1x11 MANIFESTATION METHOD | Let's learn one of the secret ultimate 1x11 or 11x1 manifestation method step by step to manifest your goal within 11 days with an examples of affirmations & a writing journal.

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1x11 manifestation method


1x11 manifestation method is a universals secret and the best way to manifest your dreams by using the hidden formula. You can attract anything with the help of your spiritual energy. It can be worked on your subconscious command.


One main reason why manifestation works, because it is the fastest way to achieve your goals.

A key principle of manifestation is that it’s the quickest way to make the things you want to come into reality.

What this means is that it’s the only way to bring the thing you want to fruition within a short time span, within a single day, within a week, or in fact within 11 days, if not less.

You are only limited by your imagination.

You don’t have to sit and wait for what you want to come. Manifestation is the fastest way to achieve your goals.

The other key thing with manifestation is that it makes you focus on things that are in your control.

This doesn’t mean that you are giving up on other things but rather that you are only focusing on what you can control.


At Last, the Secret To 1X11 MANIFESTATION METHOD Is Revealed. 1x11 manifestation technique is one of the best and easiest methods as compared to all techniques to manifest your desired things fast. So if you want to really implement it in your life to attract money, ex-lover, home, job, gold, diamond.. Etc

First of all, I would like to tell you this ultimate manifestation method which is based on angel number 111.

So now a day’s 1x11 or you can say universals secret method 11x1 is popular on TikTok as well as.

Let me explain in full detail what is the real facts & how it works and to whom this 1x11 method works 100%, and why in this 1x11 technique you will fail.

A lot of manifestor are practicing only this secret 1x11 technique because it is easy and the result will come within 11 days, but my dear friend it’s not like that before practicing this 11 days manifestation method you have to be master in 2x22 exercise.

Like, once you become a master in 2x22 you can able to practice the 1x11 method. Like if you are a master in the 3x33 technique you can able to do the 2x22 technique.

Like 3x33 is related with 4x44 and 4x44 is related to the 5x55 manifestation method. I hope you understood the secret of universal numbers 1x11, 2x22, 3x33, 4x44, 5x55, look how everything is interconnected with each other.

For example – You cannot become a teacher without learning.

In this technique, the basic thing will be applied that is thought, feelings, action as you know better if you have read in other techniques.

NOTE – If you haven’t practiced any manifestation method yet, so I recommended you don’t try to practice the first level of manifestation method that is 1x11.

This time let me introduce to you the one-minute manifestation method I call this method the universal one-minute manifestation technique in 2021, this magical technique is indeed the fastest way to manifest your highest and greatest.

To speed up the process and to have yourself some time to get ready, The One-Minute Manifestation Method lets you just write your goal down and start having fun. In the future, you will refer to all of the written down steps in your daily life.

This is the fastest way to manifest your goal within 11 days and learn a powerful universal technique that gets you the results within 6-7 days, it doesn't matter whether you already have some skills or some ideas in mind, or even if you already have some clear idea of what you want.


Let’s learn how to practice the 1x11 manifestation method with a complete 14  process step by step. The Number One Reason You Should (Do) 1X11.

  1. Sit in a silent area or in a peaceful place where no buddy disturb you during practice.
  2. Take a new journal and mark out 11 days. NOTE- One page is for one day.
  3. Decide your one desire thing what you want to attract fast in 11 days. I highly recommend you don’t manifest big things in this first 11 days period. Just manifest small things because your confidence level goes high and your belief system goes to arise even your internal energy is low.
  4. Make sure your desired thing's image should be clear. Because the clear image is stored in your subconscious mind so that your picture should be seen clearly by your eyes.
  5. So the next step is Affirmation. Write your related affirmations, which means your desired things statements what you want to manifest while writing your affirmations see it clear in your mind, and focus your mind on your goal 100% so that your statement goes into your subconscious mind. So that it is indicated that it is already a part of your life.
  6. So, write your desired affirmation daily till 11 days in the morning having a cup of tea and before going to bed.
  7. After writing your affirmation/intention in a journal take a long breathe and place your attention on your heart and assume your desired thing is coming and the God sent it, now it is on the way.
  8. Your affirmation voice should listen to your ear because your energy vibration spreads around your mind.
  9. 1 affirmation you have to write daily till 11 days in your magical journal with a black or red ink pen.
  10. Your selected spot should be same.
  11. Use the best incense to boot your mind energy.
  12. You have to use a comfortable dress during exercise.
  13. Sit on land. Don’t sit on a bed, chair.. Etc
  14. During practicing don’t wear any type of stones, crystals,s, and amulets.


During 1st period you have to be happy always, why because your positive feeling is very important to success in this goal.

So don’t allow to enter any type of negative energy into your mind. So that your dream comes to true. I highly recommend you. Be sure, be alert. Boost Your 1X11 MANIFESTATION METHOD with These secret Tips.


After practicing the 1x11 manifestation method take a break for 11 days. During these 11 days wait for your result.

If your dream thing comes true then well, but if you don’t get success in these 11 days then you have to do another 11 days more.

Focus on your goal with full of vibration arise your vibration level high. If your vibration energy goes high then your desired goal comes true quickly.

ALERT- Manifestation result depends on your spiritual energy, how much do you have. Which your aura energy is high and which chakra is active. So, once you meet all the energy levels high then your manifestation result works quickly sometimes it works instantly if your aura color is white.


We will review and I have written in the 6 steps above here a great 11x1 Manifestation Journal. It is so good to have for many reasons.

This is where you will write down your thoughts & goals that are about to manifest in the next 11 days & of course at the end of every page write “My highest frequency is ____________ ”

Your highest frequency is the frequency of your highest level of bliss, so if your vibration is low on the 7th or 8th grade it means that this is not your highest frequency of bliss, so your higher frequency is ____________ this is your highest frequency of your highest level of bliss.

So you will write down your thoughts and your new frequencies of what you want to manifest to achieve that goal you have.

Creating a manifestation plan

When you've got your goal you'll need to tell it to the universe, so that it can start working for you.

What you'll need is a simple text file that you can put in your desired location, which is your email account or a shared folder that has the contents of the Manifestation page included, and that you can share with a few friends to help hold each other accountable.

The Manifestation page should be 10~15 lines long and includes a first line to tell the universe what you want, followed by your next action and goal, then your next action and goal, and so on until you've said what you want in detail.

Be sure to include everything you can think of. Whatever you want to see in the future, wherever you want to see it, whatever you need to do, whatever you believe.


I am receiving tons of money.

Money likes me, I like money.


My body is fit and slim as compared (think your desired person’s body)

Even you can use the 1x11 method to make someone fall in love with you within 11 days. Anything and whatever your wish may be. Just try it there is no harm to doing this exercise. Do it and change your life.


Conclude – Here we have learned what is 1x11 manifestation method & how to manifest our desired thing fast within 11 days with affirmation as well as why you fail in this 1x11 manifestation method each & everything step by step in 2022 I have explained for beginners.

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Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks