WHAT IS SPIRITUAL VIBRATION | Here we will learn about the hidden secret of universals superpower energy about spiritual vibration. Let’s test how this positive & negative vibration helps us to manifest anything.

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what is spiritual vibration?



SPIRITUAL VIBRATION is nothing but a universal hidden unique unseen energy by using this energy we can manifest anything in our life.

This energy we use while practicing the real law of attraction and manifestation or making a sigil. Whatever it may be in the SPIRITUAL task.

Spiritual vibration is the unseen energy that surrounds and penetrates everything in the universe. It is the force that creates, sustains and destroys life. Everything in the physical world has a spiritual counterpart. When we learn to see and connect with the spiritual vibration of things, we can create powerful change in our lives.

People often think of vibration as something that exists solely in the physical world. However, vibration also exists on a spiritual level. Spiritual vibration is the energy that flows through all things in the universe. It is the force that connects all living things and allows us to communicate with each other.

When we connect with spiritual vibration, we open ourselves up to a world of infinite possibilities. We can access information and guidance that is unavailable to us on the physical level. We can also connect with our higher selves and with other beings who exist on a spiritual plane.

Spiritual vibration can be used to heal both the body and the mind. It can help us to release negative emotions and blocks that are holding us back. It can also help us to connect with our authentic selves and find our true purpose in life.

The benefits of spiritual vibration are vast and far-reaching. When we learn to connect with it, we can begin to experience greater peace, happiness, and love in our lives. 


So let’s understand Abraham lincoln's theory about this vibration.


Their fault around something they're standing in an environment where the things that are happening to feel good to them then their focus on what they're observing is good for are makes them feel uncomfortable is observe it makes them afraid or angry this thing that they're observing is causing activation of a vibration within them that is not serving them but most people do not have any awareness that they are vibrational beings because you are asked him and so good at interpreting vibration you don't know to see is a vibrational the interpretation you have a mechanism that does.


The interpreting and it happens that an unconscious level so you don't know you're doing it even what you smell or taste or feel with your fingertips are here or here all of that is the vibrational interpretation you are vibrational beings whether you know that you are or not and you live in a vibrational based Universe whether you know that you are not a law of attraction is responding to your vibrational offering and with you of the vibration that you're offering you have so much more of what goes on around you than most humans even try to exercise exorcise think on purpose and therefore feel purposely on purpose so we want to help you to understand it.


These magnificent physical form from you was non-physical before you came into these physical bodies you still are for the most part predominantly that non-physical the consciousness you just are that's hard for you to know because you have come into this personality and the awareness of what's going on here what you're observing is so dominant so pressing it's so real you call it a reality will this is the real world so the non-physical World from which you have come and this is a non-physical world where the larger part of you still is focussed and still is projecting from is largely gone unnoticed to most of you except that you feel emotions all day every day you don't you and all the emotions are something that is vivid within because the emotion that you feel is your vibrational indicator of how you're doing were really are this non-physical part of you have a perspective you could say an opinion you could say an expectation this non-physical part of you this golf course was in clear understanding so when you are thinking something and you got a little momentum going on the thought you can feel the resonance with stores Source regarding that song or the dissonance distance we've been calling that the allowing of letting your the allowing of you being Who You Are or the disallowing we've been calling allowing bad feeling resonance dissonance alignment, not alignment so as you begin to realize that doesn't just sometimes come along and let you know that you're on or off the track is always and every moment available to you.



If you're paying attention to our extension to the Source energy number that you came as a lover, not a hater when you feel like someone who knows your worthiness in value and when you're hard on yourself that's dissonance from who you really are you came in expecting things to go well for you when you are pessimistic about your life for others that's dissonance from who you are and say so this guidance has always been within do but you've gotten so used to feeling negative emotion that some of you of us have accepted as a sort of where you want you to get over that we want you to care so much about the way you feel that you become one who is particular about what you eat we don't see you going to the vet and saying yeah.


I had that before it was awful to give me I got there I’d hate I just hate it I just it's just a horrible experience but please give me more not do that bet that because you care about how it tastes in your mouth and you care about how it feels when you digest about what you eat and we want you to care about what you think because we want you to care about how you feel because we want you to care about your alignment but if you feel Envy you feel you feel competition.


If you feel the uneasiness of any kind then you're pinching yourself off from that A source with who is there with you even though that sources there with you are pinching it off even though that sources there with you you're pinching It Off the source God whatever you want to call it you think all done all perfect now watching me the cats out that we say nothing like that you in you and through you reveling with the new things that you define.


So here you are in your physical body sorting through all of this knowing what you don't want off on which causes you to clarify what you do want and every time there's a personal clarification emanating from you whether it is from your conscious mind or whether this cellular every preference that emanates from you is known by the source is received by Source is held in vibrational alignment with source.


So that you will have the opportunity if you choose to eventually find alignment with it expansion that your diversity has helped you to carve out did you follow hold the new Idea even when you're not ready for it in other words when you know what you don't want your asking for what you do want it if somebody asks you what you want your you're usually at that point in the game going to tell them what you don't want I really don't like this shouldn't have happened for beating the drums this should not have happened this way so as long as you're still focused upon the problem you're the problem and the solution are very different frequencies as long as you're still focused on the problem.


what is spiritual vibration, spiritual vibration test, how to raise your spiritual vibration, what is spiritual vibration, positive vibration, negative vibration.

You're disallowing the solution but the source within you is there with the solution and that's why you feel negative emotions when your source that larger part of you are the solution based on this moment and your problem Bass you feel the Discord you see what we're getting get in to begin to understand to really pay attention to the way you feel how they have the opportunity to know how Source feels is sort of like well I know how Source doesn't feel because this an emptiness that I feel is me pinching myself off from source to soothe my emptiness in order to allow me in closer proximity with the vibration of source with the vibration of the answer with the vibration of the solution.




Positive vibration helps you to attract whatever you deserve in generally we can say like the positive spiritual vibration energy attract only positive things.




Negative spiritual vibration helps you to attract only negative things it means that whenever you want to attract or manifest anything it attracts only negative things which is a very harmful frequency and it is very powerful.


I hope something we have learned today’s topic of WHAT IS SPIRITUAL VIBRATION? & it’s POSITIVE & NEGATIVE VIBRATION SECRET energy theory. So in the next article, we will learn some more advanced theories of the universe.


In the upcoming article, I am going to share with you the positive vibration quotes for motivation if you really want then comment to me I will share the best motivation positive vibration quotes that will boost your energy.

Conclude – Here we have learned about SPIRITUAL VIBRATION and its work. How SPIRITUAL VIBRATION can help you to manifest anything whatever you deserve.

Tags – what is spiritual vibration, spiritual vibration test, how to raise your spiritual vibration, what is spiritual vibration, positive vibration, negative vibration.


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