ROOT CHAKRA FOODS | Let's learn what are the best & ultimate 5 root/Muladhara chakra food/dish complete list for example tea, recipe, juice, fruits..Etc.


Now for the best foods boost balance and heal each chakra, and we're at root chakra these are going to be my five favorite foods.

So stay tuned I may give a few extras to the end because I couldn't quite get them all into 5 and you can add your favorites, as well chosen which one to do the Root Chakra.

Okay, so let's very quickly go over the Root Chakra itself we're talking about chakra No.1. The one that's foundational it's the lowest deepest talker in the body at the base of the spine in the area of the tailbone.

It's red and vibrant red. It governs your legs and your feet and your connection to Mother Earth your grounding your stability, your security and safety your home, family, career, and money, at least in terms of your most basic financial stability.

And that's probably not naming all this also your physical health just your body; your manifest body is pure Root Chakra.

So, How do we boost the Root Chakra with food? These are things we look at really quickly I'm just going to summarise they are one color, it's obvious, right, so if you want to boost all the chakras, you go for the rainbow diet.

If you really want to work on Plexus, more your diet, your heart, your simple right, and really pretty on the plate. Except for when you do all the same colors sometimes that's not quite as pretty, but whatever we do need that's what we want to maximize the second thing is we will look at the food type for that chakra, for the root, the food type is proteins.

Okay, so we're looking at a lot of proteins here, proteins make up things that make people see so all of this stuff fits together because strength and stability in all kinds of areas of our life are what the root chakra is all about being strongly protected stable.

I love that root chakra energy as you can tell. And then finally, the third thing that we want to get when we're looking at foods for the root is we want to look at the glands that are related to that particular chakra, Root Chakra. That is the testes or the testes. Now, I know you're probably saying, adrenals because that has been perpetuated that Misbah pride perpetuated for a long time I really want you to think about this, The adrenals, or get up and go they're the fighter fight, they're the thing that lets us just Teflon we need to take off when there's danger.

Okay, what talker does that remind you of the slowest densest rooted most stable talker that doesn't even like to move the animals here are the tortoise, the elephant. The mountain is a symbol of the root, the root is about stability and not moving and when the root moves, it moves very slowly, so the adrenals.

And think about this to the adrenals are yellow, and they are right on top of the kidney area they're in the area of the solar plexus, so every single thing about the adrenal screens, solar plexus chakra.

So don't be fooled that the adrenals are for the root, the test, someone has balls. They have root chakra.

Okay, someone will fall stands for things right in their stable and manly strong even a woman who has balls has that strength. She has that masculine energy it's masculine energy but women can have it too.

And then you say, but women don't have testicles I know that's the beautiful thing lands for the ovaries and the root, is that the men don't have the ovaries and the women don't have the testicles, so it's actually a magnetic, there's an actual magnetic attraction between the two because we're actually sensing that strength in one another in that dynamic.

Those are the three things we're going to look at and those will all be part of why I chose my favorite foods for the Root Chakra.


Root Chakra food Number 1 #

Number one is cherries, particularly Bing cherries because some cherries come in different colors, you have some reindeer I think are the more yellow we. I'm not a cherry expert sorry about that, but I do know that being cherries are our blood bread, their juice is like a tonic for the blood and they're so beautiful.

They don't really add anything, they're not a protein food group and they don't add any testosterone or and or don't boost testosterone.

So, I made them number one because I just can't resist cherries, they're so beautiful the juice is so deep red.

So I just really wanted to keep the Terry's in there.

Root Chakra food Number 2 #

For the Root Chakra is tomatoes. Tomatoes, maybe you say tomatoes, doesn't really matter.

Either way, tomato, tomato. They are on the list as foods that boost testosterone you Google it meatless for testosterone.

And what I also love about tomatoes is their rich color and when you cook with so many choices that you can make with tomatoes, and in all different episodes of Mexican, Italian food meta drink right almost every single ethnic type of food has a tomato type of tomato sauce.

It's a great staple for your food if you need root chakra just do a lot of tomato sauces with all kinds of flavors.

Root Chakra food Number 3 #

Number three, going into protein can beans are rich red, and I get that they're white whitish inside, but there's still a rich red and they are a great source of protein. So I think kidney beans are an obvious one, and they and they create such hardiness to any meal because they can be a protein source because if you're a vegetarian, that's going to be a good way to get your root chakra boost through your food.

Root Chakra food Number 4 #

Now if you're a vegetarian, we're gonna have options, but I do have to say that red meat. This is a protein source that increases testosterone, even the idea of meat you think meat, it's not thought of as feminine it's more manly it's more root chakra survival, eat meat.

Now, obviously, nowadays we don't need to eat meat to survive, we have lots of sources of protein, and I know if you're in my tribe, you may very well be one who is either vegetarian or vegan. So, there are other options. So, some of these options actually mimic meat.

One of the options is called yammi, and it's a more recent invention, and it has super protein like more protein, I believe, don't quote me on this but check it out. I believe it has more protein than meat itself, it's just really expensive.

The cool thing that many athletes like is because it has so much protein and also it bleeds, like meat, it has like a bleeding effect I'm not quite sure how they do that you'll have to check into that yourself.

But blood is definitely a part of the root chakra, so you have Beyond Meat which is a vegetarian option.

Root Chakra food Number 5 #

And then another one I like to throw in, for creating all kinds of dishes is Bob's Red Mill, a vegetarian it's textured vegetarian meal right you can just use that, and it's actually yellow in color, but he calls it.

Red Mill, right so it's got red in the name and I love that. I love that. So it's actually yellow but once you take it and you include it in like let's say, a chili, which would be brilliant right because you put it in the tomato sauce with the kidney beans, and then you'd have the texturize protein, the Red Mill texturize protein, all of those three of the things I've named in one dish.

So that would be an amazing root chakra boosting dish and of course, if you eat organic farm raised meats, you could put a little bit of meat into that chili as well.

In either case, we're getting one, we're getting numbers two three, and four into that particular recipe so chilies are really best, root chakra food it's a super root chakra  

Okay, so that's number 4 and then finally, number 5, not a big source of protein. But I still because so many people today are now vegetarians, I put it as my quintessential food for the Root Chakra because it's a root vegetable and when you juice it, it creates a rich and delicious hearty juice that feels to me like it's bled itself in terms of how it's invigorating and revitalizing your body, and if you have a lot of say carrot juice, and you add just a little bit Beet Just a tiny bit of Beet, it'll turn all of it red beet juice is so so vibrant.

It's so red and red is really important to the root chakra before I started embracing root chakra I hated red, And I love purple, and now I embrace the red and I really see how much it helps me in my stability by embracing the red.

So beets, You can use them, you can cook them once you cook them you can have them in salads.

So they're growing in the earth, they are rooted, so when you're eating them you're taking in the intelligence of that rooted energy, The way that they have been growing and developing their whole life.

Everything has intelligence remember and when we eat, we take in that intelligence. Alright, so I'm going to give you just a few alternatives as well.


One of them is hibiscus tea which I just love. You can see how red it is even in a clear glass it's red when you put it in a regular mug and you look down and it's just so it's like a red tonic, which is fantastic.

Now I used to recommend Tazo passion tea which has a lot of hibiscuses, but one of my beautiful Tucker booster fans told me that Tazo tea has GMO ingredients, We really want to invoke avoid GMO ingredients as well as artificial ingredients and preservatives.

So, the tea that I found was Traditional Medicinals hibiscus tea, it's definitely non GMO pretty much straight hibiscus so you're gonna get a really beautiful warm for the winter, cup of red vitality, Delicious.

Now if you prefer for your red, to be cold you can do a thicker red with the beet juice but you can also do this alternative cranberry.

Root Chakra food Number 6 #

Cranberry is another of my favorite root chakra foods because it is a tonic for the body, there are so many things that cranberry does for your body, you're gonna have to Google it, I can't list them all, especially just for an alternate food.

But I do think that it's wonderful, and it is good actually, Even for your blood, it's very good for your blood.

So, cranberry would be another one. And finally, last but not least, I must give an honorable mention to my personal favorite fruit I love many many fruits and I want different ones at different times but my overall favorite of all time is watermelon.

Root Chakra food Number 7 #

And I will buy whole watermelons and cut them up and I'll cut half it first and give it away to friends and put parts of it in the refrigerator and little cubes and I love watermelon and it's such a great source of hydration too.

So it feels like it plays nice with the sacral chakra because the sacral chakra is water and liquids, and this is a root chakra food but it's got so much water and liquids that it really feels like it brings a lot of harmony to the first and second chakra, for me. So those are our ultimate and the best root chakra foods.

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Conclude - Here I have learned all the complete 5 best foods for root chakra or Muladhara chakra by using you can heal your root chakra quickly. These foods, fruits, recipes, juice, tea ..really help you to unlock your root chakra 100%.

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