HOW TO MANIFEST A TEXT FROM SOMEONE | If you want to manifest someone just sending a text message by your Smartphone then let's learn & practice the ultimate 5 exercises in easiest way.

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Do you want to learn how to manifest a text message fast and quickly? Then welcome to our site here I have shared my secret hidden success stories just by using a Smartphone how I have manifested someone by using my best 5 steps just sitting on my bed.

The thing all to ourselves, it's beautiful out a golden hour. Let's go find a spot to sit down for this is a very special article on how to use your phone and your mind to manifest a text message from someone. Now, this can be a lover an ex, a friend, a family member, or someone you really want to get in touch with….

I'm gonna show you how again with just your phone some time and your mind, you can actually manifest this into your life, even if you haven't talked to them for months or weeks.

This has the potential to work, and I'll show you some stories because I thought this was best until I started doing it and it's kind of eerie It feels like Voodoo feels like witchcraft so this is very powerful.

So I was very skeptical about this method, and I saw on YouTube video talking about it very, very briefly, not as in-depth as what I'll give you, and I was skeptical, a very skeptical mind about things I always want to know like the science behind it or the what-ifs you know and I'm like yeah okay like kind of sounds like Voodoo witchcraft like we talked about. And I tried it.

I said you know what, it's free. I have a phone. I got five minutes, what do I have to lose. And so I did it and the first time I did it was with my dad. My dad and I talk every other week, and very infrequently really, and since moving here you know I could have easily picked up the phone and call them, but I was like, let me just try this.

And so I did what this exercise will I'll show you. And I did it, and I put all my energy there. And then, like an hour later, I get a call from him on my phone. And again, we only talk once every two weeks so I was like, that is so frickin weird. I like I don't know it's just eerie feeling, and when you do this and it works.

Let me know in the comments, and come back to this if it does work. And let me know in the success stories in the comments. Okay.

The second time I did it before writing this article I was like, I want to make sure that wasn't just some fluke accident. I want to know like you know if I'm gonna writing article on it I want to make sure that like, it works more than just once. Right. And so I did it same exercise I'll show you. And this time I did it for my friend Brian, right, because when I was like alright Brian, let's see if he's gonna, message me. And I went to bed. And then I woke up with a text message from him. Like literally hours later, a text message from him, and you're like well you guys are friends.

It was still weird we don't text that much nothing out of the blue. So it was equally as weird. And then I started thinking about this, and to a much lesser extent, I did this to other times. The other day I was thinking about someone who could really help me with my Instagram content I'm really busy with YouTube so I don't really have the time to go in and do that right.

And lo and behold, a voice memo pops up with someone, a friend of mine who I know, saying he started a new service where he's helping influencers, everyone's favorite word right run their Instagram account creating content from YouTube videos. Come on. You got to be kidding me here.

And then the last one, I'll give you was back when I'm met my now girlfriend Danny. It was that an early stage of dating which can be kind of brutal right where you're like going on a date you're, you're really like them but you're not sure if they like you, and you're like are they gonna text me first or am I gonna text them and you're constantly checking your phone constantly checking your phone.

And I remember doing this and just visualizing it which, again, I'll show you this exercise. And then finally, after like a day or two of silence, it pops up right there, and once that hits man that is like the sweetest feeling in the world because that is a brutal game right you ever started dating someone you're really into them.

That is such a brutal game waiting for them to text you play, oh godman and so if you're constantly checking your phone, you might as well do this exercise and make your chances much, much better. Again, this works also in platonic relationships someone you want to hear like friends or family romantic ones.

I've never done it for an ex I have my own opinions about that but hey if you want to try this for an ex to get in contact with you more power to you I'm not going to stop you or judge you for that also works with people.

Let's say you go for an interview. And you really want to hear back from that company but they're not giving you anything. They said they call you Monday they haven't called you yet, you can try this with them I have no experience with that. But that doesn't mean this can't work for you.

I just want to say one last thing, because you're like give me the exercise car Give me, give it to me and I understand, slow down Speed Racer. Alright. The one last thing is, be patient with this. Okay. Sometimes we'll realize that the text or the call comes immediately. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes it might even take a couple days. That's okay. Don't lose faith in this process because as soon as you do. It's like taking this is gonna be very hippie this like metaphysical spiritual energy that's floating around there and just sinking it down into this ground right here, it's taking all that energy up here and just making it fall down like gravity.

Alright, so don't lose hope believe in this process, and without further ado, you're ready. Let me give you this exercise to manifest a text, a DM an email, a call from a specific someone.

