MANIFESTATION BOX | Let's learn how this manifestation/intention box works faster than other methods. I explained the requirements, process & story with video completely.

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In today's topic, I'm going to be sharing with you how to create your own manifestation box with a complete process and success story so you can achieve your dreams, goals, and vision fast by following this hidden secret intention box method.

But before we get started, make sure that you have read our last articles if you are a beginner then you have to understand the basic concept of the real law of attraction first then the second step is you should learn about MANIFESTATION METHODS full concept then only you can manifest anything in your life fast. I hope you understood better.

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Alright guys, let's hop straight into today's awesome magical manifestation box ideas. Before we get started in avicularia I want to make sure that you have everything that you need. This intention box works as a manifestation jar if you don’t know the magic jar then read it on this site. So let's go to today's new article.


WHAT IS A MANIFESTATION BOX,manifestation box,manifestation box ideas,manifestation box instructions,how to make a manifestation box,manifestation box spell,manifestation box success stories,manifestation box money,magical manifestation box,manifestation box success,manifestation box stories

Manifestation box is like a magical manifestation jar or you can say dream box through which you can manifest your desires for example attracting home, money, job, girlfriend, boyfriend, love..Etc even you can lose your weight naturally fast. Anything you can manifest by this box faster than other manifestation techniques easily.



MANIFEST BOX REQUIREMENTS,manifestation box,manifestation box ideas,manifestation box instructions,how to make a manifestation box,manifestation box spell,manifestation box success stories,manifestation box money,magical manifestation box,manifestation box success,manifestation box stories

Before we start to make our first magic manifesting box some of the requirements you have to fulfill.


  1. First of all, you're going to need a box, make sure that it has a lid on top.
  2. As well as some tokens to write your dreams and goals down on.
  3. And then you're going to need some twine.
  4. And a pen.



I will share manifest box kit links also so you can easily buy online also the exact same ones and let's go get creating on our magical or dream manifestation box.

Step 1 -

You're going to take your card and write down one goal that you would like to manifest. You can be as specific as you'd like. For example, to achieve my press handstand, by December 2021.

Now you can make your goals about anything in your life about money, Love your dream job, your dream family, whatever it may be.

Now, keep in mind that not all of your goals need to have dates on them, and some of the more long-term goals, and that is completely fine too. For example, you might want to manifest a dream home, but you don't know where or when that will be, but simply write that dream of yours down onto the card and ask it into existence.

Step 2 -

You're going to hold the card and visualize the Scholar Dream coming to fruition. Notice how you would feel if this came true.

Ask yourself, what would it look like, imagine that this dream of yours is already on its way to you believe that you deserve it.

Visualize that you have it, and know that it's fun, it's way to you.

Step 3 -

You're going to place your token into your jar. And then you're going to move on to the next card, so keep writing those goals and dreams down, whatever they may be there's nothing too big and there's nothing too small so have an open mind, and really just get creating on all of your hopes and desires that you would like to manifest into your beautiful life. So now that we've created our manifestation box.

Step 4 -

Next what we're going to do is seal it. You've got your beautiful tokens inside, you have the lid on, and now grab a piece of twine.

Step 5 -

And now we go twine, are you want to do is just look around. Just feeling your dreams and your goals into this beautiful vessel.

Step 6 -

And if you'd like you can add a little bow. To make it cute. And in this, your beautiful manifestation box with your dreams and goals all sealed inside.

Step 7 -

Let's go, place it into a spot where you can see your dreams and goals regularly and manifest them throughout your dayNow that we have a manifestation box completed.

Step 8 –

It's time to place it into a location where you're going to see it regularly.

Now you can either place it in your bedroom or your living room, whatever suits you best it's best you have to place it in your room because you spend a lot of time, where you work, and you can able to see this dream manifestation box.

So every time you see it I think about all of the dreams and goals that I'm manifesting right now, and it's going to trigger my subconscious mind

So I think about these goals that I'm manifesting and visualizing them and I'm seeing them coming to fruition again.


And it's such a great manifestation hack that you can do at home, I'll think about all of my dreams coming true.

Now that you've created your manifestation box, you're probably wondering, how does this work, and I'm going to tell you how it's going to change your life so -

manifestation is all about asking, believing, and receiving

Yes, you're going to have to put the action into place, but what you're doing by creating this manifestation box is planting the seed of what it is that you want to manifest.

 Now, you could be writing down things that you never thought that you would want to manifest because you're in that high vibration of what you want to attract.

Now, if you don't know what the law of attraction is, I highly recommend looking it up, but let me give you a quick overview of what it is. Now you might have heard his saying before, but your thoughts, your feelings, create your life and that is so true.

So every time we think of a dream or a goal that we want to achieve, or we hold on to that feeling of that dream coming true.

You have created the life that you want to attract, you will gain abundance in many forms in money in work in happiness, and love.

 Be happy to keep an open mind and know that good things are coming your way. If you want to know more about manifestation and the law of attraction, then read it fully I have shared on this site.

And what this magical dream manifestation box is all about is how to manifest your dream life. And this is the craziest thing.


What it is that you won't attract then visualize that visualize these dreams coming to fruition. How do you feel, how do you feel holding this dream in your arms like it is incredible?

Once you start to believe it. Once you start to know that it's on its way to you, you will receive it. Yes, you're going to have to put the action and you have to put the work into these dreams it's not just going to happen.

If you're sitting back on the couch, but you have already planted the seed for manifesting this desire in this dream into your life.

Yeah, you are deserving of your wildest dreams for Didn't anyone ever stop you from achieving your goals, not even your own mind, some of the most intelligent people like Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill has all believed in manifestation.

So, if this is something new to you, or you already know about manifestation, then you know that you are on the right path and keep following your inner light your gut feeling and I'm just gonna guide you exactly where you need to be.

That's all for today's topic guys I hope you enjoyed creating a manifestation box. If you do decide to create your own manifestation box then please share your manifestation success story with me so I will tag on my site and I know that your dreams are your destiny, and you are capable of achieving all of your dreams. So go out there and get them, because this is going to change your life. I am so excited for you guys, I hope you had a beautiful day, sending you so much love from my heart to yours THANKS, A LOT, GOD BLESS YOU.



With the help of this universal secret method that is the Manifestation box method, it gives a lot of benefits in our life for example

  • Manifesting desire job.
  • Maintain body fitness.
  • Attracting soul mate.
  • Manifesting your Ex back fast.
  • Attracting Money,home,apartment,car..Etc

NOTE- This is a practice session


Here I have shared one of the video with you for learning more about this intention box secrets.


Finally, bless your manifestation box with the following ritual as an optional practice to enhance your goals...

This ceremony is best performed under the new moon when manifestation energy is at its strongest.

1. Burn sage to clear the room of any limiting ideas or negative ideas once you've finished your manifestation box and set it in a particular location.

2. As you wave the burning sage gently over every part of the room, paying specific attention to windows and doorways, set an intention in your mind to fend against negativity.

3. After the sage has been burned, light four candles (the number 4 symbolizes balance and alignment).


4. Recite an affirmation in your head as you light each candle that corresponds to the intentions you've established in your manifestation box.


5. Say a silent thank you to the cosmos at the end.

Manifestation box simple examples of how to write an intention letter correctly and incorrectly...


Greetings, universe

I'm having a lot of financial difficulties right now, and I’ve been really unhappy and unlucky, and I love...

Please, please, please, please, please, please


Greetings, universe

Thank you for providing me financial independence, happiness, and opportunities filled with love on a regular basis...


I am eternally grateful for your abundant and thoughtful presents...

Notice how only positive wording was used in the second example?

You may readily tell which one emanates sentiments of lack and which one emits sentiments of exhilaration and thankfulness by reading these samples.

The following are some fantastic intentions/affirmations:

I recognize the true blessing in every encounter.

I am upbeat as well as effective.

I make the decision to be happy.

My charisma shines brightly for all to see.


ConcludeHere I have explained completely about the manifestation box or you can say the intention box. All the 8 steps I have shared with you for manifesting your desire faster than other manifestation methods.


FAQ 1 : Does manifestation magic really work?

Yes. If you know about the 369 law of attraction then its ultimate example for you how to manifest with the hel of the universal secret code.

FAQ 2 : Where I can put my own manifestation box?

Wherever you can keep your dream box but you have to keep it in your room because you can see it regularly.

FAQ 3 : Which type of material box I have to use for making the manifestation box?

For making manifestation box you can use wooden or transparent glass box.

FAQ 4 : On which day I have to start making my own manifestation box?

In new moon time..

FAQ 5 : Which is the best time to make manifestation box?

Early in the morning or in the night..

FAQ 6 : Can I manifest my ex boyfriend,ex girlfriend by using this magic box?


FAQ 7 : Manifestation box /intention box is dangerous or safe?

Its fully safe methods of universal.

FAQ 8 : Who can make manifestation box?

Anyone can do it.

FAQ 9 : Is it a manifestation box is works as a spell?

No. It’s a positive & safest energy which is connected to the universal.

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Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks