TELEPATHY WITH TWIN FLAME | Let's learn complete details of what is twin flame telepathy with a complete 5 major types list & real telepathic symptoms in 2023.

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What is twin flame telepathy?

Twin flames/souls predominantly communicate without words. They communicate through energy, through sensation, and through emotion.

The real telepathic communication with a twin flame is one of the most profound and easily recognize signs of a true twin flame connection.

Twin flames are in a perpetual energetic dance with one another. They are always exchanging energetic information, no matter how far away they may be from one another on the planet.

In fact, if you are a twin flame, the telepathy between you and your twin was probably so instantaneous and so profound that it would have been impossible to miss it, and it probably left a very deep impression on you.

It caused you to begin to truly wonder what kind of connection is this? Maybe this was before you even fully understood or had even heard of the concept of twin flames.

This instantaneous telepathy, not just through the thoughts, but through emotions. This energetic transference of feeling between you and your twin flame that took place in their presence probably struck you so hard, you may have even felt knocked over.

By the feelings of telepathic communication, this psychic bond you were experiencing.

It was probably like nothing you have ever experienced in the past with anyone else. Let me know in the comments.

Did you experience this instantaneous telepathy with your twin flame? Did you meet and just feel as though you instantly knew or understood things about them, you should have no way of knowing.

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How twin flame telepathy works as my live tested experience?

Most people believe twin flame telepathy takes place in the mind. But this actually isn't true.

Although twin flame telepathy can manifest itself in the mind, through thoughts that may emerge or pop into our mind.

The actual experience of telepathy happens through the heart chakra predominantly.

And I say predominantly because duality this telepathy is an energetic exchange that is constantly taking place in all of the chakras in the seven main energetic centers of the body. 

But in the case of twin flames, we are mostly connecting energetically with our twin flame through the heart center.

Artists have realized this truth and depicted the twin flame connection as being an imaginary silver cord an unbreakable internal cord that stretches not only in this lifetime but throughout all past and any future lifetimes as well.

An unbreakable bond between our heart center, our heart chakra, and our twin flames heart center that is always magnetically pulling us together through all time space existence.

Telepathy is very natural for twin flames when they are Open, which is often why we experienced that very intensely, and to have the so called honeymoon phase.


How twin flame energy works

When we first meet them in the physical world, because within this first meeting, we are so caught off guard, by the ways in which our twin flames presence, their energy completely breaks down our walls and our twin flame is experiencing the same feeling saying of being very off guard having that this openness between us allows for a very clear open communication of not only our thoughts energy, but our love energy that allows us to fully experience one another's love which leads to this honeymoon phase.

The reason that 99% of twin flames do not stay in this honeymoon phase for long is because we begin to feel vulnerable in this wide open state or our twin flame feels vulnerable in these falls cut up.

So in order to achieve a sustainable, clear open heart communication with our twin flame, we must participate in our own inner healing.


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Twin flames telepathically communicate because they are connected deeply through the heart.

And although sometimes twin flame telepathy can appear to be very concrete thoughts.

These concrete thoughts are simply your conscious mind's way of interpreting a very subconscious energy you are receiving into your being from your twin flame in the form of energy into motion.

What are the types of twin flame telepathy?

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So, Let's understand what are the ultimate 5 types of twin flame telepathy. How many of these have you experienced? Do let me know in the comments or update your comment as you're listening.

And let me know which of these forms of telepathy you've had with your twin flame.

1st type of twin flame telepathy physical symptoms

The first type/form of twin flame telepathy, that takes place in the first physical meeting.

During a physical meeting with your twin flame, because you are experiencing an aura merge with your twin flame.

You see the aura extends six feet out of the human body all around you. It is something that is very energetically tangible, others can sense it.

Some can even see it when they are physically around you. For twin flames when they are within 6 feet of one another in their auras are merging, their energy is merging in this way.

They will find themselves energetically activated and all 7 chakras just by being in the same physical space as their twin flame, even if they don't exchange a single word with them.

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During this time because of this energetic activation happening throughout our entire being and our twin flame's entire being.

We greatly heighten our psychic abilities, our intuitiveness immediately and Especially in connection with this person with our twin flame, we open a very clear channel of communication with them.

Because in this moment because we are experiencing this influx, this tsunami of energy, it breaks down any energetic walls within us.

You see, because naturally in our natural clear, wide open progress, we are capable of experiencing telepathy very easily with anyone in fact, but especially in most profoundly with our souls mere with our twin flame.

So in this meeting, again to review we are in each other's presence physically, we experience an aura merge.

Because of this aura marriage, we have an influx of energy happening on both sides. This metaphorical tsunami of energy breaks down any walls within us within our chakras that prevent this psychic communication from fully taking hold.


And because of that, we tend to in our twin flames presence physically the first time have this instantaneous telepathic download.

Usually in this first meeting, this instantaneous download is us receiving all of our twin flames, life experiences, thoughts, memories, emotions, up until that very point in time.

This is why when you meet your twin flame, you will feel such a deep empathic bond with them.

You will feel as though you not only know what they have experienced in life intellectually, but you can actually feel it consensus in your own being.

This is because through this instantaneous telepathic download, you actually are dancing in real time, all of their memories in a very vivid, intangible way.

This is also why many twin flames immediately feel very dizzy or lightheaded and each other's presence.

It is because they are experiencing all of this energy being exchanged between them, it can almost feel as though it is literally knocking them over.

This can also cause other strange symptoms like a sudden increase in –

Ø  Heart rate.

Ø  Heaviness.

Ø  Breathing.

Ø  Sweating.

This is all because your body is trying to process all of this energy that is coming off your twin flame in a waves in their physical presence, especially the first time.

2nd type of twin flame telepathy symptoms

The second form of twin flame telepathy is through physical body sensations. I refer to this as body telepathy.

This can happen either in your twin's presence or even on other sides of the world. The physical distance doesn't matter.

The physical symptoms will manifest themselves these telepathic bodies symptoms, regardless of where your twin flame is in relation to you on the planet.

These sensations can start even prior to that initial physical meeting. Because again, you and your twin flame are always connected by that so called silver cord.

And it is a ternal it has existed since childhood. The only reason you opt in begin to experience telepathy more consciously after the meeting.

It's like I said because of this awakening this activating of all of the chakras and this energetic merge that happens physically with you and your twin flame.

How your twin flame feels you by telepathically?

However, you may find that even from a young age, you are able to telepathically feel what your twin flame is feeling through their body.

It's as though the body is processing this energy coming from your twin flame. This can happen in many different ways.

One way of very over of body telepathy is if your twin flame is physically ill, or physically experiencing pain in their body or physically experiencing pleasure in their body.

Anything they are feeling you will be able to telepathically feel through your own body.

This can be very confusing when it happens. Prior to even meeting our twin flame, or even understanding what the word twin flame means.

This means that from a very young age, you could have had strange body sensations and feelings that didn't fit what was actually going on in your concrete reality.

So you could have had a sudden pain in a sense because you were experiencing your twin flames bodily pain, or you could have had a sickness, a mysterious illness that wasn't diagnosable because it wasn't yours it was actually your twin flames sickness manifesting itself telepathically in your body.

As a child, this could mean that you may have had many strange sicknesses that concerned your parents but doctors couldn't pinpoint.

You may have had strange body sensations, strange symptoms of intense heart pain, stomach pain, things within your body that when you went to a doctor to try to diagnose them, had no as sometimes as a twin flame beasts, strange childhood bodies, symptoms, and illnesses are actually a result of what your twin flame is experiencing in their own body.

These physical forms of twin flame telepathy, like all other forms of telepathy tend to intensify after meeting your twin flame.

You may experience telepathy, not just through very physical body sensations, but even through the physical senses.

But you are capable of experiencing what your twin flame is experiencing in the moment through your own body.

So what they are smelling what they're doing what they're touching. I've heard stories of a twin flame, getting intoxicated, and their twin flame being able to feel the effects of that intoxication despite not having a single drink.

This is the profound depth of the twin flame telepathic bond and how it reaches into every area of our lives.

3rd type of twin flame telepathy symptoms

Let's move into the third form of twin flame telepathy. This twin flame form of telepathy is probably what you traditionally think of when you hear the word telepathy.

You probably think of a psychic connection that causes you to hear someone's voice and you're able to hear them literally saying something to you within your own head.

Twin flames are capable of experiencing this very concrete form of telepathy very naturally.

In fact, if you are a twin flame, you've probably had experiences with this that it felt so natural and familiar to you, they completely shocked you.

This can happen again, like with some of the other forms of telepathy even prior to meeting your twin flame.

And this will be especially confusing because you can hear your twin flames voice in your mind prior to being able to put a name or a face to and it may make you feel as though you are going crazy.

After meeting with your real twin flame what happened

After meeting your twin flame, this may come as hearing their thoughts in your mind.

So hearing them say something to you in the middle of the day. You may also be able to hear their responses in your head to different things you are doing during the day.

This can come very spontaneously and randomly when you are alone. Or it can even happen when you are physically with your twin flame.

4th type of twin flame telepathy symptoms

A fourth form of twin flame telepathy is an intuitive knowing this is a more subtle form and is a bit harder to describe.

But I will try to put words to it here. This is when you just suddenly know something about your twin flame or about what they're thinking or feeling that you should have no way of knowing.

This is the easiest form of telepathy to write off in the conscious mind when we experienced this form of intuitive telepathy.

Usually our ego likes to step in and think it's our imagination because again, this is a telepathy of intuition, of feeling of sensation, not of even concrete thought happen even in the middle of a conversation with your twin flame.

You may be speaking to them and suddenly you get an image flashing to your mind, and it's one of their memories, and you suddenly know something about them that you shouldn't be able to know because they haven't actually told you.

This can happen even in the very first conversation with your twin flame. And this is your subconscious minds way of interpreting energy coming from your twin flame to you in the form of these intuitive feelings and thoughts.

5th type of twin flame telepathy symptoms

The fifth and the final form of twin flame telepathy. This list is by no means comprehensive.

There are limitless ways that twin flames can telepathically communicate. But for the sake of time the last telepathy sign I'll mention here is telepathy in the form of pure emotion this Emotion can come completely detached from any concrete image or thought like I started could just be purely emotional in nature.

This can happen in the presence of your twin flame as you feel energy coming off of them, you may interpret it as a very emotional experience that happens with You.

Suddenly feel very angry, very sad, full of joy or ecstasy, full of unconditional love.

Again, this could come completely unattached to any thought, which can make it very confusing, because naturally, you will believe that this emotion must be coming from you.

But it won't make sense because there won't be any trigger within your own life or your own experience for this emotion.

And the reason there is no trigger is because it's not actually being triggered by your own concrete world or experiences, it is coming from your twin flame.

So like I said, this can happen literally when you are standing right next to them. Or this can happen when you are miles and miles away from one another.

Twin flame telepathy signs during separation

In fact, you may not even be in contact, you may be in separation, and all of a sudden, you feel overwhelmed by some kind of emotion.

Just so powerful, so intense, and yet, so obviously not your own, that it brings you to your knees with some kind of emotional release.


Maybe you suddenly start crying, or you suddenly feel overwhelmed by warm, loving energy.

Whatever this emotion is, you can usually tell it's coming from your twin flame, if it comes on very spontaneously has no obvious trigger and is very intense.

Sometimes you will intuitively even know that this emotional telepathy is coming from your twin flame because you may see their face or their name within your mind as you are experiencing this emotion.

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Conclude – Here I have shared complete details about what is twin flame telepathy with 5 major twin flame telepathy symptoms & signs also you can understand how spiritually telepathy with twin flame works by chakra even you are a beginner.

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