Why the positive affirmations are not working what are the major reasons to fail or it doesn’t work for you even you are a beginner or an expert. So let's Learn.



Hey guys, in today's article I'm going to talk about positive affirmations why it is not showing or giving results. So let’s start.

So a lot of self help books have this thing about using positive self affirmations, okay.

So you pick any kind of positive thought that you think is really powerful. And the idea of course is that you say it on a daily basis.

So you wake up in the morning and you say your affirmations. Say them in the evening, throughout the day whenever you feel any negativity coming up.

And to be honest, they don't work. There's a very good reason for that. Well, I'm not just going to say they don't work and not give you an alternative. Okay, I'm going to give you an alternative.

The reason first of all why they don't work is we have an emotional scale. Okay. And down at the very bottom is depression, hopelessness, despair and you work your way all the way up to much higher levels of share joy, peace of mind.

Gratitude happiness, right, and all sorts of emotions in between. So, higher than the last one will be things like pessimism or anger. Okay, they're not very nice emotions but higher than the last one which is helplessness or victimhood or depression, as I said.

Now the problem with self affirmation is. You might be on a very low level in terms of your emotion, okay, you might be feeling really bad.

And for you to stay. Okay, I feel bad and want to change this I'm going to rely on a self affirmation or positive affirmation.

What you're doing is you're trying to access an emotional point up here too far away from where you currently are.

This is Jerry and Esther Hicks talks about this in their book asking it is given by the way if you get that book, get the second book as well.

It's called the processes and it outlines practical things you can do on a day-to-day basis. That will help you, you know, get alternatives to the to positive just basic positive self affirmations that you know they have an awareness of this, this concept that there are different levels in emotion.

So you can jump up here if you're down here. So for instance, a better thing to do than positive self affirmations, will be one is journaling.

Okay, journaling is very useful because there's no real goal in terms of positivity. What you do is generally what happens is to do positive dialogue but you start off when you're journaling you take out a notebook or anywhere you want to do in your laptop, and you just start to write your experience as it is right now, I feel really bad.

I feel terrible. I feel hopeless. This happened at work, did my relationship, you know, you just write whatever it is and how you're feeling it and what you think about yourself and waiting what your future, and it might be negative, but you'll find the more you write.

Once you've acknowledged the negativity, it begins to shift and then your language gets a little bit more positive you're working gradually up the scale.

Okay. So that's one really, really a far better alternative. And if you're looking for tools to use something else you can do will be to just your emotion comes up, it could be negative.

Okay, and what you do is you don't even try to label the emotion. Okay, you might want to call it anxiety, depression, sadness, whatever it is, right and doing that and labeling it and intellectualizing it really is what you're doing with that, just sit with the feeling, and during college, anything.

So that makes it sort of more allowable to have that feeling because you know the words anxiety, depression, are very loaded negative terms.

Okay, that's another thing you do. So, there are others. There's loads and loads of different processes, self affirmations can be useful in maintaining that sort of building.

If you're already in quite a good mindset, you know if your emotional level is quite high already.

Yeah, then they can be useful but if you've ever wondered why to haven't more for you personally, that's the main reason.

Okay, you're trying to jump too far ahead, from where you currently are your emotional setpoint.

And we can talk about different techniques, different processes you can use, and that will help you work your way up the emotional scale. Suppose, hope you found that helpful, and I will talk to you soon.

Conclude – Here we have learned what are the real and major reasons to fail positive affirmations and how can you maintain and control your vibrations to success in positive affirmations fast.


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