WHAT IS THE LAW OF DETACHMENT | Do you know which statement is the law of detachment sends +ve signals YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to BRING your desire things.

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Today we are going to be talking about ways of letting go and why it's very important to follow the law of detachment.

Okay guys so in today's article we're going to be talking about the one-step patient formula that a lot of people are not really understanding, because a lot of people are asking me how come I'm not receiving this you know I've been putting a focus on my desire you know why isn't it showing up. And I just want to talk more let's take it back a little bit, upon you know the basics of the law of attraction.

If you don't know what is the law of attraction then you can read on this site I have defined in depth with an example so let's go todays article on detachment.


So the law of attraction is ultimately your point of attraction it's your point of view, it's, you know, where are you on your day today, you know in your life like if you had to give it a number out of 100, where would you lie in your life and you have to kind of stay persistent, if you want to have a 100% value life, you'd have to definitely put an effort to, you know, keep that momentum of being there.

So, with law of attraction you know you visualize you meditate on things you journal about them and you give gratitude for them and now you're sitting you're saying I'm still not receiving what it is that I want to receive and why is that, and I am really here to tell you today this is, you know, a big part and the part is about letting go, and like releasing that attachment to the need of having that desire, letting go is.

It can be difficult but I am here to reassure you that it's not, you must have faith, that's what the point of letting go is you need to, you know, let go of how it will come to you and let the universe and your subconscious mind brings it to you in the way that it's supposed to be delivered.


It's like a comparison to an eagle. An eagle is you know their wings really tight they're not really moving anywhere so they must, you know release their wings and fly and to receive that gift of flight. And that is what we must do we must, you know, give things you know prey upon the determination of your desire but you know the also another thing is to enjoy your life, you know not focusing on you know getting that extra $100 this week, not focusing on waiting when you're going to get a call back for, you know, something that you are looking for success in, that's not really what it's going to do because when you have that emotion of desperation and that emotion of neediness and wanting the universe is just going to give you more situations of desperation neediness and want, so you have to show the universe and say hey I believe in our receive, and when to let go of the idea of the timeframe of who is going to bring you this manifestation, you must let go and live and let God, you really have to sit within yourself and be calm, you know I  truly believe in you know meditating every day and really focusing upon you know five minutes if you will, you know, talking as if to yourself about the manifestation being in your life that is very important, but it's also important to forget about it.

Really because if you're showing the universe you already have it you wouldn't be so persistent on, you know, getting it because it's already here, whatever you desire it's already on this planet here with you right now as you were watching me.

It is just about, you know, turning to that frequency and then letting it come to you and those ways. I will tell you guys a nice story of mine. I wanted to manifest rings in my life that's what I wanted to do.

I told myself I don't really know how I'm going to manifest rings because I would look on websites and nothing would really resonate the way that it should.

So I kind of gave up that idea for a little while maybe like a month and literally last weekend we're going through like family jewelry and I find rings, like all the rings that I find match my like finger size and absolutely you know it's everything that I imagined and I actually chuckled to my mother and I said you know I was really wanting rings for so long and the moment I kind of forgot that I wanted them you know here I am with almost full hands of rings.

So I say that to say, it's really about forgetting that you even asked for it i mean if you guys read my last article how I manifested $1,000 when I said I literally forgot I asked for it because I was just basking in the bliss of what I already had been delivered in my life in that is you know the secret, that is where the magic is you know you do hold the magic within yourself, but it is also about full faith, you know, you don't have to pray 1000 times for something you don't have to journal about it.

Yes, you can do that if you feel very inspired to if you're really basking in that experience, but don't do it when you're feeling really, you know, desperate and needy because that's not really going to work that is resistance to a situation.

So I always tell people when you're, you know in a little of limbo of your manifestation, do something different. That's another thing about the law of attraction, every technique or doing the same technique isn't always going to work because you end up building resistance towards certain things that you want in your life.

So the less resistance that you have towards something and the more excitement that you have for the universe will obviously, bring it to you. And I just, I really want you guys to understand let it go, you know like, like just let it go and when, you know, life test is you because it does you know when the universe gives you a situation and wants to see what your faith is, you know when someone is talking to you about, maybe a job position or someone is talking to you about money that they've just received or someone is talking about a relationship that they're just now, you know, being in an enduring, you have to be excited for that you.

You have to look upon other people's success, and you have to feel as though it is you right because you want to show the universe I am so happy that I have these things I must be happy for the next person who does too. So I just wanted to share with you guys that is a very important you know thing to stand by you know being in the art of allowing you know being in that allowing state and allowing the good to come to you, universe, always, always gives us what we actually want and sees what the ego cannot attain.

So I just I really wanted to, you know, share with you guys, this article, and just fun you know little manifestation I had within myself within two weeks, was receiving you know golden rings from my family, and all came about because I forgot that I even wanted it.

You know, I was just being grateful for the rings and I already did have on my fingers. And if you know me personally, you know how important things are to me they all have sentimental value.


I wear my rings with the intention I wear my jewelry with intention, even this cross that I am wearing it's so funny to me and my family. We have a matching process and we got them blessed. And I was waiting for my mother's for some quite some time because she had misplaced mine. And, you know, we literally she literally said, Well, I don't want to short but up I'll find it one day and literally that same day, we were talking about it she found it, and I have like more rings all because of you know the joy that we found within our family, you know safe spot.

So I just wanted to share this article about you know really let it go, x for it, you know, pray for its focus on it believe that it will come to you and so it will you have to let that idea go when it will come to you and just get excited for the ways that it will.

 So in every article, we like to affirm so in today's article our affirmation is going to be.

I allow the good to flow into my life. I allow the good to flow into my life, I allow the good to flow into my life. I want you guys to, you know, fully like take it in you know take a deep breath if you must, and let go and let God and enjoy.

Conclude – Here we have learned the exact what is the law of detachment and its statement with examples and today’s affirmation.

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