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Let’s learn full details about the real birthstone meaning. A birthstone is a secret type of gemstone with a specific meaning or association to the person wearing it hat has been traditionally worn by people to commemorate events or to bring good luck.



The history of birthstones goes back many thousands of years and there are many different types with unique properties.

The first recorded use of a birthstone as a talisman or amulet is from ancient Egypt.

The mention of amethyst gemstones dates back to the 4th century BC, and Roman soldiers were given sapphire rings to protect them in battle.

In China, turquoise was prized for its protective qualities and was often worn by women during childbirth.

In Europe, rubies were believed to protect against evil spirits and garnet was thought to bring good luck in gambling games.

The Hebrews favored topaz because it represented the sun god's eye; citrine because it resembled a citron, and sapphire because it was thought to have the power to ward of the plague.

Today, many different birthstone types are available, so let’s learn what are the best and most instant effective real birthstones.

There's surprisingly a lot of debate over birthstones and I would even say some confusion involved and it has to do with something like birthstones having a lot of history.

So we're going to go over some of that history. I'm going to give you some various views of why there's some confusion, and of course, just a general overview of the different verse stones that are more common.

If you're new here, try what already mentioned we've taught things like verse stones in the past.

We also answer many different questions to try and talk about gemstones.

So within the history of birth stones, there's quite a bit of myth. There's more there's a legend.

I'm not sure how much validity is there. Regardless, it could have been little ways down the road when more people were trying to draw extra symbolism or meaning from that, from that breastplate, it could be that either way.

Many different cultures have taken their own views and their own positions and really developed their own history on the different birthstones.

So a lot of these early stories come from countries like Poland and Germany, way back centuries ago, and they started identifying them more with the culture and the region, and probably specifically the piety that someone belongs to.

So they didn't start out as a monthly or any kind of Zodiac calendar Association. It was more the idea that that stone would be identified with a specific society.

That of course is different than what we see today. Throughout the 1800s. That view started to become a little bit tweaked.

So it actually started a lot more formally, right around 1912. And 1912 is when what is now known as the jewelers of America, and was formally known as the American National Association of jewelers.

They sat together and tried to decide in a more objective way, what they were going to use for these common birthstones associated with months. At this time, people had started to associate with them but there was no real system to it.

So as a board of jewelers and those two for these kinds of answers, they sat down and developed a list of gemstones for each particular month.

That is very similar to what we use today. However, it has changed over time, some stones were added and tweaked and taken away.

But that was really the start of how we see modern gemstones. And it's interesting because if you look at other countries, they may in fact have different gemstones that are slightly from what we use.

And that is, again, our gemstones as we know them really came from an American board.

And other words, like in Britain, for instance, they had their own system and wanted to develop their own thing.


When it comes to birthstones, it's all about variety! Not only that but different birthstones are believed to have different energies that can help promote good luck and ward off negative energy.

So, no matter what your birthstone preference is, you'll be sure to find the perfect one for you.

If you are not able to find out then read this article you will get a lot of information.

To get started, conduct a little research on the different types of birthstones and their properties.

From there, it's easy to choose the perfect gemstone for your special day. And if you're unsure about which gemstone is right for you, check out what is my birthstone article to get a little more information on this site.

In the end, remember to wear your birthstone with pride, and feel confident that it will bring you good luck and protection!



Makes sense, but it does add to some of the confusion. So one thing I want to note just to get it out of the way, a lot of people come in looking for birthstones and they think that they're associated with the Zodiac calendar, or that they have to do with astrology.

And that is not the case for most I have seen some where they'll look at the Zodiac calendar for their birthstone but not commonly, the general method for birthstones is month to month, so of the calendar month to the next calendar month, January.

February is another at least want to clear that up. I have seen that as a point of confusion.

Hopefully, that helps. So I'm gonna get a little bit more into some of what I consider traditional view gemstones for most of us which have become a little bit more of a modern take on gemstones.

And my question for you today is once I finish, I want to know if you feel like you lean toward more on traditional ideas or if you are more or want to be more of what the modern birthstones are.

So again, once we finished talking about it, let me know below what you're thinking. I'm curious to hear.



So the more traditional view of gemstones and birthstones has to do with each month being associated with a birthstone but more specifically there's an identifiable color.

So when someone sees that birthstone, for instance, will tile September, it's this deep, rich color, they're going to know that's a significant birthstone September.

If you see kind of a big red stone, you're going to assume that it's supposed to be Ruby and that it symbolizes July as a birthstone.

It's a pretty simple system. Where it comes into a tech is when people don't like their colour.

I'll talk about November Citrine actually a little bit more of a burnt orange colour. Not everybody likes the same thing with Aug.

Sometimes that specific line grantee, sometimes brownish green, not everybody hears for it.

And so there has become a little bit of a shift in birth to what I'm going to call a modern view of birthstone.

Try the modern view of birthstones has more to do with I'm going to take the stuff on or sometimes stones that are associated with my month and I'm gonna make it whatever I want.

I'm going to do whatever I want. I'm going to choose the color if there is another color that I appreciate.

So the modern view of gems is let's take August again. For example, a few years ago they the jewelers of America board again decided to accept an alternate gemstone for August.

And up until a few years ago, August was aerotow. And Peridot is one color green. And it's a specific green at that.

Well, the jewelers of America decided to add on Spinello which Wow actually comes in a multitude of colors.

we will talk about Spinello a little bit more in that August birthstone in another article.

After this, if you're curious, awesome stone, but more to the point. There are a lot of different gemstones that come in other colors or maybe there have been alternate stones added to that month.

Whichever of these options it is, you can decide on a different color than what and it's technically your birthstone.

And a lot of people have taken this on and really appreciate it. Others say what's the point because shouldn't I be able to look at a cell phone and immediately identify what birthstone it is?

Well, again, that's where the discussion I even would say argument comes into play.

So let me know in the comments, do you feel like you are a more traditional view on this? Or are you kind of excited about what's happening with stones, and you appreciate being able to do is just think, however, that you like and appreciate more?.



Different people have different opinions on when to wear birthstones. Some believe that it is best to avoid wearing a birthstone if your zodiac sign is in the same element as the stone, because of its associations with luck and good fortune.

Others believe that no matter what you're going through in life, a good reminder can be found in your chosen birthstone's color or crystal structure.

Ultimately, the decision to wear a specific gemstone should be based on personal preference and a sense of aesthetics.



Everyone has a different belief system when it comes to luck and birthstone auguries, so what may be lucky for one person might not be lucky for another.

Some people believe that amethyst is a particularly good luck stone, while others feel that turquoise is the best choice because of its connection to water.

Ultimately, the best advice would be to consult with a reliable source such as an astrologer or gemologist before choosing a birthstone necklace or ring.




1. Where can birthstones be found?

Birthstones are a variety of gemstones that are often found in jewelry stores and online retailers.


Where does a birthstone originate?

The most birthstone is mined in the United States, Sri Lanka, and Brazil.


What happens when you wear your birthstone?

Wearing a birthstone is like wearing a little piece of your personality with you. It can remind you of good times or bring happiness whenever you wear it.


What does the Bible say about birthstones?

The Bible doesn't specifically mention birthstones, but it does talk about choosing jewels with no taint of Jubal (bronze) in them because these would be a reminder of God's covenant relationship with the Israelite people (Exodus 28:3-6). Some Bible scholars believe that birthstones may have originally been used as a way to track the cycle of life, fertility, and healing.


When should you not wear gemstones?

Some gemstones are best worn when the moon is in a certain sign. Check with a jeweler to find out which gems are good for your birth month or day.


Should birthstone touch skin?

Some people believe that birthstone should only touch the skin when it is worn as jewelry; others feel that it can be touched lightly throughout the day if applied topically. Ultimately, personal preference may be a better guide than any hard rule.


Which gemstone gives power?

The power of a birthstone depends on its properties and how you want to use it. Some examples of powers that gemstones may confer include protection from bad luck, enhancing energy levels, and bringing good health into your life.


Do birthstones have powers?

There is no evidence that birthstones have any special powers. Some people believe that they may help to protect the wearer from negative energy or stimulate positive energies. However, there is no scientific proof of this.


Which stone is the best to wear?


There is no one "best" stone to wear when it comes to birthstones. Different people have different preferences, so the best way to find a fitting stone for you is by consulting with a jeweler or other experienced resource.


What is the cheapest birthstone?

The cheapest birthstone is quartzite.


Can you wear your birthstone every day?

No, not every day. Birthstones should be worn sparingly to preserve the stones' luster and color.


Which stone attracts money best?

There is no one birthstone that attracts more money than any other. It really depends on the gemstone, its color, and how much attention it wants to draw.


Are birthstones spiritual?

Some people believe that birthstones have a spiritual aspect to them. They may be thought of as lucky charms or good luck symbols, and some people even attribute special powers to specific stones


How to care for birthstones?

Most birthstones should be kept in a dry and clean place.


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