HOW TO START A MANIFESTATION JOURNAL | Here I have shared what is scripting manifestation full methods with live online examples in 2021. So if you want to learn how to write a journal or scripting easily to desire things then let's learn.

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This is the article talking about how I met personally script to manifest all of my dreams into the reality.

All right so this article is to give you all of my tricks and I use the right I added day-to-day basis I love it I get results every time.

I have to share this with you guys so if that's something you're interested in go ahead what do just assume I have here in front of me I have rose quartz because I'm feeling the vibe I have pins and I have a journal here.




So before we talk about this beautiful thing right here on let's get into what scripting is so scripting is basically where are you right you write out what you are manifesting as if hit as already he has already come to you I recommend this to all of my clients everybody that you know I've done a reading for I always end up talking about this because it is so beneficial you get the results and it comes to you.


Okay so I'm going to show you guys the MANIFESTATION techniques how you do this and what's important when you're doing this because if you want to see the results you have to make sure that you're doing it correctly all right so let's get into it.

All right I'm all over the place I'm excited I didn't take notes, this is going to be all from the top of my head but it's okay I said it's writing as if you know what you are wanting or what you're manifesting has already come to you it's basically kind of like playing Make-Believe you know what I'm saying you are writing a story of your life, you know but the thing is when you're riding it you're feeling that you're feeling the vibration you're feeling the energy as if it is already come to you as if you already have it and you're just blessed for it.

Okay so for example when I personally right in my scripting Journal all right I write in this way okay.




If you want to a beginner you don’t know what is A MANIFESTATION JOURNAL, how to use this A MANIFESTATION JOURNAL all hidden method and ides then from here you can learn all those things from scratch so let’s start to understand all the hidden secret methods of scripting manifestation with live online examples free.


So for example if I am manifesting car all right this is what I would do in my journal I open up a page I date it and at the top, I just write gratitude that's what I do to make it to however you want to do it but then I just start journaling you too  Universe I'm so blessed and so grateful that I have my new 2020 car and I don't I'm not manifesting a car right now I don't know much about cars so you would just insert whatever car you want.


So for example what is talking about a Toyota key or something so if I'm manifesting 2020 new Toyota this is what I would do I am so happy and grateful now thank you so much Universe I'm blessed I'm so happy that I have this new 2020 Toyota my The new 2000 Toyota looks so beautiful in my driveway I am blessed thank you so much.

All right and then each one you just write it out like you're giving things for it like It's already yours Like and the sky's the limit be very specific this like I love driving in my new 2020 Toyota it is so beautiful I love all the compliments that I gave thank you Universe thank you  all right and so you can do this about anything if you pregnant you write out as if you're already pregnant or as if you have already given birth like I'm so grateful to thank you so much Universe for blessing me with this beautiful baby girl I'm so girly you can do this for anything you guys in this is so simple.

Let's talk about what you need so you need a journal you can use any Journal that you wish so fun facts.

This journal came to me I'm coming home with you to help me and Christopher, we were at Target and we're just looking and you know I'm in the journal section in the office supplies because girl boss okay like yes but Anyway and so this journal I saw it and I was like.


But in the car you know in the street this journal says if you can dream it you can do it you know what else I was like this is the perfect manifestations scripting Journal ever on but it doesn't have to be a fancy journal like this one it could be anything but Pro tip you know if you get a journal that is just so pleasing to the eye and just fuels you up to it just gives you the manifesting vibe goes for it okay.

So this is my journal I'm not going to show you pages that I wrote in because you know Pro tip, when you're manifesting don't tell anybody what you're manifesting you know, don't tell anybody tell them after you get and I'll keep you guys updated but we got some stuff Brewing up all right but anyways so yes but let me tell you everything that I have written in the sternal today this day has manifested okay like kids you not it's so powerful.


And if you have read my article on programming crystals which on Lincoln up here I'll show you in the next article how you can program any object to bring you whatever your desired outcome is so I have personally programmed this journal for you know anything that I write in it comes to me it's my magical journal and some people might be like girl you crazy but I like this is serious is the truth is the real deal but the thing about scripting is you know you have to believe that you cannot have any doubt you cannot have any lack mindset you cannot you know deep down you can't have any a little bit of your body believing that create what you feel what you think and it won't come to you so you have to you know be like oh it's mine it's done it's here all right you have to have that confident attitude if it's already yours is that okay yours.



Okay so for example you guys I'm going to you know do a little demo with you guys so you open up to a fresh new page all right and then you get a pen and I have two pens here so you guys can go the extra mile and you know get a pen and a journal specifically for this scripting Journal of course you don't want a script in a random Journal you want to get a super you know Journal that specifically for it nothing else goes in this journal but what you are manifesting okay but like I said you can go the extra mile and get a pen that you only use in this journal and you program the pain that everything I write it comes to existence like you can go that extra mile alright get your favorite pen something that feels good and it just gets you in that vibration.

So for example what are we about to do date this piece of paper all right so what's today's date today is December 23rd, 2020, and at the top of my piece of paper I like to write gratitude I'm totally in a good mood right now you guys know where does vibing together but I just write gratitude you know and then so together.

If you want to learn what is 369 manifestation theory of Nikola tesla then I have shared it on this site if you wish you can read it. After knowing this history of 369 manifestation technique you can easily manifest anything in your life.




So for example I would write I am so grateful already have this but I'm so grateful and thankful of my beautiful lovely reader and supporters Heart, 

In my scripting Journal, I don't just run out of things that I once or things that I'm manifesting I also you know actually give things as to the things that I have that I'm very grateful for because gratitude is the attitude when you're manifesting and I'm genuinely grateful for each and every one of my beautiful lovely is out there so this isn't my journal a lot but this is an example.


So I hope you are learning HOW TO START A MANIFESTATION JOURNAL easily at home in 2021 without any risk or any type of spending money.

So if you manifesting that business growth or whatever you're manifesting right as if it's you know already yours but this is already my reality grateful so yeah I'm so grateful and thankful for all supporter all right I'm so grateful and blessed for the roof over my head I'm so grateful and blessed I really hope that you guys are getting the point and then at the end, I like to do a page you know the full page of just you know really feeling it and envisioning it.



So for exampleif you're manifesting you know your own house or a new house you know you really I'm so grateful for my beautiful luxurious kitchen it's so nice I love it oh yes you just get into like I'm so grateful that my washer and dryer is just up to dryers just up-to-date and so beautiful and clean play get up that's what you do that's what I like to do but like I said at the end of the piece of paper once you fill this beautiful bad boy up without those words and you know manifesting your scripting out your life I love to sign it first middle and last and I like to say thank you so much Universal me to be as it's done it as mine in a the universe thank you so much like you are just amazing oh my goodness.

If you want to see results you do this went when you first wake up and before you go to sleep because when you first wake up you're still in that dreams date you can manifest things like wham bam thank you, ma'am, Okay.

So I'm really doing that when I do it you know first thing in the morning and before I go to sleep results crazy okay so it just fires I really hope that I'd touch bases on everything this article isn't that long because it's simple it's easy and if you want it you know add extra emphasis on your scripting Journal get yourself a particular A crystal that you know you use you hold you feel when you're riding in your script and journal.


When you're manifesting okay quartz is amazing because it's for love it's for happiness it's for compassion for that heart chakra self so if you want to you know program is whatever Crystal to you know really enhance and make it come quicker do that and sit with this when you write in it and then when you're done sit your Crystal on top of the journal and it's just Conjuring up that energy into your life you know script on full Moon script on New moons like script if you are somewhere in your life where you don't want to be and you're just soaking and you don't know how to change it try this and be consistent.

But if you don't see results because there is a little bit of Doubt inside of your mind you're like oh yeah this is what I want to I don't know how I'm going to do it I don't know how it's going to come to me well guess what when you're manifesting it's not your job figure out how it's your job to just speak it to know it's coming until at the universe handle the rest go, guys, I'm So High I really hope that this you know really helped you feel free to read again if you have questions that I didn't know touch base on calming it down below.


One last thing that's coming to me when you are scripting I'm at the end of your scripting session when you're just so hype for that new car that new job for that that growth of your business channel whatever it is when you're still height for that at the end something else that you can do is get a bay leaf they're over there I don't have them right now but a bay leaf it's really good for manifesting I like to use them on my new Moon / full moon rituals on but just blow all of the intentions say thank you Universe thank you so much I'm so grateful all and blessed thank you it burns it has a knowing that as it burns what you have just written in his journal is yours okay like I said program your journal to have the knowledge that anything that already it's been coming here also it's like a magical Journal.


So be careful what you write in it because it's coming I'm so you just have to have that energy like that energy and when your know what you're new at manifesting you know you're getting into the Law of Attraction you're getting into everything you're new to spirituality it might seem a little bit crazy but take this from somebody that does theirs but I do this life path number 7 alright this works it's amazing and it's all about your mindset okay.




I hope you can able to understands by sharing the sample live examples on MANIFESTATION JOURNAL's latest hidden methods.

So if you like I said I was there one more time if you are somewhere in your life for your unhappy you're not feeling satisfied you wish that you were somewhere else you can get to where you are trying to be okay and also one last thing I just brought a computer for Point think you should not up have come to the words once trying need those all words that she wants to cut out of your vocabulary when you're manifesting because if you're constantly wanting something you were just constantly going to be that I have this, I have that, okay need if you're constantly needing something you're just going to be needy all the time OK it's not if it's already yours all right and you know where you know words are very powerful.

Ok I like to correct people all the time and Christopher he catches me I catch him you know get you somebody that can catch you with your vocabulary because words spelling spells your casting days when you speak so be mindful all 2020 and 2021 okay but I don't want to write an article too long I really hope that you Vibe with me I hope that you got something from this reading comment down below if you're excited to try this out if you already scripted me up some tips for me and everybody else in this beautiful family, let's talk together but other than that you guys I'm sending so much peace love and blessing and I will talk to you in the next article I love you much.


Conclude – So here we have learned how to write a manifestation journal easily in a simple method with a lot of live examples and hidden ideas. So if you want to learn the secret of manifestation scripting then you can learn from here from what is scripting manifestation even you are a beginners if you want to read in pdf format then you can read easily.

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Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks