LAW OF ATTRACTION IN ISLAMIC | Let's discuss the law of attraction from an Islamic perspective with the help of reading the Quran Verse. Lets me explain my knowledge.


Since I knew Law of Attraction back in 2009 I fell in love with it instantly drawn and adopted as my daily life. Until one day, I was wondering, is it okay for me to adopt believes even though happy with my life, but part of me didn't feel good about it.

Then I look for further references that able to be passionate. And how is it an Islamic perspective?

Based on RasulAllah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam guidance to understand more about the law of attraction in Islam. I would like to share it with you. Please listen to an interesting and scientific conversation about the law of attraction or Dr. Zaidul Akbar called as law of lawkulma.

And please do share it with others. Everything in the universal first comes from the same source. If the sun can projectile through the fission reaction. In principle, human beings can also do a fusion reaction.

That is because are abundant in hydrogen, meaning that humans are very capable of sharing energy, much more complex than the sun, because the raw material, namely hydrogen is already in ourselves.

In fact, the sun conducts more simpler fusion reactions. As for the son. It only involves two protons fused together become a neutron. And neutron with a proton and then combining and theory select, which means that a person strong belief or perception can lead he or she to add a dimension which character of the addition does not apply yet this process on the hour, but we can explain it a bit.

The single mechanism in nature is like the measure computer that regulates every event in the universe itself is coherent and interconnected system from the most complicated to the simple process in the universe has a mechanism, as long as it didn't happen somewhere will indeed affect their place in the universe. This universal mechanism is holistic, meaning that all of it can be acknowledged from any position while Stephen Hawking calls it the universal mechanism or the subconscious, and he calls it the grand formula, or theory of everything.

While Quran calls AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ it or Kitabul-Mubeen. Allah mentioned that in Surah Al-An´am first verse 59-


The main computer or surfer or subconscious can be accessed by our brain, because it is connected to humans, the human brains in billion can be analog as a client computer we access it through the subconscious mechanism.

If our belief in steady, All the variables in nature seems to be moved to support that belief, rational things do not seem to apply anymore or natural laws seem to stop because we have other dimensions.

Neuroscience researchers have succeeded in mapping several types of brainwaves. When humans are under certain conditions, the fat away, for example, marks the present, of course, shooting sensation in harmony.

And what is unique is that the universe also has such frequency, and wherever we are, the waves are always there, if you believe in synchrony two phenomena are often related to one another. In that exploration showing the uniformity of every particle in nature is a necessity. So try when someone is on theta wave, he is actually turning into the universe. That is when we feel calm and at peace.

So how can we access the “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ” suffers from the consciousness, down to the subconsciousness via What fear serenity, how the easiest and the fastest is through the reciting Quran? When a person reached the Quran, he/She is accessing his subconscious with the repetition Quran. In fact, things that have been relieved by some people to be the law of attraction can be true or could be wrong.

What are the condition change awareness and perception without knowledge and understanding of your project predication.

Change is difficult to occur. Awareness is needed as a combination of steps and activities to be carried out. How do you do it all so easily?

Go to the subconscious, access the Haas computer. So by accessing all rationally D will not apply, because it speaks in another dimension. What is the key awareness and awareness will start from a string, namely faith is the highest power that we need faith & knowledge.

And the more impossible that is, the less aware it is because the main computers do not recognize these terms, you can access to the owner of the main computer namely the Lord of the world, and presumed him with whatever you intend.

So the perception that Allah is what he Syrphid thing is very true because everything will happen according to its content, not only the non-physical mention, the physical dimension will also react when we have arrived at the dimension.

The question is, who is the owner of “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ”. How do we access the owner of our “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ”.

The answer is simple. With our prayers and intention towards him. Whether your prayer is logical or not, whether you want it or not, the universe will follow you at his command. I repeat his command.

There is no need to use logic in the brain because the super suffer “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ” does not ask, Is it logical or not. And amazingly, you can access this “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ” directly to his owner with your intention towards him.

Now “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ” can be accessed if our hardness in line with the frequency of the owner and the “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ” itself. Yes, the choice is up to you, because Allah has given us an unlimited capacity of our brain, and is already on my end in line, whether we want to use it or not, that unlimited ability. I say, unlimited because the human brain is limitless.

What is the way during the correct video, correct recitation of the Quran, Conway, right. all the calm waves. What does this mean is surfing to always be online with his local man. It is a shame if he doesn't use it right, well, that's why a lot of contemplation, to tough, occurs, so we can access the local Memphis trial.

 So, what is the law that many people believe to be the law of the universe? Everything happens automatically that the regulator, who is the source, how is it done.

So for me, whatever the laws are they are all boiled down to one source, the Quran. The funny thing is that there are some of those who don't even know that I think is already in the “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ”, it has been arranged their in “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ”, who is in charge, the owner of the surfer.

Just keep on imagining, thinking action until you arrive at the desired mention of “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ”, do it with the subconscious mechanism by entering the frequency earlier.

That is why people who are close to Allah they get can access it easily. The mechanism is already in Kitabul-mubeen going to “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ” surfer can be an infinite human who has entered another dimension.

We are infinite humans, why this is the explanation, human brains consists of 1 trillion brain cells, while the bees has only 10,000 brain cells, which is a few 1000 brain cells. This is what bees can do construct & story buildings for entire bees community, take care of their children collect pollen and various information, communicate through gestures and voice, counting dancing distinguish fly at high speed, regulate body temperature and smell make strategic and difficult decisions huddled together and made sophisticated information.

If you compare, it means that it has only 0.000001% of the human brain. It turns out that the human brain is only used a maximum of 5%. The study shows that the nerve cell in the human brain is 10billion and have a probability of being connected by 28 zeros means 10 to the power of 28 Zero behind.

That is, if you write down the total permutation combination in the brain, it will be one followed by 10.5 million kilometres zeros. That is why the human brain is almost lean right. So, if you want to access “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ”, then the requirement is that will they believe it, and then our awareness guide describes activities.

So assessing this “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ” is now to start with awareness, consciousness, as Khalifa feels heart and his surfer. And then the most the important thing is to get into that universal mechanism first with those waves consciousness to subconsciousness and finally reached the surfers Yes, that's it.

Whereas we were given unlimited access to “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ”. That is why, when the owner of the surfer gets access to “AL-LAWHU ‘L-MAHFUZ” everything was possible. Are these are terms and conditions.

Conclude- Here we have learned HOW IT'S LAW OF ATTRACTION IN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE & WHAT ISLAM TELLS ABOUT THE LAW OF ATTRACTION with the help of Quran Verses with an example.



Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks