HOW TO USE LAW OF ATTRACTION | Do you want to use this secret universal's LOA formulas? Are you thinking does the law of attraction works or not!! Then welcome.

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How to use the law of attraction



Here I have shared some hidden true exercises & tips which are all based on my experience. Let’s see how to practiceSo welcome to this article to resolve some of the secrets of universal rules

Do you think about how does the law of attraction worksHow can implement it on you? What are the formulas of this law of attraction in 2023? How to apply the law of attraction? I know you have lots of queries are in your mind on this concept of the law of attraction.

 Don’t worry here in this article I am going to resolve all your queries in the easiest way in the form of simple positive quotes to understand to know how to apply the law of attraction better in your life.

 So let’s start to practice the law of attraction and the formulas of manifesting those entire real universal things which have never been shown in any movies yet as we know 80% of movies are showing fake action, stories, and horrors.

As we know science is against of spirituality things or you can say hidden things of universal because science can only understand seeing things like how 5 senses of human beings work. But 1% of the human can only feel the 6th sense energy that is the exact one of the secret law of attraction or law of the universal gift which has given to 1% of a human being to utilize in life to discover more secrets of universal laws by them only.

 Everything has a basic fundamental as you know better by using the basic fundamentals or rules we can achieve our goals like before stars this real law of attraction theory you have to make your brain active 100% first.

 So let’s learn the law of attraction theory while doing your regular task but in some different ways.




If you want success in the real law of attraction, then you have to activate your brain 100%.

Because the first concept of the law of attraction is that your brain should be active 100% so you will be successful in the law of attraction and manifestation methods.

So let's know what kind of delay is there, which way can activate the brain 100%.

First of all, in this session, we will know the basic concept/rules of the real law of attraction.

This Article will alert your brain and force you to be fully active and make it faster.

This formula will be the most important and most useful information in your life. If your mind will be sharp, then it will work in every field of your life, whether studying, doing a job, or doing business, you will top it comfortably in school or college, and relations will be maintained.

By using the Law of Attraction exercises you can solve your hardest problem easily. I mean impossible tasks can be made possible with the help of the universal secret formula that is the law of attraction and manifestation technique.

If your mind remains active, then read the entire article just once. And if you want to practice the real law of attraction, then definitely read till the end.

I am going to give you such magical and unique tips that will make your brain neurons fully active forever. What should we do so that our product focus and neuron connections inside the brain are strengthened.

The exercise given below is very easy but there is a lot of strength in this exercise, which makes the brain get full power 100%.





how to use law of attraction,law of attraction exercises, law of attraction for relationship, does the law of attraction work, the law of attraction meaning, law of attraction exercises,law of attraction tips,law of attraction is true,does the law of attraction work,how to apply the law of attraction,the universal law of attraction,law of attraction success story,bible law of attraction,law of attraction and manifestation, how do law of attraction work,Positive affirmations
How to use law of attraction

Brush from the left-hand side. So that new neurons can be formed. Yes, you heard right, brush with inverted hands. 

There is an amazing factory and it has been found in many studies. You must be thinking that what will be the benefit to the brain by brushing it in reverse. Whenever you do something new, new neurons are formed in your brain, when you brush with one hand, suddenly it will alert you when you brush with the other hand.

And the connections start getting stronger. And not just new neuron connections are made, in fact, new cells will also be born which will have a tremendous effect on your brain when you brush with the other hand instead of brushing with a normal hand. Meaning if you brush with the right hand then you brush with the left hand, when you start doing this then you will feel some different energy. 

It will be a bit difficult to move your mouth instead of moving the brush, even then, keep doing it and try to move your hands.

Research says that every day you brush with your right hand, which you brush daily, so you have the same vision of the brain turned on daily.

But when you brush with the reverse hand, the part of your brain will become active which is not normal. So your brain starts to become more active and this is where the magic starts.

Because you are brushing with different hands than normal so will increase your creative power.


Set goals -There should be an unwavering motive in life. In many studies and research, it has been found that as long as there is a purpose in your life, your brain works with full power.

And this is the reason why people's brainpower is reduced in old age. Because their purpose of life is fulfilled. Now, what will anyone take care of after retirement from job. Some older people still keep goals but elderly people do not score goals. As long as there is a purpose in life, then the signal keeps going to your brain that yes this body still needs powers so that it can fulfill its purpose.

And so your intelligence keeps on increasing. When you do not have any purpose in life, then it will be reversed, your brain will become more interactive. Your brain will not work with full energy. You can set any goal, whether it is to get more than 90% marks in an exam, to get a job, to get a job, to get a promotion in a job, or a relationship.

Put the brain's strength towards the goal, if there is a goal, then there will be a motive, then there will be energy in your body and mind.




Write a diary - Write a diary. Write your own life. The greatest genius of history as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein used to maintain life, that is, he used to write his life. Again, he would say that he is a genius, so he used to maintain these small habits. So those people became geniuses. A common man has been found in all the genius people in the world.


If you want to write in the daily diary, then you can write the real diary, otherwise, nowadays you can write even on the mobile. If you do not want to write in real life, write in mobile, no one will be able to read your personal things without your password. 

Recall what happened throughout the day, before going to bed. In today's world, many people do not even remember what I have eaten this morning and do not even try to remember.

Because nobody has any idea how big your brain and memory power can be. If you write about your life before sleeping at night, what happened to you today? How did you feel throughout the day today? Actually, it refreshes your mind. 

You will feel lighter after writing. Write something that is good and something is bad, write it as well. When you think of what happened in the morning that affects your memory, your memory power is stimulated.

This is a special way to speed up memory. Therefore, you can try to write the events of life in notes so that the memory of your brain is exercised daily.



Do not say tomorrow I will. A common man has been found in all the less intelligent people of the world, that he procrastinates a lot, meaning I will do any work tomorrow. If you have to start any work, I will do it tomorrow. People living in this tomorrow always use the lowest percentage of their brains.

So if you want to unlock the true powers of all the powers of your mind, and you can use the Azim powers then you will stop the habit of tomorrow.

You will say how do I do it. There is an easy way. Till then you will do some work tomorrow because you speak because you think that this is such a big work, let's do it tomorrow. He gets a heavyweight. You should leave all tasks in small tasks.

If it is your job, break it into five parts and focus on one time instead of one whole it is just a part of it. Therefore, your brain will find this task easy and hence the word "tomorrow" will not come into your mind. If you have to read the full syllabus, A. It is difficult for you. So your mind will say leave it for tomorrow and you can't even read it.

So instead of looking at the whole syllabus as a goal one whole syllabus, look at chapter 1 and when reading a chapter, then at that time forget the other four as if it is not there. There is a chapter and nothing will make this work easier for you.

And if while reading what one chapter is, you will pay attention to the rest of the chapter, then you will say, "Oh man, there is so much to be read now, then only the mind will start speaking then it is the same." Focus on one thing, if you are doing one thing, then forget other things, you have learned the trick of sharing work. 

If you want to leave the habit tomorrow, then the second thing you have to do is find Vaja. What are you doing? Are you studying? why? Or to bring good marks? His reward is to see what you are going to gain from it, and you will feel like doing that work.

Now by reading, you will top or not, it is not in your hands, but you will put all the strength and maybe you can top it, so always keep thinking about its benefits while doing work so that you Feel like doing

Focus on the task of breaking the work into parts. And think about what it is going to benefit from us.

From these 2 points, you will do tomorrow, you will be able to get rid of bad habits and will be able to do every work with full energy.



 The present moment - You must know that tension, stress, and tension. Things like how bad things are for your brain. This tension actually acts like poison for you. All of the reason for the tension is to be sad by thinking about the things of the victims. If you have to keep on crying or thinking about what has happened, do not let the future get upset.

Both of these are not good for your mind at all. And does not allow your brain to work with full power. The mind works at full power at the same time, the answers are in the present moment.

In the first tip, I told you to cut a piece of work and focus on one task and forget the rest.

One way was to work at the present moment. In the present tense, if you tense the past tense, you will always keep on taking it, there will be no end to it. And real power is found in the present period, the entire power of the mind is found in the present period.



Power naps mean little sleep in between. If you get at least 15 to 20 minutes a day, then take a small nap. Actually, they are called power nap. 

And the best way to increase the strength of the mind. In the afternoon or any time, if you want to close your eyes for 15 minutes, if you sleep, you are fine, or if you sit in one place for a while, your body and mind will relax a bit.

Actually, the fact is that your brain needs an oxygen rest, which it does not get completely from the sleep of the night.

So all the scientists are there, they take a little nap during the day so that the tired brain gets a complete rest of 15 minutes and can work again with full power and patience.


Chew Bubblegum. A little funky point, but you should know the fact that if chewing bubblegum has many benefits. Increases your digestive power and sharpens your mind.

Simultaneously brings your face in a shape and the face becomes even more beautiful. Actually, when you chew bubblegum, you have Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (TNS).

Trigeminal Nerve is the part of your brain that controls awareness. The more aware you are, the faster the brain will work. Alertness increases due to chewing, and then more blood reaches your brain. This means that bubblegum changes the blood of the brain.

Your mouth keeps moving, due to which more blood reaches and the brain works faster. This does not mean that everything should be chewed throughout the day, it is not all that there is a limit or else the balance of the body will deteriorate.



Remember the phone numbers in mind. Save the phone number, he is not refusing If it is the time to dial, instead of going to contact, type, and put the phone. You may feel that this is not a special point, but friend, you do not know how much it affects your mind when you remember a lot of 10 number pair which we call phone number.

This will make your memory double faster. Do you know why your memory is weak? Because you do not use your memory.

Save the phone number comfortably. Just pick up the calculator in math questions, just keep hoping that how will your brain and memory exercise. If a machine is not run at all, do not work properly. Maintain maintenance, then that machine will work.


And you use this shortcut here for years using your brain. How it will work. Remember, add a phone number with the name in your mind that yes it is my mother's number and it is my best friend's number.

It Will remain inside the mind and you will use it almost daily, your memory power will always be increased.


Gratitude - that is, thank you. That is to say, thank you to the universe for what you already have. It actually accelerates the mind !! How would you say? Actually, when you say thank you to this universe for those who already have it.

Only then helps to bring the chemicals in your brain in balance. With Gratitude you become positive, you become happier.

How to control anger now? How to always be happy? Anger means the brain's disbalance chemical. The answer is thankfulness, thankfully you say thank you, then the chemical balance inside the brain starts coming in, and in this state both your focus and intelligence increase. Do not be grateful for the things that you already have. Then you can't even get those things.

There was a report public in which it was found that this is the secret of people who live for 90 years or you will not believe that people who live a long life for 100 years, most of them used to say thanks to this universe for that thing.

What they already have and because of this, those people got everything they wanted in their life.

He was always happy and thankful, which he already has, which means it has positive positive effects not only on your mind but also on the whole body.


Deep breathing - Deep breathing Exercise is necessary. How important is your mind? There is no idea about it. Many people say that he does not always feel clear, his brain always feels heavy, jammed, it seems that there is a traffic jam in the brain.

Its the number one reason is lack of oxygen. And in the case of a low intake of Oxygen, your brain is only two percent of your body. But it uses 20 percent of the whole oxygen of your body.

This means oxygen is petrol in your brain. That's why deep breathing is very important for you.

 After waking up in the morning, sitting for two-three minutes at the post of meditation, breathing in it will bring more oxygen to your brain according to normal.

And from two to three minutes, its effect will be on your mind and body throughout the day. Due to this, you will also feel like studying, if you have a job then you will be able to work well.

There will be no more exhaustion. Because in the morning you have stimulated your body with oxygen. That's why we must do it in a deep breath.


 Try reviewing dreams. Review the dreams After listening, you will say why to remember the dreams. The reason behind this is A. Your mind remains busy throughout the day. Doing your work, studying, or doing business. But the thing is that the more active your mind is during the day, the more the movement is inside your mind during the day, the same amount of movement happens even when you sleep at night.

I almost said that the movement is a little less, but a lot of movement happens even at bedtime. You have done a lot of work in this movement.

When you sleep, this subconscious mind keeps on working inside. And it seems to find the solution to your problem. Some process continues in your mind even while sleeping.

This problem-solving process continues. And then you dream during that time. And you ignite dreams and the problem is that people do not remember their dreams.

Forget with waking up in the morning. But just as you remember the mobile number in the same way, if you try to remember the dream, then you touch a very deep level of your brain, due to which your memory power is stimulated in an amazing way. After waking up in the morning, think a little about what I saw in my dream today.



Hydrate your body after getting up. Drink three to four glasses of water. This is not probable, I think it is the most important thing for your mind. Your mind is made of water. Most of us do not pay attention to this fact, you know this fact.

That is why you do not pay attention to it. Not for this, in fact, you already know a little bit about all the brains you want to accelerate. 

All of these things are common. Actually, here I am reminding you of the same thing so that you can deeply appreciate the benefits of these. Start reducing your brain so that your brain becomes a superpower brain.


Stop multitasking. Focus on only one task at a time. In today's world, this very word has gone. Multi-tasking to handle a lot of tasks simultaneously. Open a WhatsApp in a tab on Android phones. Downloading is done in a tabbed browser. And the video is edited at a time.

Your mind is made to do only one thing at a time. Do one thing at a time so that the whole power of your brain is used.

And you can unlock the full powers of the mind, that is, whole energy becomes active and if I say simple words, then we can break the lock. All these tips will help you to sharpen your mind.

If you have some questions in your mind, do not tell me in the comments, I will definitely tell you the answer to that question.


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Now how we're conditions in prison is in a place that anyone really wants to go because there's a place where people are kept captive from freedom everywhere or shape or form in their life physical freedom maybe not all of the time every aspect of mental freedom but the physical freedom is taken away from them.


So how is it that I am trying to you know bringing Law of Attraction with prison and I think we all kind of suffer from our own prison hold ourselves away from our freedom of being with being aligned being with Source on we present ourselves from that and we may not even know we're doing so and those prisons look like you know let's say if you are trying to start a project of some sort and as you're about to start your getting nervous about you know starting like probably do it on Monday.


If the weather is it good that day or what if I have to have expensive equipment or what if I can't do this or what if I instead of prison in yourself with those thoughts yourself into you know putting out I can do this let me do this now I don't remember who said that I'm very sorry but they said you know you don't really get the energy to start doing something until you start doing it like the energy won't flow until you start putting it there but attention there so that's like you know my thoughts today on how we can all do that on a daily basis without even noticing it like to really bring it away okay.


Sorry I feel like one big way that a lot of people can imprison themselves believe that they're not worthy of what they want you to know I am not the typical person to have that if I have that the people that I care about will treat me differently or I will be judged just I just feel like stop praising yourself to those limiting beliefs to reprogram yourself and it's also there's also it's saying you know brainwash yourself before the will of rain washes you and me something I I really feel one should do every single day before they go out in the world and definitely when they come from the world to me rout time out to you know like Center out a closeout all of your thoughts you know reaching a center.


So that the Universe could bring to you waited as a dressing for because it isn't for me at least it isn't until I have those moments of like after meditation or I really do  just still like Stillness it's more so when I having those moments were a visualization would just come to me, like an idea would just come to me or just flow so is really when we unleash ourselves from our mental prison that we're open to receiving you know in ways we've never imagined takeaway for it today that was on my mind I also wanted to remind you guys to ignite yourself push yourself not until you push but give yourself that motivation to do the things you want to do keep yourself accountable because it's your show it's how you want to run this it's all up to so like when you see the people who had the things you want to have or possess personalities or possess a quality that they had that you want to have my deal a model that and body that becomes that just really think when you step outside of that comfort zone when you step outside into the unknown in the sense of not unknown because you do know where you're walking into especially if you're putting forth conscious intention but in the sense of you know it's up to the universe how this is gonna go it knows what I want it knows what's best for me and it's going to bring it to me in Devine time and divine order and I'm okay with that and let it go you know like not sitting here putting out the intent on something and then freaking out but it's not popping up in your no live the next or in the week it's not about that it's about a positive self-talk every day sustaining positive mindset.


I just really wanted to bring a saw like just bring this out to a thought that I was having today before I started my day and I just want to let you know spread energy and spread the light so hope you guys are having a great day-night whenever you're reading this I would definitely love it if we became more interactive on this site if you guys would possibly comment down something you're trying to manifest in your life something you are looking forward to receiving that would be really great also like And share it with your friends.


After getting success in this technique now you are ready to move to the next session that is a manifestation concept or theory that is the backbone of the real law of attraction.

In the next article, I will guide you on what is a manifestation and how to manifest your dream goal, and what are the ultimate manifestations methods complete live online like –

  1.  Money.
  2.  Soul.
  3. Shadow of your body.
  4. 3rd eye (Meditation power).
  5. Angels.
  6. Evils.
  7. Ferries.
  8. Firemen.
  9. Aliens.
  10. convincing anyone.
  11. attracting to anyone.
  12. revenge your enemy.
  13. control other's mind.

… All spiritual hidden powers.


Conclude – Here in this article you have read HOW TO USE LAW OF ATTRACTION BY SIMPLE SECRET EXERCISES & HIDDEN TIPS so if you want to learn more about the real law of attraction then read all articles one by one.


Thanks a lot, Think positive always.


Tags-law of attraction exercises, law of attraction for relationship does the law of attraction work, the law of attraction meaning, how to use law of attraction.


Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks