HOW TO MANIFEST MONEY | Do you want to learn how can you manifest fast & quick in 24 hours or overnight by using 369 Nikola Tesla theory? Do you know the history of 369 theories? 369 techniques real or fake?



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A lot of people always thinking about how to manifest something? Something means 100% always comes to mind that is money Yes!! friends if am not wrong everyone in this world wants to manifest everything in their life to succeed. I know what you want to manifest first before anything either it may be love, someone. So let’s start to learn how to manifest wealth /money.


Welcomed back to site friends today's article, we are going to talk about how we can use a 369 manifestation method to manifest more money. when I get to hear how you guys are manifesting money into your life with these techniques that I provide I'm so excited to get into today's topic also again you guys are honestly warms my heart each and every day with your feedback with your question and with all of your success.

Before reading this article you have to understand the history of Nikola Tesla and his 369 manifestation theory briefly which I have shared on this site why because it's the first stage of manifestation. so you have to know what is 369 manifestation.


So if you were excited today to learn how you can manifest more money into Life by using a basic sign message and then please keep on so it to guys do in today's topic we are going to talk about how it could use the Nikola Tesla 369 manifest more money into our lives as you guys may or may not have known we have shared lot of information on this site on money manifestation so please make sure to read other articles also so that you can build your relationship with money.


Money is the biggest thing in our life without money we can not live our life as we know very well because money is the energy of life if the money goes down lifetime also reduces, so today we will learn all the best secret money attraction law




Before we go to learn how we can manifest money fast & quick or slow either it may be within 24 hours or overnight with effort or effortless let me define the meaning of manifestation money for beginners. Manifestation money is nothing but a secret theory or law which is based on 369 or 17seconds or something through which you can attract money by your spiritual power or energy fatly or slowly.



I want to go over again the importance of 369 by Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla has given us the resources and he has also opened up the pathways for us to be where we are today and Technology and science and almost every area of Our Lives of 369 is that no matter what you divide any Circle by it will always be three 3 6 and 9 & 9.


The first step in today's article I want you to sit down and think about your relationship with money.


Today we are going to get clear the specific things we want from money is the specific dollar amount is it a specific feeling you were excited to feel when it comes to money when we are manifesting money when we are manifesting anything in our lives.


If we are very vague the universe will be big with us but if we are so specific to the point that we know exactly what we want we know that the universe will conspire to bring us our desires don't think about the money amount that you are so excited to bring into your experience.


Now I'm going to go over this third part over again because I noticed in the last 3-6-9 you guys are having a little bit of a time of understanding with this point you are going to create an affirmation a sentence a couple of sentences you are going to create and that are allows you to ignite those feelings of the richest you are so excited to experience these or sentence is going to last of about 17 seconds long on of writing this affirmation 17 seconds long of speaking is a cremation allowed once you have finished writing it and 17 seconds worth long while on a visualization of all of this money coming into your experience significant 17 seconds is that we want to keep the momentum of vibration but you can even do well in two more seconds.


If you can do well into even a minute of the energy of your manifestation I promise the more feelings you have the easier the thing is to come into your experience these are some of the examples that you can use in order to manifest the money you desire you can save the affirmation in and grateful now that I am a millionaire it feels so good to have all of this money because there is more than enough for me and to share with my loved once money brings so much peace and harmony into my life thank you Universe for riches thank you Universe / for allowing me to bask in the Ridges you can absolutely do well into this information you can absolutely do well into your manifestation.



Another example that you can use as saying I am so happy and grateful for now that I have $50,000 per month coming into my bank account I am so happy and grateful that I am paid for my presents I am so happy and grateful that money is so comfortable with me you are really just talking to money as if it was your a friend you're really talking to money as if it's an energy in your life that you are so grateful for that matter how much money you have in your bank account


I want you to know that it can change the only thing that has to change his mindset. The thing that has to change is the limiting beliefs I also know that sign hasn't given us their resources or at least the push we know that we need to learn more about financial literacy am I think I am going to say is we can no longer blame our families we can no longer blame society we have to take conviction and authority of our lives in order to create the life week desire today's article  I just wanted to make sure I go over the guidelines once more to make sure it was super clear for you do with this manifestation method of the 369 for the money you are going to write down money the affirmation  on driving affirmation of a couple sentences or one sentence that aligns with 17 seconds.


It can be 17 seconds or longer but it has to be the focus of energy of at least 17 seconds when riding outfits manifestation after you have written is a manifestation you're going to write it three times in the morning 6 * midday and then 9* before you go to bed it is not so important about this specific time that you do these manifestations but the main key about doing this manifestation three times in the morning 6 * midday and nine times at night is so that you are determined to up a momentum of energy to keep a momentum of a tension on to the manifestation you guys to learn more about money really learn how you can create passive income in your life it is 2021 it is time to earn money to work for us it is absolutely impossible for you to manifest money when you align with the frequency of wealth in your life.




When it comes to these apparition sentence or sentences that is at least 17 seconds long or longer I want you to really feel the feelings of this money I want you to visualize how this really think about it for one moment right now think about how we have four months of the end of the year and think about how have you can change your money mindset now how this holiday season will be different for you and your family think about how changing your money mindset will bring so much more money into your life that you have made more money during quarantine and you did prior imagine using these practices using my article and really using your intuition to learning how are you can build the life of your dreams, it is very possible to the way that you do wealth that you desire because it is here right now on Earth, there is more than enough money for each of us thing.


I am also going to stay with that makes manifesting money into your life so much easier giving a gratitude look at your bank account now go watch my articles on money jar do you have money drain your home do you have physical cash in your home and if you do go talk to it thank you so much money for always allow me to be blessed with my life thank you so much money for being here in my hands right now you really have to talk to money as if it's an energy we have to take away that I did the idea that its glass and  so careful and so fragile with it talk to the money of its abundance talk to yourself of your abundance and lastly another great tip I'm going to say when it comes to manifesting money give it to people more of something in your life you have to give it to the world that the world can give it to you and the last thing I'm also going to stay on top of this to create more wealth in your life is think about what you're going to do with the money you want a million dollars.


What are you going to do with its money does not like stagnant energy money doesn't have purpose without our use money has no purpose without our use we give money its power so never forget the power you have within yourself to attract more money into your life with the method of 369 you don't have to do this practice every single day you don't have to do this practice for 30 days you need to do this when you are inspired to do it.


I hope you are getting all the information which you haven’t heard or seen before about the MONEY ACCRACTION LAW.


You should do this practice when you are ready feeling High vibrating happy energy and you want to invest that energy into the manifestation you want to with positivity and that is when you should do this manifestation I want to and needy never show the universe that you are in Lac always come from a place of abundance and how we do that is given that $1 in our account thanksgiving that $0.40 to me that thousand dollars in your bank account right now thanks and that is going to bring more money into your life I really hope you guys enjoyed today's topic please make sure to go in the comments section below let's blow it up again guys and let people know it is possible to create the life you desire to let people know that it is possible to create money in your life Arena, the section below what are you so happy and grateful for money doing for today what are you so happy and grateful for money coming into your life.


I am so excited to hear your feedback in the comment section Below in every article I love affirming with you guys and today's affirmation is going to be high. Love money and money loves you. I love money and money loves me I want to remember that dollars want me I want to see used to know that money loves me I want us to eat really walk into the greatest years of Our Lives because that's what we're doing We are walking into the greatest years of Our Lives there is more money on this planet right now than I've ever been in life. And we get to be a part of that I continue to send love light and grace to each of you and I will see you in the article thanks for reading my article.

If you want to know how to use the law of attraction easily without risk then you can learn on our site.




We are going to go over the three most powerful rituals that you can do on a daily basis to manifest where money in your life.


We talked about the law of Attraction manifestation anything along the lines of spirituality I am so excited to talk with you guys today because I haven't had the money manifestation articles in some time and I am so excited for each of us to manifest more Welcome to our life during this time we should be able to always a line to the frequency that which we desire and I am so excited and I trust and believe that if you do these rituals on a consistent basis you will absolutely learn to the frequency of wealth and you were absolutely manifest all the money that you desire and also that you deserve.


So if you were excited today to learn the three most powerful money ritual that you can do then let’s go.


 The first ritual that we are going to go over is affirmation burning the things that you will need is a paper pen lighter or a candle of your choice the key thing before you start any specific ritual is that you have to make sure that you have a clear mind as well as an open heart it is also a great thing to have a secret space in your room or anywhere near a home where you could do these rituals that you cut a line to the frequency of your highest source.


so what you going to do for affirmations burning is that you are going to create the Sacred Space you weren't going to also take taking a deep breath and become more conscious of this present moment on that piece of paper I want you to write all of the money affirmations or just one affirmation that really resonates with you and then I want you to release it with that piece of paper I want you to visualize all of that money and all the things you are writing down because it is important to also bring more feelings into this manifestation me personally, I like to repeat my affirmation allowed at least 10 times.


so it is up to you how many times you want to repeat this affirmation but I also am a big believer and creating with the word of mouth and creating an abundance through word of mouth once you have finished reading your information affirmation visualizing and speaking with a bun this into your life I want you to play this piece of paper and a burning bowl or somewhere safe and really start to really see this manifestation come to you it is also really wise when you see the smoke float up to really understand that you are sending this message to the universe and that you are being heard.


Once the paper has burned or once you feel that it has burned enough I want you to take a moment of silence to build more gratitude to know that this message is delivered and some really understand that you are manifesting this entire world that you desire.



The second ritual that we are going to cover today is crystal manifestation as you guys know I have a huge Crystal collection. I have a really big Crystal collection because I am a True Believer because the crystal  is our way for you to use at your meditation or in your daily life to supercharge your manifestations crystals have a great way of absorbing and amplifying energy because they aligned to that hire higher frequency when we Channel our thought energies into a crystal it will absolutely supercharger manifestation 10 tenfold I will also suggest you guys whenever you are doing any type of money manifestation you can use the crystals of jade clear quartz as well as Citron as you guys could see I do have a Citron tree and I will also add that pyrite is another great Crystal to amplify your wealth you can do any of these rituals that I speak with you today on a daily basis.


And this specific virtual I want you to find quite comfortable places where you were you will know to be to is not be disrupted additional things that you could bring into this money ritual is actual money as you guys were able to see I did have money and my Citroen money tree because I am a really big believer that you have to bring the energy that which you want to experience into your life & even take it up a notch by being even more intentional by adding more incense or candles and even binaural beats to this money meditation as you let your in set on your Kindle I really want you to set the intention that you are welcoming more money into your life that you are going to be this open bezel for this abundance to little you pour into your life and into your bank account as you were holding your crystals.


 I really want you to set that intention and some really visualize this one specific money affirmation you can or can't even focus on the dollar amount that you are so excited to receive while you also music or binaural beats that really to be in this meditative State crystal meditation I really want you to relax and focus and also use your breathing as a way for you to manifest even just simply saying you're your affirmation visualizing your money and taking a deep breath and letting it go and repeating yourself again and again.


 Meditation is not a one-size-fits-all so I really want you to understand that this process is how any which way that you resonate with it.


The third final ritual that we are going to go over today is I want you to scrimp and bring gratitude to money as you guys know if you have been watching all of my money manifestation article I really make it so important for you to understand how vital it is to have a specific journal from money it is so important to script and really imagined this lifestyle because when you are scripting you are essentially writing a new story for yourself.


 It is up to you if want to write in the first person or in the third person and really imagine yourself and writing the story of this manifestation.


What are you going to do with this money how many lives are you going to change with this world that you are manifesting as you guys know I am a big believer in you have to circulate money in this life in order for you to receive money do you have to be this open vessel of always giving and receiving so really imagine yourself with that beautiful new car that beautiful home looking at the smiles upon people's faces that you will be changing it's so important that we really a line and tune into that frequency of wealth and really understand the impact that money can bring to us can you agree with me that money is able to bring more peace freedom and joy into our lives and also taking it up an extra notch I wanted to give gratitude for the money that you and also built our gratitude practice for a way to you.


I always say it is so possible to celebrate and to give thanks for the things that you are so excited to experience in your life even think about all the ways that money has been into your life since you were a child think about all the ways that money is available to you I am a big believer in the magic of the power and paper and pen so I really want you to understand when you are writing you are absolutely sending a message to this universe and also sending a message to your subconscious mind when you are able to visualize all the wealth that which you desire when you're able to really invoke the emotions and the feelings of this world it will honestly come to you in a much faster speed with all of their rituals that I spoke about with you today I want you to know you can do each of them or all of them on a daily basis.


Manifestation is always going to be about the thought and the feeling so how often are you willing to align to way e wife I always tell you guys it is your responsibility to live a life of your dreams so take that responsibility every single day at least adding to your money Journal at least a lining to the frequency of both by visualizing it or honestly of lining to the frequency of wealth by speaking affirmations on a continuous basis with any manifestation you have in your life it is always going to be about momentum and consistency of high vibrating energy.


Take this beautiful opportunity right now on Earth to bring in more wealth to bring it out Florence and influence show people that it is so possible to create wealth in your life and show people how possible it is to honestly support others to always have more than enough to always be this High by breathing being money literally just floods to you and forces you and EveryWitch Way.


Let I know in the comments below which you going to do today which one of these three rituals most residents with you and are you so excited to bring the werewolf into your life when it comes to manifesting money I really want you to take this initiative to remove all limiting belief that no longer serve you about your money.


I wanted to look at your bank account on a daily basis I want you to look at your vision board, I want you to really understand where this money is going because guys I always tell you money is going to fall on your life when you know what you want to do with it it's not as simple to just say I want x amount of dollars and not have a y create your why create the experience in your mind and in your body that the Universe has to bring to you I'm really looking forward to seeing we each grows individually when it comes to our wealth.


 I am really excited for each of us to really get to this place of building a legacy for our loved ones through our love.


If you want to learn how to manifest money with water!! Yes, it can be possible with some hidden laws of universal.  


so in today's affirmation I want you to speak it with me I want you to really feel it within your heart and I really want you to see how this wealth is going to come to you and today's affirmation is going to be all the money I desire must come to me all the money I desire must come to me all the money I desire must come to me talk about telling the universe the things that you want and a line to that frequency because every time we ask we are given every time we knock on the door is going to open just for us always remember that there is more than enough wealth in this life Each of Us to live a life of Freedom when you look at other than this world to have success who have influenced take note and take inspiration to align to that frequency that you are asking for is right around the corner so open for at for it to enter your life I continue to send on my love my light and my grace to each of you and I will see you in the next unseen hidden secret of the universe.


If you want to know more about the real law of attraction,369 manifestation  method, money attraction techniques then you can get a lot of hidden techniques on this site.


Here I have shared a method for manifestation money fast today in 24 hours your life. So if you want to attract money in your life do practice right now.

So if you are excited to bring more wealth into your life then please read this article.

Okay guys, so I got this idea from another YouTuber, if I can remember the video I will definitely get down below, she had brought upon how she had manifesting money in such a beautiful way, but my question for you is do you have a daily practice, and if so, do you include money.

My question for you is what your relationship with money is. Currently, and you can kind of tell how that is depending on how often, and how you feel when you check your money app, how good you feel when you open your wallet or whatever you contain your wealth in, and even if you don't have a good relationship with money that is okay that is in the past.

Right now, you know is the only thing that matters and, you know, I want you to believe that you are worth everything, and whatever dollar. It is that you desire you are worth having it. And I also want you to know don't tie your worth to the amount of money in your bank account at this moment, because we are again full of riches we are full of abundance and full of prosperity.

No matter what is something in your physical reality at this point in time. In this practice, I am going to ask you to have some type of bill of money in your hand. The quickest thing I could grab is the dollar bill.

And this practice is basically in the morning. Every morning before you walk out of your house right want you to grab a bill of some sort, it doesn't matter. You know if it's a $100 bill if it's a $3 bill a $50 bill a $5 bill or $1 bill it does not matter how large the bill is the larger the better right I mean the more feeling of wealth, it is when you have a $100 bill in your hand, versus $1, but I also like the idea of, you know what I am going to tell you even if you just have $1 or if you have $100 every morning after you know do your morning routine and under affirmations you're feeling really good about yourself and you're feeling open and free.

I want you to take this dollar bill. And I want you to talk to one. I want you to define it as if it has no negative personality. I want you to talk to money as if it is your best friend who has guided you throughout this whole life experience up until this point you're watching me right now to talk to this money as if you know how much he loves you.

I want you to talk to this money, giving it thanks for all of the purchases brought into your experience, up until this point all of the vacations all of the food all of the freedom to travel as freely as you would like. However, this money has blessed your life; I want you to tell it that, you know, I want you to,you know, have a bill in your hands get your physical senses, you know, in tune with, you can even smell it if you want to I want you to feel it.

I really want you to have this physical dollar in your hand, and I want you to talk to him when you talk to her I want you to say things such as thank you so much for allowing you to eat freely each and every day.

Thank you so much for being the tool in my life that allows me to feel freedom. Thank you so much for allowing me to bless someone who lives today with you today. Thank you so much for the experiences in the exhilarating moments in my life that you have aided me to feel the money. Thank you so much for allowing me to feel rich, it doesn't even matter what I have in my account right now I know how much you know what I need, and you come when I need it.

I really want you to sit down and really think about how has aided your life or rid of all of the horrible, you know, things people say our money is evil and it's so bad. It just makes more corruption as well, delete it. Get rid of it, that is no longer your belief, you want money in your life has to be good energy has to be a good relationship, build a relationship with this money.

Look at it, Feel it. Feel it. Multiply it visualizes yourself this money is literally flying to you after you talk so great about money. I want you to pull it into your heart chakra. I want you to put your hands on top of it.


And I want you to continue to give thanks for it. I want to continue to say thank you so much money for all that you bring into my experience even start listing things you've just purchased with money. Thank you so much and I live in New York City, thank you so much for allowing me to buy an unlimited MetroCard today.

Thank you so much for allowing me to buy my favorite low name today. Thank you so much for allowing me to give money to a homeless man today. Thank you so much for allowing me to pay for all my financial obligations on time. Thank you so much money for all the love that you bring to me. Thank you. Thank you.Thank you. And you know, by the time you're done this dollar is pretty hot, who acts me it's pretty warm because you are charging money with energy.

So charging with Craig energy. Tonight, I was at dinner with a friend and we were talking a lot about manifestation and how I do certain things. What are the things that I do in my physical, you know, personal life, what is it that I do to manifest, and you know I was speaking and I said you know what fun thing I've been doing with money lately.

And this is it. Every morning, after I'm done with my morning practice I'm chanting, I'm giving thanks, you know I am writing in my journal. I have done my affirmation cards I've spoken my affirmations I've looked myself in the face and said I am going to conquer today after doing all of those things where you feel so in tune.

So, in alignment with our highest source, I really want you to talk about money, make it a part of your everyday life. You want more money like given things I always tell you guys gratitude is the quickest way to bring something in your life.

Working with intention is the quickest way to bring something into your life. Give money things give money thanks for all is there for you yesterday and all it's going to do tomorrow. I really want us to really see the power that we have within ourselves to create because it's such a beautiful thing.

And when you're done holding this money and rejoicing in it. Remember to say thank you thank you thank you for responding to my intentions with you today. I am so grateful for all the riches that I am able to bring into my experience today are just quick tricks guys I just wanted to share with you a little bit about a quick money manifestation law. I just, it's so beautiful. Honestly, the intention of money and then receiving it is very thankful and money shows up in your life.

If somebody offered to buy you lunch dinner breakfast. No matter the case, be grateful. Every time money is given to you by photo work today that's money receiving. You know, say your affirmations, today I intend for money to flow to me in abundance today. I intend to bless someone else with my money today. I just really wanted to, you know, get up on that because I've been really feeling you know the frequency of wealth. And I really wanted to just get this article out when I was really feeling it and really feeling optimal because I've been having a great day today. And I just wanted to, you know, share with you guys something that's been working for me.

I manifested some money today into my life, and I've just been thinking about, okay, how do I bring this into my experience in every day thus far this week today's what Friday every day this week.

I've been doing this practice. Give thanks to it. Change your relationship with money, you know, get rid of all of the structured ways of thinking about money bring bridges into this world. It does. No, it doesn't it's not evil. It's the person who uses it for that, but we're not, that's not what we're focusing on the blessings of money buys you fresh water each day.

It does that for you. It provides you a shelter. It provides you phone service, it provides you meal. You know, if thanks for a gift thanks to God for the way that flows I mean money is printed almost every, every day.

Foreign money's, it's everywhere money is literally everywhere, all you have to do is tuned in, tapped in turned on. So in every article, we affirm.

So, today's affirmation is "I allow all the wealth that universe has for me now into my life". I really want you guys to start tuning into that frequency of wealth. I want you to know that you are already full of riches and abundance you are full of prosperity, your full opulence.

Here we have seen the real story which has done by me by using this method you can also manifest money today once you start to practice today for few days then see the magic of money how money attracts. 


Conclude – Here we have learned the full hidden theory of 369 manifestations by using 369 manifestation techniques HOW TO MANIFEST MONEY QUICKLY & FAST IN 24 HOURS OR OVERNIGHT effortlessly and which rules we have to follow to get more money fast.


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