MANIFEST WHILE YOU SLEEP | Let's learn how to manifest dream job, love, ex back, dream home anything while you sleep with best affirmations with music.

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By using this powerful technique in which you will be able to manifest things without doing much i.e. Dream Job, Home, Love, and Money Anything while sleeping! If you don’t believe on this one of the hidden universals secret keys/methods then let's learn completely whether this technique is real or fake.

If this technique is real! Then what happens you are missing or you are rejecting your desire goals!!! So what do you think about this secret key? So let’s go.

At what time it would be more correct to do the Manifest while sleeping technique. Manifest can be done at any time but if you ask me, the best time is at night when you go to bed to sleep.

This is the time when you have to think carefully about what things you have to think about. Your hard work of 4-5 minutes will bring big changes in your life.

You will be able to see how you are able to manifest things in your life.

I have often seen that people make many mistakes before sleeping.

Like many negative thoughts think. What is going wrong in their life, think about them, why they are not able to manifest things, feeling lonely, taking a lot of stress, taking their job step, their relationship Taking stress, why the relationship is not working well, many fights are taking place, they fall asleep thinking many negative thoughts.

By this, you are wasting your energy. And according to me, this is not quite the right thing. You have to change this thing, it will take 4-5 minutes to do this thing, which I will tell you in this article, you can reprogram the subconscious mind.

You should read this article till the last because many people read the article only a few minutes after starting.

They do not understand the whole technique, then when they try, they do not get the fast results which they should get.

So you have to read the article till the last. Understand the whole technique, then apply it, it will be more batter, lest you apply considering it as half incomplete.

And instead of doing good, you do badly on the contrary.

This will not work, you have to read the whole article carefully, understand it well, not only read it, but you have to understand it well. And I don't want you to waste your time at all.


  • First of all, all your work is over, you have to turn off the light in your room.
  • And you have to lie down.
  • Your body has to be completely relaxed.
  • Because if your body is relaxed then you can easily relax your mind.

NOTE - To relax your body, you can do deep breathing.

  • After that, you have to close your eyes.
  • You have to think about only 1desire.
  • What do you want, what is the thing that you want to manifest. You have to visualize that thing that that wish of yours has been fulfilled.
  • You are manifesting a job. So you can visualize that your job has been done.
  • You have to feel how you are feeling, what are you doing while working on that job, you can also visualize that your loved ones are supporting you a lot, helping you, you too Very happy, and you are very passionate about your work, you are getting free checks, and how happy you are feeling.


If you are manifesting your life partner, ex-lover, soulmate, twin flame… in your life then you can visualize how it will be, what will be its quality, if you love someone and you want to marry him/her then you can see that person. Feel that you are married, where have you gone after marriage, what are you feeling, you feel that you have got everything that you wanted to get, then You wanted it, now you have got it all.

You have to visualize everything in your detail, that you do not have to feel that you are visualizing or in reality, you have to do it with full fill that I got everything that I wanted to get, we wanted to get.


You can visualize something like you can about health that you are very healthy now, you don't get tired while working, think about your business that now your business is growing, my income It is also increasing, I am very happy together.

If you are a student, then you can visualize that you have a lot of interest in studies, so you can solve your questions.

Anything can happen as much as your dreams, desires or wishes, your goals are, it depends on you what you want.

You have to think about all those things, you have to think about your desire for at least 4-5  minutes. Feel yourself how positive your life is becoming and you are feeling relaxed, feeling happy,

When you keep your thoughts in your mind before sleeping, the things that you think about, after sleeping, it continues in your subconscious mind, repeat what we want to achieve, which are dead goals, but we will think that whole night in your mind The same things will keep on repeating.

The subconscious mind manifests the same thing that we think while sleeping.

If you keep a thought in your mind before sleeping, it will go on repeat for the whole night.

You are manifesting those things. You have to monitor your thoughts in a very controlled way before you go to sleep that yes we have such a thought, if you keep positive thoughts then you are manifesting positivity all night in your life.

If you are sleeping under tension or negative thoughts are coming, your next day will also go the same. You yourself will notice that the day you slept in tension at night, you could not sleep well even in the morning, that night and the next day also your day was not going well.

This is the thing that you have to pay a little attention to your thoughts, what are we thinking before sleeping, what are we talking about, what are we watching, we have to take care of all those things.

Coming back to the topic, when you have visualized you start feeling sleepy, you have to be thankful.

You have to thank God, you can be thankful to anyone, you have to be grateful that you have got everything that you wanted to have. You have to show Gratitude.


Why are people often unable to manifest with this technique?

Just found out about the real Law of Attraction and if you want to manifest your big goal, then you should not do it.


I recommend that you manifest your small desire, now you do not have the confidence that you can directly manifest your big goals, you have just started.

It will take time in that confidence lane, now you will have dough in your mind whether it will work or not, you will have many doubts in your mind, so somewhere if you keep big goal then it is difficult Only for you.

You keep the small things, when you will have this confidence, then you can therefore manifest your big goals, dreams.

I highly recommend you to try this technique because I can tell you with certainty that you will get very positive results and many people will get positive results.

And have met. How many changes have come in your life, you are sleeping well, you are feeling positive. There are many advantages of this technique.

So I personally try myself and I am you that you must also try every night, it is only a matter of 5 minutes to give you only 5 minutes, only 5 minutes to yourself and these 5 minutes every night will change your life a lot. Will only help.

Promise you when you get a positive result then you must share your expression in the comment box below my article. I would like that very much.

When people manifest something that brings happiness in their life, then I am more than happy that they are bringing changes in the life of people with my little help.

Well, your subconscious mind is so powerful that when you say these commands, you can manifest anything you want while you sleep.

In today's article, I want to share with you a technique I've been using to manifest while you sleep.

Yes, that is totally possible! And all comes down to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is so powerful that when you say these commands can manifest anything while you sleep.

Believe it or not, one of the best times to manifest something is while you sleep. And I know that sounds crazy.

How can you manifest something while you're sleeping, you're asleep probably even gonna dive deep into all of the details like to manifest while I sleep, and the results have been incredible. What you need to know about the subconscious mind is that it is extremely powerful when you know how to use it.

I remember when I first started studying the law of attraction, I was reading everything I was watching me learning everything I could possibly get my hands on, and I found those standing the subconscious mind because there is so much power in it.

Your subconscious mind influences so much what you are seeing of your reality and when you truly understand that you will seriously be amazed at how powerful subconscious programming is.

Let's go over how you manifest while you're sleeping because I know that sounds really counterintuitive, how can you create something and hold a feeling well manifest except if you're sleeping. How does that even work?

So one of the best times to act on production during your sleep, actually be a really powerful exercise 5 minutes before you fall asleep.

So the way that I think this would work best is to do this technique, I'm about to share with you before the five-minute technique in the article so do both these techniques combined together, it will not take you more than five minutes total.

So don't worry you're not going to have to do some long time before you. It will change like, I'm serious when you take 5 minutes, every single night.

You'll be shocked. So let's jump into the technique, here's what you're going to do, I want you to pick one thing you intend to do.

I like picking one thing at a time. I know there are probably 10 things that you can go right now that you're trying to manifest but when you're trying to focus on too many things you end up getting through your day and have like a to do list and you start one thing and you start the other thing.

But you never finish anything so that nothing gets done that to do because you kind of started a little bit here and there and they're less energy focused, I like to get at one thing at a time and you don't have to wait until it manifests to move on to the next day.

For the 2nd of this exercise, let's do it this way, pick one thing you intend to manifest and do this exercise for one week and then move on to the next thing you want to manifest and then the next week, move on to the next thing.

So we're gonna do one focus per week. So choose the one that you tend to manifest and you're going to do this for an entire week and then move on to the dialing I said, and what I want you to do, you're going to close your eyes, place your hand over your heart and say, I tend to create or manifest blank or I integrin link into life, whatever resonates with you, it's a personalized think my words exactly if that feel natural to find a way to declare what you intend to manifest or create so I intend to manifest or create blank insert whatever it is that you're trying to manifest.

And after you make your statement of intent on what you want to do. I want you to ask for guidance.

So what you're going to do is still with your eyes closed your hand over your heart you're going to say, Show me my heart, show me what to do, what are you up to, what steps I need to take to make this happen.

My heart right now you surrender. So like I said you don't have to worry about getting that word for word or following the exact way that I said it, make this work for you make sure you throw around with it, play with what sounds and feels best for you.

You don't have to follow my words exactly, but what you're essentially doing is hearing what you want and then asking for guidance, declare that you're willing to do your part, and then ask for the steps, asked for what you need to do for your part, ask what you need to say, what you need to do what actions you need to take.

And then when you're done doing that, simply say, I surrender, I'm ready, and then with your eyes still closed, I want you to repeat this affirmation three times.



All guidance will come to me work this out while I sleep.

Oh, guys come to me work this out like work this out while I sleep.

And then, that is, if you want to boost your results you can go into that other five-minute exercise I talked about in my other article, but if not, that's totally fine.

So this is such a powerful exercise because you are putting out a statement of intent. What do you want to manifest?

You are asking for the guidance you were asking for what you need to do for a part and then surrendering, and then by forming that you want this one.

Take the pressure off it all out on your own, so many people feel like they do everything on their own when you feel like you have to know what action to take you start just taking random actions because you feel like doing them.

But if not, that's totally fine. So this is such a powerful exercise because you are putting out a statement of intent on what you want to manifest.

You are asking for the guidance you were asking for what you need to do for your part and then surrendering, and then by affirming that you want this to all be worked out while you sleep, you take the pressure off of yourself on having to figure it out.

So many people struggle when they feel like they have to do everything on their own when you feel like you have to know what action to take you to start just taking random actions because you feel like you're supposed to be doing something, but the thing about co-creation is that you do your part and you allow the universe to work out all of the stuff that's beyond your control.

It's not up to you to create the people, places, circumstances, or things to allow what you want to manifest to come into your life.

It's your job to do your part FOLLOW the guidance follow the inspired action follow the impulses follow your intuition, and then let the universe take care of the rest of creation works.

So when you do this manifest while sleep technique, it kind of takes the burden off of you to feel like you need to have all of the answers and know all of the things that you have to do and try and make all these things happen and it takes all of that pressure off, and when that pressure is off, that's what you can get into a place of receiving and then things can flow to you so much easier.

Trust me, when you're in a place of relaxation, that's when things can show up in your life.

Don't try and control it so much, and I truly love this affirmation, because what you need to understand is that your brain, your subconscious mind is always working through things, while you sleep anyway, so why not give it a purpose, give it a specific job to do while you sleep.

Think of all the times you think subconscious mind trying to work through issues and problems and experiences you had that day or things you're worried about are things that are coming up your subconscious mind is already working while you sleep so why not give it a specific job to do.

All guidance will come to me work this out in my sleep. Let that guidance come to you in the form of dreams in the form of images in the form of feelings, see what comes up for you.

Everything is communication, the universe is always communicating with us, it's up to you to listen.

It's up to you to decipher what's going on it's up to you to figure out what these messages mean to yourself, you have the answers they're all within you, it's just up to you to connect the pieces and be open to them.

So let's do a quick recap of the manifest while you sleep basic technique,

  • You’re going to find a quiet place.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Place your hand over your heart.
  • Say I intend to manifest or create blank and then you say, I'm willing to do my part, show me what I need to do, show me what actions I need to take, I surrender, and from there you say this affirmation three times.

All guidance will come to me work this out while I sleep all guidance will come to me work this out while I sleep all guidance will come to me work this out while I sleep, and then be prepared to get.

And then know what to do to make all of the things happen that you want to create. It is such a powerful technique trust me you have to try this and don't forget to check out the other technique the five minute exercise to do right before you fall asleep, that pair with this is just, I really hope you enjoyed today's article.


Conclude – Here I have shared the ultimate hidden methods about how to manifest anything while you sleep fast with affirmation & manifest music.

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Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks