WHAT IS THE 7 CHAKRAS | Let's learn what does the 7 chakras mean & what are the 7 chakra's real colors & purpose. How to do seven chakra healing meditations.


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Intro –

Here in this article, we are going to learn the complete theory & practical about 7 chakras meaning & the real definition as well as seven chakra's exact location & colors briefly for beginners.

So let’s learn the full meaning of different types of red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo, purple color chakras benefits.

Everything in this world is energy. It has been scientifically proven that the whole existence is only energy.

 Our physical body, which is called the physical body, consists of a body in prana, it is called "life energy".

 It is also called the energy body. There are seven chakras in this energy body that conduct the energy of our body. And each chakra has its own frequency. So let's learn how to unlock your chakra fast within 24 hours.


Meaning and def of chakra is anything but energy or you can say it's like spiritual inbuilt energy that is revolving from bottom to top or top to bottom. Meaning the energy which is revolving, again and again, it is not stable, it is called chakra.

Now there are 7 such chakras and each chakra has its own importance. Every single chakra is related to every emotion from every energy and because of that different emotions are formed in our body.

There are 172000 pulses in our body. All over the bodies and these pulses interact/cross at different points.

There are 109 energy centers in our body. Out of that 109, 9 energy centers remain important. And out of that 9, we remain more important than 7, that is what we call the CHAKRA.

So this is what we will know about all 7 chakras in detail with the complete processing function one by one from bottom to top and the advantage as well as disadvantages of these 7 chakras.

Today every single chakra we will see what its actually work is.

Where is it Located? And because of that what good emotions are generated and which negative emotions are generated. First chakra is the Muladhara Chakra

The function of Muladhara Chakra

So the first chakra is the Muladhara Chakra which is located at the base of the spine of the human body.

There is a chakra of starting from all.

This chakra is related to the EARTH ELEMENT.

As we know that there are 5 elements, out of which the EARTH element is connected.

The EARTH element has a greater effect on this chakra.

Now, this energy manifests in 2 different forms.

The first form is this – because of this chakra, there is a desire to do something in your life.

That person thinks that I have to do something and if this energy is generated in the negative form then it is opposite there.

Doesn't want to do anything later, can't do anything. This is actually a function of the Muladhara Chakra.

Many people think that the Muladhara Chakra is not important, but it is the base chakra in our body.

So the energy that will go up in this base chakra, for that energy to go well, this chakra should be strong and stable. If this chakra of yours is not strong then all the other chakras will also become weak. So that's why I say that it is very important to have a strong Muladhara chakra.

Now the energy comes above the Muladhara chakra, then it remains after coming up, the Swadhishthana chakra, which manifests itself in this chakra, is in two different forms.

It remains in such a form that when energy comes in the Swadhisthana Chakra, then your creativity falls.

Whatever work you do, you do not do it directly, you start doing something creative, whatever work you do in it, you will do something different, if you do it separately, then the behavior you do, the personality that you have looks creative, but its Negative does not mean that manifest in negative form, then there comes the last because chakra is located just behind the genital organs.

From here you get engaged in the feeling you get regarding sex. So one person can be creative or else he can have dirty thoughts.

If both cannot be together, then whenever the energy comes to this level of Swadhisthana, then there you will get the thoughts of creativity, you will do some creative things and at that time if you have not done anything creative then the energy goes into negative form.

If you are showing more importance here, it means more dominance is visible in front of it, energy will not go up, will go down and then energy can come upward.

Muladhara chakra complete processing function

Further energy will flow in the Muladhara chakra and that is the second chakra.

And this second chakra is related to the water element.

If seen, the content remains in the same region in our body. Like Muladhara is connected to this Purna Chakra earth element.

 This is also connected to the water element, which is located in the region of the stomach, the Manipura chakra behind the stomach.

Manipura chakra in general gives us such a feeling that we feel jealous. Will do negative, we feel jealous

One is that you work very well for something you want from your heart. You want the same thing but you just want it.

You might be taking the wrong path here too.

This negative feeling comes from Manipur Chakra.

But from the Manipura chakra the feeling comes, Joy comes, Joyfulness increases, If you must have seen that if you are laughing very loudly, you are very happy, then whatever feeling is most at that time It comes in your stomach because in the stomach itself is the chakra, which gives you the feeling of joy flower by generating it.

So this wonderful energy remains in this chakra.

Again you come to know that you can be absolutely joyful,

Otherwise, you may be depressing, you may feel jealous of someone.

Otherwise, you can be joyful now. Regarding this chakra.

Again, if you have experienced joyfulness, then your energy will increase again and rise up, and if it does not happen then that energy can go down again.

And the chakra that resides is the Manipura chakra

This chakra is related to the fire element.

This chakra is regarding the stomach. And you will know that there is a fire in the stomach.

It is because of the fire that the food we eat is digested, so this is the digestion part.

Comes from chakra.

This brings joyfulness. And if it becomes negative then you get jalousie failure.

So we will now see the next chakra Anahata chakra/heart chakra.

This chakra is located in the chest region meaning it stays behind the chest.

Due to this, you may fear, whenever you feel too much fear of something, some pain starts happening in your chat.

So this pain which is due then that chakra.

And now came the amazing performer, the one who changed the life, on the other side of this comes the positive side.

Love lives on this side.

If you think very well about someone, if you think about this work, then your feeling of love is generated from the region of your chest.

If you look properly, then whatever organ is inside your chest, that is, air remains in the lungs.

There is neither fire nor water here.

Here the air remains. It is related to the air element. Out of five elements, it is related to the air element.

So you may have a love feeling or you may have a feeling of fear.

Now, hatred feeling is also attached to the Anahata Chakra / Heart Chakra. As we see that breakup happens. So what happens after a breakup is that you start thinking very negatively about the person in front.

So it is a different matter that it became an event that something happened, but because of that the change happening inside you is hatred.

So the feeling of hatred that is generated from this chakra. If you start hating someone, then your energy will be downloaded.

That energy will not go up. Going up is important that is why the feeling of love for you that is important.

Now the next chakra which we call Vishuddhi chakra/ Throat chakra

The function of  Vishuddhi chakra/ Throat chakra

This chakra is also known as Thought Chakra. This Vishuddhi Chakra is located in the Throat section.

This chakra gives you gratefulness.

What happens in the opposite of gratefulness is that whatever you have, you have nothing to do with it, you have a lot but you can not see that it has a negative side, now how is gracefulness that you have a lot that you see.

As you watch a movie, there is an emotion in it, so now you relate to that movie, you get tears from your eyes from your real life.

If you feel grateful, tears are coming from your eyes too, then at that time, you get the feeling of joking here.

The feeling of joking comes from this chakra. So it is important for gratefulness.

Now coming to the next chakra, you saw that we saw different elements earth, air, fire, we saw water, now it comes to space.

When it comes to space, the word infinity goes and the word infinity comes related to wisdom, as soon as your energy goes from here to the third eye, when this energy goes to the third eye, you get very good awareness.

Very much super powerful awareness is available. In this comes wisdom. Meaning you are able to go ahead of things and see what is happening behind things actually.

After that, you can also know the secret of the Universe, how the Universe works, and all these things can also be the behond of logic.

Meaning, you may not be able to explain to anyone what you understand, but you understand something and if it becomes a negative emotion, if this energy is converted into a negative form, then you get a lot of penetration.

When you get very angry, there is some sensation in the center of your forehead ie between the two eyes.

That is called the Third Eye Chakra. Which is located exactly behind that point.

Ok, why is our third eye chakra most important here.

Because real knowledge comes from this chakra to the person.

Whatever knowledge he had taken till now, he had probably read it, some read, some came after seeing, but this knowledge which comes in knowledge actually from higher source remains that is very important. And next comes the Sahasrara Chakra/Crown Chakra.

How Sahasrara Chakra/Crown Chakra works the complete process

This chakra is a very important word too, it will not be short enough to tell it because we cannot explain it, when we reach a chakrata, then ultimate energy comes.

But the thing which is complete does not need anyone, it is only one i.e. the feeling of oneness comes.

And there is nothing else there and if you ever feel it once, then you will know that we cannot even experience the time there because you go in beyond time.

Time doesn't matter to you that is the 7th Chakra. When you reach the 7th Chakra, you have completed the entire journey.


But sometimes this energy can go down again and it happens naturally again and again. See if you have charged your energy till the top, if then you become negative then you are coming down which means you have come to the center point of the forehead.

If you are getting negative even if you come below it, then if you are coming down from the center point of the forehead, then here the Throat Chakra which will become gratefulness.

You are not seeing the positive side, you are not being grateful. If you are not being grateful, then you have come to the region of your chest.

If you come to the point of the chakra of the chest, then you will get the feeling of fear and the feeling of love will not come.

And after that he went to the region, but the most important filling of happiness on the man now he has been opposed, so maybe he will solve.

And after that, if you go down again to the Swadhisthana Chakra, then the creativity will also go back.

Because of that, your energy is getting drained and finally, you go back to the Muladhara Chakra.

Where there is no inertia you now have this inertia. Whatever you are doing, you have inertia and go to the final or base.

And after that, if you go down again to the Swadhisthana Chakra, then the creativity will also go back.

Because of that, your energy is getting drained and finally, you go back to the Muladhara Chakra.

How Muladhara Chakra works

Where there is no inertia you now have these inertias. Whatever you are doing, you have inertia and go to the final or base.

As it goes above the base and comes down again from the top, the energy keeps on coming back again and again. Somebody also speaks horoscope.

Some call it consciousness. So these changes keep happening in our body time and again. This is a very beautiful science.

And finally when your energy moves from bottom to top your energy is going up in Urdu meaning and when this energy comes from top to bottom then it is called Adho Gati.

History -

In the world of mythology, “seven” sometimes implies years. Some societies have created it to denote age, especially on the heavenly side. But, has this mystical figure system evolved over time?

People refer to a collection of spiritual force rather than a constellation, and “chakras” is often used to describe those energy centers.

The nature of the harmonious flow of energy is described as a subdivision of the souls of the six emanations — the Universe.

7th across the universe contains our soul, and the six emanations are physically represented in seven branches. As each branch is connected to the other branches, a “chakra” is located.

Through harmony, the seven branches and the entire universe work together to influence our lives and our bodies.

Each chakra plays a role in protecting the physical being. It is governed by the moon — exactly its place in the sky gives off different energy to our lives.

If anything blocks this energy flow, it negatively influences us physically or psychologically.

A few variables affect each chakra. There are 4 different phases of life within each chakra:

Ø  Rebellion: we revolt against our bodies or against the world.
Ø  Resistance: we struggle for our rights.
Ø  Conditional: we have a specific condition.
Ø  Protective: our energies rest in the world.
Ø  Immusive: our energies disappear; our thoughts live in cyberspace.

Of course, within each field within this wider chakra system, there are many different actions that lead to positive, negative, and non-positive reactions.

For example, when the energy that flows within your core is directed to right and wrong, those actions can have positive or negative outcomes depending on the level of intention that was given.

Having said all of this, knowing that the basic aspects of our primary chakra life are governed by the cycles of the moon and other natural forces is not a prerequisite to being a wholeness person.

For example, one of the fundamental spiritual laws states, “even those whose birthstone is left in the sunlight will be born blind.”

The crucial question is, what will the environment influence us most — the lunar phases or all the chakras? As a beginning yogic practitioner, I strive to live a wholeness life by being mindful of my physical health, my mental health, the environment in which I exist, and those who are close to me.

The universe is obviously significant, but I am more affected by my actions than what I see in the cosmic sphere.

In terms of enlightenment, we are governed by the six natural forces of nature. Truth is the master of all those physical forces, and compassion is the only force powerful enough to realize it.

Fear is the oldest energy force in the universe, and it is controlling the center of our solar system. But, compassion is central to life.

The longer I live, the more I realize how we are all individuals, with many natural forces at play around us.



The first chakra is the Muladhara chakra, it is called the root chakra. The location/point of this chakra is on the Root of sexual organs. If you want to learn the complete function of root chakra meaning, def, affirmations, stones, crystals, yoga,foods...then read it on this site free.


The location of this chakra is four fingers below the navel. It is called Sacral Chakra in English.


Location of this chakra is located in the center of the navel.



Anahata Chakra / Heart Chakra of Johar, which is the location of this chakra in the center of the heart.



The location of this chakra which is in the middle of the throat. It is called Throat in English.



The location of the sixth chakra is in the middle of both the eyes, it is called agya chakra. It is called Third Eye Chakra in English.




The location of the Seventh Chakra which is also known as Sahasrara Chakra. The Crown Chakra is located in the center of the head.

Our whole life is dependent on these seven chakras when here they become unbalanced. If the flow of energy stops in these, then diseases surround us physically and mentally.


These 7 chakras meditation will help a lot in healing and activating them. Chakras are solid points/locations in our body which activate different energies in our body.

These different types of energy control our different chakras.

Let us begin; first of all, you have to sit in a clean and quiet place where you can focus all your attention on your 7 chakras.

Sit up straight and close your eyes slowly, don't close your eyes fast.

Remember, you do not have to focus your attention on the 7 chakras as soon as you close your eyes.

  • First of all, you have to relax your mind and body.
  • You can take a deep breath for that.
  • You take deep breaths at least 10 to 12 times.
  • You will see that your mind and body are getting relaxed.

1st chakra

Now let us begin by first taking our attention to the Muladhara Chakra

The Muladhara Chakra which we can call the Roop Chakra or the Vesha Chakra.

  • This chakra is located at the lowest point of our spine.
  • This is called red color energy.
  • This chakra is responsible for your security.
  • Responsible for the proper functioning of your lower body.
  • Keep your full attention on this, you will feel the energy of red color there.
  • With the red color which is gradually spreading, you will feel the vibration on the lower part of your spine.
  • You feel that this cycle is rotating clockwise.
  • Here you can speak its related mantra.

2nd chakra

And then focus your attention on the Swadhisthana chakra i.e. this chakra is 2 inches from your navel and the color of this chakra is orange.

You feel the energy of the orange color chakra there, you put all your attention and feel that the energy of orange color is slowly flowing from there.

And this cycle is rotating clockwise.

You feel this beautiful color.

  • And keep all your attention on that chakra.
  • You will feel the vibration 2 inches below your navel.
  • You have to feel those vibrations.
  • This chakra will increase the credit in your life and help you to live well in life.
  • Let this energy spread through your boarding.
  • And feel that this color is spreading.
  • You can chant the Beej Mantra.

3rd chakra

And now bring your attention 4 inches above your navel, the name of this chakra is Manipura Chakra i.e. Solar Chakra, you will feel beautiful yellow color there.

  • The color of this picture is shining like the sun.
  • This yellow colored circle represents your success.
  • Allow this color to spread all over your body.
  • Concentrate all your attention on Manipura Chakra.
  • You will feel a little warmth there as this color represents fire.
  • And you will feel many sensations there.
  • You have to feel all those sensations well.
  • And keep all your attention on that chakra.
  • And the seed of this chakra has to be chanted.

4th chakra

Now we will bring our attention to the center of the chest.

The name of this chakra is Anahata Chakra i.e. Heart Chakra.

  • The color of this chakra is green.
  • You should allow the color of this circle so that it spreads throughout your body.
  • Fill your entire chest with green color.
  • Your heart is rejoicing.
  • And feeling so loved.
  • Will balance all your emotions.
  • Will remove all the sorrows and troubles from your life.
  • Will heal your emotions.
  • So put all your attention on this chakra.
  • It is very important to have all the attention in the center of the chest.
  • Bring all your attention to the center of the chest and feel the green color.
  • You can also chant its Beej Mantra during this time.

5th chakra

Now take your attention around the neck, the name of this chakra is Vishuddha i.e. Throat Chakra.

  • The color of this chakra is light blue.
  • Just as the color of this chakra is light blue, feel this color in the court of your neck in the same way.
  • Yes, you can feel the color of this chakra spreading in your throat.
  • With the help of this chakra, good words will come in our speech.
  • People will come happily after hearing whatever we say.
  • And our words have a complete effect on others.
  • Feel this color spreading in your throat.
  • This will strengthen your communication power.
  • You can also chant mantras.

6th chakra

Now you bring your attention to the center of your eyebrows, the name of this chakra is Ajna Chakra i.e. Third Eye Chakra.

That's what you feel.

  • The color of this chakra is indigo color.
  • It is slowly spreading all over your forehead.
  • There is so much energy in this chakra in a color that you are strengthening your intuition and vision.
  • Put all its attention on your third eye chakra.
  • You will feel that this color is slowly spreading all over your forehead.
  • At the same time, its Beej Mantra can also be chanted.

7th chakra

Now we have reached very close to our destination. Now finally you have to put all your attention on your top.

Now you have to concentrate on your top of the head.

  • The name of this number 1 chakra is Sahastara Chakra i.e. Crown Chakra.
  • This number 1 chakra is called the crown chakra because this chakra is the crown of our head.
  • If this crown is on your head then you will be able to rule your emotions, thought, body.
  • You will feel the purple color on the top of your head.
  • And this color is slowly spreading all over your head.
  • Keep all your attention on the top of your head.
  • This chakra connects you to the whole universe.
  • Healing your whole body.
  • And keep all your attention on this chakra.

I hope you got help from this 7 chakra meditation. So try to do this secret 7 chakras meditation/yoga daily in your life to be active or increase your all seven spiritual energy.

So how did you like this science, share this article, you can send it to your friends because many people are confused that why this happens to me, why am I getting so emotional, why do I get so angry, then they have a proper reason. You will know where your energy is getting blocked.

FAQ 1 : How many chakras are there in the human body?


FAQ 2 : How to unlock your chakra?

If you want to unlock your all chakras then the first thing you have to identify which chakra is not functioning properly in your body so that you can able to unlock your specific chakra. So if you want to find how to unlock your chakra then read it completely which I have shared all the information in depth on this site.

FAQ 3 : Chakras are really controlling our full body and emotions?

Yes. According to the science it has proven about all the elements function in our body revolving and producing some positive and negative energy in specific ways.

FAQ 4 : How to active my chakras fast?

There is one and only one solution to active your chakras by practicing with the help of YOGA, MEDITATION. You have to follow the yoga, meditation steps.

FAQ 5 : Who can practice chakras?

Anyone can practice even a child can do.

Conclude – Here I have explained all the 7 chakras full real meaning with definition their colors and location in the body as well as how to activate all the 7 chakras by doing yoga or meditation. What are the benefits and disadvantages of each chakras full working function?

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