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Intro -

I know that you may be knowing a little bit about KARMA/KARM or we may be knowing a lot about KARMA, but I'm just trying to explain here what I feel is actually a karmic cycle and how you can actually come out of it.

Whoever believes in karma they should read the entire article you will learn shocking real facts about your karma at least read it once a time in your life.

WHAT IS KARMA (कर्मा)?

The real meaning of karma in English you can think or say like this - karma means that is so anything you think, you feel, you do, you intend. All you do that counts as karma.

Now, this word actually is not the right word. It's not karma. It's karm. And what is karma and how does karma work?

Let’s talk about what is karma in Hindi? It's usually not karma (कर्मा), it’s a karm. In Hindi, we can write and say like this







            कर्म का अर्थ है कि ऐसा कुछ भी है जो आप सोचते हैं, आप महसूस करते हैं, आप करते हैं, आपका इरादा है। आप जो कुछ भी करते हैं वह कर्म के रूप में गिना जाता है।


கர்மா என்றால், நீங்கள் நினைக்கும், உணரும், நீங்கள் செய்யும், உத்தேசித்துள்ள அனைத்தும். நீங்கள் செய்யும் அனைத்தும் கர்மாவாகும்.


కర్మ అంటే మీరు అనుకున్నది, మీరు భావించేది, మీరు చేసేది, మీరు ఉద్దేశించినది. మీరు చేసేదంతా కర్మగా పరిగణించబడుతుంది.


कर्म म्हणजे तुम्ही जे काही विचार करता, तुम्हाला वाटते, तुम्ही करता, तुमचा हेतू असतो. तुम्ही जे काही करता ते कर्म म्हणून गणले जाते.


Let’s learn how can you break your karmic cycle?

So you may say okay if even if I'm thinking right now, does that count as karma? We'll get into that. First, let's just see how karma works.

Karma is something that you do a lot of times you know, this is a misunderstanding in people that only when you do something you are getting into karma.


When something good comes as good karma and doing something bad, hurting people, counts as bad karma.

Anywhere where you had to be done, and you are not doing it that also counts as bad karma.


The karma that you wrote and you produce why you think you may actually be confused that I have not thought of it.

How is that bad karma?

See, karma is something that it happens through you do it or you don't do it. So if you have a thought that okay, let me just go and cheat that person.

You thought maybe you have this thought. It's like a processed thought that comes to you very often.

But you don't do it. Still, that thought energy continuously happening in your mind is going to infect it's going to infect the atmosphere around where you are thinking those kinds of thoughts. So that is also karma.

When you continuously have those kinds of thoughts you will be infected, in throwing those kinds of energy into the atmosphere into that space, such that anybody who enters that space that person is going to be infected with that kind of negative thoughts.

This is where negative thoughts have a negative karmic charge.

The second thing is negative feelings

 So feelings are also something that will count as good karma or bad karma. So, if you feel bad about something.

If you have a bad emotion for something that will be considered as bad karma. For example, somebody succeeded and you felt jealous of their success.

You are not happy with that with their success. So that counts as a negative emotional charge that you have within you because of that success. So that definitely counts as negative karma.

Negative emotional karma

Knowing is something that actually counts, it counts as karma and it carries more points because if you do something good, it's going to have a lot of good energy if you do something bad.

It adds energy to if you do good karma, that's going to feel you free you from some negative energy from your space.

And if you do bad karma, you are going to attract negative energy into your space.

How does this work? Suppose there is a good person and you are doing something bad with them just because you have a lot of influence a lot of monetary power, a lot of other powers.

So you just try to how that person and you try to hurt that person. What happens is that person may have some bad karma stored.

So when you hurt, you are giving away your good karma to them. Not all but some. Depends on how badly you're trying to hurt them.

You will give up some good share of good karma that you know, and you will take away a share of bad karma that they have in their store.

that sucks, right? People don't think about that. People don't actually even know that's can happen.


The intention behind doing anything, that is what counts. If you have a bad intention, while you are doing something whether you're doing a Karma but badly doesn't work out.

So does it count as bad karma? See, you had that bad intention, though it did not work out in that manner.

So it definitely is bad karma on your part. That other person for whom you were planning to do that bad karma on that other person may have such good positive karma store that your negative charging did not reach them.

So see, it's the blessing that they have but still you did not start doing something that was not good.


So it counts as your bad karma. So if you are trying to do something good, and let's say it doesn't work out in the right way still that's going to be correct as good karma.

Yes. Also, see, let me give you a little more option here. I have seen people doing this,  if they feel that somebody is not doing the right thing, according to them, they will continuously try to nag that person, hey, you cannot throw us to do this.

This is the wrong thing. If something bad, if you are going to do that your bad karma this and that.

You are not sure whether that is bad karma or not. But the person is doing that and you have experienced somebody else going through a bad phase after they did that kind of continuously explain to that person.

And suppose that task that they want to do, it is actually aligned on their, their purpose, which is why they want to do it.

They are feeling driven towards doing it. And you are trying to stop. You're going to gather a negative karma badge for that.


Just be careful of that. About good, everybody on this planet, they get what their karmic accounts are getting for them.

For example, Lord Ram is considered as the Lord in the Hindu religion. He is considered as the god but He paid for his karma.

It is believed that Lord Ram killed Bali Yeah, while he was hiding. He definitely was helping so grief but he was attacking Bali by he was in the hiding.

So in the next birth when he took birth as Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna gets scared by a hunter who actually was hiding. And he tried to shoot the arrow, not knowing that it was some human, he felt that that was an animal. and he hit that.

Yeah, everybody pays for their karma. Okay, don't think that anybody can escape it.

Try everybody on this planet they have Karma and they pay for their karma.

Yeah, so this is the real definition and phenomenon about karm, not a karma.

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If you don't know you want to get involved in that karma. Sometimes, you know, doing when doing good karma is important.

And when you don't do it, try in spite of knowing that that's good karma and when you don't do it, that is also bad karma.

And when you know that something is bad karma and you still do you know, when you despite seeing that that's bad karma when you don't do it, but you see it happening.

That is also bad karma. So karma is basically good and bad. Either you do something or not, but if God is happening, and you are aligned with that good, then that's good karma.

And if you do good karma matters. Even better in collecting karma, and doing bad karma involves bad karma baggage, not doing bad karma, but seeing bad karma has happened.

That also involves karmic baggage like karmic baggage. So doing and being okay that both of that are involved.

Speaking through your speech also you are creating good karma as well as bad karma.

As well as usually I always say no neuron is equal to bad karma. So if something needs to be said, and you did not say it, fattest, you know where it creates bad karma.

Okay, so good karma is where you try to you know when somebody is not happy, they are down and you try to make them feel motivated.

You try to make them feel good about themselves. That is good karma. Then if somebody is some object, let's just imagine somebody did something back towards you.

You try to go and insult that person, you try to go and degrade that person, bring that person down, feed that person that they are really bad.

That is bad karma. Now you will say if that person did something bad to you, how is it that you don't even have to go and answer them?

See, it is important that you defend yourself. Self Defence is important, but self defense does not involve abusing somebody verbally and degrading them.

Okay? You can actually give them countless amounts of opportunities before you can actually defend yourself, okay, you can give them an opportunity to again, mend their path or you can give them an opportunity to change their mindset.

You can be good even if they are showing some bad speaking something bad towards you can try to bring that conversation down.

You can try to bring that negative energy down by saying something positive, but when they don't do it, and they continuously are negatively assaulting you verbally, then you have all the right to defend yourself.

Okay? There is a difference between defending and offending. Okay, there is a difference between defending and offending do remember that.

Now karma is something that is so confusing for people who just don't get karma. You know, let me tell you, you know that suppose if you had done something bad with somebody in your past life, you did something bad towards somebody in your past life.

That person does the same thing to you in this present life. But what happens? Magic is not exactly a magical thing.

Life on this planet is our planet Earth. It does not make you remember the past life memories naturally.

Okay. You are made to forget that want to take a different birth so that you can start with a clear slate.

Okay, and which is why makes you forget, which is what makes you forget what you did towards somebody else.

And then when that person comes and hurts you, you try to again go back and hold them back.

That is you are continuing that cycle. you did something to somebody in your past life.

Now that person is coming and affecting you in the present life. You have all the chance that you forgive that person.

You take a different pathway, you separate ways and you go on a different pathway. You don't engage in that bad karma.

They're going to do their bad karma. They are going to finish it off because you gave it to them.

They are going to return it to you right but when they are returning usually because people have forgotten their karma.

You might have forgotten your karma, which is what makes you throw again often that person how dare you do this story to me, you know, but people do that.

And this is a kind of infinity life cycle. Half Life just keeps on happening because a person hurts you hurt them back again in the next fall.

They hurt you, you hurt them back. That cycle keeps going on and on and till you have good karma and bad karma in your baggage in your balance.

You will have to keep on taking boats on this planet. So, I know that sounds really bad but when a soul is like very very young you know when a soul has just recently started taking started human births it wants to bother to that soul much that they are taking these many births they are collecting karma it won't come into their senses into their conscience that something that something is not right.

Doing karma continuously in every birth is not right. It won't. They won't feel that. But then once they have taken a considerable amount of both, you have taken a considerable amount of words after which you might realize that you need to do something you need to stop something so that you are going to get out of that cycle.

Okay. That is why a lot of people who get into spirituality, they always say that they don't want to take birth again which is why they are very careful.


Okay, so that is very important. And also one more thing, you know, intent, bad intent towards others.

Do you have not done that action? Still, you had it in your mind? You thought of spoiling somebody's life, but maybe you did not do it because they said something good to you.

Okay, they said some good words to you, which made you change your mind. But at one point you had that entire plan. To spoil their life to ruin their life.

What is that, you know, that was just an event that was just an idea or odd that you had, but what is that? Does it involve karma or not? It does involve karma, you know, because somehow, you know, even thoughts, thoughts carry energies.

I know that whenever I see this attacks people you know, they start feeling okay, that person did bad to me, I will stop.

You actually, you actually might feel you know, you may actually say that, okay, that person did something bad to you not really bad stuff about them so that bad things happen with them.

See, it is not necessary that if you think bad about them, actually bad things start happening with them because if they have a lot of good karma, they won't be affected by your negative thought energy. Right?

But you will definitely get into the karma of negative thought energy because your intent is bad.

Your intent is wrong ruining somebody's life or somebody's evening. Okay. So now, you know your question might be okay, how to break the karmic cycle.


The karmic cycle is something that people continue for births, they continue continuing that cycle for different boards.


So first of all, it is important to realize what your karmic cycle is. Okay? See if there is something in your life that you really feel that it's not going at the right times you know, getting into a pastor.


It helps you to know what your karmic cycle is. And once you know what your karmic cycle is, it's going to be it is difficult, but you can do it.

Which is you will have to consciously step back every time you see that you are getting into a sort of karmic cycle.

For example, if somebody you know, let's say A man, in three to four months back, he was a thief.

Since childhood, he was taught that stealing somebody was okay. It is the other psychological fire that is what a child is taught.

You know, that child is going to be okay with it. This is why we always say that it's important that you teach your child some good things so that they end up at a good place in their life because a thief and a rogue they don't end up in good places once they grow up, right.

So this is why we say that so one person, three to four births back he was a very bad person.

He was a thief Since childhood he was taught which became his pattern, okay, maybe that person did not have enough money.

They did not have enough amenity or enough things in their life to survive on which made them start stealing.

They just know that stealing is okay. So they started stealing and that stealing, you know, it's just a habit, you know, they have through their entire life.

They did that stealing thing and their life worked. Now, in the next report, they have a better life.

That person has a good lifestyle. They have good money, finances, but still, that person may have this habit of stealing.

They don't know from where that habit came, but it came from the soul.

The soul was doing that in the past birth. So the soul again has that memory. Not exactly that memory.

That memory is actually hidden but still… yeah, that urge is still there in the mind.

Which makes that person again, lose some things steal something from somebody. A very good example of that is in DHOOM 2, you know DHOOM 2 movie (Bollywood movie), HRITHIK ROSHAN you know, he had enough money to have a very nice and steady lifestyle.

He did not require anything, but he used to always steal things that were very exquisite.

He had an exquisite taste. And he stole was like very different and very unique. So those are those kinds of tips that are carrying forward their karmic behavior from the past birth.

And again in the next word let's say now it's the third birth which is right now in the present reality and they are from a very good family.

They have got some very good SANSKAR and still, they have this little urge inside them to take out something from somebody and they have plenty of money, they have everything that they want, but still, they have this urge of stealing something.

So this is where you know, when you visit your past life, it will help you to realize what your karmic pattern is which you see once you see what your karmic pattern is, then you have to consciously step back whenever you see yourself doing that.

That is actually a very difficult thing because you have been doing that for many, many births.

I know that for that we have a past life therapy process that helps you to break that pattern and it makes a little more easier.

The second kind of karmic behavior I would like to share with you is if somebody was facing poverty in their past birth, and you know, usually people poor people, you know, where they have scarcity of money, scarcity of food, what they are taught, whenever you get food, just eat extra.

Whenever you get extra food, eat it because you don't know whether tomorrow you may find food or not.

So, usually, we find that during a past life thing. And whosoever were starving in their part, you don't I'm getting overweight in the present birth because they still have that patter.

They still have that belief. If you have more food, eat it. Okay, so this is half you know, overweight people.

Obese people end up crying and yeah, so that is where you will have to consciously break your karmic pattern by not eating when you are not hungry.

So yeah, that is I know that's difficult but yes, without past life process, we do a little bit of process where you will be allowing yourself to step back for a few seconds before doing that action again, before engaging in that action again, so that you can do that you get time to think yourself again into that karmic cycle.

Okay, yes, so that is a good thing. So this is how you can actually break a karmic cycle.

Also, one very interesting thing is somebody was of a very healthy nature, okay. Somebody was a very helping nature in their past work, but in the present life, they are surrounded by people that don't require their help.

And this is a person who is desperate to help people. So that is also and sometimes you are surrounded by negative people that actually don't require your help, you know because you cannot involve yourself into karma.

So, stopping yourself at that point, not helping these people is actually bringing yourself out of the karmic cycle.

So, I think at the beginning of the article that not doing any good karma is also bad karma.

For example, you know, you see something bad happening. Do you are not involved in doing that? Still, you see that thing happening? Which means you are also a part of that karma? Because you didn't, you did not try to stop them

For example, you saw that a few people they actually were troubling. A good person and you did not take any action.

You kept on seeing that you saw that happening. And then you are a part of that negative karma. Just because you did not take any action means you agree to that negative action.

So you are also part of that negative karma. So, I know that that's actually difficult and whatever happens in today's world, you know, but sometimes, you know, So at times, you know, do good things are important and not doing bad things are also important.

So yeah, so this is the karma overview discussion. So, I hope that you like this article.

If you have liked this article, share it with your friends who love you more.

I will see you again in my next article. Okay, until then, keep following the body of your soul's purpose because you are born for a reason.









Ambience (or ambiance)










Self Creation


Be positive

Control to think bad thoughts

Doing good work

Make strong subconscious energy

Think positive


Use affirmation

Hard work




Conclude – Here we have learned karma means in Hindi and English, Marathi, Telugu language with the real facts of karma as well as how karma(कर्मा)/karm(कर्म)affects your life and how karma/karm works with examples.




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