WHAT IS A SIGIL | Let’s learn the real definition & meaning of the sigil history with some live examples. How these sigils spiritual symbols give protection & the basics of sigil making techniques.

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Sigil Definition & meaning #1


Sigil is a symbol with a deeper meaning that is used for a magical and sees and symbols are quite significant in the practice of witchcraft.


It has a lot to do with the fact that witchcraft for so many years and it's so many parts of our world have been deemed as something that was unacceptable or illegal or not allowed which has forced which is over the years to turn their messages into hidden symbols with the meanings not being so easily decipherable it's important to remember that and let's say England, for example, witchcraft was illegal and punishable by Death up until you heard me 1951 is when the last witchcraft laws were repealed which is crazy to think about so for a very long time which is have needed to hide their workings and be really Incognito about what it is they've been up to.


So sigils took on a really powerful and important purpose in the history of being a witch it allows you to Mark things as protected or as being for attracting love or anything like that without it being really obvious that that is what you were doing so when you work with a Sigil not only are you doing it out of a sense of convenience.


A Sigil is a symbol that typically is a lot easier than writing out a whole word right. If you wanted to as being for the protection it might be easier to put a symbol for protection rather than to write the whole word but when you work with sigils you're really connecting to something a lot deeper than just like convenience or Aesthetics Esthetics you're really connecting to the history of practicing Witchcraft and in the first place and the sort of secret nature of occult practices as you move forward in your practice and you begin creating your own sigils yours sigils will take On a really special meaning for you in your life you'll start putting them maybe on textbooks or on clothing or on pieces of paper in your wallet and it's kind of nice because only you really know what they mean and that only heightens the power and the potency of like the energy of that situation, of course, it's not required at all and the extent to which you do is entirely up to you some witches sigils extensively and include them in pretty much everything magical that they do and some witches like myself just use them when they feel appropriate I do a lot of candle magic and depending on the size of the candle I almost always include a Sigil when I am doing so I also include the jewels whenever I'm making a Mojo bag or some type of spiritual sachet but I don't necessarily really use that otherwise but I wanted to give you some ideas on where you can get sigils.


How you can work with them and I'm going to show you how I create sigils when I need to make one for myself so the first thing that I want to tell you is about are symbols that have deeper meanings that are put on two stones or pieces of wood and are cast out to decipher meaning there a divinatory tool and the most popular room that we know about are the Celtic or the North.


Personally when it comes to divination I work with the tarot and with the pendulum I somewhere along the lines I figured out that the symbols of the runes are sigils and sew in spell work I will oftentimes include the Rune symbols as a sigil and I definitely recommend you start there if you've never created a Sigil for yourself before and you're hesitant you don't consider yourself much of an artist or you're just not sure where to start with the symbols on the runes each of the runes has a few meanings associated with them and you will definitely find a room that rune that Associates with your spell purpose or you might find multiple rooms that are associated with your spell purpose and you can simply use those Rune symbols as your sigils they've been used for hundreds of years they have a lot of power and energy in the way who a witch who saw them would probably understand what your message was so definitely a great spiritual way to start working with sacred symbols sigils do not have to be created by you.


So it's totally fine to borrow them from the runic symbols personally I do that quite a bit I don't always feel the need to create a Sigil for myself sometimes. when I am casting a spell I will simply inscribe into my candle or right on my petition paper the symbols of the runes that make sense for that spell work you can find the runes easily online just by Googling them so I recommend looking them up and then writing them down in your book of shadows or your Journal and anytime you want included sacred symbol on your candles or in your spell work you can use a room rune another great way to another source if you don't want to create one yourself is to use the sigils of other witches who work with sigils a lot this is something that done in recent years thanks to the internet and I've actually found it to be really successful some witches are really good at making sigils and they use the same sigils for the same purposes over and over again and when a symbol is used over and over again it builds up its energy and its significance.


So I really like working with the sigils created by other witches for the same reason why I like using spells rituals or information from other which authors or practitioners I just like the energy that's already imbued in that thing from being used or done over and over by other practitioners.


So you might find work with the sigils that were created by other witches and you can easily find these online you can find them on Pinterest. If you're not terribly concerned with where they come from or what they've been used for or if you are you can also follow which is that you respect you're interested in who resonate with you and see if they make sigils there are some witches that make their sigil available either for purchase or for free online I have done this with a witch online name to Nicole be she goes by the name of blood Moon bruja/brujo and she is like the sigil Queen in my opinion on her page is packed full of sigils that she works with and that she posts with different meanings she is fine with you using them for your own personal work of course if you use them for public something to make  sure to credit her and give her credit for creating that sigil schedule but if you're just doing a spell for yourself and it's private then she makes those available for free and that's really awesome of her and I love working with her sigils because sigils are her think she really puts a lot of time and energy into creating them and then she with them extensively and anytime she does spell work on that topic or for that purpose she uses that sigil.


So when I use one of her sigils I know that another which has really been working that symbol and is really been turning that symbol from just a drawing into something really sacred and special really cool about the Blood moon bruja OR BURUJ she actually sells this sigil booklet that she makes where she'll pick a theme or a holiday and she'll make a whole bunch of sigils but different meaning that can pick from if you are interested in having multiple choices so I went and got a booklet for Samhain which is packed with a whole bunch of protection magick sigils and I was really pleased with it there like 18 different sigils add an addition to the art she also gives you the information about what to use it for ideas on what types of spells or can use it with and she gives you information on how to work with sigils in general.


So now that we've talked a little bit more about sigils and how you can get access to them if you don't want to create them I'm just going to walk you through my process for creating a Sigil for when I want to make one for myself.


I'm just going to quickly show you how I sketch out a sigil for myself I start off with a scrap piece of paper because I might do a lot of erasing racing and experimenting until I settle on something that I like.

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what is a sigil 



So I just start off as a scrap piece of paper let's say I wanted to create a Sigil for attracting love I'm going to start out by writing out the word in block letters and you want to use large block letters because small letters or anything with a lot of squiggles in them could be difficult to engrave on a candle lot of squiggles and stuff will make a lot of wax come off and you might not be able to see the symbol. so large block letters are I do because I'm really not like the most artistic when it comes to my sigils and just trying to get a message across I like to start off with any a letter that has the straight line going up and down to serve as the middle of my sigil schedule because I prefer my schedules are as symmetrical as to snow to start with the do something like make and then from there I'll start looking for ways to add on the rest of the letters in a way that makes sense sometimes I use all of the letters sometimes.


 I do want to do this for a male like a tell you in a second why that matters such that just occurred to me okay so I'm going to have the L go this way met real making it really dark so you can see how I have my L and my e Miley and this is a love attraction sigil. 

So I'm going to use the theme as a down arrow if I was doing this to break somebody up I might do like a going-away arrow but I wanted to want it to be attractive so I'm going to use the arrow and then I'm going to add the V now I have a downward attracting Arrow but I also have the letter V in there and the reason why I mentioned that this is going to be for a male is that it occurred to me as I was talking I want to make the o the sun symbol.


The sun is related to masculine energy so it's often used to represent mail and the moon the shape represents feminine energy.

So it's often used to represent females so I am going to try it two different ways the told the over here how I like it and how it feels I'm going to put a circle in the center, this is like the astrological symbol for a sun.


So I've got the old from the Love but also a masculine symbols Simba I kind of like how that looked like if I put the old somewhere else the h of both of these honestly I think this one is a little bit more specific in my mind when I look at it it's like tells me right away okay we're attracting love to the mail I might use this if I was trying to attract a male to somebody else maybe because he always up here but this is totally personal and this is a part of the whole process of you sketching out your sigil and deciding you know what works for you and what makes sense for what you are trying to jail and this is will be in Long along would probably fit really well on a candle even if it was like a thin one I honestly really like them both you know I'm how this isn't actually for a spell this is just as a guess but I might actually use these they that's kind of what I do I start out with the block letters of the word and then I try to put the blocks in the block letters into my design by connecting them along lines and points, where they can line up and then I, might in bed any other symbols that relate to the person that the sigil is for or to the intention behind the sigil like these I'm going to put them in my sigil Journal to come about your sigil whether you use a rune symbol or you get your sigil from another witch or you create one for yourself.




I definitely recommend keeping track of your sigil in a journal this is actually something that I didn't do in the past and I wish that I did because I've created tons of sigils over the years on candles that have been burned or petition paper that has been burned or buried or Frozen blocks of ice or buried I might have said barring any way they no longer exist.


So I really wish that I had written down those sigils and drawing them like into a journal so that I could keep track of what they meant so that I could reuse them and build them up over time and like build up their energy but I did start doing it doing that last year and I have it to be really helpful it's super helpful to reuse you are sigils again to build up the energy and make them be more powerful and more meaningful but you can also keep track and keep notes on how that Central like worked out for you were to you want to make any changes to it or in case something significant with that symbol seems to happen or occur during your magical working it also kind of saves you from having to create a sigil every time if drawing or creating sigils isn't something you feel super comfortable with if you just keep a record of the ones that you did me then you don't have to recreate it the next time you want to make a Sigil you can just use one that you already made and either use it exactly the same or make minor changes to make it specific to the new project or new working that so I really hope that you found this article helpful.


Sigil Definition & meaning #2


So this is a sigils history and its power which we have seen here now we are going to understand some more deeply with another definition and meaning of sigil in a simple way.





I'm prepared to start off what are sigils in condensed form, a Sigil is a symbol that has a specific meaning or intent or magical power behind it to joules are in everyday life then it's literally just a symbol that is used to invoke a certain feeling invokes certain energy and I mean you see sigils that have power behind them everywhere.


Sigil is one of the oldest and the powerful techniques through which we can manifest our dreams or we can get the universal power in a body by applying some hidden techniques to attract anything.


All the hidden energy is attracted in the form of scary symbols. Each symbol has a limit to do work as like other things. All the processes will be done by a sigil making or creator. You can say as a magician of a sigil.


The scary symbols are totally different from other normal symbols which we are creating but according to the theory of making a sigil is totally hidden by the sigil creator or protector.


It’s an amazing result that shows if once you follow the exact technique while making for anything you deserve. It's a part of the law of attraction and manifestation theory all these hidden secret universal theories are working on their own fundamentals. Once anyone understands the hidden theory of universal then he/she can easily attract anything being anywhere but the thing is that you have to collect all the hidden spread information.


Live Example #1


I mean look at any symbols of Authority or the symbol on with the two snakes for the health sign-on hospitals sigils in Magic are used across the board and you can get so creative with these things like the rest of Witchcraft fights against the jewels are some things that I mean they're just so easy so useful and I plaster them especially when I was practicing in secret *** a new order a new witch or practitioner whatever you call yourself sigils are going to be a base sing for you.




I maybe not but there's just no way had to call all of the Earth signs triple moon goddess the sign of the Moon the side of the Sun sign of the son you are going to see all of these things and whether you like it or not they're going to be around you all the time when you're practicing sigils are everywhere and they are just symbols pictures things like that with the scission Sigil first you need to know what you're going to make the sigil for 50 but very short something sweet something simple something straight to the point don't have something that's kind of like flowy and like not really sure exactly what you want the whole point of practicing any kind of energy work your magic is that you know exactly what you want you to have a very clear intention on what you're going for so when you're coming up with this intent like else like any other spells that you're doing with words remember the words have power words have meant they vibrate all different kinds of frequencies in different energy.




So when you're making a Sigil try to stay away from counteractive words so for example if you're doing success you have do not and you have failed if your intent is positive stay away from negative accusations like that instead of saying I do not fail say I am successful along that do not use phrases like I want can the need or I hope using these phrases I want I need and I hope all of these phrases keep them out of your cell or to keep them out completely of yourself because these contradict yourself immediately as you say them as you put them into your tent because I want I need I hope all of these things are indicating that you do not have you have a lack of and that's the biggest part of intent I think in general not even just was scheduled that people have an issue is because of the time you try to change a situation or something.


You need to understand that you are never in lack of anything you need to understand that because years throwing out to the universe that I have this lack of and if you're putting that into your intent even not knowing you are attracting that lack of again.


So do not put I want I need or I hope to keep those out of all of your cell all lof you are in 10 of all of your intent okay now let's say me manifest I use this sigil on my altar all the time as a title I set my candles on it.


Examples #2


Let's move into some examples on how to actually create this once you have fixed intent to grab a blank piece of paper a pen and let's get to know that you have a paper of a pen there's a lot of different ways to make these examples that I'm giving you are not the only ways if you find a different way that makes more sense for you.


So let's use an example I am prosperous way to do this you write it out not in a prosperous the way I kind of learned how to do it was that you take all of the vowels out so I would be out a would be out 000 you so you're left with a map and respires so you are left with that and again there's not really any reason I feel that it's this is how to do it but this is just kind of one of the ways that I learn how to do it and get rid of all of your vowels and take out the remaining letters and then you can use these letters to put it into a symbol that you like that makes you think and feel the vibe of what this says so you know I am prosperous you probably wouldn't have something that's like this is really difficult.


I'm overthinking it that's one thing is go wouldn't have something like this to me looks like you're getting rid of something you're losing something so obviously I am prosperous you're not getting rid of something so you wouldn't want some like that and again don't ever think it I mean like just use the letters that you like do the S here I don't know so I mean like maybe that's my schedule or maybe is this one's maybe a little too aggressive for me because of all this Sharp point so maybe that be something that I would use for a different schedule but I mean you understand the concept of just kind of using whatever he looks like this one already this one's kind of cute and so maybe this is my schedule there we go you know I am prosperous I don't that kind of looks like eyes.


I don't like that but if it's just these kinds of make that work is my I am can see can see that I just can't scroll around and figured it out and whatever just don't overthink it you'll eventually come to something just because I like this because it looks like it's manifesting something you know it's growing something on this is emitting omitting something that says this to me looks a lot more prosperous than this one with the downward arrows or this one with the very sharp edges I mean this one has sharp edges to but maybe you know maybe I can make it a little more squiggly or something I don't know but it's all subjective it's basically if you're an artist you're going to really like this if you're not just don't overthink it's it gets a lot harder when you overthink it you feel like you're putting together puzzle pieces because really there's nothing there's nothing that you're going for other than something that you there's not really a goal here other than to create a symbol that you feel fits the original 10 is a second way this is a much flowy intuitive way to do it so let's do I eat healthy I eat healthy if I can spell that be great go all right I eat healthily.


So then I mean what kind of shapes do you feel that I eat healthy probably not angry looking or that to me but I mean I eat healthy seems to be something that's more of a positive oh yeah I eat healthily I mean you might think like leaving leafy greens or you don't want me to bite turn into a flower at at first or maybe it's like maybe it's just like a little salad bowl and you put stuff in it said it's a smoothie saying that you're chilling with and then you can just pick up I just scribble you can literally just scribble and then you're like oh I like these scribbles and so maybe I'll just take that and I also like over at 3 sad 3 I don't know what that is the t you eat how that you eat healthily that's like a weird-looking Pokemon sketch but if that's what makes you feel like you eat healthily then that is what makes you feel like you eat healthy so they're just two ways to do it to your name you know it's completely up to you I mean these are just really quick Doodles of how I make mine you will see I mean you'll start to see that you'll come up with like to do have so this little book straight out is a SketchBook and then it turned into keeping track of my readings and then it went into keeping track of all these things that I found her ones that I was making up ones that I was creating and now I keep it on my altar because you know if I ever need one so they quickly user just our need to go good I just need to grab a Sigil really quick because it's quick magic is easy magic, yeah that's I think that's a good idea is to have like a tiny little for a book for that and like I said I have my sigil on my altar here just on like a kitchen tile that I painted on and I put like any kind of spell worker candles or whatever on this so you know it's it takes a few tries to figure out exactly how to make your schedules or whatever.


But you'll eventually figure it out so don't stress out about it just don't think about it too much you know just tried doodling sometimes even if you're just scribbling you don't really have an intent if you look at that sigil and you're like all that kind of reminders do I have reminds me so I have you look at the sigil schedule and you like it because I just want to really I didn't have any intent to I was actually just scribbling with a friend while we're doing readings and this one came up and I was just like this I don't know what it's this makes me feel good it makes you feel like something's growing something you know community whatever I turned it into the schedule for Love Grows here we got it wasn't it was just a bunch of it didn't start off like the super pretty pristine thing I was literally just screwing around and I saw that particular skill moves like are you going to use this sigil that you created down using a Sigil first you need to charge it.


So charging it was one of the things that confuse me for a while really can charge this on just kind of giving life so blowing on it and doing it with some the oil that matches your intention you can even spit on it to activate you can burn it so you know riding on a piece of paper writing it on a bay leaf and burning it and using the ashes in your spell that's a really good way to add that intention into your spouse owe it to use your schedules in your spells like I said you can burn them and use the ashes you can burn them on bay leaves and just sprinkle the ashes or Let It Go put that in your spell you can use your schedules and carve them into candle you can draw them on your skin in your notebooks for classes or for work you can do them on the bottom of your shoes and that's been something that people who have done for a very long time use them in your kitchen witch redraw the bay the bottom of your cup or maybe do it in the icing of your cake before you spread it there are so many ways to do this literally anywhere that you can draw or create some kind of shape with something you can put a Sigil in and put your intention into whatever that activity is so that is kind of The rundown for sigils.


 I really hope that you learn something that was somewhat helpful at least and the next article  I'm hoping to do a new article on practicing and Secret home ping I'm hoping to do an article on practicing in secret because I did that for years and I have a few tips and tricks that might help you guys and I know that a lot of you do practice in secret.


That is very helpful for you guys at practice and seek or they don't have to be painted in blood on your wall way you know they can be a piece of paper slipped in your shoe pieces of paper that you have slipped in the back of your phone the case, I actually did that for a friend for communication and that helped her pretty well I actually use mine some of my books for work when I take them because I'm a waitress charge if you keep them with you and you kind of just forget about him that's the weird thing about sigils is you don't need to consciously be like oh yeah that's there you know you can just throw these sigils in or on something and then just kind of forget about him and then every time see it that intention comes back up into your mind and that's to get to connect your sigils to a feeling instead of a  phrase really help you a little bit. I know that I'm helping you guys out with them I hope it was as everything that you had questions on if you have any questions comments concerns feel free to contact me.



I got some other secret hidden secret ways to make sigils so one by one I am going to share with you all in upcoming articles if you are ready.

Do you know what is sigil magic and how to make a sigil magick symbol to manifest anything that you want in your life fast then read this article on this site with a live demo I have shown.

Conclude- Here we have learned in-depth about what are sigils & their power? What are the rules we have to follow to make a powerful sigil/sigils & we have also learned about the full l definition and meaning of sigil/s with some live examples.

Thanks a lot to come here and I hope you got some relevant information from this site.

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