Today we want to talk about a subject which concerns a lot of you because I know it can freak you out when you're like, Oh, my Twin Flame is with someone else, or my Twin Flame is married or helps me, I don't know what to do because they're with someone else.

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Let's come to today's subject which is he's with someone else, or she's with someone else.

Okay, so today I want to talk about experiences I mostly have with my clients because it's, it's usually one of two scenarios when it comes up, either.

You're like, if you're the client let's say or you're the person saying someone else, either you're with someone else too, you're actually married, or you have been married for someone so long you're with a partner you're, you've spent past 15 years with someone you have kids with someone you live with someone, either one of these cases, or the second scenario I'm going to talk about today is, you are single, and there was someone else like your twin flame is with someone else.

But you're actually single. So what should you do like in both cases, like first of all, if you're married to someone or you're with someone and you want to be with your twin flame.

That's what you're telling me right you're like I want to be with my Twin Flame. And I'm like, okay, like anything, anything, yes anything I just want to be with them.

It's like, okay. Do you want to have an affair with them like you both are married but you meet sometimes in a hotel room and you like?

Have fun between the sheets and then you go back home to your spouse. Is that what you want, they're like, no, no, no, no, I really want to spend their life with them.

And just like live with them and spend 24/7 be with them, they'd like Okay, so let's look at it from a logical point of view, you want to be with them, you want to spend your life with them, and you're currently married like, what is there to do, like, elephant in the room, anyone. Nobody seriously.

Okay, you probably have gonna have to separate yourself right, you're going to have to separate from whoever you're with, right now, in order to be with your twin flame, and then a lot of times it's like yeeeees.

But he or she like the twin flame is not ready yet, and I told them I would even separate but they said they wouldn't want to live with me, so I can't really go through with it right, what if I went through with it now and my Twin Flame isn't waiting for me, that would mean that I'm all alone.


And I can't do that. Right, so I got news for you. You have to be able to do that because they're not going to be waiting they're holding your hand through the divorce and be like oh and your best friend and let's move in the day, you're free.

Now, that might happen in the best cases that happen, but it also might not happen and why not, because you're responsible for your happiness, not your twin flame, you're responsible to be authentic in your life and being happy in your life, and to have the conditions in your life that make you be happy and make you thrive.

So if you're with someone you don't love anymore, never loved never cared about, or you have cared about it, but you don't care anymore because now there's your twin flame.

And if that's the situation you're in, you have to change it, you, no one is going to change it for you.

It's not going to like drop from the sky like against and like a miracle and like be Wow.

You're both separated now your twin flame then you're both free here you go here's the church go have a marriage that's not going to happen.

There are practical steps you need to take in order for you to build the life of your dreams and to have the life of your dreams, and someone you don't want to be with.

Of course, it means that you're going to separate. And of course, you can say okay I'm not ready yet, and he's not ready yet, and no one's ready yet, and it will be in five years, or in 10 years and whoever you're free to choose whatever you want to do.

No one's here like, not me, the least of all people, is going to tell you to do this or that. I'm just saying if you want something, and you're still holding on to the old, don't be surprised if the new isn't really coming in.

Okay, so you need to be authentic with yourself because that's what we're doing here on the twin flame journey, it's not so much about how I get to be with my Twin Flame like how can I manipulate into being with me fish him out of his marriage whatever like it's not about that.

It's about being true to yourself, authentic to yourself real with yourself, move into your true self.

And that means, quit your job if it's not the job you like. Change your friends if it's, they're not respecting you, and so well on change your house, if it's not a living situation, adequate to you what you wish for yourself, and so on.

And the same goes for a marriage that isn't working anymore. You can't hang around and wait for it to. I don't know, miraculously fall apart, you can. You may, but then don't ask me why you're not getting to be with your twin flame.

If you asked me that I'm gonna have to tell you, Okay, you need to clean up your life first, and that involves separating from someone, you're not in love with anymore.

I'm not happy with anymore, or never were. Okay, so that's the first scenario, I am sure you get that. And yeah, I want to ask you, you might not get to write to like go hop from one nest to the next, like, or when only gonna leave when he's free, you might not get to that, or you wait forever because you have to lead with your example, you have to be true to yourself first before anything moves on the twin flame front, kind of, you need to take your own destiny into your hands and make things happen for yourself.

And that might mean that you be on your own for a while, or that, you're never on your own, you're always with God, and you're supposed to be able to be with yourself and just enjoy your own company, you're not supposed to need your twin flame to be there when you're single and you're like, oh, everyone has someone I have no one now because I separated from my husband because he Bond said so.

And now I'm on my own. All alone, and they're still with their spouse, like, No, that's not like you have to be comfortable on your own, and by yourself, and, and the living situation you're creating for yourself.

Okay, so the second scenario is when you're single, and there was someone, don't like free dial, it's all good, it's all good, you're just working on the things that come up for you.

You just don't worry about him or her, and you just do you. You do your thing. They do their thing like your twin is going to do.

His healing process, and it might be at someone's side that spouse's side, or that partner he's with, or that girlfriend he's with or that.

Yeah, man. She's with, it might be with someone else, but it's not you and they will never be you never replace you never take something from you never be her or them living your life instead of you.

It's never going to be that it's just their situation like your twin flame situation of working through things.

As you work through your own things, and it doesn't need to be like mirroring and twin flames doesn't mean you always have the exact same situation like you are suffering and he's suffering and you are working through block A and he's working through block alike in general, that's true, you both work through the same stuff, but it doesn't have the P to be in the exact same moment, it doesn't have to be the exact same expression of the same block, you're working through are the same, the same form of healing, it appears on the outside.

These are deeper things that are happening like deep inner healing is taking place for the both of you.

As one, but the expression of it that the, the image of it, how do I say that, like, looking at it from the outside it can look different.

It can look different, but trust render, you're not going to go to his house and like, I wanted to say kill the other woman.

That's a bit extreme but like not even kidnap her. Or like yell at her, or like whatever, because she's with your heart, your men, no you're not going to do that you're going to concentrate on yourself.

And when because seeing it like that, it's like a wedge, sort of, that between you, even though it's not a wedge, it's not the right word but it just allows both of you.

It's like a puffer do you say that word is that German. It's just something, allowing you to not be in one space and healing your stuff in one confined space, but you're doing it, every, like, each one of you is doing it on your own, and that that other person that spies or something, whatever it is, can be that wedge between you, allowing both of you to not jump on each other and like be magnets and like not let go of each other because that's what we feel like doing and that's what our hearts longed for both of our hearts, but then the healing wouldn't be taking place as much or as strongly as, as it's supposed to.

So it's sort of separation by separation like physical separation by compassion almost, you know what I mean like it's the best most compassionate thing for the two of you to not be on top of each other.

Okay, so don't despair, be happy about it like be happy about your own healing concentrate on that do the things that are calling for them to be done like do what you need to do in your life be happy on your own with yourself married the things that come up with the marriage society you find on my web page.

I think you know your twin flame very well. Did you know your real twin flame


God bless you, my dear friends

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