55×5 MANIFESTATION METHOD EXAMPLES | you can manifest your dreams within 5 days by this powerful 55×5 ritual technique with 100% live success result examples. Let's learn how to do it.

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So in this article, I'm giving you a very powerful manifestation technique, and recently so many of you from our review on this technique, it's called the 55×5 technique or 5×55 manifestation method.

Now there are many articles/videos are available on YouTube, on this particular 55×5 / 5×55 manifestation technique and I have been using this 55×5 ritual technique for many years, and it's not the latest new technique, it's a very ancient technique.

And when I wrote this article, I wanted to give you the deepest insight so that you should understand clearly how the 55×5 manifestation method works. 

How can you apply the 55×5 manifestation method, and what are the mistakes you should not make while doing the 55×5 manifestation ritual practice, because many people are trying to apply the 5×55 manifestation method technique but they are not able to get the desired result because they are doing some mistakes.

So that is why I request you to read this whole article and understand the dynamics, understand how you can apply these 55×5 manifestation ritual methods so that you can start manifesting your goals desires, and dreams.


Now, this technique is called the 555 technique. So this is a very simple technique & very very powerful, but at the same time, it's not a very easy technique to apply, because it needs, requires a lot of attention and focus.

So what this technique is all about. This is a simple 55×5 manifestation method where you have to just focus on one of your desires. In this technique, you cannot focus on many desires.

So, 1st Thing, choose one of your desires that you want to manifest or one of your desires that you are working on for some time.

Once you have clarity of that desire then frame that outcome the manifestation that you want in just one sentence, like you, can say I'm manifesting my dream car I'm manifesting my dream job, I am manifesting my happy relationship like this, you have to create that one sentence for your desire.

It doesn't matter how long or how short it is, but if you keep it short, it will be easier for you to do this technique. Once you are clear, what is the desire you want to manifest?

Then the 2nd thing you need is your journal. So, you must be having a journal, I believe, and take your journal and write this desire, this goal.

This wish that you have in the present tense as if you are manifesting it right this woman, and write this statement, again and again, and again and again. 55 times.


Step-1:  Yes, that is why it's 55×5 manifestation formula or 5×55 technique. So, you have to write your desire 55 times.

Step-2: So that is the first 55

Step-3:  And then the next 5 is you are going to repeat this technique, continuously for 5 days. So 55, times every day you will write it, and you will repeat it consecutively for five days.

So then it becomes 555. That's the technique or 55×5. So this seems to be a very simple technique. It's a brainer. It's one of the easiest 55×5 techniques that you can apply.


But there is some key that you need to understand. And once you understand those keys and how to do it what exactly to be done and what mistakes you should not do so that you get maximum out of this technique.


So first, let me give you the spiritual insight like why is this 55 and five. So, this is a spiritual practice, followed by some particular spiritual rituals. So, the number 55 is considered to be the number of personal power means when you focus on the 55 numbers, raise your vibration it creates a source of energy within you.

And then when you repeat it for five days. So the last five, the number five signify for the five elements.

So basically the five elements are the key constituent of nature, right. So, when you use this 555 technique, it's like you are merging your personal power with the five elements, or the forces of nature, which means you are awakening your personal power to the highest level by writing it 55 times, and then you are seeking help and support from the forces of nature, which is the law of attraction to help you in manifesting.



This is the spiritual significance of this ritual. This manifestation technique 555. Now, whether you follow this spiritual significance or not, the core significance of this particular ritual is a programming of the subconscious mind, because when you write something 55 times, repeatedly, you are focusing on it, you are consciously and subconsciously you are focusing on that desire and you are writing it, so it goes deep down inside your subconscious mind, and when you do it for five days, it gets strengthened and engraved inside your subconscious mind.

And then you start taking the inspired action, Then your belief gets stronger than your vibration right is higher, and then manifestation started happening. That is why 55×5 is a very powerful technique.

But like I said, it's, it's no brainer, it's in, it's one of the easiest techniques right. You don't have to do anything just take your journal and write your wish, one wish for 55 times, and you have to do it for five days.


But as simple as it seems. It's not that easy, because many people struggle to fit and write their wish 55 times. And that is where they struggle, so that is why here are the key things you must remember to make the most out of this manifestation technique.

