HOW DOES MANIFESTATION WORK | Let’s test the power of manifestation magic energy in you & which are the 3 types of fundamental tools & techniques to check.



Do you want to learn how does manifestation works exactly & why manifestation is not working for you what is the reason? If you don't know what is a manifestation, tyes of manifestation then you have to understand first then read this article ok so let's begin today's helpful article.

Are you lucky for doing manifestation? What is the secret of doing continuous manifestation? What are the tools to test your manifestation? How to become a manifesto easily the entire question’s answer I am going to share with you by a scientific experiment.

Would you like to know the secret of continuous manifestation, you must be wondering, or you must be seeing that there are some people who keep on manifesting goals after goals but upon achieving many things in their life.

And then there are other people who keep on struggling. And you must be wondering like, why is it so are these people are lucky or something else?

So today I am going to give you deep insight and a scientific experiment, which has already proven why some people achieve success, and what you can do about it. So that you too can manifest, continuous.

Are you ready to learn actually how does manifestation works behind?  Are you excited about it? I'm sure you are here hello manifesto drive this is awesome as your mentor guide and coach in your personal transformation.

Today, I am going to give you something deeper about how this secret manifestation works, and I want you to read this article till the end because I am going to give you the basics of the scientific experiment that has been done and proven why some people are achieving their goals and manifestation, and what you can do about it.

Now you know the law of attraction like whatever you think and feel strongly and consistently that's what you attract, but there are many people who are not aware of the Real law of attraction, they are not aware about how it works, or some of them even don't believe in it, but still, they are manifesting their goals desires and dreams.

And some of you keep asking me like, Ha, why there are, there is a friend of mine or that is this person in my college or university or in my job. How come he or she keeps on getting everything that person desire. But when I believe in the law of attraction.


When I believe in the universe why I'm still not manifesting. And if you have this doubt or if you are asking me this question. This is the article we have been waiting for the like it and let me know in the comment section.

Now, all the people, all of us, if we can categorize people in this particular prospect, all of us fallen into three categories of people.

You can say there are three kinds of people in the world, of course, from different dimensions, different perspectives there could be many different kinds. But from this perspective of manifestation of this perspective of what I'm talking about. There are three major kinds of people.

  • Number 1 - THE OPTIMIST.
  • Number 2 - THE PESSIMIST.
  • Number 3 - THE ON END OFF KIND.

Yes, the ON and OFF kind, which keeps jumping between the pessimist and optimist, and they keep changing their mind or personality or attitude from time to time.

Now mostly everyone falling into these 3 categories. And if you are a super optimist if you are an optimist to constantly stay in the positive state and if you are like me, who are always optimistic about everything.


Manifestation Magic is really easy for you. Whenever you hit some obstacles or challenges you don't get disheartened.

So now let me explain to you so that you will know where you are standing and how you can change from being a pessimist or being an on and off kind to the optimist level and why you have to be an optimist.


Now the optimist who is an optimist, an optimist is a person who always looks at On the brighter side of everything, an optimist is not just one who thinks positive, or who feels positive, but the person who always looks forward to the solution of every challenge.

Whenever you hit some setback whenever you go through some difficult challenges whenever you work on something and it didn't work out the way you desire. You don't lose your mindset you don't lose yourself you don't fall into depression you don't fall into negativity.

Of course, you may feel sad, something big, or something really negative has happened with you, but you don't stay there. Many times people think they're optimists, is about only thinking positive No, the real test of the optimist is in the difficult times in the challenging times

When you hit a wall when you hit a challenging moment, an optimist is always looked for when you hit a challenge or when you get into trouble when you get into a difficult moment, challenging moment, and optimist.

Always look for a solution, whether it is in business, whether it is in job whether it is in work whether it is in social life public.

That is why the people who are usually very successful in life, made when the business made when the corporate world made when even the military made me when in, even in politics may be in any area, irrespective of their values characters, anything.

All these people are very optimistic because they are the people who raised themselves to specialize in the challenging situation and they take control of the situation they handle the situation, and they move things forward.

That's why organizations societies in crisis situation people look forward to them, and why they could able to do it because they are optimistic, always knows that there is a solution, there is a way to move forward, there is a path, always there and they don't get stuck, and that is why they always move forward and manifest and achieve a lot more in life.

When I was working in my corporate job. One of the major reasons why my clients, and my teammates, and people my managers my superiors always loved me because whenever there was a crisis whenever there was a challenging situation whenever there was a bottleneck complex situation.

They used to look for me. They used to say that get a GI into it, and he will get it done. And why I was like that is because I knew from very early in life that challenges and obstacles are part of life, but there is always a solution, there is always a way out, there is always a thing that you can do to move forward.

And that is the number one key, of all the successful people. And when you stay in that state. It's not easy for you to feel positive and feel happy and feel joyful as much as possible.

So that's why optimistic people, they always manifest. They always achieved their goals and in case, even if they failed in something, nothing stopped them and keep them stuck there.

They against restart the again do the right thing and they move forward. So your focus would be to become the optimist. When you become an optimist, it will be a lot easier for you to manifest so many things in your life that you will be surprised, and I'll be telling you the scientific experiment that has been done, why you have to be an optimist.


Now The 2nd is the pessimist's type, the pessimist type people who always find the problem in everything who don't believe in anything who don't like anything who just complains who finds fault in everything.

And they don't get anything in life, and they are the people who always discourage you. They are the people who will always keep telling you that it's not possible to achieve your dreams, it's not possible to do anything great.

And they keep telling it because they have never achieved anything in their life, and I doubt that my awesome drive has anyone who is pessimist because if anybody who is reading this article, and that person is a pessimist they don't like this article and usually maybe probably people who always dislike it.

Some of our articles are the pessimists who don't like anything positive because this is the big difference between optimistic people and pessimistic people.

pessimistic people always keep watching keep listening keep looking at people and they keep finding the fault, they don't do what they want, they don't like they don't read, share, follow, listen to what they like optimistic people if they don't like something they stop at that point, if they don't like an article, they don't read it.

They use their time productively. If they don't like a person they don't hang out with them. If they don't like a relationship they walk out and look for the right relationship. If they are not happy in a job, then they look for a better job or try to improve the job, but the pessimistic people what they do.

They stay there, and they keep on complaining and they keep on finding fault and they keep on telling other people how bad it is or how it is not going to work.

So, in case, in case, if you're reading and you are a pessimist. Then, if you are reading and this far. Then, I know that deep down you have enough optimists within you, it's time to change.


Now the third type ON and OFF type, and a larger mass of people falling into this category that they are optimists sometimes and they are pessimists sometimes, and many times they are pessimistic because they are influenced by other people. Like there are pessimists around them who keep on telling them that it's not possible, it doesn't work, you cannot achieve and they believe in them and they listen to them, or sometimes because of their different habits, it makes them pessimists because maybe they consume too much negative media too much of the comparison they keep comparing themselves with other people.

And that's why they feel, negative. So, if you are in this category of on and off, it's time for you to be in the first category the optimistic category, because you know I keep getting so many messages, emails comments from people, where they say to that, who I tried this law of attraction for a few days or I tried this technique it didn't work and I'm giving up and this thing doesn't work my friend said it's, it doesn't work that some YouTuber has made a video that law of attraction doesn't work and all these things they talk about, and they give up.

So, for a few days, they were excited and applying they were in an optimistic state, and just after a few days because they didn't see the results. They listen to some people some other YouTube videos some person, someone, and somebody says, Oh, this is not a right thing this is not true this is false, and everything and then they go into that pessimistic mode, and they stay in that mode and then don't do anything they don't stay happy they don't apply any tools, techniques, they don't do anything.

And the more they stay in that pessimistic state, the more negative they become. And after a month or so deep down, they know that they have something positive and they want to manifest their dream, and then again come back and they read this article and they try it and then they write to us and say like.


Oh, I believe in the manifestation / the real law of attraction but it's not working for me, and to keep on doing this on and off thing. That is why many people who are on and off type. They keep manifesting small things but bigger dreams are not coming true because they are very optimistic about smaller things but when it comes to their bigger dream, they are very pessimistic.

They have a lot of doubts they have a lot of negativity they don't believe in themselves they doubt themselves, and they don't look for the solution.

That is why, if you are on this, on and off type. You have to change yourself to an optimistic state, you have to put yourself in that part to be in that positive state, as much as possible and you can change it.

Now why do you have to be in that state. I guess in the 1950s, or 60s, there was an interesting experiment done in a university in us.


And they did this experiment which is called the lock experiment, and I have shared fully about this on this site. So, I'm giving you the quickest version of it. So this one psychology professional or a group of professionals they want to check is locker real thing, or it is something about the psychology of the people.

So they put this invitation they invited to like. Whoever wants to be a part of this experiment. So maybe four or 500 people or 1000 people came for this experiment.

So they were given a simple task. This group of people, they give them a newspaper, and they said that just count how many pictures are there, and you tell the examiner or the observer, how many pictures are there inside the newspaper.

So there were like, 1520 pages of the newspaper and they were given it to count the number of pictures in the newspaper, so some people, when they get this task.

They started sweating and all because they are kind of a stressful situation and they even made some mistakes and counting the number of pictures.

Now, there are other people who just count all the numbers of pictures and they say like there are 30 or 40 pictures as they are in the newspaper.

And there is a small group of people, they did something interesting because the examiner or the observer psychology professionals, they did one thing.

They put a big picture inside the newspaper with big font letters, and they mentioned in that particular section that if you have seen this, tell the examiner that you have seen it, and you get the reward of $100. Yes.

If you report this or tell this to the examiner or the observer, you will be rewarded with $100. This is what return when the big big big font appears inside the newspaper.

Now a very small percentage of people read it, and they report it to the examiner, and all of them got rewarded with $100. So what was the difference between this small group of people and all the other people this small group of people are the people who always look for opportunities.

Always look for good things in life. And when they studied these people they found out that this small group of people always consider themselves to be optimistic lucky, and they believe that they can get everything easily effortlessly magically in their life. and that's why they usually achieve a lot more success and happiness in their life in whatever they do because they always keep looking for all the good things.

So the moment they see the report, because they realize that oh this is an opportunity for me to win another $100.

But whereas if the rest of the people, some people got stressed out. Some people just did the work, and they did not give any attention, they were not looking for opportunity.

They were just there to do the work. So that is the difference. I want all of you to be in that state of optimism, be that an optimistic person be that state of being a lucky person so that you will be continuously manifesting your worst disaster.

This is the most important thing. And if you become an optimist, then whatever technique whatever process whatever you apply wherever you are in life, you can start achieving your goals desires and dreams faster than ever before and you can do it.

So right now I want you to do one thing to promise me and promise yourself that you are going to be an optimist from right this woman and go to the comment the section right yes yes yes, I am becoming an optimist. Right now, and keep reminding yourself that you have to be an optimist not staying in the almond upstairs and if this article is an eye-opener for you like it, share it with someone you love.


Look if you really practicing manifestation then you should not tell anyone that you are also practicing manifestation magic it should be done secretly. There is a big answer to this question I will cover in another article deeply.  



Let's learn fully about your secret hidden energy by this test. If you wish you can learn more about yourself who you are, and what can you do, which hidden unique energy you have to manifest anything in your life .... You will get shocking results about you which you have never felt before.

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Q1 - What is manifestation magic?

Manifestation Magic is spiritual magic energy or power through which you can desire your dreams easily just by following the secrets of the law of the universe.

Q2 - How to check the power of manifestation magic?

You can check the power of manifestation by 3 different methods which I have shared above article fully.

Q3 - Does manifestation magic really work?

Yes. As I have explained fully with an example and also by scientifically proven experiment in this article.

Q4- Can manifestation harm?

 NO. It’s just hidden energy in you by practicing you can awake it.

Q5– Kids can practice manifestation?

Yes. Kids can easily practice the manifestation magic methods easily why because kid’s brain energy is stronger than adults so easily kids can practice easily.

ConcludeHere we have learned by scientifically with an experiment all the hidden secrets about manifestation magic how exactly it works & who are lucky people to manifest easily anything, if you want to test your manifestation magic energy then by applying 3 major different kinds of techniques you can test yourself.


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Hi Friends, Here I have shared the ultimate secret of the real law of attraction and the best manifestation methods with examples. So if you want to manifest your dream then you can learn the secret of the universal formula. Thanks