We have five parts to this exercise, starting with number 1 to number 5.


Step number #1

 I want you right now. You can do this with me follow along. I want you to breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, and pause. Okay, so we go in and you pause for four seconds at the bottom there, do it a couple more times. All right, breathe in for four out for foreign pause for breathing out you pause. Just two or three more times what you're doing here is you're getting your mind in a very calm state.

There are different brainwaves who showed you in another article, alpha-beta theta, and delta right and then go lower and lower. So, what you're doing is taking your brain from those very, you know, higher vibrational higher frequency beta alpha waves right and you're bringing them down to a theta state this is almost like a dreamlike state. That's why your dreams are so weird.

Your subconscious mind is tapped into okay so once you're in the state of the state, right, but once you're in the ones above it, or somewhere in there, you're calm fancy way of saying your call. Alright, speak called.

Step number #2

You do step number two. I want you now you're ready to pick up your phone. Okay, so you pick up your phone right here. And I want you to think of that person. Let's just call it, Jess. Think of Jess, calling you. What ring does that have what picture icon, do they have is that a text. Is it a FaceTime, is that a call picture that coming right here on your phone. Just right there. Can you see that image you see that face you see that person?

If you have a custom ringtone set to them you hear that ringtone coming to your phone. Okay. You just sit there for a minute. And you think about that. And don't let your mind go into oh yeah this is stupid you look dumb in. No, you believe in this you trust this process. Okay, so you're doing that right now.

 Step number #3

So that is coming picture that the third thing you do is this is where it gets a little woo woo, but stay with me. What you do is you take your thumb and you write that name is J e s s, you go up as well. J e s s. And that creates sort of a cross.

So you have that on your phone, you have that name you have the intention, you have the image or calm, you follow me here, you're ready for step four, picture.

Step number #4

This glowing energy field around your phone. Okay, maybe it's the whole spectrum of the light right so like white light right now this is the sum of all colors, and the only way you don't know it's white light is when it hits a prism and splits into other colors like a rainbow right The rain is splitting it that's why you can see a rainbow. Otherwise, this is just white light right here. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the moon right.

So I want you to think of your phone pulsating that sort of white light. It's like this glowing energy field you might even feel it in your hands when you have your phone right, you're picturing that person and this the field is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and you just sit there with it for a few minutes putting all your energy and concentration on that phone on that person on that name you just wrote out, and you let it just get bigger and bigger in feeling it in your gut, your solar plexus right just feel it just bubble up inside, you have this energy right there in your phone, the fifth and final step that I want you to do get brutally excited.

Step number #5

Okay, so after you sit there with that energy in that phone, you have your energy in there, give your concentration in there you have everything in that phone. You've done it and get excited I want you the fifth step and final step is to take your phone and put it somewhere where you can't see it. That's it. That's a five-step process that is so simple. I know, but don't doubt it. Okay, believing in it, knowing that that's gonna come. And when it does it's going to be this weird feeling that you've never experienced before. Out of the blue like it was for my dad like it was for Brian, as it wasn't the other times I've used this a couple words of warning here that I've found have stopped this process from working. Don't do this more than once a day.

All right, if you do this three-four, or five times a day, especially if it's for like an excess, it gets kind of creepy right and that energy of creepiness and neediness actually repels it and pushes it away, because the more we sit and we focus on I want, we reinforce the feeling of I don't have. And if you know anything about the law of attraction right when you put out the energy of I don't have I lack, poor me all this stuff. Well, you're just gonna manifest more lack.

So you want to have the sense of abundance, and I feel doing that one time a day is a perfect amount to be like putting it out there thank you and feeling grateful for it. You might even say thank you, Jess, in this case, for texting me, thank you for this feeling grateful for that person contacting you in your life.

That's a bonus step that makes this work even more kind of like a supplement on top of this, or fertilizer for the seed you just planted, the most important thing though is to not doubt this process as soon as you doubt it.

Remember it takes it from up here, and it grounds it down there. Do this once a day, and come back here once this happened to make this promise to me all right after you do this exercise, or if you just did it, and it works.

Tell us your success story in the comments below. Let's blow that up let's make that like an area where there's a bunch of crazy success stories. All right, I really want to know your success story I'm so excited for you. And this exercise It's simple, right, I know it sounds different than some of the other stuff we've talked about on this site, but it's powerful.


Conclude – Here I have shared my experience of how I have manifested someone just by sending a text message by using my Smartphone. If you want to practice then read the full article. Tiktok user can do better if you are a TikTok lover.

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