The key thing that you have to remember is you have to do this technique consecutively for five days, you cannot break the flow. If you break the flow then it won't create that maximum impact in your manifestation process.

NOTE - So once you start this process means you have to do it for five days consecutively, continuously for five days. That is the most important point, if you do it for two days and stop doing it for two more days and then try to continue to do it for three days, it's not going to create the impact.



So that is the first thing you have to remember, no writing the 55 times your goals. So first when writing your goals or wish or desire, you have to write it in the present tense, as if you are manifesting it as if you are having it right now.


So let me give you some examples of how can you write for example you are manifesting your new car or a dream car so you will write like this, I am manifesting my new car, or I am manifesting my dream car. If you have a particular car in your mind, you can write it out, that I am manifesting my dream car so and so.

Same way, I'm manifesting my dream job, and if you have a dream job particular company or a particular profile in your mind, then you can write it, I am manifesting my dream job. In this particular department government department or this particular company, and I am having this particular designation so you can be specific on that. I'm manifesting my dream job. The company name or designation.

If you don't have the company name or designation you just write I'm manifesting my new magical job. Same way if you are healing a relationship, so you will write like this, I am having a happy and joyful relationship with writing the person's name if you are specific about a person.

 It means if you are attracting an ex or love back or you are healing a relationship or you already have a partner with whom the relationship is not going right, in that case, you write the same thing.

I am having a happy and joyful relationship with writing their name. Let's suppose you are manifesting a new soulmate, so you can write, I am happily and joyfully manifesting my new soulmate.

 I am happily and joyfully manifesting my new soulmate, you can write this. So, the same way, if you are healing your body, or if you are recovering from some heart health issues, you can write, I am getting healed.

Right. What is the issue from where you are getting healed? Same way, if you are manifesting some desire for material things, I am manifesting or I am having so and so things, so you can write like I'm manifesting, or I'm having, or I'm achieving, if you are achieving some particular goals or desires.

I'm achieving what I'm succeeding in, so you can write like this, but choose the statement and the repeated 55 times.

 Now while writing this 55 times, writing it 55 times seems to be a heavy task for many people. Ideally, you should be doing it in one sitting session, you should not give break while writing this 55 times.

But yes, you can take five or 10 minutes of breaks in between, it's absolutely fine. So you should not push yourself very hard. But the key is you cannot carry over some of the statements to the next day, it doesn't work if you just write 20 Times today and you say it like okay I'll write the rest of the 35 times tomorrow.

It's not going to work, you have to complete the 55 times today itself. It doesn't work if you write five times in the morning and five times in the evening. So you have to look at a time where you give yourself like 30 minutes or one hour time depending on your writing speed, and you write it down.


The most important thing you have to write in a journal with your pen or pencil or whatever, you like, but you have to write in a journal, it doesn't work if you type in his computer if you type in your laptop and where to copy-paste, it's not going to create any impact, because why when we are writing we involve all the cells and tissues in our body there is energy that flows inside our body when we are writing.

So that is why writing is powerful and spatial in this technique, writing your hand in a journal is the most important thing. Like I said, you cannot do it in multiple sessions. You have to give, do it in one session, but in between that the session you can take a few breaks like for five minutes or 10 minutes to relax, what is the best time to do this technique.

You can do it at night before going to sleep because usually at that time, no one will disturb you. Or you can do it in the morning. If you are a morning person you wake up early and take your journal and start writing, that is the best way. But if you are a person who, who cannot do it in the morning or evening or at night, and you have time after your office hours or you can do it in the afternoon, then you can do it, timing is not that critical in this process, but make sure when you do this practice you are alone and no one's to disturb you.

 No one's to distract you. These are the major key point, how to make this practice more effective so that it really works.

Always remember- wherever our attention goes, energy flows and where energy flows, that's where we manifest. That is why this is a process of attention. This is a process of giving you all your attention to one goal, so many times 55 times, so that when you are writing your subconscious mind gets taken to it, and then you do it for five days.

So it's a process of attention. How can you make it more effective while you are writing every time you write the wish or the desire then read it loud. So that read it loud, Not necessarily, to read very loud, but you Escalus read it so that you can hear your own voice.

So you write the desire and read it, you write the desire, immediately, so by the end of the process, you will not just write 55 times but you have recited those goals and desires 55 times, and in between them, while writing, if you put a will to create those images, how it feels to be manifesting this desire how it feels like having this desire, and how joyful, it would be how magical it would be it will be more powerful and the most important point here is when you start doing this practice, make sure you are in a very positive state you are in a very positive mode, your vibration is high.


If you are in a negative, or sad mode or desperate mode or irritated or worried. Please do not do 55×55 manifestation, because if you try to do this process with a lot of negativity or worry.

And with the fear of losing something or someone, and that's why you are doing it. It's going to create a negative impact. That is why, when you start doing it, you have to make sure that you are in a positive mode you have the desire you have the faith you have the vibe, your vibration is higher.

 If you are not in a very positive state, then I would suggest that you can do some meditation. You do some meditation or repeat some affirmation for some time, or do something, listen to some positive music or positive songs which raise your vibration.

And then you start doing this process, this is the secret key of success in the 555×5 manifestation technique fully.

 Because when your vibration is higher, that's where you could able to implant this dream inside your subconscious mind positively.

This is a very powerful process and when you do it with dedication with energy, without doubting it without asking yourself How is it going to work, or how it is going to create your manifestation, then magically started happening.

Now some of you must be thinking that if you write this goal 55 times for five days. Are you going to manifest this desire or goal within these five days of manifestation? These five days of rituals.

The answer is, you may or you may not. For many of you, you are going to achieve this goal, or desire within just five days while you're doing the 555 processes, but if you manifest it, don't stop doing it complete the whole five days.

For others, you may not achieve it within these five days, but that doesn't mean this 55×5 manifestation rituals did not work out for you.

That means the implant you have already implanted into your subconscious mind, and things are started working, and you start seeing the results, maybe next 10 days or one week or, in some cases, it might take one month to see the result.


why the 55×5 technique is not working for some of you, and how to make it work for you, because the 55×5 technique, 555 ritual method or 5×55  method is a very powerful process, and it is working for many people beautifully powerfully, but if 55×5  technique is not working for you? or if it is not working for some people, where you are doing the mistake and how to correct that it stopped working for you ready for it.

If you want to learn more about the 44x4 manifestation method so it is available on this lawofattractionrealsecret site with examples.


As we have seen above the complete hidden process of the 55×5 ritual technique and is a very powerful technique so many of you have been using and sharing your 55×5 technique success stories and there are hundreds of success stories, who have shared their manifested that dream, the job they have manifested new interview call, they have manifested exam success they have manifested relationship new relationship healed broker relationship.

One person wrote she shared that she has been doing the firefight web techniques, and the two cup method, both of them together and she has been doing it for a month, and she has some major health issues, but now she's completely cured and sees free from it and she is very happy she didn't share what is the issue, but she shared like she's completely cured now, by using this 55×5  technique.

Similarly, a lady has shared that she has been using this 555 technique and she could have been to heal her relationship with her boyfriend and the relationship was broken for around 10 months and they were not speaking to each other, but she, she followed the process with dedication with energy, and now they are together and their relationship is really becoming more and more magical every single day.

And when I shared the techniques. In the beginning, just with 2 days of time like another person who was searching for a job, new job for quite a long time and he has been applying to many companies but he was not getting interview calls, and that's when he started applying the process and that's where he got the interview call from the company he wanted and later on, he joined.

So these are just some of the success stories on the 55×5 technique, there are so many stories so many people have manifested, like anything, using this technique.

And, but at the same time, every now and then I keep seeing comments from people who said like we have been trying I'm applying the 55×5 technique but why is not working for me.

Let's see and give you all the clarity where you are missing what you are doing wrong and why some people are manifesting but why you are not able to manifest, and even if those of you who have manifested it will give you some insight, and more insight.

  1. choose one desire
  2. while doing it you just focus on one desire,
  3. and you write that desire
  4. if you have already manifested, or you are manifesting and you write it 55 times continuously for five days.
  5. So 55 times you write it again and again and again and again and again in your journal in one sitting. 

And then you continuously do it for five days when you do it, you reprogram your subconscious mind, basically, this whole technique has the concept, the power of repetition.

So when you keep repeating it.. repeating it... repeating it, it goes deep inside your subconscious mind it program and that's where you generate so much energy for the vibration positivity energy about this dream or this particular desire that you could have built to actually manifest it, and you command the whole law of attraction and the universe in helping you manifest.

The difference between people who are Mexican people who are doing the process but not manifesting is the key is the feelings, yes, the feeling, while writing this. Now, the feeling is the secret, you need to understand that in any process like in this 55×5 technique.

In all the processes, the feeling is the secret means while you are doing it to be in a positive feeling.

If you're positive feeling, doesn't matter what kind of process you do, it's not going to work for you, positive feelings, the more likely you are the Buddha excited you are the happier you are, the faster it will work even if you're not very high on feeling, at least it should be smooth and normal feeling so that at least you should do it with a bit of happiness.

Those people who have manifested, and it worked for them when they started doing the firefight techniques started writing, they started generating.


You know what I'm talking about. But even struggling to manifest unions technical people who could not even manifest reasons for doing the technique, they were not in a very positive state while they're writing they felt like oh it's very technical and they just have to write like it, they just kept writing and while writing when you feel it's mechanical, you started doubting it, it's, it's not about doubting process.

It's about when you feel mechanical. When the writer is doubting your desire, you are not feeling deserving, you are not feeling strong that yes you could manifest it, it's not the doubt about the progress process or technique that is holding you back, if you're not excited means you don't pay it, or you don't have excitement or happiness about desire. It doesn't matter what you're manifesting.

 If you're interesting your brain already or job, but whenever you think about the job and are not happy and excited, how can the same, even healing relationship for manifest a new relationship, but whenever you think about you are not excited, if not manifested in healing your body or doing something and if you're not excited, or if you're not at least happy or angry or positive, optimistic belief that, yes, it's going to work for you.

Yet, it's coming true for you the feeling and the same process works. When you do some other techniques as well the same process works when you are doing the two-cup method the same process works.

When you are doing the sleep technique or doing a formation doing visualization and all.

So, when you do the 55×5 technique. If it is not working for you. I want all of you to really think about how you are feeling while writing, my friend if you are not feeling really excited or if you're feeling sad or doubtful while writing it, please do it at night.

Take it to something else, shift you first do something, which is to do maybe meditation to some happy music, positive music go a walk, go for a run and do something which will change your energy and then go to a positive state of mind and then start writing, so that when you are writing about this dream again and again and again.

You may start getting pain in your hand, but minds will be getting attracted to heart so getting excited and joyful, that's the key.

So like, like many people they have shared the experience that when they started doing, they were not feeling excited to through the 55 statement.

So many people, they have gone beyond the five days, and they have been writing it for even a month or so.

There are people who have been writing their manifestation or even for a month. But the key is, if you're getting stressful if you're getting anxious feeling sad like don't do it.

The key is to keep doing it. So started becoming bigger, stronger, more and more and it started going higher and higher.

So the one key building 55×5 technique is your healing is the key, so you have to think about how am I feeling while doing, or writing the statement.

Recently, a lady manifested a relationship with a boyfriend and they have some issues, family issues regarding marriage,  and she has been doing this process for some time and she wrote to me and he said like, is there a doing it that I'm happily married to this guy. My boyfriend and she said, like every time I'm writing married before it's from reading telling me that Oh, you are not married, where is the is not here, relationship.

So they do, and I say with this idea if you are writing. If you're writing the dream and vice ministry, whatever it is not right you don't have the things yet and it means you have a lot of negativity within you, And this way, the more you write, the more difficult it becomes for you to manifest.

You have to go easy with yourself, if you are writing that I am happily married with this person, and it's getting a lot of negativity, don't write that write some things through the like both of us are having a beautiful relationship is both of us are coming together, or I am having a happy and joyful relationship just start with that, or those of you who have a lot more doubt or a lot more negativity, I would say this process first for something smaller, something which is not a very strong desire for which you don't have so much of equity start with something like for example, you have negativity for your relationship, but you don't have that much negativity requesting a new job or manifesting money, so start this post for money your job, first, and then manifest those things, because when you manifest it fullness request when you have positivity, it will give you that faith and believe that yes, you could also manifest the relationship, or whatever it was, in some people's cases but the money thing become very difficult for the nations are quite easy.

So you start with the relationship, and then when you manifest or when you have a much better state of mind, then you do it for the money.

These are the things now, but still, if you want to do it but you have a lot of negativity or a lot of anxiety that I would suggest before doing this process, there are some guided meditations on this site. There are some processes I have already given how to soothe anxiety and stress. First do those processes for 10 minutes.

There are beautiful meditation have shared swishy for relationship and for money. So, you can post-meditation for 10 minutes.

And when you go through the guided meditation, this will soothe you down, it will remove on your negativities remove all your registers, and then you do this process.

So many people, when they started doing the healing heart medication they could able to release all the negativity and pain and anger and anxiety from their hearts and they become so positive and peaceful.

And then they started doing the process and the processes started working very fast for them.


So you can do that as well. 55×5 technique, the key is feeling is the secret. Now, many more people they ask that. Can you do it for two, three dreams at a time?

No, I won't suggest that, but in this technique. If you're doing it, do it for one goal at that point, because again writing 55 for another goal, will take a lot of time and eventually, you don't feel like doing it, so, do it for once. Now, another thing, so many people are asking, that is-


See, five days is minimum, because when you do it really with happiness and positivity for five days you implant it to your subconscious mind, and the manifestation will come automatically.

But at the end of five days, you have to listen to your heart. And if you're doing it really heavily, if you're really enjoying the process, you really love writing your desire 55 times, then and you feel like doing it for a few more days or for a month or so, to continue doing it, because this is a very powerful process.

And the best part is when you keep doing it for 55 times. Eventually, the statement has become an affirmation for you when you kept writing it in writing it writing it daily, daily, daily, slowly when you start writing you start seeing the visuals that this dream is coming true.

It is coming through. So in this one process, so many things started happening within you. So, if you feel like doing it for a month, do it. There are people who have been doing it for even two months and they have manifested tremendous things in their life damage, there are so many things.

Then there are other people who have done this firefight technique for one goal for five days, then they are completely satisfied in their heart that yes, it's done for them, and the universal deliver, then they do it for another goal, then they did it for another goal and we are doing like that.

So, you have to listen to your heart, but remember the feelings of the keys that he is bringing with assistance toxicity.

 The key is David's consistency and excitement. Now, many people they asked like if I write 56 or 57 activities I'd 857 times patient or 60 times, is it okay, my friend is absolutely fine.

It's absolutely fine. Why there is 55 times because when you do it five times, you are able to reach a threshold of people who think that idea and you subconsciously.

For some people even they can reach within less than 55, but doing it writing it for 55 times is better if you accidentally write 10 times more than that's absolutely better and that's fine and that's even better.

If you when writing after 55 times if you feel like you keep writing many more times. Just keep going with the flow and enjoy the process. This is the key, and this and this trifecta technique is a very powerful technique and it has helped so many people now it's your turn.

If it wasn't working for you, think about it again. Think, analyze, when you were going wrong. And now restart the process one more time and see how magically will manifest that those of you who have already manifested, many things, or some of your desire, using this process do let me know in the comment section.

And do let me know what you have manifested, and I want all of you to use it again and start manifesting something. Now, this article has cleared all your doubts.



Now, the first thing you need to understand, or if you are not aware of the five-step technique.

Here is a quick insight of 55×5 technique writing journal– 


Because when you implant something inside your subconscious mind, depending upon your current situation, it takes a little bit of time. If you are already on the verge of manifestation, you are already aligned and positive and all 99% chances you will manifest within these five days. If you are a little bit away, then this will get you aligned, and you will manifest within the next few days few weeks or maybe in a month's time. But this process is very powerful and it's always worked for everyone. So I want all of you to give it a try and do it and choose the timing, choose your dreams, and apply this 555 technique.

Are you excited, I'm sure you are if you are excited to let me know in the comment section, that yes you are going to apply. And when you manifest you come back and let me know again in the comment section. And most importantly, if this article has cleared all your doubts, all your confusion about this 555 technique, then share it with your loved ones, and let me know in the comment section because this 5×55 or 5×55 manifestation technique is going to create some real magic in your life.


Are you excited I am sure you are. Thank you thank you thank you. God bless you. If this article has given you the insight to do it, then let me know in the comment section. Thank you thank you thank you SHARE IT.

Conclude – Here we have learned step by step with a lot of examples full process how to do 55×5 manifestation ritual method fast and safely 100% & why is 55×5 manifestation journal is important while doing practice the 5×55 method, So if you want to know the basic fundamentals of 55×5 manifestation magic technique then read fully.


Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks