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How I manifested our brand new house. I want to share all of my success stories & my experience with full details & the secret methods with you, because I have to say that this is one of my absolute favorite manifestation so far.

And I have a lot of lessons on all of it that I want to pass on to you. In this article have a lot to share with you, with a lot of tools that you can use to manifest those bigger things that you want, and I am honest it just really excited to share my whole experience and exactly what I did to make this all happen.

I'm a mindset coach and manifesting expert focused on getting you transformational. This site is about manifesting the law of attraction and whatever you want to say when you are in the right place.

I really put my heart and soul into writing this article to share one of these hidden universal´s secret techniques with you. Now let's get into all of the details.

So the way that's manifesting for me was something I could have imagined or comprehend. It honestly did not expect it like not at all when I used to think about the house I wanted, and when my brain used to get lost, and how it would show up, or where it would be or what it would look like, or when it would happen. I can truly and honestly say, none of it looked like or happened in the way I would have imagined.

Not the slightest, but really looking back at it, that was sort of the beauty of it, and let's be clear this manifestation, didn't feel sunshine and rainbows.


I felt like it really stretched me to activate a power within that I had never quite reached before this process required me to surrender and lean into complete faith in a way that I had never done before.

  1. I had to rearrange my energy and find the balance of control versus surrender.
  2. And I truly believe that the way that this all happened.
  3. Forced me to come up against my next level.
  4. The level I needed to be to set new standards and beliefs around what's possible for me.
  5. And this is really important to take in when it comes to your own manifesting, and your own process.

Sometimes you're going to be stretched to a new level. So here's an important lesson. If you aren't willing to look at the information and lessons that certain situations are showing you, then you're going to continue to struggle to see results.

And here is the big truth when it comes to manifesting. The reason that people don't become millionaires and billionaires overnight or manifest cars, money, soul mate or houses right away is because they just aren't at that level yet, internally, and you're probably saying like, What do you mean by that, we all have subconscious programming that has layers and layers and layers and layers and this programming directly affects what we attract.

So really the right way to manifest is to work from the inside out, you start with your mind and what you believe to be true, and then you work to clear out any resistance that feels limiting to you or feels like you can't have this thing, because like I always say limits are just lies that you chose to believe, and these lies all came from your subconscious programming, it's all connected.

And so many people give up because they simply aren't willing to do the internal work required to manifest the big things that they want.

That's really the truth, they want to get straight to the point and for their manifestation to just show up, but it's simply not.

 I remember that this was something that, for a long time, well over a decade ago when I first started doing this work, you have to look inside to see it on the outside, you have to do the internal work there is no way around it.

Manifestation doesn't mean something just shows up with no work, it's actually the work you do internally for every tissue in the external.


So let me share the process I used, and how it all happened. So for me personally, I've been using the same 7 steps manifesting process for years, many, many years now.

It's something that's taken me over a decade to craft and perfectly perfect and fine tune in such a way that I can use it every single time for each thing I intend to manifest, I have a 7 step process that I can just go to, and they know it works.

And I can't stress enough that a go-to process is one of the best ways to approach manifesting, because if you are just randomly doing things without really knowing why you're doing it and it doesn't feel right to you, then you'll likely continue to get scattered results, maybe something will work for you one time, try and do it again it doesn't work a second time.

Consistency is key. And I actually teach this exact 7 step process and how to customize it for yourself inside of my signature program abundance Academy, and it is such a powerful tool that you can go to every single time, over and over and over again.

But let's specifically get into exactly how I manifested my dream house. So the whole process started by me setting the intention of what I wanted, and most importantly, why I wanted it.

You never just want something for no reason. You want it, because they will provide something for you. So when you set your intention.

My biggest piece of advice is to focus more on the feeling of what that thing will provide rather than just the thing itself because if you just focus on this thing that you want, you could really be selling yourself short and missing out on something even better.

So instead, focus on the essence of it, and you will experience much bigger and better results.

So, like I had mentioned where I manifested this house is not something I ever imagined.

And it all happened through an app. That sounds insane, I cannot even make this up my manifestation showed up because of an app.

So here's the deal. We had already met with and planned to use a real estate agent who had a great reputation in the area that we were looking to buy.

I really, really liked them too. And at the time, because we had just moved from out of state, we were renting a house for just a few months while we looked for a house to buy, and I also need to quickly tell you as a side note regarding this house rental.

Every single realtor and person that I spoke to had told us, we would never ever be able to find a short term house rental, at the time we had moved because it was the season where everyone goes here for a vacation.

We were basically told like there's no chance, but I had certain requirements that I wanted for this short-term house rental.

So, one of them was that it had to be a house. I wanted a certain amount of bedrooms, it had to have a pool, and it had to have a nice yard for a dog, I set very specific parameters and I was told that there is no way that we will find this house.

In the midst of vacation season, but of course I don't buy into what other people believe, and I for sure don't take on their beliefs, I decided, possible.

And because I knew that it would all work out. Of course, I was able to rent a house for a few months, Even when everyone else that it was impossible.

So I encourage you to also form your own beliefs about what's possible and see how things start to change for you.

Anyway, so now that we're living this great house, all I keep hearing about was how difficult the mark is, and how competitive it is, and I really wanted, Zero part of that.

I didn't want to have to compete with people I didn't want to be waiting in lines at the door I didn't want any of that stress, so we ended up going to a few open houses and I saw the situation.

And right then in there, I decided that there was going to be an easier way, even though I had no idea how it would all work out.

I knew that it would, I always come back to knowing it will no matter what. I definitely had moments of gripping on and getting caught up and trying to force things like, Of course, I did.

It's something I'm really emotionally invested in, we had actually found one house that we liked we put in an offer, got into an insane bidding war, and I remember getting all wrapped up in it.

I was trying to make it happen and I was forcing and I was gripping on so tightly and I figured there were no other options that I had to have this house.

And that was when I realized I was trying too hard and not trusting what was actually in front of me, not coming back to that place of trusting myself, that feeling of getting stressed out and overwhelmed on how it's all going to work is really just signaling that you aren't fully trusting yourself, you aren't fully trusting that you're supported when you make a decision that you want something.

So that was the moment that I leaned back into one of my favorite affirmations. Affirmations are a great way to remind yourself to come back to what's true.

And this affirmation one of my favorite that I used was, I know and trust that this will all work out for me in the best possible way.

I know and trust that this will all work out for me, in the best possible way. And from there, that reminded me to get back to my 7 step process that always works for me and stand firm and my faith that it will all work out.

And that was when I was led to take an inspired action that changed everything. One night in the middle of the night, I had this thought that actually woke me up from a deep sleep, this thought that I woke up thinking was, why was the owner of the house only looking for a short term rental.

Because usually, these don't exist in this area. People always want to rent it for a certain amount of months.

You see, your brain is always trying to work things out for you, is one of the most powerful times to set an intention, right before you fall asleep, ask a question, you need an answer to your brain will work it out while you're sleeping.

So after I had this thought that literally woke me up from a deep sleep. The next day, I had this impulse to email the owner of the house.

The house that we were renting and ask if they were interested in selling it. I mean, something had really clicked in my head, that there was a reason they only wanted a short term type deal.

Maybe they were looking to sell it, I mean the way we even found this rental in the first place was through this neighborhood app, where the owner had temporarily posted a short term rental for this house that we got this every detail that we wanted in a house, it checked every a single one of my specific boxes that I had created.

It was in the exact neighborhood I wanted where houses are rarely for sale and if they do go for sale, they're only available for like a few hours before they have multiple offers this neighborhood's extremely desirable.

This house had the pool I wanted the yard I wanted the right amount of bedrooms, and it even had amazing neighbors, it was everything we possibly wanted in the house.

 It was literally everything we wanted. And it was sitting right in front of me, this entire time. I just wasn't seeing it clearly, because I had never considered it as an option to own because I didn't know it will. Sometimes you don't know but you don't know the owner, very quickly responded back to me and offered to sell it to us directly, no competition, no bidding wars, no stress of all the things going on in the market, simple, just the way I decided I wanted it to be all along with this house that I wanted.

I was already living in, I was renting it, it was already mine I just couldn't see it. I was so attached to thinking it was going to happen in the traditional way of using a realtor and finding a house and putting in an offer.

And all of those little details that your mind makes up about how something supposed to look or be. I was up and what it was supposed to be or supposed to look like didn't look exactly the way I had imagined.

And we have a lot of renovations planned, but that's actually something that we've always talked about doing and now we actually have the opportunity to finally do it if you want me to take you along with this renovation journey but we've always wanted to renovate a house and make it exactly the way we want it down to every last detail.

And now that's a reality it's like two of my manifestations collided and came through at the same time, and I can't even begin to tell you the excitement I feel when you're looking at all of the details that we get to start renovations on soon.

It just goes to show you that your manifestation may not always show up in exact the way that you thought or plan, and it may not look exactly the way you had imagined, but when you pay attention to the signs, you're getting when you are open to taking inspired action.

And when you're open to listening to those gut feelings that you get when you can really trust yourself. That's when everything starts to move quickly and all work out in your favor, and say that this manifestation tested me on a new level I truly mean it, because there were several moments, where it looked like absolutely everything, was just going to fall apart.

We actually at one point, even had to push back our closing, because the owner of the house had ordered these new custom windows to be installed which was honestly amazing, but only about half of them arrived one was broken, some were backordered.

And we can just put a window in because they're like custom, And we dealt with so many setbacks, and so much too much chaos and so much confusion. But in these moments of being hit with the bad those moments where things were literally going the opposite of our plan.

 It was in those times that I had to lock back into my full faith that everything always works out, it always works out in the best possible way. I needed to stop questioning it, and that these external events, and all of the problems we faced when closing on the house.

 All of these things were not going to derail my inner peace. That may sound really tacky or whatever your piece will actually affect and shift your external reality, your thinking.

Also if you're feeling frustrated or feeling upset, you're just going to continue to create situations around you that continue that feeling.

You have to be able to notice and shift, and did I have moments of losing my mind and getting frustrated and wanting to just scream and cry and run away.

I had many moments of this but like I said, the more issues we faced the faster and easier I could shift back into.

It's something you have to practice. I am a mindset coach and manifesting expert, doesn't mean that I don't face problems, we are all human beings, everything is a lesson.

It's when you can observe differently, and it's not happening to you and that you do have control over how you react, then everything can work out in your favor, I got to a place where I could shift back into internal peace knowing that everything was fine.

And because I felt that so deeply on the inside, it was reflected on the outside, everything starts from within you, and what you experience is all correlated, those moments where I forgot the inner peace, I experienced chaos.

But when it came back to inner peace, the chaos settled, so that was mainly the basics of how I manifested as I was, I feel like this article is getting really really long, and I could seriously go on and on and on about all of the synchronicities all of the weird miracles that happened and every detail of how everything lined up like extremely perfectly, but I feel like this article would go on too long.

So if you want me to make a part two, leave me a comment below and I'll go into more detail, but that was my nuts a quick, quick summary, sharing some pretty major tools that will truly help you if you're manifesting a house, or if you're manifesting something that feels kind of big, remember to focus on the essence of the intention rather than the thing itself to listen to the messages you're getting.


And if you want to start using and incorporating and customizing my 7 step process for you. 

I post tonnes of the law of attraction daily affirmations tips tricks and resources on this lawofattractionrealsecret. So if you want to learn then welcome our site.


So we kind of want to hear like a little bit of the journey hadn't wanted to walk y'all through our journey and how this happened.

So, let's go all the way back to, you know that as the full story, but when we bought our first house, it was very hard, stressful difficult, All the bad motions, it was not fun, because we had a credit, starting out in three years.

We had one of our loan that was very limited credit was all very hard and not only that, but everything that could have gone went really well.

It was problems with land and I problems with their days and my little thing. And it was just like at the time, and we were dealing with infertility and it was just like, Why is everything so hard for us like I Hate Everything is so hard, like you would see these like magical stories of like people getting pregnant and it just being so easy and people buying houses and it's so easy and we invest in her like, why can't we have that.

And so then my business took off and it was amazing, and we were making enough money and we felt very comfortable trying to buy a house, especially in the gated neighborhood is what we wanted.

And so we tried doing that and found out that we could not, and we decided to talk about it now because back then we didn't want to talk about it, because we were just getting a lot of questions.

Yeah, we're still in Estonia most questions like why are you reading, why don't you go from owning a house to renting like this makes no sense whatsoever and I didn't want to talk about it like I'm like, none of your business why, but here's why.

So I let you kind of share that, it was mostly just because Megan's business was new.And so even though the income was good and had been for you know, over a year, I mean we, I mean stupid make money for a while but the income was more than good for over a year and all that.

It wasn't two years of good, oh, you know According to a mortgage, or whatever. Let me clarify, by good, they mean around like six figures or around that they don't mean like, good afternoon, I think, a good income I think like $50,000 where we live, that's good.

You know, but, yeah, they, they want to see like six figures Yeah, for two years. Even though what we had our p&l and we had you know our monthly income statements and all that stuff, it still wasn't enough for them like they had to see that it was two years of tax returns from that good company to see like two years of good tax returns filed and accepted and all that stuff so we didn't have that.

Second one we had one and then we had our p&l, but it wasn't good enough whenever you're applying for a loan or a mortgage, so we had to wait on that second year which is the one we found, you know, this year. And that was really the only hold up with this house was just jumping over a few hoops. Obviously, the government shutdown and stuff, you know, you know hit those deadlines and things.

That was the only hiccups this time and it wasn't even a hiccup nothing actually set us back I wouldn't say like, we have, um, we have like our p&l our profit and loss statements and our monthly income statements and stuff, we didn't have two good years or two years of good tax returns, let's really hold up, you know, because it hadn't been two years of those. And so for that reason, we could not get approved for anything because they viewed the business as being too new to be a reliable source.

Also our credit was still limited, because at that time we only had a house and a car, and probably a car, but everything else we just paid cash for. And during that time, they were like well like everything looks great, you're making enough money monthly like this looks amazing, but because you don't have the two years of tax returns, we can't give you the loan.

So in the meantime, we recommend trying to get smaller loans. So you can build your credit and everything just listen. You're ready.

So we tried to do that, we actually tried to finance my ring and Justin my husband was doing all of that because I knew nothing about it.


And they told him no, they could only finance it, for it was like, of what the Rings was worth.

We literally had nerve-racking, and more. And they were like no I can't finance this and we're and Justin was like, okay I guess I'll just pay for it.

So that's what we ran into for two years because we are self-employed we're technically a corporation, our business is a corporation, but we're, we are the corporation.

So, we're self employed, and so newsflash to anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur, or, you know, just self employed, you're going to run into, you are going to need two years worth of tax returns before you can get any law.

Yes, it does or how much money you're making. They want those two years of tax returns that are probably gonna be six figures so anyway, here's where the story gets fun. So, Julie, like a few months before the end of the year, Julie had this like obsession with making wishes at 1111 Like I told her about like, oh it's a love and make a wish, you can make a wish. Like ice powers like Elsa, like every time, and she would always make me make a wish with her as my close my eyes and I would pray, because I'm like, those that are wishes to me like I'm praying like I'm talking to God because I mean business hours.

So,every time. I'm not kidding. There was not one time that I did not wish for this during this time, but and she still does this. Yeah, but every time I wished for an easy house buying process because I wanted.

I wanted it. I don't want to cry, but I wanted it to be cool. So,I was determined to make this easy.

So, I'm gonna be like, because I'm not gonna cry through this whole thing. So anyway, that was my wish every time, and then in the back of my head I still didn't believe it I think it was because of everything that we had gone through, and it was just like, yeah you can wish for this, but it's still gonna be hard because it's always been hard and everyone says like, well, you're buying a house like it's gonna be stressful and so I was like, expecting it. I didn't want it, but I was.

And it wasn't until we were driving down here to look at the houses and we looked at him that day, and we were five minutes away from this house the first house we looked at, and we were five minutes away, and there was just like a trial.

Think in my head like I know it was telling me what makes you think this is going to be easy if you're thinking this is going to be hard like, don't expect it to be easy.

If you keep telling yourself that it has to be hard, so you don't believe it. Yeah, believe it. So I had to snap myself in that moment, I was like I'm about to be at a house to look at a house, I have got to snap out of it I want to walk in this house, and like.

And so, from that moment forward, I was just like, No, this is, this is going to be a magical experience I'm going to get the house I want, and everything, and here we are, and it was good we were looking at before we came down here.

The town we were living in, but we came here and it was the first house we saw, and like we walk through this house because we said well we were like, can we do like like we need to write them down because we knew we're looking at a bunch of houses, and it's like we walk through and everything about it was what we were looking for in a house we looked at after that was just like no I can't be here, and I feel like that was like my first, like a sign from God telling me I told you this would be easy like I really put this right in front of us, and was like here anymore, like, as easy as possible.

So, but we did continue to look for the rest of the weight within the rest of the day and then a little bit. The next day and one crazy thing was we came down here we actually had like two other houses that we really liked looking at it and the whole time the whole day we're like, can't wait to see those houses.

We sold this house first and we said okay the other houses might have a pretty strong here, and then when we got to the other ones they were the last two we looked On that day we walked over, like, these aren't like the two attitudes.

 Those houses. No, I mean it was obvious to us and, like, was the first half of the day for sure.

Yeah and I think it was even easier than that because even when we pulled into this town like we were actually this was how many houses are we looking at here, like, five. But when we were actually wanting to.

And whenever we pulled into this town like got off the interstate and all the time, like we were like, ah, like yes, this is us, this is where we should live.

And I know y'all are probably thinking. Was this your first time? Yeah, this was our first time in this town. Like when we came to look for houses.

This was our first time here, but obviously, we had been to Savannah before but never the towns around Savannah, but we're just, we did a little research and we thought, you know, we want to go live in another.

But really, this town is just a percent us so it was like, everything just kind of like fell into place. And there are things through this house buying process that could have been a hiccup, could have been hard.

We hadn't set in my mind that this is going to be easy and I'm not going to stress out. Oh, like when we were in Cancun. Justin was like trying to get all of the tax stuff finalized because we were on a deadline like everything had to be finalized.

Oh, us to stay under contract with this house. And Justin's, like, Were you stressed about it, maybe a little bit too much but I was a little bit just knowing what all had to be done and when it had to be done by you know Yeah, and I think I was just like, No, this is my house.

And it's really too late and like I really want something I have to believe that it's easy, like, think to myself that, you know, this is gonna be hard you know because you know it's things like this happened hard no way the first time, there's always a time for it to be.

And that really like taught me something so this vlog is going to be super long now because we've just talked forever but that is something that you guys because I feel like it could be really helpful to y'all as well, like if you're praying for something right now but in the back of your mind you're still thinking I'm not going to get it or it's going to be hard and I'm going to have to go through hell to get it.

It doesn't have to be like that. And the thing that will change is believing it when you believe it. Yeah, believe it. It's not gonna work out for you. Yeah, you have to believe it, and just trust that God can do it, you know, and just throw your hands up like that is literally what it's all about just pray about it, believe it.

Throw your hands up and leave it with him. And that's how it becomes magical and obviously we see that now, did not always be that way, we always thought like hard work. And, you know, everything has to happen.

Yeah, and now we realise it's more about believing and faith than it is about hard work and stressing out, you know, and putting in the extra work like it doesn't have to just, You have to believe. Oh, don't get stressed out.

We got a joy today logging even though it was more of a stripped-down, it was just easy for us to do this because things are crazy right now. And also I wanted to share that with y'all because I think it's going to be something to help y'all but also something for me to look back on to help me because we can always fall back into bad habits. I know I knew all the time.

I fall back into my bad habits, I preach stuff like this to y'all. I say things like this to you know all of my friends when they're having bad days, then I'll fall back into the bad habit to it happens to me. This will be a nice reminder for me to watch this over sometimes when I feel like something might be stressful so yeah thank you guys so much for reading my story.



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By using one of the methods you can quickly manifest your dream home easily. I hope you will buy it soon. 

Thank GOD bless you. 


FAQ 1 : Can I manifest my favorite dream home or apartment or flat by using the manifestation technique?

Yes. You can manifest your own home by using this technique.

FAQ 2 : Which is the fastest manifestation method gives me my own home fast?

Use any one of the manifestation method as I mentioned above in this article.

FAQ 3 : Girls can do this manifestation technique to manifest home?


FAQ 4 : Is it possible to buy my dream house in one day?

Its depend on your spiritual energy.

Conclude – Here I have shared a real success story on how to manifest dream home fast by this secret manifestation method. So your dreams can be manifest if you wish. Thanks a lot, god bless you.

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Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks