation candle

So that is it and the way that it works and I'm just going to pull a candle that the air represents the smoke that is led out of the fire.

How spiritual manifestation candle works?

Obviously the flame, the earth is the physical form or the firm form of the candle. Including the wick.

And then when it's melted that wax when it melts in the water.

So that's the four-element that it encompasses to do its work the way the candle works is that out the candle is burning It is releasing your thought from your energy, your vibrational energy.

Which is the intention that you set from the physical and it is literally releasing it up into the unseen spiritual realm.

So this is where we have to set our intentions or we have to send our intentions in order for it to manifest in the 3d.

So that we can see it so that it's tangible in our material world, we have to do all of our manifesting on the spiritual plane first, before it comes down here, because we are just a microcosm of the macrocosm we are reflecting As above so below, so in order to see it below, in order to see the reflection down here, we've got to cast it up there first, and that is what candle magic simply.

So as we're burning our candles, it literally is burning from physical form down and into that smoke and that is being carried up into the unseen or the spiritual realm.

Advantage & Importance of candle color for magic or manifestation

So the importance of candles or colors and candles while doing candle magic is that just like everything else, colors are vibrational energies.

And each color has its own different vibrational energy that can support your intention right that you're sending up through your candle magic.

So if you pair the right color, which has the right vibrational energy to the intention that you had that specific intention, it boosts core powers, right, the intention or the manifestation that you're sending up into the ether so that it can, you know, be more successful either, you know, have happened quickly or just, you know, the way that you see or you intend for it to happen here in the material realm.

So that's why we want to choose the right candle colors and we want to learn what kind of qualities each one has the kind of vibrational energy that they're carrying. So we choose the right ones to pair with our intention.

So without getting too far down into the weeds, I want to go ahead and start getting into the different candle colors and the qualities that each one has and what kind of magic successful or what kind of intention it would support when you're doing your magic.

Red candle color meaning & secret magic energy

Okay, so let's start with the first one and the first candle color here that I have is red, okay.

And the qualities of the red candle is –

  • Passion.
  • Courage.
  • Strength.
  • Romance.
  • Love.

this power survival and pretty much all intense emotions okay? So this is the vibrational energies that can Hey, within the red candle right now, the best Magic used for this candle would be love anything to strengthen your willpower to boost your physical energy and anything that you need fast action behind. So read would be the candle that you would use for those things.

pink candle meaning & color spiritual magic energy

So the next time candle color that we're going to talk about is candle color. Okay, so this candle has –

  • The qualities of companion Ship.
  • Friendship.
  • Compassion.
  • Beauty.
  • Reconciliation.
  • Children.
  • spiritual healing.
  • Family.
  • Love.
  • sensuality.

Okay, so these are the vibration of energy is contained within the pink candle.

Now, the best one Magical Uses for this candle to support-

  • Beauty.
  • Romance.
  • Love.
  • Anything with children.
  • Feeling real Relationship.

Okay, so this is what you would best use a pink candle.

Orange candle color meaning & advantages

Now the next candle we're going to talk about is a color candle. The quality of orange are –

  • around vitality or energy.
  • attraction.
  • positivity.
  • money.
  • abundant.
  • Confidence.
  • Creativity.
  • stimulation.
  • pleasure.

So these are the vibrational energies that the orange candle is I'm carrying, this would be a great candle to use with –

  • Success.
  • Justice.
  • physical energy.

And legal matter So those are the subject types of magic. If you're trying to work or intention you’re trying to send This is the candle vibration supports that.

Yellow candle color spiritual meaning & energy benefits

The next one that we have here Is the yellow and the qualities of the yellow candle are  -

  • action.
  • intellect.
  • happiness.
  • wisdom.
  • imagination.
  • communication.
  • Intuition.

Some of the best uses of magic for the yellow candle is –

  • To build confidence.
  • communication.
  • to gain knowledge.
  • forgiven.
  • Nation.

Now In Conjunction with yellow, I would say Something that's very close to it as well. Is the gold candle Alright?

Gold candle color full meaning & specific 

With the gold candle, it has a lot of the properties of the yellow one, but it also is very good for specifically-

  • Money.
  • Power.
  • Influence.

Okay and if Using this in magic gold would be great for success for sun magic for power and for fame.

Okay, so if you have any type of intentions or magic around those areas, the Bull candle would be also nice support.

Green candle color meaning with its magic energy

The next candle that we have here is.

And just like green money, this green candle can help Get green money. So some of the qualities around the green calendar are –

  • Well wrote.
  • Balanced.
  • Health.
  • Acceptance of things to birth and fertility.

So The best uses of the green, yellow candles can In your magic are Furby going to For money and abundance for health and Anything to do with the earth or lands or agriculture like if you're trying to bless a grade.

If you are, you know what I mean? you're trying to do some blanket like, so this green candle is going to be of the best support for that.

Blue candle color meaning & quality

The next up is our blue candle.

The qualities of the blue candle are –

  • Honesty.
  • truth.
  • Wisdom.
  • Communication.
  • peace.

So some of the best uses of magic for this will be healing and peace and truth right.

So if I'm you want to bring Peace in this is one of the best candles to use for that I have used this successfully and brought in peaceful closure to certain types of relationships and situations.

So I know it works okay so blue for peace and for healing and for truth mixed up is purple and the purple candle has the qualities of spirituality –

  • Enlightenment.
  • Authority.
  • psychic protection.

So this would be the best excuse for your magic around divination, spiritual development, and knowledge.

Purple candle color definition & meaning 

Because we know that is associated with that crown chakra opening and expanding that top of you know, wisdom center up is really what aligns with this purple candle.

So those are the forms of magic that I would use with the purple candle. The round has the qualities of endurance, grounding, balance, material matters, and animals.

So some of the best forms of magic that are used with a candle are -

  • Grounding.
  • animal blessings.
  • finding loss items since it relates to the whole material realm.
  • any material gain.
  • and material protection.

So like a whole If you're new home or something like that, or if you're trying to find a lost item, this is the candle that you would want to use for that.


Black candle color meaning & magic energy

So the next candle color is black. The black candle has the qualities of – protection.

It also absorbs negative Energy it vanishes energy, negative energy is also good for binding and for force.

So this is what black the qualities of the Black Candles are so the best forms of magic for the black candle would be protection, to release like purge something, also to break hexes and also for transformation.

So those are the best uses of magic to go along with the Black Candle color.

White candle color full meaning & its spiritual energy

So the White Candle is an interesting candle because this candle has the qualities of purity, peace, attracting, cleansing and illumination.

So it's great, for those things. However, the White Candle is interesting because it is an all-purpose candle, but we don't have any color.

All you have is a White Candle, you can use this to literally power up any one of your intentions and any form of magic.

So the White Candle is almost like the equivalent of the clear crystal. In the crystal world that crystal can be used in place of any crystal if you are missing another crystal right.

So this white candle can do the same, this White Candle can do the same thing. So you can essentially up on a bunch of white candles and not need any of the other colors.

I think it's great to use the other colors if you can't, but this will work in a pinch if you don't have anything else.

Silver candle color magic energy

Now the last candle color that I'm going to talk about is silver. And the silver is almost kind of a cross between the white and the black.

And it is great for Magic around spiritual development, and also warding off negativity. So it kind of combines a little bit of the qualities of the White Candle and a little bit of the color qualities of the Black Candle to give you this result.

What size candles you should use during the manifestation?

Now, if you're wondering what size candles you should be using, I have these little ones because like I said, I do my candle magic mostly in the form of candle jars.

And these fit perfectly into the candle jars. And when I go into the next article, I assemble my candle jar and everything like that you will see why I use these, but you do not have to use these sized candles.

The reason, why I like using them outside of the fact that they fit nicely in the jar, is that they burned down pretty quickly.

Like I don't want to be sitting there watching my candle or paying attention to the candle burn all night long.

I kind of want it to burn down with the two hours which these usually do and be done right so and a lot of the candle magic, I'll say that I do even though you'll have different candles like some of the bigger pillar candles for longer like you know forms of magic if you need to do something like you know like the candle over seven days or three days or whatever the case may be a lot of the magic that I do, I tend to like just do it in one sitting and burn it down at the same time that I liked it

So these are perfect for that the size was these little ones because they burn down very quickly in like two hours.

We're also going to get into the way they burned down in the next article because there's a lot that you can tell how your intention is being received into the unseen or the ether or you know, the spiritual realm based on the way that it burns.

Does it burn quickly does it burn lopsided does it go out there's just a whole lot to look for when you're burning your candle in order to see how successful your spell or your intention or your magic is going to be.

Okay, so we're going to get all into all of that in the next article, but I just kind of wanted to intro so that you can understand the vibration of each of the colors and how to use that and power pair it with the intentions that you had when you set out for your magic.

So, next article we're going to get into all the rest of that, for now, I'm just going to wrap up, friends.


Conclude – Here we have learned the entire 11 magic manifestations candle by using these candles you can manifest your desire fast. Why it’s used. Completely I have explained with hidden meaning and definitions.


Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks