Twin flame in astrology | Hello twin flame lovers let's learn in full detail what’s  twin flame real definition & meaning with 4 major stages, signs & facts.

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twin flame in astrology

The real twin flame meaning & spiritual definition with hidden numerology signs & stages in astrology

In today's twin flame explanation, we will talk in full details about what is twin flame/twin soul. What are the signs that will help you to know that you are in a twin flame relation? What is the purpose/power of twin mate?

STOP - Before you are going to express your love to someone you have to read this article it's very, very important for you because one mistake can destroy your heart feeling as well as your whole life! So please read carefully about your real twin flame signs.

When you meet your twin flame, it is as if the whole world changes and I believe then very big changes start coming into our life.

And you can feel it very well that a very important person has entered in your life and at the same time you can also feel this thing that very good changes are going to come in your life.

this article will be very interesting so that you get more and more knowledge about my twin flame is married or not & major signs/stages and finally, we will learn how to find your real Twin soul. First of all, let's talk from def-

What is twin flame real meaning and full definition

A twin flame or twin soul is a person with whom we feel connected not only on a physical and emotional level but also on a soulful and spiritual level also a person is connected with us.

  • Twin flames can be our friends, lovers, or as well as teachers.
  • Twin flames are like the moon and the sun, light or darkness.
  • The twin flames attached to us are like mirrors in a way.
  • We like the kind of nature that we have.
  • Somewhere, their nature, the choice are the same.

Twin flame helps you a lot psychologically, if you are in a spiritual journey then somewhere your twin flame will help you a lot in this spiritual journey.

The real twin flame signs

Let us now talk about the real twin flame such signs, with the help of which you will know whether you are in a twin flame relationship at this time or not.

When you met or saw your twin flame when you could not feel any sensation or any feeling, you just listened and watched him.

And the second is when you met him, then you immediately felt that you were made for each other only.

You keep getting drawn towards each other like a magnet, you have so much attraction for the other.

Your strength and weakness perfectly balance with others. The thing in which you are weak, somewhere you are strong in that because it will help you in the week in which you are strong, then you will be able to see the balance perfectly.

You both will have the same values, desires, and dreams as the future you want.

That's what your Twin Flame would want for itself.

You can also call it to scene thinking of both.

That person would know you better than the rest.

It doesn't matter how much you fight with each other but in the end, you forgive each other.

You are connected with each other in many ways. You are each other's friends, teachers, lovers.

What is the purpose of the twin flame relationship?

In another easy language, Twin Flame helps us to break our ego, to seal our broken hearts, and to bring the light to transform our life.

A twin flame is a kind of unconditional love. Every twin flame couple tries to achieve something big together.

It can be anything, it can be related to your business, it can be related to your spirituality, if you are doing family planning ahead, both can be its letter. So let's talk about some –

Signs of twin flame relationship

You will feel very strange when you meet him for the first time, then you will feel that you have met this person before and you know this person and somewhere you are made for each other.

You must have felt somewhere that this person is going to play a very important role in my life.

But you do not know how it will happen when it will happen, why it will happen because you also do not know this person.

But still, you are getting such a feeling when you meet him, you feel a different connection and you start getting to know each other very well in a very short time and both of you get shocked that so much You have come to know each other so well in a short time.

And you start feeling that this is the perfect person with whom I am safe or the person I wanted, this is the same person.

You don't panic in front of your twin flame if I am ready in front of him or not,

So what will he think or if I also, say such a thing, then what will he/she think, you are able to put your point in front of him/her without any fear without any judgment.

You are able to do all the things that you want to do or whatever you like to do, you balance each other like light is needed to dispel darkness, in the same way, your twin flames will support you in your weakness. Won't let you get weak.

Somewhere your twin flame will be trying to make you a better person.  And If you keep on making batter for that person too, then somewhere you are making each other a better person.

When you are with your real twin flame, then you will feel that you are absolutely relaxed, free, and very happy, you will be able to feel freedom very well at that time.

When you will get your real life lover twin flame then you will be able to feel these things that you were waiting for someone who is perfect for you for so long.

And after getting your twin flame today, your wait is over. One of the two of you will be very mature, not by age, but by your thinking.

Whether it can be you, or it can be your partner, who will explain things to you like a teacher when the time comes,

Guide in the right way and keep improving this relationship too.

You learn very important lessons in your own life from your twin flame like to forgive someone, to be great full, to be positive, you learn from your twin flame.

Your Twin Flame does not try to change you, whoever you are, accepts you in the same way and encourages you to move forward.

Helps you to make you better, you speak the truth to each other.

You do not tell any kind of lie to each other and you are not afraid to tell the truth.

Because you know that that person will understand my point very well.

You both know yourself that both of you are made for a higher purpose, which together you will fulfill. Whether it is a spiritual purpose or a social purpose. Now let's talk about the real twin flame stages -

What are the 4 major real stages of the Twin flame relationship?


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Twin flame test 


The real Twin flame Stage one "Desire for the ONE"

You wait for that moment which has not yet come in life, but somewhere you have this sensation or strange feeling that there is such a perfect person who is going to come into my life, when and where will you get it, not you know but somewhere you have an idea that a perfect person has been made for me, which I will get soon, First of all, you have to do the practice of self love.

If you do not love yourself, then how will you be able to give love to that person, if it has come in your life.

So first of all you learn to love yourself, I have explained already full details about self love, and I have given an instant effective list of 189 daily affirmations. You can also check that article.

Twin Flame's second stage is glimpsing "THE ONE"

Somewhere you know about that person or you have seen a glimpse of the person somewhere, why not in a dream, or in real life, you must have seen that person somewhere.

That's why when you get your twin flame, and then you do not feel new.

It seems that you have met that person before and you try to know more and more about that person.

If you want to learn the process of twin flame telepathy and its real symptoms then you can read it online on this site for free.

The third stage of Twin Flames is "FALLING IN LOVE"

Falling in love means when you start loving that person, then this love is not like normal love, you are able to feel it at a very extreme level.

You can see that you have never had such love which you are feeling right now.

The more you start knowing about your twin flame, the more you start loving that person more.

You yourself wonder what is happening, it has been a while now that we have met but somewhere I am getting more attracted towards that person.

By the time you can think about all these things, you start loving each other.

Both of you did not need to express love, somewhere you feel that you love each other very much.


The fourth stage of Twin Flames is "FAIRY-TALE RELATIONSHIP"

You both don't seem to know when you met and when you fell in love and how you are completely in a relationship.

It seems like a dream to both of you, your twin flame tries to help you in every way possible.

Finds every possible way that will make you happy.

And your twin flame tries to make this relationship even stronger.

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So now we talk about some such questions which are going on in your mind related to Twin Flame.

Like it is necessary that there should be twin flame lovers only?

No, it is not necessary, Twin flame can be your lover, can be teacher, can be a family member, can also be your best friend.

The second question is it necessary that everyone has a twin flame?

Absolutely everyone has a twin flame, but we are not able to connect with our twin flame somewhere, because people are involved in many things at this time.

Even if the Twin Flame comes in front of him/her, he still cannot recognize the Twin Flame.

Look, first work on yourself, start loving yourself, if you work on yourself then only you will be able to know about your team.

Why do twin flame relationships break?

See, the connection of twin flames is very intense.

And our ego is not able to handle this relationship, only then our relationship breaks up even though it is going so well.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NOTE - So these were the most important answers to the most important questions of Twin Flame.

 Some questions I highly recommend you to practice self love if you want to experience twin flame relationship

With this, you will start loving yourself, and then you will be able to know your twin flame very well.


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Thank you God bless you, friend.

Conclude – Here we have shared the complete information’s about the real twin flame meaning and its definition with signs and 4 major hidden secret stages by testing you can find out your real life lover or you can say husband or wife who loves by heart.

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