MASTER WU SOULMATE DRAWING REVIEW | Let's see who is MASTER WANG () the real facts & secrets, how wu draw twin flame sketches. Is it a scam or legit in 2024?

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Today we are going to talk about one of the real hidden person who got really real unbelievable superpower spiritual vision energy, who is living in China! His name is Mr.Master Wang ().

So, Master wu is a Chinese famous street drawing artist master or you can say twin flame sketch Master wu.

Who is providing a service world wide of any once real soulmate sketch of any girl or boy by using his ultimate abilities secret vision eye.

He can easily draw everyone's soul mate with the help of his 6th scenes psychic superpower method.

Now his service is on trending all over the world a lot of people are creating their real life partner or soulmate drawing especially girls are in a queue and boys are their behind as you know better than me Oh! Just kidding buddy.

Okay, He originally charmed the Nation as a young child when he began getting tremendous superpower psychic visions that caused him to block out, and he went on to become one of Chain's most recognized person in the world.

He possesses mystical matchmaking talents and has chosen to live on the streets and helps others. Your soulmate is missing you in 2021?



Master Wang’s Soulmate Drawings Reviews.

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Master Wang’s Soulmate Drawings Online service

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Helping everybody to find out their real soul mate globally.


Finding life partner (Fortune telling).


Mr.Master Wang().



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His photographic memory or you can his 6th sense allows him to capture breathtaking detail of the people he needs in his visions of interest subject soulmates.

And a local who knows about it has now set up a website to let him to access the internet to assist people in other countries.




Genius psychic MASTER WU has launched his official website for those people who are living anywhere around the world anyone can take help of him to draw their real soulmate that’s why he is available online with his website.

He can draw your real soulmate 100%. Do you know how your soulmate looks? You may learn more about him by going to his website, where you can request a psychic sketch and meet your love.

When several of his customers later met someone who looked just like his drawing, they got shocked.

After publishing this success story on the internet, we've received an avalanche of stories from our readers.

So let’s go to know more about the real master wu´s success stories.


Hey angels, its Haley Reese, and you guys are having an absolutely. Morning afternoon or when today's interesting awesome topic finally reaches you very different than anything I ever thought that I would film. Oh, is that I always said that I wouldn't do something like this is because I know the consequences of searching or having somebody see your future husband.

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Or a lot of times when people who are single, or if they're gonna end up in a jury of who they think that their future husband is now more often than not search for that person all of their life, in the sense that let's say you your soulmate has dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, you will ever search for that individual, rather than maybe the light hair like an individual who's pursuing you.

And I believe that life is a group of people and experiences that were designed to be encountered.

And I just think that that is something that should be. So what I recently saw on Tik Tok there was this trend, people were asking psychics who are supposedly 100% draw their soulmate slash future husband.

I was intrigued but also knew that in me wasn't going to be all or end-all for my life.

I was a little bit hesitant about doing it until even Sarah reached out. You do so in good fun.

I signed up for two different psychics who claimed to have 100% where or what the two images would be.

And they're both back now. And I'm really interested and excited to share with them.

That goes back to the fact that if you say who your soulmate is and you have imagery of them, you might be close-minded, and others around, you might draw a line in your future.

But like I said, for me, guys, this is just fun, and to see what came through. So basically what the first said Is it said if you want to know what your future husband looks like.

This service is for you. I will use my psychic to create a drawing and include a description of his personality and character, I will also provide an exact timeframe.

This is for beautiful, detailed drawing and description of what you're you're receiving beautiful, realistic drawing on the detailed description of his characteristics and personality.

This will be a reflection of who you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

And you will receive from me you will find a pencil sketch of your future husband's appearance and a detailed description of his role.

I've helped many famous people secure after I was taught how to do it by my grandmother who was born and raised in the Vatican.

My knowledge and skills will help your future husband in a crowd when your paths cross.

Throughout my career, I have had 1000s of clients already. And enlightening outcomes, your order will be completed within 24 hours, the drawing and description of your future husband will be sent 100% accuracy or your money back.

If my predictions don't come true within the timeframe I provide, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

And she had really really great reviews. So I'm not going to post the entire description she supplied because I'll just read one piece of it and you'll get it.. But that was the first writing gig that I reached out to.

And I would order for her to say who my soulmate was, I had to give my first and last name and my date of birth.

Now I actually my dad's last name, which is not John, so I gave me searchable, and it was my first name, that last row and my date of birth and I received an image back then to be certain I decided to reach out to another throw who does the exact same thing with a very similar bio.

