MANIFESTATION POWER | Here we will learn all the complete process about how to increase manifestation power of mind instantly 100% like 369 method to attract fast.

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Manifestation power is nothing but the secret spiritual energy which is living in our mind through which we can attract anything what we want. So if your manifestation energy is not working then let’s learn to understand how to increase the manifestation power of the mind.

So friends today I'm giving you a very quick, effective, and easy process about manifestation power. Once you start implementing, you will start diving into levels results. Yes, incredible result in your manifestation process.


And this is so simple but so effective, once for the next 30 days, you will have a chance, and massive manifestation in your journal.

Are you ready, I'm sure you. I'm so happy and excited to see all of you manifesting your post as action dreams today and giving you a very very very powerful process that significantly enhances your power of manifestation and you start having incredible results.

Now so many of your thoughts and your words create your manifestation. That's how you are releasing the vibration in the universe.


So if you want to raise your power of manifestation, no matter what kind of techniques or what kind of processes you are using, there are some reprogramming you have to do at a very deeper level, and at least next 30 days. So that you will see significant change.

The first one is you have to memorize as many positive words as possible. Yes. See your memory is the storehouse of all the ideas, thoughts anyone having like when people say like, oh, I'm just kidding on I'm not happy or I stressed out or I'm sad or I'm jealous when they have something positive like oh I'm feeling awesome I'm excited, I'm happy and joyful, where all these words come from all inside your memory, all these words that you have been repeating, again and again, they are residing inside your memory bank and where is the mind.

So one big thing that has been proven in many studies that the kind of words that you are using this, the amount of success, you will be having in life.

Yes, the kind of words that you are using arriving inside your head is going to dictate the kind of success that you are having now, people who are going through a lot of pain or suffering or illness, they usually keep repeating the words which are negative, like for example, try, maybe 20 or 30 years back, being stressful was not very common people are not talking about stress and anxiety slowly.

But that stress becomes a major part of our life, and they started talking about oh and stressful like stressful and stressful, and so many people started using stress that stress has become a normal thing, then people started talking about, oh, I'm highly stressed, and this was not that people started being highly stressed out, And then slowly being stressful is normal these days being stressful being living why because those words have been implanted in our subconscious mind and we have been talking about and using body words again the same way if you go to a particular house or a family.

If you find that most of the people are going through illness, then you will find if you carefully listen to their words you're surprised to find that most of the time they are talking about illness, anxiety, stress, negative one is not yet having an illness, he or she is talking more about oh, people are becoming 40 Everyone is having high blood pressure, everyone is having heart disease or everyone is going through cancer.

So, when they are using these words more often, you are getting ready for these illnesses, you are getting ready for more negativities. So, you have to protect yourself, you have to reprogram you have to think that you have from trying to remove the negative words and store more and more positive words same way when you go to a mind or when you meet.

Highly successful people, they keep talking about oh, everything worked out success is easy. Everything is working out, it's going to be awesome I'm having an amazing day I'm having a beautiful day.

Oh, me all my meetings are successful, everything that I touch turns into board Oh my growing fast.

Oh, my career is moving forward, or my health is getting better or my relationships are magical.

So, what is going to be suffering or failure? Those who want to be successful and happy but consistently a lot of negativities have negative words inside their memory when they want to have a positive and happy life, they are not able to come out of it, whether it's people who are highly successful or happier glowing life, it doesn't mean that they are not facing challenges or obstacles in life, it doesn't mean they are succeeding, all the time, but because they are focused more and more and more on the positive or more and more of the worst and by that, we can raise their vibration, they are achieving more success their overview which has gone higher.

So, the number one thing I want all of you to do is to remember and memorize more and more focus less on the negative words start using deep insight do an introspection and ask yourself, what kind of words you're using more and more.

And you will realize the pain and suffering, he was talking about negativities. If you are going through relationship issues, most of the time you are talking about jealousy, you are talking about breakup you are talking about pain you are talking about suffering you are talking about cheating, you are talking about marriage.


manifestation power, 369 manifestation power, how to increase manifestation power, 6 law of attraction exercises to increase your manifestation power, what is manifestation power, 365 manifestation power, increase manifestation power, how to strengthen your faith in manifestation power, 365 manifestation power review, 365 manifestation power pdf,

If you want to create a relationship, your focus would be on love on the alignment of joy on prosperity on faithfulness in having a magical moment.

Simply earlier. If you are talking about debt and fails, all the time, then the abundant life, if you want to have an abundant life you have to stop the prosperity, abundance money even if now you have a little bit of money but when you start talking about abundance and get ready for it, you start doing more money.

So this is one of the most important thing. Because whoever your thoughts and feelings are coming from that memory back, that you have inside your subconscious mind, fill it with more and more positive words, and then everything will change.

So what I want you to do today is to the ticket journal, and try to write it down first. What are the negative words that you are using all the time, or bots you are using?

And you noted down, and then ask yourself, Okay, what should be the positive words that I should be using.

And then note them down or if you want some negative words like stress, anxiety, all the time.

Then ask yourself what would be the positive words, replacing them six would be being peaceful being joyful being happy, you like.

If it's about breakup, pain, suffering, then you write that magical relationship, happy relationship joyful relationships, money, it's about debt, or it's about bills, then write it, it's about a bunch about prosperity, it's about being a money magnet, so do this exercise right now.

Ask yourself what are the positive words and then you make it where you write all the positive words you want to feed inside your subconscious mind and keep this paper with you or in front of you, maybe at your home may be at your office desk, and next 30 days, every day at least glance at this paper and read these words, if you can read it, or many times it would be great. This is one simple tip, which is going to create a massive, massive, massive change in your life, and right now.

This article is an eye-opener for you if this article has inspired you. I want you to write few things that you really want to fill in your subconscious mind in the comments whether it will belong to money, whether it belongs to the relationship with belonging to overwhelming orders belong to all areas, go to the comment section and write as many positive words that you want to fit inside your the subconscious mind, positive words that are going to try to you more ever from right now. So, it defines it for you, then comment, and share it with someone you love because of the simple, the simple technique. This process can create massive changes in your life. Thank you. GOD BLESS YOU.


FAQ 1 : Is it really increase our manifestation power?

Yes. It works like our Smartphone battery.

FAQ 2 : In which part of the human body manifestation power is stored?

The manifestation of power or energy is stored in the mind.

FAQ 3 : Why do we have to awake our manifestation power?

Because of manifesting your desires fast.

FAQ 4 : How many we can increase our manifestation power or energy?

Depends on your visualization, concentration, regular practice. If you do well then you will feel within 21 days.

FAQ 5 : In which place we can practice to increase our manifestation power?

It should be done in a silent place because your concentration should be focus on your visualization.

FAQ 6 : How can we get to know our manifestation power is awaking?

If your manifestation power is awaking you will feel your mind is relaxing and you will feel better than before, stress goes away..etc

Conclude – Here we have learned what is manifestation power and its complete process of how to increase manifestation power fast & instantly with an example.


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Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks