SEE AURA | Let’s learn how to see aura or read in one day by 3 tested secret methods & what is the meaning of auras in English with examples & facts.

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In simple terms, we can say the real meaning of aura is defined as spiritually "Every person in this world is surrounded by a field of energy it is called AURA". Let’s understand with a live physical example in 2022.

You have often seen that you have met a person and do not even know the name of that person, yet positive vibes are felt from that person, let me tell you, All this is amazing of Aura.

Before we learn completely about seeing your aura or seeing others auras with the hidden secret tips & exercises, First of all, you have to understand what is the aura and how it works, and how to keep it positive, where is the auras location in our body, How to see your aura in a picture So let’s see all the question's answers you will get as beginners. So let’s learn for the information you can land on Wikipedia.

The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and it surrounds every object and living being in the universe, it looks like as shown in the picture below.


Here I have shared the HD photos of auras by seeing you can easily imaging how aura looks like. 

how to see aura, see aura, how to see aura in 60 seconds, learn to see aura, learn how to see aura, i can see aura, can you see aura, how to see auras, how to read auras, aura examples, auras, whats an aura, what is aura, how to see auras, how to see auras in 60 seconds, what is meaning of aura, what is aura means,aura,auras

how to see aura, see aura, how to see aura in 60 seconds, learn to see aura, learn how to see aura, i can see aura, can you see aura, how to see auras, how to read auras, aura examples, auras, whats an aura, what is aura, how to see auras, how to see auras in 60 seconds, what is meaning of aura, what is aura means,aura,auras

how to see aura, see aura, how to see aura in 60 seconds, learn to see aura, learn how to see aura, i can see aura, can you see aura, how to see auras, how to read auras, aura examples, auras, whats an aura, what is aura, how to see auras, how to see auras in 60 seconds, what is meaning of aura, what is aura means,aura,auras

how to see aura, see aura, how to see aura in 60 seconds, learn to see aura, learn how to see aura, i can see aura, can you see aura, how to see auras, how to read auras, aura examples, auras, whats an aura, what is aura, how to see auras, how to see auras in 60 seconds, what is meaning of aura, what is aura means,aura,auras

So, the aura extends about 3 feet out from a person or an object above their head and below their feet into the ground. 


If you don’t know how to pronounce AURA word in the English language. Then I have given below.



So let’s understand how we can imagine or understand the exact position of the aura with an example.

You must have seen that when the candle burns, the candle's light is its flames, that is its Aura.

how to see aura, see aura, how to see aura in 60 seconds, learn to see aura, learn how to see aura, i can see aura, can you see aura, how to see auras, how to read auras, aura examples, auras, whats an aura, what is aura, how to see auras, how to see auras in 60 seconds, what is meaning of aura, what is aura means,

Similarly, we also have a unique protective shield. Although we cannot see with our own eyes, but every person has a unique aura of his own.

We all have an Aura, this Aura travels towards the white to the black side.

The person whose Aura is good i.e. positive, his Aura is towards the white side.

Similarly, the person whose Aura is negative is on the dark side.

If your Aura is towards the dark side, then you need to do it towards the white side. It is very important for you to improve.

We would have to take you towards the bright side of Aura in any case.

Because if your Aura is positive then people will be interacting with you, will listen to you, will give importance to your point. We will now talk about how to keep Aura positive.


Now we will talk about how you keep Aura positive i.e. dark side. How to move towards the bright side.


Our body is made up of 7 elements water, air, fire, earth, space when we are interacted by these elements tub their impact on our body, mind, soul has a lot.

You must have seen that when you have reached home after working from outside, after taking a bath, your mind is refreshed, that is because our body already has the element of the voter.

And when it interacts then somewhere we feel positive.

After taking shower, you grow towards positivity. Your stress, tension, whatever is negative in your mind,

All that energy starts to move.

Your mood becomes strange, due to these elements, you get refreshed somewhere.

The elements inside you get fully charged.

I will recommend you if you go there in the morning around your house without footwear and walk on the grass there, it will make you feel better because when you connect with the earth, the earth element is connected to earth's positivity energy. it occurs.

#2- Meditation

By doing meditation there is a lot of positive impact on you and you, if you do meditation for 20-30 minutes daily, then there will be many positive effects in your life, not your Aura will be positive, you will have to take decisions about your thinking and understanding. Will help a lot.

If you do not know how to do meditation then you can search on youtube.

Alert -

When you think negatively about someone, first of all, you harm yourself because its impact falls on our Aura.

Our Aura goes towards the dark side, so I will recommend you that you should not think bad for anyone, do not think negatively, nothing bad will happen to that person, you will be harmed, so think well to everyone.

This will help you in taking your Aura towards the bright side, your thoughts have a lot of power. You have to have complete control over your thoughts, keep your thoughts positive. For yourself as well as for others.

#3- Blessings

Give blessings to others because there is a lot of power in blessing.

When you give blessings to someone, you feel a positive energy, if you give blessings from the heart, then your Aura is instantly charged 100%.

And there will be positive energy inside you, then negative energy will start coming out on its own.

So, by giving blessings, your Aura becomes active and charged.

Recommendation -

So, I recommend you to bless you, whether it is your friend, your family,

Anyone can give blessings.

This work will help you a lot in moving your Aura from the dark side to the bright side.



So basically we can say, Aura is just unseen or hidden energy that is coming from our body it is in our body and it goes out beyond our bodies.

You are an energetic being in a physical body and energy actually extends far beyond your physical body.


The size of an aura energy field around a person can vary, not just from person to person, but the same person may have a different size of auras Dreiling on the day or even the time of day, their aura may be brighter and larger their aura may even throw entire room.

When they are feeling passionate and on fire & connected themselves and with others, they may project their aura, very far when they're feeling tired, fatigued, closed in on, speak energetically, their aura will actually shrink and maybe much much smaller.

And suddenly, each of us perceives the auras of others whether we realize. Has someone ever walked into a room say you're in the store and someone walks in and the moment they walk in, it's like, all eyes turn towards them all head drywall turn towards them and I know that a lot of people chalk this up to physical attractiveness.

It's, it's more than a conventional standard of beauty, it's an energy. Some people just radiate a kind of energy that is truly attractive energy or magnetic energy you know attractive magnetic being drawn and really a lot of times, to be attractive, we are actually finding their energy to be very magnetic and it projects, and attracted about them.

Which, by the way, just a little plug here but I have created an entire library of subliminal tracks, and many of these are actually targeted specifically at changing the way that you project your appearance into the world because if you believe yourself to be beautiful to be attractive to be a magnetic person you actually can create this aura.

Aura really defines how people perceive you, people don't need to be able to consciously see or colors, maybe one you're actually picking up on the energy of others all the time whether we would consider ourselves very strictly conscious people or not very into spiritual things, it really doesn't matter, we're all able on some level to sense the energy of others when they walk into the room.

The interesting thing about auras is that it's actually not just possible to sense them but to visually perceive them to see them and when I say see them, I don't just mean I know it is possible and that some people's view or as like within their mind, you know, almost like they can envision someone's aura in their mind's eye, but not actually physically see it, I mean that you can actually see someone's aura color you can see a ring of light that is a certain color around everyone that you meet.

And whether you can see this or not, this isn't necessarily a mark of being, or being like a spiritual person, anyone can actually train themselves to see the human aura.

In fact, As children, we naturally see or as some of us may remember being able to see colors around people, others may not because maybe we were so young, when we stopped seeing auras that we don't even really remember it.

But this is why babies and little kids will often fixate on certain people maybe if you're a highly spiritual Empath intuitive person projecting that kind of an aura.

You've noticed that this is kind of weird but you've noticed that you know maybe you're in line at the store, and a woman has a baby and it just keeps like staring at you.

You may find that young children and babies just enjoy like being around you that you're really good kids.

And this really could have something to do with your aura that those kids are actually picking up.

So anyway, I'll start off with a little bit of personal experience with auras because I started my spiritual awakening journey in 2014 roughly, of course, there's no exact starting date it's kind of something that's going on our entire lives, but I guess you could say it started in earnest.


And when it first began, so I've always been a very empathic intuitive person as I know that many of you listening are as well and have been your whole life, but I never would have considered myself a very like psychic person.

I really wasn't into very esoteric spiritual stuff as I thought of it back then in fact, I was raised, really religious, and to actually really judge.

The idea of anything new agey you know New Age spirituality which ironically is pretty much all I'm interested in. Anyway, the ways life changes us.

But early in my spiritual awakening journey, one of the first strange things that I noticed was my ability to see or. So, this started in 2016. When I saw a video about auras, I thought that it was like really interesting and it was teaching you how to see auras.

So if you keep listening, I promise I'll get through this quick personal story and I'll teach you an exact technique you can use to be able to see auras.

But basically, I saw this video I was super fascinated by the idea of auras, and I basically trained myself within a day, it this technique takes really no time at all.

I mean it could take a little bit longer depending on how easily convinced, you have new ideas like this it might take time to convince your mind to be able to see this layer of reality. But for me, I am pretty open to weird new ideas, at least I have been the last few years so I was able to see my own aura within really just like an hour a few hours. And then after I trained myself to see my own aura.

Creepy like are you even supposed to read people's auras without I feel like that's kind of invasive without the permission but I didn't really think of that back then.

So I was kind of working in a coffee shop and okay I wasn't like intentionally trying to see other people's auras, very intentionally, but I had just learned how to do it and so I kind of noticed myself zoning out on like a girl that I saw, or like a person that was across the coffee shop and I noticed there or like their aura popped out to me around them.

And this is the moment that I knew this wasn't just in my head because. So the aura I saw myself was blue, but then I thought to myself, like what if I just am seeing blue auras around everyone because I practice a little bit on my family, and it turns out, a lot of my family has a blue or as well.

I mean, because a lot of my physical family is also soul family and shares a lot of the same traits, and soul mission and purpose in just general vibration, you really may find that a lot of your family actually shares your same or color and especially your friends because you tend to gravitate towards people that are like you, and so you'll most likely actually feel comfortable around people that have a similar aura color to you it's just interesting sign though.

So anyway, I thought since a lot of the people in my life had my same kind of general shade of blue, that I may not actually have been seeing, or as maybe like I was like, oh maybe I wouldn't see different colors but then this girl had a yellow or a so it's very different.

And then throughout my life, I so the way that aura or skiing has worked for me is, I don't see people's auras like all the time, it's something that it's kind of hard to explain.

I'm sure you'll understand once you start practicing it. But it kind of for me I've never practiced it to the point where I can walk in a room and immediately just like register everyone's aura colors or see all of them to be zoning out near the person or on the person for a while, which is really uncomfortable to do with like strangers or people you don't know that well.

So I don't normally actively read people's auras, but I do have the ability to, especially in certain types of lighting when it's easier to see the aura, and anyway I'll get into that.

But all I'm trying to say here is it's very possible for you to see auras, especially your own aura will be the easiest to see you could probably teach yourself to see that within one day or last.

And then, you've been able to notice the auras of the people around you. And remember, an interesting thing with auras is that it's deeper than just.

But an interesting thing also is not only can always change in size like in, you know how expanded they are on a particular person throughout even a single day.

But also, as you get better at seeing auras, you can see, I'm not I will not pretend to be as good at this, as other people who are experts in this subject are but you will be able to see patches and people's aura and very complex changes and coloring and people's aura around their body that can actually indicate certain chakra blockages, certain even physical illnesses, certain mental blockages, emotional, trends, and those kinds of things so or reading is very fascinating to me.


Like I said, it's best to start practicing yourself because it really takes the pressure off.

It's just you by yourself and you have the best likelihood of being able to first see an aura if it's your own.

The second thing - I would say is you want, if possible, to be in a room with very bright, you know, whiteish light as close to kind of white light, as you can get.


And you want the background to be as light as possible so for absolute best results you want a white backdrop background like standing against a white wall or something like that, and you want the lighting to be very bright, almost like white light, and you want to be looking at a mirror, preferably a big mirror.

So you can see a good amount of your body, and you're going to stand a little bit away from the mirror, you don't want to be right up on it, I would say maybe like a couple feet away from it.

So this is where it gets kind of strange or complex so basically, a lot of times when you see an aura when I'm able to see an aura it's, it's not the area of the body that I'm looking directly at.

It's like I can see the aura color in my peripheral vision so a good way to practice is to focus on a part of your body like your head or your arm in the mirror.

Look at it in the mirror and spoke or mind to kind of zone out on that part of the body in your vision to even kind of zone out a little bit to try to just relax your mind and your eyesight and everything.

And try to out of the corner of your vision or your periphery, see if you can make out what it first will look like kind of a milky white or grey kind of outline.

So it'll look like an outline around your body that may only look an inch thick or something like that and it will normally at first not have a color.

So it'll just look kind of whitish or greyish too. But as you can see just seeing this outline, try to imagine if this was a color, what color would this be, and you may find that as you test different ideas of colors that it could be like.

I wonder if it's blue, as your mind registers blue you may then be able to see a blue outline around your body.

So, like I said the only way to really be able to see your own aura is to practice.

So, to practice kind of zoning out on a part of your body trying to allow yourself to see this outline around your body, even if it doesn't have a color, and then to kind of fixate on that outline until it takes on some kind of color.


Now, another thing I will say is that for best results. It really, really helps if you've been consistently meditating, especially if you meditate, clear your head clear breathing.

Focus your mind, either on something you're passionate about excited about happier, your energy, because if you clear your mind and bring up your energy in that way your aura will actually expand, and it'll be a lot easier for you to see the first time.

Also when you have a clear mind, a mind that you've just cleared through meditation and breathwork, you're much more easily able to tap into the spiritual around in general.

So kind of spiritual things like this or esoteric type things will just come more naturally to you because you're kind of relaxing your conscious logical mind a little bit and allowing your subconscious intuitive spiritual mind to open up.

I would also recommend trying to do this, so this is kind of an odd one but I found that after like physical activity, it was easier to see my aura I think because it just brightened up my aura to be moving.

I don't really understand the details behind that yet, but I'll say that after I went for a jog or run, and then I would try looking at my aura at that point, it was actually a lot easier to spot them when I would just be trying like after waking up or out of the blue in the middle of the day.

Not really sure why this is but maybe it's because it gets the energy moving faster around your body and so, it expands your aura, even more, next at brighter.

I don't know if you're more into, you know, or a study and you have thoughts on that, let me know because that's something I'm definitely interested in.

But anyway, that is how you can see aura color and once you see your AURAS, you'll find it easier to start to notice other people's auras, especially when they're feeling, a very intense kind of way.

So, that is someone's aura without even trying it all. Like one time there was someone extremely like angry and intense.

And I saw a very bright red aura around them.

Even through the camera, I can see this beautiful pink aura around her it was just gorgeous.

So, when people are feeling a strong type of way, or radiating a strong type of energy, you'll be able to start to see the color of that energy.

So, good luck, seeing your own aura or other words, let me know in the comments about any successes you have, remember to celebrate even the small successes so even if you just begin to see the outline of even kind of a milky white or grey color around yourself, celebrate that as a win, and I promise you that.

With practice, you will be able to see your aura color. I am so excited to find out how this goes for you I hope my technique works well for you.

Aura’s similar words list or synonyms –

  1. atmosphere
  2. air
  3. quality
  4. aspect
  5. character
  6. ambience
  7. mood
  8. spirit
  9. feeling
  10. feel
  11. flavour
  12. colouring
  13. colour
  14. complexion
  15. climate
  16. tone
  17. overtone
  18. undertone
  19. tenor
  20. impression
  21. suggestion
  22. emanation
  23. vibrations
  24. vibes

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So friends if you don't know auras colors then you can learn completely what are aura colors and their meanings & advantages with pictures.

Conclude - Here we have learned the complete theory with an example of what is the aura and how to see aura by tested technique or method and how to pronounce the word AURA as well as we have seen how to keep aura positive always lots more.

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