Why twin flame test is important | Find out in 72 hours

Why twin flame test is important | Find out in 72 hours

Twin flame test | If you are finding your real twin soul then let's learn full details about the real soul mate lover by testing his/her secret hidden signs with colorful drawing.

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Twin flame test

The Most Accurate Twin Flame Test complete guide in 2022

Let's learn how to find out 100% the most accurate real true twin flame test in the world within 72 hours. And it's so simple. You and your twin flame are the same souls. Like twin ray.

You have to go in here to where the soul do your twin flame shows up so fast, it'll make your head spin.

If they have you blocked villain block you, if they were rejecting you, they're gonna start chasing you now.

And you're gonna feel it, you're gonna feel a soul experience, there's a word for it. It's called Samadhi.

Okay, or a more specific Story. It's an experience of the soul. And I'm going to explain exactly what that is, or at least I'm going to try to write, there's actually kind of a problem with the attempting to explain it.

Well, the soul is not fun. It's not the mind, body, mind, soul. So you have to, you have to have this soul experience or I guess, more accurately, I guess the best way to describe it would be you have to release the illusion of the personality of ego, right?

You have to release the illusion that you're not a soul, but you feel it. You feel it in your whole being this deeply spiritual experience.

They call it Satori, and it's like absolute awareness, absolute presence. And the damnedest thing happens.

Whenever you have one of those experiences, your twin flame starts chasing you, they start talking to you, if they had you blocked, they'll unblocked you and contact you, and start making love confessions.

You think I'm joking. That's what happened to me. It happens to almost all my students. Okay, my twin flame is permanently in my life.

Because I've been doing this for so long. I've energetically shifted into that higher consciousness of soul permanently.

Okay, and you can do, but along the way, there were several times when I would have one of these Satori experiences.

And this is 10,000 years old, traditional Zen spiritualism that I teach on this channel.

That's really all that I teach on. The like, I'm a twin flame teacher, am I? I don't think so.

I think what I'm teaching you are traditional and spiritualism but what else would it be you and your twin flame are the same souls?

And this is why I'm the number one twin flame coach in the world. This is why I've been able to help so many people over 3000 and I'm not saying not to brag, I'm just letting you know.

You know, like, it should be pretty obvious what this journey is really all about, but it just is it you know, and I don't know, guys, I guess I'm just having one of those days, right?  I just got off the internet looking at some twin flame stuff.

And I was like, Oh, my God, here we go again because it's the same tire old stuff. It's the same tired old stuff they go.

They all were gonna tell you all about your twin flame, and then they start listing all this soulmate stuff.

And I'm not even saying that soulmates are bad, but that's not right, all these signs that you've met your twin flame, and it's all romantic, you know, soulmate kind of stuff.

 And that's not what this is, guys. That's not what this is. This is your soul's journey, you and your twin flame are the same soul.

It's just, it just seems so obvious to me, right? you got to go in your heart. This is where your twin flame is.

This is your spiritual awakening. That's all this is. Okay. And if you do that energetically, your twin flame is gonna show up so fast.

It'll make your head spin. They’ll start chasing you for a change. When you have one of these experiences, again, it's called Satori.

You feel it and it's this deep knowing it's this place of deep inner peace in Zen. And it's not something that you can acquire.

Okay, your body mind soul. Right now the mind is what thinks it can acquire a thing like Satori, okay, or a lifestyle such as Samadhi. Right? I think what you would call Samadhi.

Right? And to even describe it to you is a paradox. It's an oxymoron because the description is a thought.

Okay, I'm not saying bad. That's just what that is. But the soul is not thought. It's consciousness.

It's being and that's what your twin flame is. You got to go in heart. Okay, the mind is externalized. It's always looking to the outside.

It's always saying, I'm here, you're over there, and I have to acquire that thing or that person or that experience, and you can't really acquire Satori or Samadhi.

You can't even really talk about it. Technically, already. I'm doing it wrong, just by saying that as Samadhi you're already doing it wrong.

Okay. That's the level that we're on here, guys. All right. And the quickest way for you to do that is actually to detox from the addictive energy of the person for a while.

kay? And that might mean not talking to them for a long time and just going into your Zen space, making a lifestyle out of Zen.

Okay, really embracing that. Having these inward experiences, learn about who you really are. Read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle a that's a good place to start.

You also read wherever you go, there you are. That's another really great book. And the author's name is Jon Kabat Zinn wherever you go, there you are, and the power of now by Eckhart, totally, I have my students read both of those books, and lots of other books too.

But that's a good place to start, you can read full explained articles on my site, where you can learn How to Get your twin flame, Learn about soul stuff, what I call soul stuff, okay? This is your spiritual awakening, and you just need to treat it that way. And you need to create the space in your life situation for Zen every day.

You've got to quiet the mind. Okay, you need this, you need to be in a state of no mind. And you have to make a lifestyle out of that.

It's a daily practice. Okay, but if you've really met your twin flame, it's easy. Trust me., they've already done all the work, okay, your twin flame comes in, and they trigger that awakening they initiated for you, you already had this big meltdown.

The dark night of the soul, well, that's your ego, that's your personality melting away, breaking away, its energy breaking loose so that the energy of consciousness can come out even further.

And remember, the soul is consciousness. That's what your twin flame is. so it's already been initiated. You just have to embrace that go deep into your Zen space.

That's really all it is. There are stages, there's nothing that you need to do with the physical person. There's a matter of fact, if you kind of just detoxify yourself from them for a while, you'll speed things up, I tell all my students to ghost block and delete their twin flame for a while, you know, like, several months, whatever, just get out of their energy and go into your Zen space.

Or if they've got you blocked that just don't worry about it. Just live your life and stop. Stop worrying about this person.

And remember, it's not really you that worries about the person. It's the mind that is worried about the person.

You are not your mind, body, mind, soul, you're the soul. You are the conscious being. Okay? Now, when you embrace this as a lifestyle, you will start to feel changes, you will you'll start the cruise, you'll experience again, it's called Satori.

Okay. And when you have a Satori experience, you feel blanketed by Zen, by this bliss. It's just, it's just intense peace.

And joy and true love Zen love, inner peace, stillness, okay, and you move in and out of this state.

And I feel that every day you know, the further you go down this path energetically, the deeper you go into that all the time.

But once you start to have these types of Satori experiences, your twin flame will show up, they'll start talking to you again.

And you're not going to need anything else. You're not going to need 22 little signs and here's a bunch of tests you can do and here are all the stages you got to go through.

And, you know, that's looking at the other person like oh, let's see how we're compatible in all these ways.

Guys, that's soulmates. Okay, that's not what this is. That's not what this is. Okay? response from the person.

They will start talking to you but it's Only when you go in heart, you take all your focus off the other person off the physical person right off the physical twin flame person, and you go in heart and have those kinds of inward experiences.

guys, that's all you need to do. That's all you need to do. You don't actually need the other person to tell if they are your twin flame.

That's what's so ironic about this. You go in here and you feel it. You feel it energetically. You have these deeper awakening experiences.

That's all there is to it guys, and your twin flame will start chasing you that's the most effective twin flame test.

Okay, that's the number one twin flame test right there is the same soul. You got to go where your soul is. it's so simple.

Thank you very much for reading and coming to our lawofattractionrealsecret unique site.

Please don't forget to share it with your lover I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week.

Are you thinking have I met my twin flame before or have I talked with my real life lover twin flame or have I seen my twin flame around me.


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