FULL MOON MANIFESTATION RITUAL | Here is my secret successful story & methods on the new moon full live process ritual & doing the right prayer to manifest fast.

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My full moon manifestation ritual, you know, ritual technique method, whatever you want to call it. Tonight is the full moon. I just wanted to show you guys how to manifest, and also how to release things.

So, this is how to use the moon's energy to manifest things into your life but also if you have things you want to release.

You can also use this energy as well. Usually, the best, best, best, best time to manifest is during a new moon, which would be in, I guess two weeks, maybe two weeks from now.

But you can also use the full moon, as well, it's just best to use the new moon so when the new moon does come around, you can also use that one.

But for now, since there's no time like the present. What you want to do first is, sage. If you don't have sage or palo santo which is, you know, this little piece of wood.

This is the sage, you can just like take a shower and just basically see it as you cleansing so basically what you're doing before you start metaphase cleanse it in some type of way.

So it can be, with a shower can also just visualize white light around the place where you're going to be doing your manifestation.


I wouldn't usually do my ritual on the table assume this is just a demonstration, I'm not going to actually do my ritual right now because I want to do it in private.

Because I'll take it more seriously. And also because I'm a Scorpio rising so very private, but I'm just going to tell you.

So basically I would, I would sage, my space, I prefer with palo santo To be honest, I'm gonna demonstrate with the sage. For me, the palo santo feels a lot more.

I just make me feel better but you just want to say is your, your space. And by the way, you could get this online, I think it was less than $20 It was probably like $14.

It came with this, the stand, and the Palo Santo. And the keyring and everything was really cute. Well, I definitely think it was less than 20 so you can get this online easily.

But it's really easy to get isn't really not hard so you can maybe get one for your new moon which again will come before it will come within two weeks.

Beige in the space you could also say, your journal, you will need a journal or at least a piece of paper.

I don't like to get too fancy. I know some people like to get so fancy and have a specific book and have everything be your, you know, to me, the power is in you, not in anything that is here, not in the crystals not in this day is not in the book.

It's all in you. So, believing, if you believe that you need fancy stuff, then you might need fancy stuff because you put that belief there. But you know, to be honest, I believe as a psychic I believe the power is in me.

So, the power within you, you don't have to be fancy. It's literally your mind where the power is. And also in the moon.


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That's all that really matters, but you know, we have crystals because crystals are a really good tool for manifesting and to just keep your space, clear and keep your vibrations high and everything, and to fuel your manifestations. I well on the full moon, it's really good to put your crystals outside underneath the energy of the moon.

Okay, it's good to do this around 5pm In the daytime, and then just leave them there throughout the night, but it's important to take them back inside. Before they like I did have these under the moon at five around 5pm And I only brought them in just to do this, I'm also keeping them here when I do my actual ritual.

And then I'm going to put them back outside for a longer time but half of my crystals are still out there.




So these are kinda like-charged and ready. So once you do that. I have the moon ology deck, to be honest, and usually for me personally, I would pull cards, you don't have to have this deck you can pull tarot cards and you don't even need to pull cards, to be honest.

But the reason why I do this is that it kind of gives me an idea, or like a little bit of help to kind of figure out what I need to manifest because like you know you already know what you want to manifest.

But sometimes you can get some like insight from oracle cards or tarot cards as a way of kind of letting your guides or angels help you to add more things to your list like things that they feel that you need in your life like you know like self love or anything like that anything that you didn't think of you can use cards to kind of help you to come up with more things you know let the universe guide you but it's not necessary.

It just helps. So usually I would pull cards, and I'll shuffle them and pull them but I wanted to take these out because these cards are relating to the full moon.

This is surrender to the divine. This is the actual full moon card. And I also wanted to talk about the waning gibbous moon, which is a couple days after the full moon so a couple days from now.

That will be the time to release, okay you can release on the full moon but you can also release on the waning given, give us the waning gibbous moon, that's when the moon is releasing some of its energy so it's a good time for you to release things as well.

So on those days, On that day you would write stuff like I release negative thinking I release negative energy I release you know feelings for past negative feelings from the past or you could release an ex, you know, that's the time to release so that will be like two days from now, two nights from now as the winning give us, and that's a good time to release and. But when it comes to manifestation.


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Okay. What you want to do is write in the present tense. So you don't want to write. I want to say you want a race or a car you won't want you won't write I want a car, because then it will never come because you, you just manifest, keep keeping on, you'll just keep wanting, okay.

But you're supposed to do it in the present tense so that it comes to you, you know manifest into your reality because there is no time where these things are coming from, you know, in the other dimensions, where we are manifesting from, there's no such thing as time.

They, there is only now, so it doesn't understand I want because it doesn't know anything about the future.

It only knows right now so when you write  I am healthy, I have a new car, you know, like, it's for right now, It's not for the future is for now.

You're literally creating your reality like putting things into your reality because, to be honest, the only thing that really exists to us, even though there is time here is right now because the past doesn't exist anymore.

The future is yet to be created and that's what we're doing right now. So you write stuff like I am healthy, I am this and that, I have this I have that anything that you want. Okay.


The reason why it's better to do this during the full moon, rather than on a random day is because of the moon.

Energy is really strong and it does help assist you. And, and fuel your manifestations, to come quicker and well to actually manifest.

You know, rather than doing it on a random day and not knowing what's going on with the moon or if it's gonna calm and then you have all this doubt, to be honest when I, Because I did, I did a manifestation withdrawal. Pass. New Moon and a lot of the things have manifested and it's only been two weeks.

Okay. That's how powerful the moon is, if you are able to write things down on the new moon and it manifests by the full moon, two weeks later then. You know, that's, that's the power of Moon basically. So, that's why we use the moon's energy rather than manifesting it on a random day. Also with candles.


I'm using a white candle right now and the reason why it's because White Candles are really good for manifestation, but also if you want to manifest money in particular, it's good to use a green candle, for obvious reasons, but yeah.

White Candle for manifesting anything green candle if you want money. Oh, and pink candle, If you want love, you know, you can just kind of study the colors and see what kind of to use for your particular thing that you want to manifest.



Alright, so after you've written, I'm not gonna write because I'm gonna nervous about my hand right and right now I don't know how it's gonna turn out but anyways.

After you've written what you want to write. When it comes up for me this is what I personally do, I will fold the paper and I will put it with the crystals underneath the moon for like a few hours, you know, and it's all about visualization and imagination.

So I basically would kind of see that as me fueling my manifestations with the moon energy.

Okay, some just kind of believe in because belief is everything I'm just kind of believing that the moon is showering the paper with its blessings, making it, giving it power, you know, after that.

Everyone's different, you know, some people will go and put it in their garden on the ground and visualize it kind of growing into reality, you know, I personally I'm surrounded by concrete.

My house is fully concreted so I like to just put mine away somewhere where I'll forget about it that place where I won't go to like a draw that I don't use somewhere that I just won't go to and I'll just forget about it. It works for me.

So if you do live somewhere like where I live, and there's no soil, you know, you could just do that and it's fine. It's really about letting go as well. Letting go not thinking about the paper not thinking about what you wrote, just go on with your day go on with your week at like, all of this didn't happen. Okay, so.

Well, that's how you put it away. And let's talk about the waiting to give us already that's two days after this, where you want to release.


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You want to release things so, particularly if you want to manifest, money, or even love, you know, when it comes to winning give us when it's time to release things usually, you want to write things like I release. I release, limiting beliefs about money, I release past hurts, I release, you know, releasing the ex so you can manifest new love releasing those old feelings and negative feelings you know you want to release anything that would directly block the thing that you want to manifest.

So, you, you plant your seed, you clear out. You get everything out the way anything that could possibly get in the way of your manifestation you clear that out.

Okay, you should see your manifestation within a month, it is realistic, I'm not putting limits on it.

But say you want to manifest like 10 properties to be in real estate and you want to manifest in a week, and you have $0 It's, it's possible, but you might be disappointed.

Okay, you want to manifest, you want to be realistic. You don't want to be unrealistic and end up disappointed and then completely started out in the law of attraction you know.


So, for me, when I first ever started manifesting first ever thought of using the law of attraction.

Never tried to do anything big, because I didn't want to lose faith in it, I thought it was something small like for me I'm in fitness, and I really wanted protein powder and I couldn't afford it at the time.

And I truly manifested the protein powder so I thought you start with small things that you know, can happen, that will kind of fuel your belief in the law of attraction, and then you'll be like wow this works so you get you go a little bit ago, a little bit bigger, and then you, you can go up to a higher power and all that but like, I really recommend starting small, because when you start to see the little things manifest, it will help you to believe. And that's important because the thing that we struggle with a lot is the belief side of it hard to believe that this isn't happening.

You're the one that other things happen, it helps you to believe in it and trust it is almost like building a relationship with the Mall of attraction with your ability to manifest you're building a relationship with that you're able to trust it.

And you won't be disappointed by it, you know, don't get too big. Yes, unless you already have manifested things in your life and you believe, you know, again, I recommend that it's more I'm not trying to be negative or limiting, I'm just giving you the best way to start from my experience, because I remember in the past and ongoing and on.

By remembering the past and I saw people in my life trying to manifest, huge ridiculous things that never manifested and not ridiculous things but they just wanted to come from zero to a million. Just like that and it didn't haven't really lost weight and they kind of never tried it again so that's why I recommend like just, just, just go with the small things and build up and I promise you it will like you will build this relationship with your own power to manifest, and you will learn so much.

You know, you will become more powerful. It's literally like, and I'm going on and on, but it's like when you start in the gym, you don't want to pick up the big weights, or you will you know, it's just not necessary to get to the goal, you know, you want to start small, build it up.

And over time, you, you would have learned so much you would have manifested so many things that you would preach into everyone else how amazing it is if it works.

So, um, basically that's it for the whole method. Let me just go over it, you kind of saved your cleanse yourself, you'll get saved with visualizing right like cleansing the place.

You know I'll play also you could play some of that like meditation music the high frequency, high vibration music that you can find on our lawofattractionrealsecret site.

Um, so that's one charge your crystals, we can use tarot cards or oracle cards to kind of give you some help, some advice on what to do on, you know what is best for you to manifest at this time like a little bit of help from your angel guide.

And then before writing down what you want in the present tense, also write it and feel it, that's very important.

Okay, viewing is everything in this universe, as human beings, it's how I do my readings, without feeling anything.

Okay, it's all feeling. If you're writing it down and you're just kind of writing it down just to write it down, it might not come true.


You need to feel what you would feel like if you were sitting in the audience. That day when Oprah said, you get a car, like how would you have felt like you would have been, leaping out obviously like screaming just like those people.

You have to feel that when you write in that down when you're writing full moon manifestation ritual, you know I have a car I own a new car or I have this I have that I am this, you have to feel like you just got it, like it just literally like it just landed in front of you, and you're just shocked and happy and you know you need to feel that you have to create that feeling, like literally feel it in your chest and just feel it building and building.

Okay. So, the feeling and then the belief already explained belief, it's best to start small so that you can build on that belief, your belief muscle can get stronger you can start to have more faith in it, rather than going out of control and being totally disappointed, you know. 

So, the fifth thing was charging the paper that's something that I personally do ever seen anyone else do this, but it's just something that I do put in outside with the crystals for like a few hours to kind of soak in the new moon, the full moon energy, then putting it away from the garden, or somewhere in your house where you will forget, don't put it in your underwear drawer that you go into every day because then you're gonna see the paper and remember you want to put it somewhere that you, you won't remember, you know, you won't remember like some way you never go forgotten drawer or forgotten cupboard, you know.

And then there are two days late when it's time to release, I released this I released that your release anything that is, that would block your, your manifestation.

Okay. And you can also take the opportunity to release an ex. Okay, it will work, like if you have been trying to get over someone for the longest time, you can use the waning gibbous moon to release that person, I released that one so I no longer have feelings for so and so, you know, you can do that.

So, take advantage of full moon manifestation ritual prayer energies that are around you, you know, the air is here for you to breathe, the trees, nature, everything is here for you and it has power and now you know how to use it.

So that's basically it. I have sage I have a fire, water, crystals for the earth and we have air in here.

So basically I would cleanse or charge acquittals as the cause, questions, I would fill this page with I am or I have whatever I want to manifest here. Yeah, but that's what I do. So, that's my favorite full moon manifestation ritual secret successful method.

After I'm done, I basically just chill you know it's like the full moon you just chill out. Nothing fancy, you just relax, you could take a bath, you know if you want to another bath.

But yeah, that's what I do on my ritual, so I'm glad I could share with you guys, I want to share so much with you guys but I was just thinking of how to do everything you know, for taking time but yeah. So I hope you enjoyed this article, I hope you do your ritual and have success with it. You can let me know in the comments if you do manifest within a month. I would love to hear your stories.

So yeah, feel free to share this with your best friend, your mom, anyone who wants to manifest whatever they want. Thank you so much for reading. GOD BLESS YOU.

Conclude – Here I have explained the full moon manifestation ritual prayer live process step by step all 5 ways through which you can manifest your desired thing during the new moon.

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