And I received another image. Image one and image two who they drew to be my future husband.

But it's really cool and really exciting what similarities like, makes me better drew me like two totally A different feature has been slash soulmates.

similar features, whoever I'm hearing clearly has great hair. But with them, however, the one side and the information you received is confidential.

And you should not grow other souls, because the consequences could lead to energy blockage of your aura, and it could enter a connection between you and him.

And then say different things that are more personal. So I decided not to share dates and all that stuff.

But I wanted to share the images with you guys, because what I found that was so fast, this whole entire experience, is the fact that despite the images being different, there were a lot of similarities.

What you think of it, and what you think of the whole entire experience, one of the biggest things I want to say to you guys is like this, if you guys do join the trend and decide to reach out to a psychic to draw your future soulmate, or husband or wife, whatever it may be for you and if your significant other is drawn a certain way, and you meet somebody who really shouldn't say no to that solely because you don't think that they are the one for you.

I think that that's where this gets really dangerous. For me, I thought that it was just a really cool experience to see what the psychics would draw as far as my significant other and my soulmate.

And who they would see especially being two different psychics with no knowledge of one other and what they would draw, but I'm still going to continue my life in a way that makes me happy.

carved in stone, or what others believe is best for me. But I thought it'd be really cool to jump on this trend for myself and kind of see two different images portrayed and if they were similar, if at all.

I'm honestly really curious to know what you guys think of the two pictures I had to come on here.

And they are so interesting. So make sure you guys let me know in the comments below what you think of the two pictures and what you think of my personal experience.

As I said, it's not going to change how I live my life. I thought it was a pretty interesting experience and I wanted to share it with you guys.



So, what happened after paying psychics to draw my soulmate. I first saw Ally hill's video and I thought, why not? Let's try it for ourselves.

And I've always been super curious about psychics ever since I was young. I do believe that there are people out there who are super intuitive and can know information about you that you haven't honestly told them ever? I don't know if we're going to meet those types of psychics in this article.

Hopefully, because that would be really fun. Do I believe that I'm going to meet my soulmate for doing these readings? Probably not.

I'm of the type that likes to put all my energy into the present moment. I think it's better to focus and be in the now.

So I really don't know what to expect. I don't know what they're going to say. But if you're interested in finding out what happens so let’s read.

Okay, so I went ahead and did what Allie did. And I looked at psychic soulmate drawings on Etsy.

Apparently, it's sites are often there. And I was really surprised at how expensive some of these drawings were, it seemed like sometimes things would be on sale, and it would be as low as $4 for drawing.

And the most expensive was $30. So I wasn't willing to pay that much. So the minimum that I looked for was up to 15.

And I chose four psychics. Three of them were going to be a soulmate sketch and a description.

And the last one was just a written description of my soulmate. So I looked for if they had really good reviews if the reviews were mostly five stars if their delivery time was within 24 to 48 hours.

And in general, if I just had a very good vibe about the seller, if I connected to what they said I wanted to be legit as possible.

So the first psychic that I chose is someone called soulmate sketch. And I was really attracted to her style of drawing.

It's in this decorative dot style sketch. And she had mostly almost five stars really good where people said how beautiful their drawings were. Some people really, really love how accurate her readings were.

The second psychic that I chose was someone called probably a psychic or his delivery time was the fastest out of all 9- 12 hours. I like how good his reviews were as well. And I had a really good feeling just from reading his description. He calls himself a mentalist. And basically, that's someone with very intuitive ease.

The third seller that I chose is someone called spirit tricks. Really fast delivery as well within 24 hours.

I just liked reading the description as well. And I had a good feeling reviews were good.

The fourth psychic that I chose, I really didn't expect to get a reading that didn't have a drawing with it.

But I had a very good feeling about her as well. The information that she gives you about your soulmate is so specific, his age or her age, their height, their occupation, their like clothing choices, what kind of shirt they're gonna wear when you first meet them.

That is just so much information that I mean, how can someone possibly figure that out? So I went ahead and I purchased what I found really like interesting about all these readings was that they all need me to give them my full name and my birth date.

And if anyone's ever been into astrology or numerology, that's like a lot of information that they can find out about you.

Even if you're not psychic, you can definitely just like map someone's ideal partner. From that alone.

I'm really excited. Hopefully, I get all these readings and I see you guys in 48 hours. Right? Until then.

After it's four days later, not the 48 hours that I hoped. So a day after I ordered all the readings, I got three of them back, which was amazing.

But I was still waiting on it. And I knew when I was first placing the order that she was going to have a longer delivery time, hers was 24 to 48 hours.

So I waited another day. And still nothing. And I did leave a note with the seller when placing the order, because she did say in her description that if you needed the reading sooner then expected to message her and she could work with you.

But she hadn't answered that message that I said, and so I looked back on the listing, and there were some recent reviews that was a bit alarming.

I, some people had ordered a reading back in July and never received a reading. And it's now September.

And someone else just received a reading weeks later. So I messaged the seller. And I asked about the timeline, whether she was really backed up, if it was possible for me to still get a reading a day or two.

So I waited another two days, and nothing and no message. So it's best to believe that she's really busy and really backed up.

And unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to be able to include her reading in this article, we're going to have three readings too, which would be a drawing and a description.

And the last one would just be the written description, which is still fine, in my opinion, because I'm still pretty interested in seeing what they all say whether they had similar things to say about my soulmate.

I do believe that someone can have multiple soulmates. So I don't believe that they're all going to be saying the same thing.

If they do, that would be really freaky. And today, I am feeling a bit vulnerable. I think it's one of those quarantine moods that I think everyone is just experiencing.

It's just this up and down emotional roller coaster these past months for everyone I feel. So I have this big, comfy blue chair to comfort me and support me through this reading in case anything is too shocking and too spooky and too freaky for me to digest.

So I have my laptop next to me. So without further ado, let's get into these readings. So the first reading that I'm going to get into was a reading that was actually emailed to me.

And the sender's name is Charlie silver, not sure which seller This is. So I'm just going to go ahead and open it.

So this is my genuine first reaction to this. And when I sat down to visualize your soulmate, I was getting strong Virgo energy.

They are a warm and charming person. This charm leads to them being able to converse easily with others and make strong friendships.

They are also empathetic and want to help others out. They don't like seeing people in trouble or are down and try to help them when they can.

Guys, this honestly sounds like someone I know is okay, I'm going to keep reading. They can sometimes put others before themselves too much and forget their own needs.

They are a good listener and our good emotional supports. They take up for what they believe is right and for those close to them.

They'll listen to you when you're down and try to offer some advice. They take the time to get to know to really know their other half.

They are family oriented and hold family time. They're close to their family and smaller friends.

They enjoy spending time listening to music to unwind. They enjoy being outdoors taking fresh air and scenery they enjoy hiking, long walks cycling, they aren't afraid to step outside their comfort zone and try new things.

Okay. Oh no guys, now it's getting into the physical description. This is honestly, this honestly sounds like someone I know.

They seem to have short dark hair and brown eyes. They are above average height and they seem to Have a profession relating to health? Oh, no. It sounds like so when I see you Crossing Paths within the next 14 months.

Hey, I already noticed. Okay, let's look at the drawing. Oh, okay. So he's got a big nose. And he's got a big mouth coming.

And it's controlling. Good drawing, Charlie. He looks very attractive. But it's not the person that sounds like but all right. A bit not surprised. But okay.

Now let's get into the second reading. Not surprised. Alright, we are going into August psychic art.

I had a good feeling about him when I placed an order. What he says. He was the fastest one. In getting my reading to me. Oh my gosh, it's similar. It's similar guys. Right? He got he is very empathetic.

And he's not afraid to make any changes in life. He sees you as his better half and he will make all the possible to keep you around him. He'll be able to pick up on your energy and emotions.

Great, because that's actually I need that. without you even having to say anything.

Sometimes. This will allow him it's better how he can make you feel better any day, you will both be determined and you'll have great endurance. When you're set your minds and hearts to accomplish something.

You will really appreciate that about each other. Great. He likes long talking nights and philosophy.

You're very compatible with him around 83%. And you're probably going to meet this person in the next month, depending on your day-to-day habits. Wish you luck.

That's really nice.

That was really quick. Nice. Now let's look at his drawing. Oh, I already kind of see it. And


This guy reminds me of Johnny Depp. Very attractive, man. Again. I don't really usually go for men with long hair.

And I like my guys clean-shaven. I don't like facial hair. Yeah, he looks like a cross between Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp.

That's so funny. I mean, I guess but on the reading, honestly, this sounds like my boyfriend already.

All right. Now on to the third reading. All right. This one, I was really excited about this. I was excited about this one of the most. And it's the reading by psychic medium Adele.

So she says that my soulmate age is a year older than me. His height will be between five nine to 5´11.

Which wow is very similar to what Charlie said, Hey, the body type has strong legs and arms. Perfect.

I see that for somebody who has a smaller body. Okay, we have a long torso, muscular calves, and thin thighs, size 12 and a half shoe.

No tattoos at this time. How she likes by him through some spine, spyware, some Looking Glass the color of their shirt that they'll be wearing when we mean it's going to be a light yellow.

So, that was really detailed. That was more detailed than I thought and I don't know who has a size 12 and a half shoe that's really big.

So this is describing someone that I don't know at all. Thank God. I mean, he's out there, and you seem good-looking, my friend.

I hope we do meet and we become Friends because I already have one of my soulmates.

So Okay guys, overall thoughts that was the first one & really spooky because it does describe someone that I have dated in the past.

So they kind of make sense that they would describe him because he is one of my soulmates but we chose to part ways.

I just described it in two. It just really described him the next two. I felt like the second one described my boyfriend and the third one is just someone I have not met and probably would be a really great friend if I met him anytime soon, probably not because of the current situation in the world.

So, I hope you enjoyed my full journey for finding my real soulmate or you can say Twin flame each and everything complete details I have shared with you guys it really amazing and shocking result I got.

He is stopping accepting requests shortly due to the rush of requests from lonely souls and curious people all over the world.

So if you are searching for your lifelong lover partner, then it's the right time to find out your real lover before he or she comes into your life and if you want to draw your real soul mate then hurry up friends.

But, for the time being, he is willing to assist others in finding their future soulmate.


Master Wang Service categories with the best price as given below:

  • The first Basic Black & White Sketch drawing price is $9*.
  • If you want to make your soulmate sketch in Full HD Color then the price is $9.99*.
  • The ultimate full detailed 13 Point Psychic Reading price is $15*.

NOTE- * indicates the price can fluctuate.


  1. 100% secure order.
  2. Fast Delivery.
  3. Color Options are also available.
  4. 24/7 Live Support.
  5. His domain is secured.
  6. Digital drawing is sharable on any social media platform.
  7. Order tracking option is available.


  1. By Digital drawing, customer can identify their soulmate 90%.
  2. The discount is too low.


After knowing his successful results by the success customer´s stories and reviews finally we came to conclude that master wu really genius drawing unique master he can draw a real soul mate sketch of anyone by using his unique god gift superpower 6th sense energy. He is not a cheater and his service is not a scam it's 100% legit.

Because his service is available on ClickBank market place which is one of the trusted marketplaces on the internet, so Mr. MASTER WANG's () soulmate service is 100% genuine.

In the world, each one has got a unique secret an ability which has been given by God for living and manifesting or attracting their goal like Mr. MASTER WANG () also got to find out real soulmate drawing sketch his skill is amazing and shocking.

So I hope that you guys enjoy my article, but I thought that it was interesting. Nonetheless, as it was a recent experience I have and I just don't know what you guys think of all the things.

Official website link CLICK HERE

I love you guys. Thanks. God bless you.

Conclude – Here we have seen the complete review on the most famous chine’s street artist whose name is Mr. Master Wang’s()  unbelievable secret talent by using his 3rd eye vision power he can draw any buddies soulmate who is finding their real life long husband or wife easily and also we have seen master wu history with his customer review and success stories.



FAQ 1 : How can I create my soulmate sketch online?

If you want to draw your real soulmate sketch before meeting then the best way to create by one of the real soulmate drawing masters whose name is Mr. Master Wang.

FAQ 2 : MASTER WANG (王师傅) service is fake or real?

His service and talent is really genuine if you want to know his work the read the complete review on this article with success stories.

FAQ 3 : Who can draw soulmates by master wu?

Anyone can take help by master wu to find out your real life partner or lover or husband or wife.

FAQ 4 : In which country master wu provides his service?

His service is online always. So if you are living anywhere around the world you can take help to draw your sweetheart lover.

FAQ 5 : How much Master wu charges to draw my soulmate sketch?

His service charges are very less as compare with other soulmate service providers. So if you really want to know his service charges then visit here where I have shared his official website.

FAQ 6 : How many days master Wang takes to draw my soulmate?

His service is faster than other services. So he can submit your sketch within 24 Hours or sometimes he takes 48 hours that’s all.


Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks