HOW TO PRACTICE GRATITUDE | Here I am going to sharing the ultimate techniques by using a hidden list you can learn how to do gratitude daily in your life free with examples.


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After learning what is gratitude and the benefits of gratitude in your life so let's go to learn todays updated information about how can we practice gratitude very easily in simple methods even you are a beginner, kid.. everyone can do it easily so let's learn with examples.


This is quite interesting to see if you know the secret to attracting Universe means you can get anything you want that are some of the technique in order to attract the universe and you can also get what we want I'm going to tell you to spell some of the tapes in order to attract the universe and to achieve success in your life.


So gratitude is very important in my life. If someone is doing some help for this means we won't be thanking them that is not correct actually we have to thank each and everyone who should even be having a thought that we should not tell times to a close friend relate to sort of mommy or daddy out your are you feeling that whatever help it is done by the other person is really are a big thing means you have to thank the person because you're going to do it from your old cut okay.


So what happened to Sven you express that gratitude from your heart what happens if blessings will be coming back to you so expressing Gratitude is very important so you should everyone that after you don't believe that I should not thank my clothes when so you should thank everyone who helped they do for you should thank them.


So that is a very good sign Lucia you should thank you, everyone, for even a small help the first important point is gratitude always Express gratitude in order to attract attracted to vote bracket what we have to do is get up in the morning your subconscious mind will be awake so at the time hard that I'm going to have to lose you should express our gratitude that you should write some 10 sentences for which of the things you want to express your gratitude okay you may be thinking that what I have in my life how can I thank for that just like that you have it.


Right a thought right you are alive now know that it's a great thing is agreed they say I'm talking in front of you God is giving me has given me a wonderful opportunity to talk in front of him.


You're having lovely parents will come to thank them very good friends who always helps you help someone come to thank you helps you thank your friends actually we have a lot of good things in my life but we are having a habit of ordering the habit of ordering one piece because he doesn't get satisfied with what we have that is not correct actually if we start to practice means what do medically be feeling fulfilled soaking.



So when you get up early in the morning you just tried 10 sentences for one of the things you want to express your gratitude that's the first thing you have to do in the morning and before going to sleep friends do you have to write the same 10 sentences for whatever you want to thank you can do that at otherwise, I can do like this was so that is before going to sleep maybe you want to thank some person on the phone porch if you want to thank God for any incident that happened an instant that happens on a particular day what could it mean if it's so before sleep position thank the universe for God.


So you should begin your day with gratitude whether you are in New Delhi or in the UK gratitude is a very important thing is affirmation all of us should say some positive affirmations in the morning okay, I can tell like a thank you. it was for making me Rich.


You cannot believe that you actually your pool you do actually not accept that if you say this was that is thank you for making me Rich Bank Universal for making marriage to so that'll be some clash between what you say and your subconscious so what you can do with you can use a sentence in present continuous say for example universe for doing all the arrangements in order to make me Rich nowadays Okay.


So you the book in order to make you rich in these days this you can if you cannot believe such a statement which I told previously means you can change out of emotion into present continuous in order to make your subconscious believe it wholeheartedly information submitted very important you just spelled it as if you're getting it in present continuous OK Google should I say he even Abdul Kalam cerates to dream right. if you dream today means one day or another day too early to happen to see if you want to build a big house.


So what you have to do is visualize in such a way that how big your house must be and how the whole mess people died in what type of material at the sofas made it okay and you should think about your Gordon how it'll think I'll kiss you too much less a truck sound like a seal me film in front of you see if you watch a film how interesting it will be tried in the same way you should run video in front of you which is created by you and invariably going to live in future okay so you have to create your own video that is it and use it if you want to build a house means you just get into that house you just ditching the roof of you can feed the smell of the sofa okay you should use your five senses and you should have the training you should send message send sit at this very you're walking on the grass in your garden area means you should feel the softness of the grass how would you be how to weigh it'll be so vain you're combining two Shooters station along with Phoenix means it has a lot of lot of power to exhibit in the future if you're mixing the visualization along with feeling's mutual feeling spiritually that incident will happen in future okay to always you feel while you visualize can you enter into the house and your face itch inside your room and if you switch on the AC means of you if you just close your eyes and you feel that you're okay Sofia Linksys very important initialization now I told you to visualization is very important right now action is also very important and the next thing is you should plan your action and you have to put a vision board okay.



So if you put a vision board automatically in order to build a house what are the things I have to do any which way I need to book I need to put a foot in order to convert the dream into reality what are the airports I have to take in which we can plan in order to build a big house how come I can convert my dream into reality in the places where do you open Sleep mostly babysitting in the mirror right so you put them in the middle died to have at they have it is a mobile screensaver on something we have any Tinder laptop screen saver okay go to a TV achieve one more thing is also that if someone is coming to your house baby gift or deletions means if they're saying that they Wishing boot means automatically you feel some water somewhat have no seeds poisonous in motion go to doctor please do that to my grave just like that you'll be having a thought right.


So you don't hide what you have in your mind. Just put it in her aboard okay so bad basic dip basically looking for but it is a chart or you can make it as a screensaver whatever it may be Water Solutions solution Boris very important and dreaming alone is not enough you should make it into action. This very important Okay so these are the tips at once again I'll record the first one is the gratitude you should start your day with gratitude and you should also and your gratitude affirmations they should tell me some affirmations because whenever you say something posted you about your own self means if it is Listen by your own your immensity entering automatically into the subconscious your voices that much of power because your subconscious beliefs your voice a lot of emotions are very important and the third thing is specialization I told you to visualize what do you want that every day at least 10 minutes in the morning when you wake up and this was mixed with feelings that is very important.


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 Conclude – So finally we have learned how to practice gratitude and by using these techniques how can you get your desire thing easily in your life without ultimate ritual energy.

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