HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION | Here we will learn how to raise your spiritual vibration fast for manifestation & what are the ways to raise your vibration? How music helps.

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Today we're going to talk about the top 10 hidden tips to raise your vibration which will be the foundation of the real law of attraction. 

If you guys don't know the law of attraction then you can read on our site which I have given in-depth some examples.

If you guys don't know what the law of attraction is it's basically you become your thoughts three simple rules to follow ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE as like a whole science, and the documentary explained it pretty well. 

It is especially what you believe you become so you create your own reality.


So whatever you think are your thoughts positive or negative or any of that you basically get any received. So basically whatever you admit to the universe you received and it all depends on your vibration.


If you have a higher vibration in life you can attract those things very easily and you'll get them quicker and if you have negative vibrations in your life you won't receive them as easily as some other people have a higher vibration you terse the universe and the higher your energy and vibration be higher chances of attracting those things into the universe.


So I'm going to give you guys the top 10 tips to increase your vibration and increase your energy to the universe.


The first tip that I have is to be in the present a lot of these self-help books that I've read about the water traction and like research that I've done I've read a common theme about being in the present moment if you're thinking about the future or the past you're not in the moment and you're not thinking about them now so things that can help this basically just stop what you're doing and look around and notice little things that are happening if you're starting to think about the past or the future kind of like what those thoughts kind of just like pass through your mind if that makes sense kind of like little thought clouds if you are in the present moment and you're aware of where you are now.




Increases your vibrations which increases your chances of easier and quicker if you're thinking about something in the past that you're holding on to like a grudge or something kind of what those thoughts go except where you are today and accept the fact that you're not where you're going to be but you will get that and just believe that you already have those things in the future.

But this moment right now it's just basically what you're kind of going through to get to that moment of the second kind of plays part into At the present moment, I think that you can do is meditate now meditation takes you into the present moment and makes you around your thoughts and take away any thoughts that are running through your mind or anything like that and it kind of just put you in the present moment it always puts you in the place of now and it kind of calms you down and distresses.

how to raise your vibration, ways to raise your vibration,what happens when you raise your vibration,music to raise your vibration,how to raise your vibration when depressed.

Find like meditation practices if you're stressed if you have anxiety if you are feeling negative and down you can find meditation for those specific areas by just typing a meditation for and then in and it helps me a lot to meditate I kind of do a quick 10-minute meditation Excelsior.


If I'm feeling down or negative and it kind of puts me back in that place of now and the present moment.


The second one as well as like through yoga you could have practice on your breathing in the present and where you are now in grounding into the Earth and then exercising when you exercise try your hardest not to think about other thoughts and it was really hard but it is practice on like what you're feeling at the moment and what you're doing in the present moment like a muscle you're working out what you're working on for yourself just think about that in the present and hotel for exercise but just try your best and I'm telling you it'll do wonders.


If number three to be grateful for what you have against this kind of plays into being in the present moment if you're thinking about the future I'd like to see what you wish you had her like this person has this thing and I don't have ducks or whatever if you're not grateful for what you have your vibration do you want vibration, do you want for a Taxes other things that you want because your console thinking oh I don't have.

I don't know if I can afford that thing in those things like don't can't you're attracting can't don't the answer you're into your life and you won't get those things if you're grateful for what you have because you already believe that you have it in the future then you already have it like you're going to get it it's not that big of a deal if you're kind of like jealous of somebody and you see somebody I don't know-how has I don't know a boyfriend that you like well seeing that person have a boyfriend and like a little life that you wish that you had is kind of a sign from the universe that you are going to get that that's in your future is kind of like just a sign that's coming into your life.


So instead of getting jealous of people be grateful for what you have and where you are right now because those things that you were seeing you're going to get it but if you keep thinking I can't don't have that any of those things then you won't get that.


Another thing that ties into being grateful is to be kind if are like kind thoughts are kinds like gestures to other people you will not receive them back because you're showing the universe that you're being negative you're being like me and you're yelling at people for not driving the way that you want to drive or cutting yourself off because and then when you get mad those energies vibrate into the universe and you're going to be getting those negative Vibes like if you ever think like.


If you're stuck in traffic and are getting and then you keep hitting every single red light that's because you're omitting all these negative energies if you just be kind people let people over or like do little things like donate the more you donate the more you receive whatever you give and whatever you deem it to the universe you're going to receive back.


So try your best not to like what does negative Vibes that you want to put kind energy out into the universe if the number for what to be to get into nature if any of you guys have like down like nature walk or run outside or a hike or go on like a nature vacation in like camping or something like that et sense of like gratitude and like everything else kind of like leaves your mind when you're in nature like that you're like a wave in the world there are no buildings there's no technology there are no laptops in the news or anything like that you're just in the now you're in the present you're listening to nature you like experience of the things it's the universe and you're not having this little come into your life like that aren't natural like technology money you know social media or the news there any of that and your kind of just like being in place and feeling ground to the Earth and that kind of raises your vibration because you're literally in nature you're grounded to the roots of this Earth at that moment and you're noticing all this beauty of the world and again you're admitting that that into the universe that I actually just learned is that creativity actually raises your vibration being creative.


So like if you do like little drawings you admit that into the universe and creative kind of helped Spark ideas and Innovation and being creative is so beneficial to you just getting your thoughts down on paper that's like a sense of creativity if you think I'm not create a journal is creative decorating your apartment is creative painting coloring is carton creative fashion is Creative all these things are creativity and everyone has like a little bit of creativity whether you think that you do or you don't and you don't have to be like this.


So artist to be created like you can do little things like even cleaning I feel like it's creative because you're organizing in your decorating and you're like kind of coming up with thoughts of like where I should clean first in any creativity boost. 

Energy mix that energy into the universe number 6 would be to be conscious of what you eating raw Whole Foods is like less but has Mike harder for people some stuff to do the  stuff to do that but one of the main things that you want to do is look at your ingredients if you're not eating something natural from the Earth don't need it if it's like chemicals or something it's not suppose it's not made to be in your body on we were made on this Earth to be putting all these science experiments in our bodies what we want is whole raw food like if you guys feel the energy from eating like really healthy eating really poorly you can feel the difference of Mike.


What makes you happier honestly when you eat that is healthy food yeah it's like good at the moment but it's like 5 seconds and then by the end of that you just feel guilty you don't feel good, you feel bloated like any of these things are amiss.



Negative energy and then and it says negative thoughts so just eat healthy and you'll feel better I do less you eat of the unhealthy food they let you start craving it follows chemicals are made to be addictive and addiction in addiction and general is not good to raise your vibration and I actually decrease your chances of attracting things into your life.


So a while Spurs every once in awhile but don't get down on it too much if you are going to eat something and Dolgin something but don't beat yourself up about it because it's like night 90% of the time you eat healthily.


Tips number seven would be to buy crystals which are something that I haven't kind of getting into I want to research a little bit more I do have an amethyst crystal and I grew up with my aunty that had tons of crystals kind of Razor vibration and raises your positive energy by emitting I don't know I guess like the ions or whatever like because they're actually from this Earth named it like I guess the energy I don't know as research this one a little bit more but I know for a fact that they were they have like specific Crystal that you put on specific parts of your body to he's like things like anxiety or stress or commits positive thoughts while you meditate which is like a plus.


I want to see detox I don't mean like I eating I mean by people things objects that are bringing negativity into your life detox them things like negative people there's someone in your life that's just bringing negative energy to you don't want that in your life and it kind of brings you down and you're letting someone else guide your life and guide your behavior and admitting like negative energy into the world and I feel like if you just get rid of those negative people your life would be so much better I know it's really hard but doing so will really help by bringing more positive things into your life.


Another thing that you can detox away or like drugs and alcohol and these are really bad for your vibrations in a few and if you use them a lot you're not really being in the present moment you're kind of in an altered state of mind it's not a natural state of mind and it is not good for you at all you wake up with more energy you attract more beneficial things into your life.




So again like take out anything that's negative in your life that could be closed I guess something doesn't fit you right and every time you wear at your like I don't like the way this looks on me or something like that then throw it away it's not good for you it's putting negative energy into life throw away from anything that doesn't make you feel good, it's not worth it to have in your life number one would be to be happy and whether that's watching funny videos on listening to tell a funny podcast watching a comedy show all those things being with people that you love and then making you laugh like a huge Plus laughing totally admit like energy into the universe like no other because it's showing that you're happy is admitting that you're happy and like it's going to attract happy I didn't try to stay positive try to laugh as much as you can present where you are and noticed all the happy and positive things are going on in your life and surround yourself with positive Mays Plaza a into this universe.

Number 10 would be to listen to good music now I know music these days have a lot of negative energy into an immature constantly listening to that you're admitting energy into the universe, you want to listen to like happy music Good lyrics you don't want to listen to like anything that's negative or like low another thing I read about is chanting music which I've done chanting before in a yoga class but I've never actually listen to it those are my top 10 tips to raise your vibrations for the Law of Attraction to the key is to the balance you can't have everything perfect all the time because you're going to make yourself go crazy you know things happen you're not always going to be one-hundred-percent perfect the key is balanced like an 80/20 by your best to kind of follow these rules to like razor vibration and things but if you mess up or split Bob or having a hard time don't beat yourself up over it because the key to it is balanced like everything if you have too much vibration it's not good for you if you have good for you the key is balanced just like anything in life if you're obsessing over something or you know going crazy over something that's not good you balance is key.




Let’s learn what happens when you raise your vibration? Once you arise your spiritual vibration 100% then you can do fast manifestation, the law of attraction, making sigils each and everything of spiritual work.




If you are in depression then the first step you have to do mediation yes!  It’s the ultimate solution or formula through which you can raise your vibration easily fast. This is another trick to raise your vibration even you are depressed.


So I hope you guys like this type of the article, if you dare share it with your lovely friends let me know when you guys do raise your vibrations down in the comment section down below.


Conclude - Here I have seen how you can raise your vibration fast and quickly for getting success in the law of attraction and manifestation or in sigil. These top 10 hidden tricks or tips of vibration will very important role will be taken in your life if you really want to become an attractor.


Tags -how to raise your vibration, ways to raise your vibration, what happens when you raise your vibration, music to raise your vibration, how to raise your vibration when depressed.


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