WHAT IS MANIFESTATION MEAN | Let's learn the real MANIFESTATION meaning & definition SPIRITUALLY with live case studies & examples. So let’s expand on what is manifest in 2021.

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Intro –

Let´s understand briefly WHAT DOES MANIFESTATION MEAN & REAL DEFINITION with live online examples by research. Finally, we will learn the secret exercises, tips, and sources for manifestation.


In essence, what is manifested out there in the real world may merely be a reflection of our own internal feelings, thoughts, and actions.

The dictionary provides several important definitions of manifestation, but one seems most applicable to this discussion. Manifestation according to the dictionary is an expression that can be palpably seen or experienced.

Let's use it in a sentence when the crowd booed the home team. It was a clear manifestation of their annoyance, disappointment, and disapproval.

Here the manifestation is the outward expression of the crowd. But when we speak about manifestation in the spiritual realm, it is our inward or innate thoughts and belief systems that tend to mold what we experienced during our lives.


Understanding this definition of manifestation is exciting and empowering yet scary and overwhelming at the same time. Indeed, we are responsible for many of the events that occur or manifest in our life, certainly not all events but more than what we think.

I asked several people I know to define manifestation and consensus was visualizing what you want and eventually getting what you want through the prism of that singular focus, but that definition only tells half the story.

Yes, when asked what is a manifestation, it makes sense to define it as CO-creating our dreams through channeling our thoughts, visualizations, and even affirmations, but it can also be described as CO-creating our nightmares by becoming fixated on negative thoughts, such as feelings of lack, fear and the like.

 So the term manifestation is neutral, you can create the most positive outcomes but also the most disappointing end results, all based on your most general disposition, and attitudes.

Think of manifestation at the end of the self-fulfilling prophecy spectrum. Although there is magic in manifestation, it is not some magical happenstance.

There is no magic wand involved where poof, all our dreams come true by merely wishing, but the people I asked to find manifestation or correct manifestation begins by seeing what we desire in our mind's eye, and we must visualize in concrete detail.

 We can't have unclear disconnected thoughts about what we hope transpires. The beauty of designed conjured-up thoughts lies in the details, look within the depths of your soul to figure out what you hope and need to transpire.

This concrete thought must become your truth. It does not matter how far you are presently away from that truth.

The distance becomes less and as your mind begins to attainability the manifestation of that truth becomes more certain as you begin to see yourself in the world around you in a different light.

You are not going to act or react in the same way as your former self. You understand that manifestation is the ability to hold focus and direct our creative energies and concrete actions into form. Let me repeat manifestation is the ability to hold focus and direct our creative energies and concrete actions into form.


Suppose, for example, you're hoping to improve your business's sales, you begin to visualize an influx of Happy new customers, you envision old customers continuing to refer never ending line of clients you continuously focus on that vision until it becomes your truth, the truth, you add positive affirmations related to your business's growth.

Here are some examples of those positive affirmations. My business is growing exponentially, success and money flow effortlessly to me; my income forever increases and is limitless.

I have complete trust in my abilities and talents. My work makes a difference, and I love helping others as I saw professionally and personally.

You are declaring such affirmations multiple times a day in your mind, and even out loud. Write them down so they become ingrained in the manifestation process.

See how you're holding and focusing on the truth of your business's success with renewed spirit and confidence, it's then time to direct creative energies and specific actions to ensure this reality.

Perhaps you're going to organize more webinars, purposefully expand your network, run more incentive programs, invest in yourself and your business by paying for advertising, engaging in other productive strategies, the backend work creates what you want to manifest here, a successful business.


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Here is an easy way to remember the spiritual definition of the manifest.

M - Is for making the decision to change some aspect of your life that you're satisfied with, or wish to make better. You're malleable, open to all possibilities due to the creative force of the universe.

A - Is realigning your thoughts, feelings, and actions towards a specific goal.

N -Is for never losing sight of your objective or faith that it will take place.

I - Is for your intention to meditate on that goal. Visualize its form underscore its unfolding with positive affirmations and attaining success through purposeful action efforts.

F - Is for the reminder to focus on a call, allowing your creative energies to accumulate within before dispersing them, your energies are building rigs and be unleashed to get what you want.

E- Is for energetic flow, you release your never-ending supply of creative energies to make your goal happen.

S- Is for sending love to yourself and others. As you release a sort of negative thoughts that often block the manifestation.

T- Is for trusting yourself in the universe that's always happening for the greatest good, perhaps not on your timetable or even the exact form you wish the manifestation to take.

This is a process and a journey, all part of the fabric of life. I hope that I've given you a better idea about what manifestation is, to me.



Meaning 1# (For beginners)

Manifestation is nothing but a command/signal through which you can attract anything in your life with the help of spiritual energy/power which is stored in the human’s secret part of the body. Let´s expand.

In general, we can say it's hidden energy in the human body through which you can convey your desires to the universe spiritually.

NOTE- The law of universal has given methods for manifesting your desires. The whole process is based on the fundamentals/rules through which the manifestation magic works instantly.

Meaning 2# (For Average person)

The manifestation is nothing but SPIRITUAL energy that helps you to attract your desires by superpower spiritual energy like agel, genie / Jin, or other hidden superpower hidden energies. If you want to know full details about these hidden superpower energies then read the full article you will get all the hidden universal's secret energies.



Every single moment of your life has led you to this point, and you are continually attracting new things into your life without even noticing it. Simply defined, it states that you will attract into your life whatever you concentrate on. You can attract both negative and positive things into your life.

When I say I'm going to teach you how to manifest, what I really mean is how to manifest consciously, because you're always manifesting; you can't stop; there's no such thing as a pause button in life.

Obviously, you are constantly attracting into your life based on your thoughts, feelings, and level of vibration on the good in life, and if you are constantly feeling positive good energy, and good feelings, you are attracting more of that into your life, and vice versa is also true, whereas if you are focusing on constantly, you are attracting more of that into your life.

You're attracting negative things into your life. And if you understand this and learn how to work with it (I have no idea what the word manifestation means, so please correct me if I'm wrong), you can manifest anything you desire into your life.


And I'm going to have that trust transform my life. So, according to the law of attraction, I will attract what I desire into my life.


Manifestation is a little different in that it states, "I will attract what I am into my life." Both of these statements are correct in the sense that if you attract what you are into your life, you will attract what you get in life.

We are magnets, continuously attracting what we are into our lives to come, therefore the law of attraction says we're drawing what we are into our lives.

Well, you can use the law of attraction to attract what you want into your life if you understand that you are attracting what you are, so the trick is to visualize what you want and who you want to be in your mind, and then it manifests in the physical world, I know this sounds crazy, and I know I sound crazy.

Please be patient with me. I'll explain. Being in this world is made up of energy. I'm made of energy, and you're made of energy. Everything is made up of energy, and everything is continuously in motion.

Everything is vibrating at different frequencies, and we are all vibrating at different frequencies based on the energy we emit. Consider when someone says, "Oh, I vibe with that person as I vibe with you."

What this truly means is that we are linked by our relationships, which is the same thing as vibration. So when you're vibrating with someone, you're on the same vibrational field, and whatever you're vibrating at the same frequency attracts like a magnet into your life.

Whatever I want is vibrating at a very high frequency, and if I'm in a foul mood, it's even higher. I'm thinking I can't eat this since I'm in a foul mood and upset. Because we are our frequencies, I won't be able to attract this item into my life.

So when I discovered how to elevate my vibration and get joyful or build from inside, it was a game changer for me. Then I raise my vibration, and I feel joyful and pleased. And then, like a magnet, I can easily draw that item into my life because you attract what you are. For example, if I want to attract money, I must first earn it, then prove that I am affluent, and then I am attracting that into my life.

It may sound absurd, yet it is true. The Law of Attraction isn't only a spiritual truth; it's also a scientifically verified fact. There are countless success tales of people who have used the law of attraction to manifest their ideal life.

It's incredible; if you're trying to increase your faith, you should absolutely search up some success stories because hearing about them is quite inspiring. There is no desire to be large. There is no such thing as a minor request; whatever it is in life that you are focusing on, the universe will grant it to you.

However, everything you're thinking, speaking, and writing is continually entering into your life; consider whether you've ever gotten out of bed and stubbed your toe as soon as you got out of bed, and now you're thinking.

It's going to be horrible because you started your day badly and now you're in this spot where you're thinking, "Okay, now I'm in a bad mood because the way I started my day is the way I'm continuing for the rest of the day," because you're holding on to those negative feelings.

Have you ever heard the phrase "wake up on the wrong side of the bed"? It means that when one thing goes wrong, everything else goes wrong as well.

When you're in a bad mood, more unpleasant things happen to you. So, for example, if you're saying, "My Crush doesn't like me," it's critical to learn to let go of negative feelings and to raise your vibration on a regular basis in order to attract high-vibrational things into your life.

My crush doesn't text me or chat to me, the world says, "Okay, your wish is my command request," which means that your crush will no longer text you or talk to you. That's an example of manifesting something you don't desire. The converse is also true in the case of my crush texts me all the time, my crush likes me, and so on.

Okay, I'll grant your desire. When it comes to the law of attraction, it becomes your reality. You must let go of the past and the future, as they are not truly dry. The only thing that exists is the present moment, and you are creating your future by living in it, so you must always stay present in the moment, and the main things you want in the future by already having them in your possession.


So the 1st thing I want to tell you guys about is affirmations. An affirmation is simply a pause in the present tense that you may use when trying to materialize particular things into your life. For instance, if you're trying to cultivate self-control.

I'd use the affirmation, I'm so pleased and glad now that I'm so self-assured, and you can do this with anything you want; for example, if it's money, you could say, I'm making so much money every day, I'm making money all the time, I'm bringing money into my life, I'm wealthy, and so on.

You're attracted to a certain individual, such as a girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other. Let's say you can say, "I am so happy and grateful now that I am in a happy and loving relationship with blank." You can say, "I am so happy and grateful now that I am in a happy and loving relationship with blank." You can even say, "I am so happy and grateful now that I am in a happy and loving relationship with blank."

Another point to remember is that you are constantly manifesting. As a result, affirmations confirm what you already have.

So, if you're now in debt and you're sobbing and saying things like "I have so much debt, I have no money," that's what you're affirming and what's coming true, so all you're doing is flipping that and making a new affirmation for the present.

When it comes to affirmations, two approaches that I strongly recommend utilizing, especially for novices, are the 333 technique and the 555 technique or 3x33 to try for the three by three three approach.

It's basically when you pick an affirmation, whatever you're wanting to manifest into your life, I'll use the one about self-confidence. I'm really thrilled and pleased now that I'm so strong, and I've been doing it for three days straight at the same time. You're going to take your notebook and write down 33 times,

I'm so glad and pleased now that I'm more self-assured that I just swapped rooms since it was becoming too dark and the lighting in the room I was in was killing me.

But it's basically the same thing, only you're doing it for five days instead of three, and you're putting down your five times instead of 33. Now I'll walk you through the real step-by-step process of manifesting something in your life.


So, in a minute, I'll talk about scripting, and then I'll walk you through the manifesting secret hidden process step by step.

Step one is to request the universe for what you desire. I took the liberty of writing down the steps for this article so that I wouldn't have to read it off the page while I was speaking.

So you're requesting something from the universe. This is you write it down in the present tense, this is the affirmations that we talked about, I'm so happy and grateful now that, whatever it is that you want to manifest, guys, I'm not kidding, it can be anything, anything in the entire world, there is nothing too big for the universe to give to you, with the snap of a finger.

So you're writing down this affirmation, and the universe is accepting your order.

Okay, now it's time to believe. You must have unflinching trust that it is already yours, and the universe will begin to rearrange itself to make it happen for you. Now, it doesn't matter how it happens or when it happens; it only matters that it happens. The bottom line will be reached.

You have to know, I'm going to have this thing, no matter when; let go of time; the present now is all that matters; and if you don't believe me, I promise you'll have it. The Law of Attraction always works as long as you don't doubt the process. It takes time to get very good at trusting, but once you do, you'll realize how crazy it is.

It's natural to have doubts, such as thinking, "This isn't going to happen," or "What am I doing this isn't real," or "I'll try my hardest, but I don't think it's going to happen." I believe the universe is saying, "All right, your wish is my order." It isn't going to happen now.

Replace "I know it's coming" with "I know it's coming" if you have a doubt. I'm sure it'll happen; instead, replace it with a sense of unflinching faith.

The final step is to accept. Begin to wonder about it, imagine how you'll feel when it arrives, and embody those emotions. It'll feel nice and cheerful as you go through this process because you're placing yourself in the frequency of what you need to experience. When I say you have to feel it, I'm referring about when you're manifesting.

Take a notebook and a pen and experience the emotions as if you have this thing right now. Whether it's happiness, joy, excitement, or whatever comes up, those are the sensations you want to feel so different ways of manifesting our scripting.

Furthermore, you can have whatever you want for your paddle and are essentially putting an order with the universe; you may write about everything in the present tense as if you already had things because you will have them, and simply explain your life and all you want.


Write it all down script for at least 12 minutes concentration turn on some pleasant music (I recommend frequency music) and then repeat those procedures.

After you finish scripting, believe that whatever you are manifesting is already on its way to you. A nice affirmation is my desires are on the way, or something even better is on the way, and I have to trust the universe. The universe can give you anything you want as long as you believe it is already yours.


Another thing I enjoy doing is visualising what you should be doing each and every day. I'm at a loss on what to do.

All it entails is taking a few deep breaths to centre yourself and then visualising whatever it is that you want right now. Closing your eyes will tell you to visualise an automobile. Pretend you're in the automobile, see your hands on the steering wheel, or feel the feelings that come with owning this car. Feel it, experience it, love it, and then let it go.

When it comes to explaining how to execute it, allow me to offer you an example that really helped me grasp how to accomplish it. Consider when you're in a restaurant and you place your order with the waiter; while you're waiting for that order to arrive, you're not worrying about how to make it or when it'll arrive; instead, you're sitting back, sipping your water, chatting with your friends.

And you know you're not obsessing about when it'll arrive, or how the chef will prepare it, since you know it'll be the same exact thing.

Do not obsess over how this thing comes to you, do not obsess over when it comes to you, because it will come to you, and the less you obsess and the more you believe, the faster your life will be.


The final thing you need to know is to show gratitude. After you've finished manifesting, or even just individually, one of my favorite things to do is to write down 10 things that I'm thankful for. This will help you feel in a flow since you're already satisfied with the life you've created.

Because you're already happy, you won't stress over it. However, the manner you express thanks and thankfulness for the things you have in your life will show them that you're vibrating at a higher frequency.

You may attract the things you desire into your life as a result of your happiness, as well as additional happiness and the things that bring you happiness.


And before I really get into that, I want to share with you a study or research that was done in the last century.

So back in the United States of America. It happened that when they were researching on the importance of exercise. They saw that a couple of housemates who were working in a hotel, the amount of work that they were doing was really a lot.

And with that kind of work with that kind of exercise, they should have been losing weight, they should have been much healthier.

Their heart should be beating so fast, and they should be happier people. If they are exercising so much. So what they did was they did an experiment.

Now, these housemates they divided into two groups. One group was actually told the benefits, they said, the amount of work that you're doing through the day. If you are actually doing so much exercise you should be losing weight, your heart is beating so much well, it should be very healthy.

You should actually be feeling happier, your waist should be going down in size. All these health benefits are there with this kind of this amount of exercise.

The other half of the housemates, they did not inform them anything. After a month of this exercise that they did what they noticed was that these housemates, to whom they had informed about this, their way, had gone down the waist for much slimmer.

They were happier they were happier doing the same work that they were doing this experiment showed them that if we understand why we need to do something.

What we need to do and how to do it. We do it so much. Well, the same amount of exercise exactly the same kind of work had made a difference in their life.

I want you to notice because we all talk about manifestation, we all know that you're creating our reality.

But if we understand really how we are doing it, what is it that we need to do, and why we need to do it, then you will do it much better.


This story will be very easy for you to remember those points of manifestation, it will remind you of those points.

This story is of a story where there was in a village, three years there was no rain. In the third year. The villagers decided to pray for rain.

There was this little boy in a house, four years old. And this boy as they were going out to pray for rain by the riverside.

He started looking for his umbrella. The father said there's no need for the umbrella my ideas and let's go.

We're getting the eight. He said, No, I have to take the umbrella, and as they started then walking to the river site.

This beautiful child carrying this umbrella. There were other men who looked at him and smiled.

They were thinking there's no rain for three years and this child is bringing this umbrella.

I would like to extend the story, even though it didn't rain, rain that day. The child did not lose hope.

He kept his umbrella clean and handy, so that the moment the rain comes, they can all use it for friends, this story really gives all the secrets of manifestation, actually as a child, we all know it, but somewhere going through the journeys of life, we forget our original self, our true self.

There is so many dusts that we get are so many thoughts and beliefs that we gather, and we actually forget the power of our own selves, the power of our manifestation.

So, In this story, I'm going to remind you of all the pointers that are there in the story. As I talk about the whole scientific element of it.

Friends, we all know we create our reality. If you are not creating it consciously, you're creating it by default, which means that if you're not taking the decisions if you're not paying attention to what is it that you want in life, it's being created the same way the old ways.

And then we may feel like a victim. So in the last century also finds as they were doing so many experiments what they realized was that there are actually infinite possibilities.

So, we are living in an energy universe. You and me are energy beings. So, the body is the more cross form, the emotions, the thoughts are more subtle the spirit is more subtle.

But all that is there even within us, his energy and all that is there around us is enormous.

The energy forms that we are in interacting with the energy outside. And this reality is being created.

So, how is it that this reality is being created? The scientists came to the exclusion, by the way of experiments.

I'm not going to share details about the experiment here but if you would like. You can go back and look at the double slit experiment. So, as they were actually researching, they realize that the same particle behaves in a different way, there are infinite possibilities that are actually there, it could behave in so many different ways.

But the way that I'm actually looking at the particle. That is what is responsible for creating, it's behaving a particular way.

So my reality is going to be created. By the way that I'm actually looking at it. So, the energy in me, interacting with the energy outside.

What is this energy in me. This is my state of being. The state of being, my dear friends, which is nothing but our thoughts and our emotions.

When we have a certain thought, what they recognize that that thought actually moved the energy and all the way around that.

So our thought starts to move the energy. So that it can start taking form, and our emotions, our heart has the strongest electromagnetic field in our entire body.

So the thought will move the energy, and it's the heart my feeling, that is responsible for actually drawing that experience into my experience, it is responsible for drawing that experience into my reality

So friends, what is going to be important for us to really create the reality consciously, is that we'll be clear as to what we want, we become more and more clear that what is it that you want to create.

Otherwise, like I said, are all creating by default. And as you do that. Now, why is it important to think right, right now, there is already a reality we are already living a particular life.

Now, if I'm not paying attention to what is it that I want to create if I'm not getting clear as to what is it that I want that possibility does not exist for me.

I would like to take an example of a person who's coming from a little poor background. Now in their family probably working in a city, for example, New York. They've never been able to own a house.

And this young person now. Fields want to own a house, he dreams about the I am going to work hard, I want to own a beautiful house. Now, If he does not even think of that very likely the way that he's already functioning.

He will keep working in the same way. He will be knowing the ways that have been learned by the family and he will just manifest a similar reality.

So, firstly, when we recognize what we want. There is a clear intention that makes the possibility in the infinite field in the field for me to actually have it till I don't see the possibility.

The possibility will not exist for me. It may be happening to other people, but for me, that possibility is not existing, till I actually don't see it. And this is something that science also actually brought forth.

They said that it's our thoughts, which actually creates that possibility, if I'm not going to see that possibility, it does not exist for me.

So that is the power of our thoughts. So, in the story now. I'm connecting back with the story.

In the story, the child, you know, the village was clear they're praying for rain. The intention has to be clear, what is it that you really want.

Now the second aspect, as I said is that of the heart, the feeling, how do we actually feel about it.

Now, supposing this young man again, who now wants to own a house, and he says, I would love to own a house, what he feels is very very important, because I, like I said that the heart has the strongest electromagnetic field.

Now, if he feels that, oh no, but I really don't deserve it. Because my ancestors never hurt me, even capable cannot even happen to me.

Or maybe it's better not to own a house, you know, it's so difficult to maintain your house.

Now if these kind of feelings are coming to him, or maybe subtle thoughts. These are also subtle beliefs that we all carry for example I don't deserve it is not something that we all want to say, but it may be subconsciously there.

So, these kinds of feelings, we need to actually become aware of because if I say, on one hand that I want to house, but on the other hand, actually, I deeply believe that I don't deserve it.

Then I will not be able to attract it in my life. So, it's very important, my dear friends, to really pay attention to how you are feeling that's the most important thing.

We attract things in our life when we have a clear intention and going back to the story.

This child, as he wanted. They're going to pray for him. He already had elevated emotion he believed that because of your praying for the rain isn't up here, and he did not really give up on that belief was completed, because we are asking, it's going to be given, and that's really the law of the universe, asked, and it is given.

Now, what to do in case we do not actually believe in it, you may become aware that, actually, I do not feel that I deserve it, or I do not have the confidence to really work that much and get it.

Or maybe some other subconscious belief that you know, my parents never got it. Why should I be having it as you become aware of these feelings, my dear friends, I want you to remember that feelings or emotions are nothing again but energy.

Now we cannot actually deny these feelings, we cannot say no no no, it's not there. I do not have this.

Let me just keep doing positive thinking. This is a place where a lot of us actually make a mistake, we say I have to do positive thinking.

Yes, definitely, it helps to have a positive thought, but the feeling the emotion is also energy.

Emotions are nothing but energy emotion. Now, energy as we know, can neither be created nor can it be destroyed. The energy actually needs to be transformed

So we need to become aware of it, we need to pay attention to our feelings, how is it that I'm feeling. And if I'm not feeling that deserve ability.

Okay, we need to work with this energy. I want you to nowhere remember that we are all powerful alchemists, we can transform our emotions.

So what you need to do you need to pay attention to it. Work on that belief, some of the beliefs could be much deeper could be coming from a lot of our past experiences.

Sometimes it's just paying attention to these feelings that you will be able to transform it.

For example, if you say, I don't deserve it and then you say, Well, ask yourself why is it that I say that, of course, I deserve it, to pay attention to it.

You recognize that it's okay for you to let it go, this is actually really not making any sense.

I deserve it. I will work for it and I will get it. However, on the other hand, there could be certain beliefs, which could be much deeper, they could be coming from long standing past experience, for example –

You feel that you will not be able to take care of it for whatever reason, and there's a lot of past baggage around it. Or maybe our ancestors have faced a lot of difficulties, and you're really not able to kind of turn around that thought.

Now, it's important like I said that we need to transform this energy. So to make peace with this past is important my difference here is the time where you could take help of some of the therapies or meditation to actually look into the past.

The past has shaped us. Now, if I am carrying this experience and I'm going to be looking at the reality just in this way.

Know that the other possibility will not, I will not be able to tap into it. So it's important to make peace with the past.

And in case you need, you can take help of inner child healing past life regression any of those therapies.

This is really the place for it. This is why some of these therapies become important in our life.

So, elevated emotion is what will actually help you to draw this possibility into your life.

So, most importantly, I'll just say it again. The two things that are important for us to do is clear intention, elevated emotion.

Now, connecting to the story this child, they were clear, we are praying for him. And this child had the elevated emotion; he knew that because we are asking for rain.

It's going to be there. And he is also not disheartened by the rain not coming the same day.

We need to recognize and keep that belief, we need to have that patience. I can here also take the example of when I say clear intention now some people ask me how clear should it be, should we actually go into the details.

And I would like to give you one more example here, imagine you're going to a restaurant and there are 20 kinds of pizza available so you choose one particular kind of those are that you want.

And in that when you're placing your order, you're actually telling all your likings, you're saying, I want this special pizza, cheese pizza.

But I want it really crispy and Tim like it should look brown from outside, and I want the butter little less not too spicy. And the cheese that you put don't make it, you know, don't put a lot of it just little sprinkles of it.

Now when you're actually giving the specification, though, The chef understands really well what is it that you would like.

So, the clearer you get, the better it is, the better the chef can actually make it for you so yes when you're asking.

Don't be shy. Let yourself actually pay attention because then you're going to pay attention to it.

You're going to have to visualize you're going to have to pay attention to really what is it that you would like to eat.

Other than that you like it. Definitely, the chef will be able to then match it for your experience so really give the details.

If you are clear about what you like. Okay, but the next part is that then sit back at the table. Don't keep going to the chef and saying, But why am I not getting it. But why is it taking so long.

So sometimes they can be orders before you and it could be taking a little time, and that's okay.

So it's important to keep that belief, keep, you know that excitement that waiting right when we are positive and they're really happy in a happy state waiting for it.

That's what really helps us to draw that experience in your life. So, really having also the trust and the belief, is what is going to it's going to take for you to really keep those elevated emotions. So becoming clear and elevated emotions.



Now, A lot of the time we feel that because I want something, it should be there. This is where the little difference is going to come. A lot of the times we desire so many things, but actually what we are feeling is a feeling, a lack of insight, or we are feeling like I don't really deserve it, to pay attention to all of these things.

Do you believe that it is possibilities there are you clear. And do you believe that you deserve it and what is your emotion?

So, elevating your emotion, making peace with the past, accepting the past. Only then you can really are really transforming the emotion within yourself, my dear friends.


And now I would like to talk about the role of meditation in this sense the meditation practice, is the most important thing in the science of manifestation.

Because let's say that we are all actually already living in our reality. So for example, again, this person who is living in this family background where nobody has been able to buy a house.

Now, he believes and he knows that this is his reality. Now when we go in meditation, what happens is we are actually cutting off from the outside reality, closing our eyes, we are going within our sets.

And as we are going within ourselves, we start becoming no longer this personality, we start witnessing the personality.

So if neither am I a rich person or a poor person, nor am I a male or female, nor am I residing in the city or that city.

I am just going into blackness as we actually go into this blankness. Then we start connecting to the field, the field which has been finite possibilities.

You can take an example of, you know, like I said that there are infinite possibilities. These are like the radio frequencies imagine right now I'm already tuned in to a particular radio frequency I'm already listening to the sounds of a particular radiofrequency.

Now being tuned into that I cannot be listening to the songs of another frequency. So I need to actually pull out of this and that zoning out of this is something that really meditation is what is all about.

We are disconnecting from this we are no longer the personality and the space we that start going into is, the field is this blank space that's there within all of us.

That is where all the potentials are. And because now we are clear about what we want, we can actually tune into that.

So as your distance from this starts moving into the blank space. If you're clear as to what you want and you're already tuned into the happy feelings the elevated emotions.

The manifestation will start happening for you. So, if you do not already practice this when you practice, the simple ABCD..maybe towards the end of it you can actually practice, connecting to that the intention that you have that you want to create in your life.

And pay attention to what you're feeling. Let the elevated emotions come up. How do we do that by imagining visualizing that this, whatever that you want is already there in your life.

And let yourself feel how it would feel when it's already there in your life. This is really the secret of manifestation, my dear friends.


Before I leave you, I'll give you a few tips and certain obstacles that we face. So, all of us tend to face these obstacles the very common one is laziness.

Friends we all have been living in a particular way. And those ways have happened even before the thinking mind has come in the womb, right in early childhood, Right before the mind God develop before the age of six.

A particular script has already happened.

1st is - Now that script that we have developed, which the psychologists say happens before the age of 60 has survival benefits.

So even though we may not be happy in it we even though you may not be healthy and joyous with it.

The biggest part of our mind the unconscious is at least, I have survived. Right, so it actually tries to keep you there.

So if you're actually not paying attention, like we said, you will be created by default which is, you will be here.

So the laziness, to really put an effort so that we come out of this is really the biggest obstacle.

2nd aspect is fear - Now, this has become our comfort zone. And to be honest, the biggest fear that we all have is the fear of owning up the power, one of the authors Marianne Williamson said that actually, we are all scared of how powerful we are. And of course in past lives.

A lot of us have also misused power. When we had it, so somewhere if it requires that you pay attention to your shadow side.

And you really see what is it that your fears are addressing that. And now let them go, will really help you to now create consciously.

3rd obstacle - My dear friend is lack of clarity. So a lot of the time when I work with people, what they realize is that the fact is that they do not even know what they want.

So this is something that really takes the effort, you really need to actually start paying attention to what is it that we want.

Otherwise, a lot of the times we find it easier to just keep blaming somebody for whatever is created in our lives.

It will need us to take self-responsibility. And to say yes this is what I want and I'm ready to take responsibility for it. So these are the three areas where you pay attention to my dear friends.

I hope you are understanding what I am trying to explain how this manifestation hidden process really works completely. And finally, I would like to leave you with some tips.


If you want to practice the manifestation then some of the very important basic tips you have to learn which are given below. 

1st Tip- The most important thing I said – Meditation

second important thing is reading, taking the help of beautiful amazing self-help books, because like I said in the beginning if you understand why you need to do it. You will keep getting tips from each and every book, and then you will do it better.

A lot of encouragement keeps coming you really see other masters doing it, and then you get inspired, so really reading those books.

So, the meeting, like-minded people, people who are already also on the same path and manifesting their reality.

2nd Tip - The next one is really paying attention to your feelings.

All of us, a lot of us have actually become thinking beings we don't pay attention to our feelings. So start paying attention to feelings and that's very very important.

Only positive thinking is not something that's really going to help you. And the last one is surrender. Know that when life is bringing something to you, it's coming for a reason.

Not having a controlling attitude is extremely important also for the manifestation.


There is a number of universal secret methods some of them I have given below by using these advanced universal sources/techniques you can manifest your dream desires either it may be a dream house, job, money, soul mate, car..etc whatever you want to attract quickly in your life.

The list of manifestation methods




If you want to learn the secret of universals theory by using this hidden theory you can learn easily how to manifest anything whatever you want to manifest but before you want to start to learn manifest you have to understand the basic real fundamental of manifestation theory, rules, and sources.

All the easiest and the best manifestation methods list I have shared so if you really want to implement it in your life then it's all for beginners and exerts.

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Now it's time to learn the sources of MANIFESTATION so If you want o to learn then let's come to understand how can manifestation theory really works 100%.

By using these MANIFESTATION MAGIC SOURCES we can able to manifest anything like attract money, convincing anyone, attracting to anyone, revenge from your enemy,  control other's mind… All spiritual hidden powers will be done by you once you will be an attractor.

As we have learned in our last article about what is the law of attraction and sources. So now it’s time to expand again to practice the exact magnification magic theory.

If you don't know about what is 369 manifestation theory and its history then you can read from here on this site.

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Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks